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  1. My oldest has a 2 week break before he starts his summer college classes. He still has a year of high school left. I want to quickly cover some personal finance things with him, but I need direction. We talk about money and finance things around him so he it isn't new to him. Is there a checklist for things the kids should know. I'm thinking along the lines of how to write a check, how to balance a checking account, how to pay bills, compound interest etc. Not really a curriculum but something that will catch the little things I will miss teaching, because I do it all the time; or the really b
  2. My 15 yr old kiddo reads really slooooow. I've never seen the need to test her, we just work at her speed and she does just fine. But she is going to take a CLEP test that requires reading passages, and she can't finish the test in time. Any advice on getting her the accommodations for longer test times? THSC has a thing for members to make a homeschool IEP, I'm not a member but I will if that's what she needs. I wouldn't even know where to get her tested, outside of the public school system. TL/DR : how to get accomodations for CLEP test to extend test time.
  3. Do you have a link to their German program? I must be looking at the wrong place, I couldn't find anything reasonably priced.
  4. I've been researching Spanish for my kids, I have read here and other places that the OSU classes were great etc. But I looked and with fees and out of area charges it was going to be like $3k per class. Is that what some of you are paying for one class? Hopefully I'm missing something. Please show me the error in my ways (maybe a link?) Other Spanish curriculum suggestions would be helpful too! I have 2 high school kids and a middle schooler who will be next in line, with zero Spanish experience but 2 years Memorial Press Latin. Edit: Our local community college is $100 per
  5. No worries, I'm learning from your questions! I'm glad you asked.
  6. Lots of options and ideas. I knew it wasn't as cut and dry as it looked.
  7. I agree! We have covered lots of things along these lines in the elementary grades, but not a true biology class. I'm going to look into several other suggested resources and see if I can find one that suits him better. Thanks for the responses
  8. Thank you for the links. I'll look through them with my boy and see what he thinks about it.
  9. This is really my biggest question. We are in Texas and most of the colleges require chem and biology. Would biochemistry count as biology? Or is he just stuck following the herd?
  10. My 15 yo is doing great in Chemistry. He skipped biology because he really doesn't want to do it. He loves animals very much and can't handle the dissections. Generally he complains but does the classes I request him to do, so his next science is Bio, and he is really putting on the breaks. Any other science that colleges accept in place of biology? We have no idea what he wants to do for his future, so we are aiming for college. He can take bio for non major at the community college, or Apologia Bio from the best science teacher at co-op. I would rather he have another choic
  11. I don't think you like Jacob's at all. 😂 Thanks for all the links and the confirmation that Jacob's really is a good choice. I was worried that it was subpar against the 3rd edition.
  12. Hello! I always make my curriculum choices from the suggestions posted here, usually from reading other peoples posts. Thanks for so much advice, given to others and myself! My 15 yo boy is finishing up Foerster Alg 1, he has used Math Without Boarders videos when he needs help but not daily. He has grumped and complained the whole way through but has done wonderfully in the course. My DD 13yo is half way through Jacob's Alg 1 for pre algebra, and will switch over to Forester when her brother finishes with the text. So we are on to Geometry. I have Jacob's Geometry, 2nd edition
  13. That is great. I do wish we hadn't missed the consumer math part of CLE, but we cover most of that in daily life. I make my kids do almost all the problems in CLE younger grades...they hated it but I think they needed it.
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