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  1. The college that conferred my degree has changed its name since then. If I am signing a Letter of Recommendation with my degree and college name noted, do I use the university name that is on my degree, the current name, or the old name with a note about the new name? Just when I think I'm done with college search tasks for the year. Haha! Thanks!
  2. We used an older edition of the government text, and it was fine. We did add in some of the biographies that are included in the new edition of the course, because I really liked the idea of reading some presidential biographies, and they were simple enough to put into the schedule since they accompany specific units in the text.
  3. My oldest daughter earned her BSN at Longwood University in VA in 2017. One of the things that was most appealing about their program was the direct admit. As I recall, most of the schools she looked at had a separate application to the nursing program in either the 2nd or 3rd year. We loved the idea of the direct admit program, not only because dd knew she had a spot in the program right from the start of college, but also because it allowed her to start doing clinicals in her sophomore year. Also, the students all did a nursing internship before graduating. We were very pleased with the nursing program, and they had a 100% NCLEX pass rate for at least a few years that we were following them. As far as classes went, nursing programs do not leave as much flexibility in scheduling as some other majors, but dd was still able to be in the Honors College (which had its own course requirements) and she took some electives just because they were interesting to her. A big negative impact, in her opinion, was that nursing did not allow her to consider an entire semester studying abroad, but she was able to do some shorter study abroad programs over two summers. She has been working now for nearly 2 years, first in the ED and now in the ICU at a large hospital (although she still works an occasional ED shift to keep up those skills). She has considered pursuing an advanced degree after she has a few years of work experience, but right now she is content working toward several certifications as a nurse, with the intention of going into travel nursing at some point. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  4. My oldest daughter worked as a cashier at a grocery store the summer after her freshman year of college; my oldest son worked at a golf course his first summer home from college. It is so much harder than I recall from my college years!
  5. Dd has decided to attend George Mason University as part of their scholars program! We are excited (and relieved) that she has made the decision! 😎 Where: George Mason University Why: 4-Year Full Tuition Scholarship; acceptance to the Scholars Program (a selective program within the honors college that takes just ~20 students per year); location (proximity to Washington, D.C.) Major: History, with a plan to pursue an advanced degree in either library sciences or museum studies
  6. We stay at Embassy Suites when we can, especially when all 4 kids were still living at home and with us, because you can put 6 in a room. Also, the free breakfast (made to order omelets and a wide range of ready made food both hot and cold) and manager's receptions are fantastic! We have stayed at the Embassy Suites Alexandria-Old Town; the Metro is just a walk across the parking lot to access. If that location doesn't work this trip, maybe it will be helpful in the future.
  7. Dd was accepted to the College of William & Mary! Last school we needed to hear from; now it's time to make a decision. 😏
  8. I graduated from Missouri S&T (although it was called the University of Missouri at Rolla at that time)! Dh graduated from there as well. Let me know if you have any questions about the school. Congratulations to your ds on all of his accomplishments! It's great to have choices! 😎
  9. One more family - exactly! We have done this a few times now. For a few years, we had one other family that we met with weekly as a history co-op; we each covered the work throughout the week on our own, then got together one afternoon each week, alternating houses, for group projects and quarterly celebrations. We also have been part of a local math group that started with three families and met some years weekly, some years monthly. Last year we started a monthly middle school book club with four families, also a low key sort of group that meets either at people's homes or a meeting room at the local library. None of the groups are/were huge, but they did provide some connections for both the kids and the parents. It is hard, though. I have been homeschooling for 18 years, and I have seen exactly what you are describing. For a while I wondered if it was just that my kids were getting older, but I definitely think there are fewer opportunities for casual meet-ups and more and more structured school-like co-ops.
  10. We have used LOF, and my kids love it, but we never used it exclusively. Especially with the middle school books (Fractions, Decimals/Percents, etc.), it seemed like there wasn't enough practice for the concepts and computation to really stick. We added in various things - Key to books, Khan, etc. Even when we dropped it, though, the kids wanted to know how the story progressed, so they read the books for fun. I do think it gave them some good exposure to a different way of approaching math concepts, but I don't think LOF alone would have given them strong enough skills to tackle algebra confidently.
  11. Another title is Science Matters by Hazen and Trefil. There is at least one chapter that specifically covers nuclear physics.
  12. Have you seen either of these? Gravity: How the Weakest Force in the Universe Shaped Our Lives by Brian Clegg (covers gravity along with other topics such as black holes and antimatter) Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kaku (the author has authored several physics books)
  13. Ds (7th grade) has recently read and enjoyed the Framed! series by James Ponti.
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