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  1. Bumping to see if anyone has used this. I've looked at it, too, but I'd like input before deciding. Thanks!
  2. Dd moved in this past weekend. She will be an RA this year, so it is only student staff on campus at this point. Most of their staff training this week is online, so she spent 6 hours in Zoom training yesterday in her room by herself. 🙄 But she and the others in her section of housing walked together to pick up their grab-and-go dinner. The majority of move-in starts Saturday, staggered over a week, with everyone assigned a 2 hour window and only 1 person allowed on campus to help the student with move in. Classes start 8/24. All but one of dd's classes has been moved online over the cour
  3. Yes! My daughter read some of the titles from the GH biology class just for fun just because she had enjoyed the physics titles. The scope of the GH biology class is excellent!
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I was very structured with my older kids when it came to their high school history, but I thought it could be more self-directed for kid #3 who loved history. I had an overall plan, but the lack of cohesion bothered her as much as it did me. Maybe it was really her, and I'm projecting that on to myself! 🤷‍♀️ She actually started college as a history major, but has since changed to English. I'm going to have to think on that! As far as what DS likes, he liked Mystery of History through middle school, but he doesn't want to use the same text books for high school. I
  5. I have used DIVE biology with 3 kids so far and will be using it again this year with my 4th. It is one of the few things I have used for every child! It is a very solid program, and it does a nice job of covering the material as well as providing labs and quizzes and tests. We have used it primarily with the BJU biology text, but we have also used Miller Levine for a few of the topics. For the kids I have used it with, one later took Anatomy & Physiology and went on to get a nursing degree (BSN), one went on to get a BS in math, and one is currently in college in a humanities field. It ho
  6. I would look at something else. I tried to supplement GH Physics for my daughter in her senior year of high school. She is now entering her sophomore year of college as an English major, and while she enjoys science, she is/was not a math/science oriented kid. I have an engineering degree, so I felt that I had the background to try to supplement. However, it didn't work for us. We ended up switching to a calculus based physics book ~6 weeks into the year. She still read and enjoyed some of the GH books (the titles were what drew me to the program initially). But if I were to do it again, I wou
  7. My youngest child will be starting 9th grade in a few weeks. I have previously homeschooled 3 other kids through high school, so I expected it to be easy to decide on curriculum this time around. But I'm struggling. With the first 2 kids, I used Tapestry of Grace for history/geography, and I liked it but it was SO teacher intensive. With the 3rd child, I used a combination of things - some Notgrass, some TOG, and some History Odyssey. That was fine, but I missed the feeling of continuity I had when using the same program over the high school years with the other kids. So now I'm undecided. Par
  8. The college that conferred my degree has changed its name since then. If I am signing a Letter of Recommendation with my degree and college name noted, do I use the university name that is on my degree, the current name, or the old name with a note about the new name? Just when I think I'm done with college search tasks for the year. Haha! Thanks!
  9. We used an older edition of the government text, and it was fine. We did add in some of the biographies that are included in the new edition of the course, because I really liked the idea of reading some presidential biographies, and they were simple enough to put into the schedule since they accompany specific units in the text.
  10. My oldest daughter earned her BSN at Longwood University in VA in 2017. One of the things that was most appealing about their program was the direct admit. As I recall, most of the schools she looked at had a separate application to the nursing program in either the 2nd or 3rd year. We loved the idea of the direct admit program, not only because dd knew she had a spot in the program right from the start of college, but also because it allowed her to start doing clinicals in her sophomore year. Also, the students all did a nursing internship before graduating. We were very pleased with the nurs
  11. My oldest daughter worked as a cashier at a grocery store the summer after her freshman year of college; my oldest son worked at a golf course his first summer home from college. It is so much harder than I recall from my college years!
  12. Dd has decided to attend George Mason University as part of their scholars program! We are excited (and relieved) that she has made the decision! 😎 Where: George Mason University Why: 4-Year Full Tuition Scholarship; acceptance to the Scholars Program (a selective program within the honors college that takes just ~20 students per year); location (proximity to Washington, D.C.) Major: History, with a plan to pursue an advanced degree in either library sciences or museum studies
  13. We stay at Embassy Suites when we can, especially when all 4 kids were still living at home and with us, because you can put 6 in a room. Also, the free breakfast (made to order omelets and a wide range of ready made food both hot and cold) and manager's receptions are fantastic! We have stayed at the Embassy Suites Alexandria-Old Town; the Metro is just a walk across the parking lot to access. If that location doesn't work this trip, maybe it will be helpful in the future.
  14. Dd was accepted to the College of William & Mary! Last school we needed to hear from; now it's time to make a decision. 😏
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