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  1. I would like an invitation please. I have 2 in this age range.
  2. What light are you using? I think I need one especially as the days are shortening, but the number of choices are overwhelming when I start searching.
  3. I have always found the comparison of the hourly wages paid plumbers or accountants to the hourly wages of caregivers to be bizarre. I think we've paid a plumber twice to do work on our house in the 20 years we've lived here for a total of well under $2000. If I had had my kids in daycare I would have had to pay a minimum of 40 hours/week 50-52 weeks/year until they were in school and then 40+ hours/week during the summer and holidays & before/after school for the rest of the year. For ONE year at even $10/hour, I'd pay $20,000+. I can manage to pay a plumber a high hourly rate because I rarely have to do so, but if a daycare charged those hourly rates virtually no one would be able to afford it.
  4. That's a great idea! I don't use mine very much at home, but it would be fantastic for travel.
  5. I'd take my own cold brew in a glass jar. Dh has used a pour over system when camping & has liked it.
  6. The paintball store fills it for him. I think it initially cost $30 for a canister that is substantially larger than the soda stream ones & then it's only $3 or $4 to refill. Dh found a paintball place before buying the adapter. I think the second place he tried was good with doing it. He ended up buying 2 canisters so that he always has a full one. (He uses it A LOT.) He has a couple of 1/2 liter bottles and a few 1 liter bottles, so he's never transferred anything, but as long as you have a lid that seals tightly I don't know why it would be a problem to divide or to pour into glass instead. I just opened a bottle he made a couple of days ago and there was still plenty of fizz, and I am picky about needing lots of fizz. You can add as much fizz as you want though, so you might have to experiment to see how many presses of the button work best for you. The water should be cold when you fizz and do NOT add flavoring before you fizz. Dh tried that once--huge mess.
  7. We have one, and my husband uses it all the time. He did get an adaptor so that he can use large, cheap CO2 canisters from the paintball store rather than the Soda Stream ones.
  8. I use my spiralizer sporadically. I drag it out & then remember how much I like zoodles & then use it more often for awhile. If you want something smaller that you can toss in a drawer, Mel Joulwan recommends using a julienne peeler:
  9. This is what I'm doing with Cascade. With Finish I had to nearly wash stuff--especially oily things like chocolate--before putting in the dishwasher. I'll have to try alternating Kirkland & Cascade. Dh acted like I was nuts when I was waffling between the two--"Um, the difference between the 2 is $2.50/month so who cares?"
  10. I chickened out & got the Cascade. I may try the Kirkland ones next time, but I am loving having my dishes be *clean* without me having to soak & scrape them before putting them in the dishwasher. I should check the spray arms in my dishwasher too since it sounds like that may be a problem.
  11. This is good to know--finish tabs were the ones I was using that had me thinking I might need a new dishwasher. Maybe I should stick with the Cascade after all.
  12. Thank you all! I am going to Costco tonight & I'll see what the price difference between kirkland & cascade is. If it's not bad, I'll get the cascade; if it is, I'll try the kirkland.
  13. Does anyone use Costco's Kirkland Signature Premium Dishwasher Pacs? I thought I needed a new dishwasher, but decided to try Cascade Platinum Packs first & they are *amazing*. They're also expensive though, so I'd like to switch to something cheaper if possible. I've read mixed reviews on the ones from Costco so am interested in others' experiences.
  14. And how, exactly, did those unqualified people who got in via bribery manage to earn degrees if the "good schools" are oh so very academically rigorous? Or are said schools more about the networking than the academics?
  15. My family loves this super easy broccoli/sesame/ginger dish.
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