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  1. This is what I'm doing with Cascade. With Finish I had to nearly wash stuff--especially oily things like chocolate--before putting in the dishwasher. I'll have to try alternating Kirkland & Cascade. Dh acted like I was nuts when I was waffling between the two--"Um, the difference between the 2 is $2.50/month so who cares?"
  2. I chickened out & got the Cascade. I may try the Kirkland ones next time, but I am loving having my dishes be *clean* without me having to soak & scrape them before putting them in the dishwasher. I should check the spray arms in my dishwasher too since it sounds like that may be a problem.
  3. This is good to know--finish tabs were the ones I was using that had me thinking I might need a new dishwasher. Maybe I should stick with the Cascade after all.
  4. Thank you all! I am going to Costco tonight & I'll see what the price difference between kirkland & cascade is. If it's not bad, I'll get the cascade; if it is, I'll try the kirkland.
  5. Does anyone use Costco's Kirkland Signature Premium Dishwasher Pacs? I thought I needed a new dishwasher, but decided to try Cascade Platinum Packs first & they are *amazing*. They're also expensive though, so I'd like to switch to something cheaper if possible. I've read mixed reviews on the ones from Costco so am interested in others' experiences.
  6. And how, exactly, did those unqualified people who got in via bribery manage to earn degrees if the "good schools" are oh so very academically rigorous? Or are said schools more about the networking than the academics?
  7. My family loves this super easy broccoli/sesame/ginger dish.
  8. I buy mostly from Plant Therapy. The lady who runs Using EOs Safely has a list of brands she recommends (or doesn't recommend) as well.
  9. We bought this one for dd a couple of months ago (it was only $70 then though). She absolutely loves it. It's not warm at all (she uses another warm blanket with it), so she thinks it will be fine for summer as well. We will probably end up buying a cover for it since there's no way I'm washing the thing. In the meantime she just puts the blanket on top of her sheet so that it doesn't get dirty.
  10. I think it's really hard to tell. It's helpful if there are quite a few detailed ratings. We've found it to be the least helpful for science & for upper level math courses b/c the student's perception of whether or not the professor is "good" is often dependent upon whether or not the student is naturally gifted in the subject. My kid has also found that some highly rated profs are actually just easy--doesn't really matter if it's some throw away gen ed class, but problematic if the course is foundational to one's major.
  11. No, it's free shipping in the US for orders over $20 I think. The problem is whether or not they'll actually get elderberries back in stock before spring. You might check locally at herb & spice stores, food co-ops, etc. Even if they don't have elderberries in stock, they might be able to order from Frontier & get a better price than Amazon.
  12. iherb is out of stock, but Frontier elderberries are listed at $12-16/#. You can sign up to be notified when they're back in stock, but sometimes it takes a very long time to re-stock, and then they run out right away.
  13. While there are tape/dvd churches, there are also churches that are similar in structure (usually the founding pastor studied with/under Thieme), but completely independent. I have no idea how you'd find one without knowing someone who goes there though. As far as I know there's no list of affiliated churches. I checked the websites of the 2 that I know of and they have no other connections listed. As I recall, some of the hallmarks of Berachah when Jr. was in charge were a focus on Greek & Hebrew (but mainly Greek), insider language, an almost military structure, and a near obsession with the US having some sort of special place in God's ultimate plan. Also, all the churches of that ilk that I've seen call church services "Bible classes" because they're *way* more like a lecture session than a sermon. Again, I haven't listened/read his stuff in something like 20 years, so if any of those things are not quite right I'm NOT misrepresenting on purpose!
  14. It's been years and years since I've heard/read anything by him, but iirc this isn't what he teaches. He has his own vocabulary/lingo that you need to know before you can comprehend his stuff, & one of those ideas is "scar tissue of the soul." In essence, every time you do something sinful it leaves a permanent scar despite God's forgiveness.
  15. I don't think Aldi's dark chocolate is that great. Yes, it's cheap, but I think it tastes cheap too. I want to like it; every time there's a thread about this I try again, but bleh. I do like TJ's chocolate. It's not my absolute favorite (that would be Valrhona 85%), but it's very good & much better than Aldi imo.
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