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  1. @Carol in Cal. Which massager did you use? I looked at the Costco website, and there are several.
  2. @prairiewindmommaThanks! We have a Famous Footwear nearby, so I'll try them first!
  3. Thank you both! If I buy online I'll either order from zappos or dsw so that I can easily return if necessary.
  4. I have read the various threads on Vionic shoes for foot issues and was ready to pull the trigger on the Tide IIs. But then I noticed that a bunch of recent reviewers on more than one site said that the new Vionics are not the same as the old ones. Have any of you bought these in 2020, and, if so, have you noticed that the new shoes are not as good as the old ones? I really don't want to buy shoes that may make my feet worse
  5. This is an old thread, but the same people are still running the magazine.
  6. I have no advice, but some time ago I ran across this article re: a Wendell Berry farm school.
  7. So...I just went over to the Goodreads Choice Awards to see who'd won and guess who topped nonfiction?
  8. I have one of these and I rarely have to stop the bowl to scrape. You do need to avoid trying to beat frozen butter using the BeaterBlade though. It will break the paddle...
  9. That must be a ymmv thing. I've had mine for 20+ years and I always put everything in the dishwasher. Attachments are still fine.
  10. I won a Magimax in a blog contest several years ago, and when I saw how pricey they were I said that I'd NEVER replace the thing if it broke. Then I started using it. And now I would save up my pennies to get another one.
  11. On alternate years, we pick a food theme and go with that. We've done Indian food, carnitas with homemade tortillas, Italian food (different types of lasagnas, good bread, salad). On those years my siblings & I do most of the food prep, and we pick recipes that can be largely done ahead. My only caveat is to not overdo. We did Indian the first year and we were so excited about the whole idea that we made waaaaaay too much food & we picked too many time consuming recipes. It was really yummy though!
  12. I have these in black. There is a barely there heel, so I don't know if that would work for you or not. Rothy's might work as well. I haven't tried them b/c I'm not working yet & they're kind of pricey for how little I'd use them. My favorites have been Kigos, but they don't have plain black any more.
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