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  1. Orthotics did not help me much unfortunately. I did have to wear a boot for about 3 months then did PT. Really, really good shoes. In my experience, plantar fascia keeps coming back. It hasn't been a "one and done" for me. It did go silent for about 10 years though. But, lately, I've had issues with it more and more often. IF I do what I know I'm supposed to do.....wear really really good shoes, do the exercises and stretches, ice (coke bottle 3/4 filled with water is my favorite), then I'm okay.
  2. I have spondylolisthesis and degenerative disc. I also have periformis syndrome and issues with sciatica (no pain in the butt jokes please 🙂 ), and SI joint issues. I have done several "rounds" of PT without a lot of success because the aim had always been to fix the problem. Some of these problems can't be fixed. Dh and I joinged gym and that really helped, until it didn't. Core strength, stamina, flexibility, etc. improved greatly and pain levels (not soreness, but pain improved). But, my trainer shifted more towards single leg exercises (lunges, etc) and advanced planks (which I was not ready for). Pain greatly increased as did muscle spasms. My doc suggested taking time away from training and getting trigger point and myofacial massage. After a couple weeks and an Xray series, he decided to send me to PT for pain management, not "fixing" the problem PT helped a great deal. I learned better stretches, better and safer (for me) ways to strength core and stabilize hips. Great! Until I got sick. I've missed 2 weeks of PT due to bronchitis. I haven't been this sick in a long time. It looks like I'll have to cancel a 3rd week due to having to play catch up with everything else I cancelled. So, after 3 weeks out of I go back to PT or go to the gym? My physical therapist kept delaying my return to the gym. Initially, we hoped to return after the first week of PT. But, then they didn't want me doing both PT and gym. I can't afford to keep gym membership if I'm not going to use it. I have 3 sessions with with a trainer. We have talked and he understands my limitations and where I need to be going. So, I'm trying to sort my next plan. Life is really hectic right now (probably why I got so sick in the first place). Trying to squeeze in PT will be very difficult for the next month. I'd hoped to be down to once a week by now and just about done by the first of May. Pros of Gym: it is close to my home It has several great massage therapists It has all the equipment I'd ever need It offers free pilates and yoga classes I have 3 paid sessions left with trainer Pros of PT: more gentle, less chance of causing more issues lifestyle solutions (proper body mechanics, alternate ways of lifting, etc) Cons of Gym: trainer not a physical therapist working solo more than not more chance of getting injured due to not having PT or tech working with me all the time. Cons of PT: long drive to get there Can't do it forever, got to go on my own sometime expensive scheduling is a huge problem normally but worse for the next month. Have i missed anything? Thoughts??
  3. I've also got a Bachelors and I'll be 57 next month. I did go back to CC last year and took Workforce classes (Word, Excel, Powerpoint,etc.) For various reasons, we thought I was going to have to get a job, most any job, quickly. Long story short, I did not have to go down that path. I've got those office skills certificates and there are 2 classes (Word 3 and Access) that I'd like to take. But, I'm not seeing myself as a part time office worker. Nor a Kroger bagger. I did think about getting an AAS or certificate in something marketable. Weighing finances of 2 dc in college though makes me hesitant to put money into my college. An AAS will take 18 months. IF I start in the Fall after dd goes away to college, I'll be 59 when I enter the workforce. Not sure how that would go.....
  4. I'd appreciate your insight. I'm having trouble getting the 3rd act going. Right now, both dd and I are doing physical therapy and we are carpooling for her classes and such. But, she will have access to another car shortly. Right now, I guess I'm more a "traditional" mom: carpool, lunches, groceries, laundry, etc. And the summer will fly by as we prepare for youngest to leave for college. I know the summer before oldest left, time just flew by as we did paperwork for college, dorm shopping, sorting her things and bedroom (what to take, what to leave, what to donate, what to box, etc), trips to college for advising, orientation, registration, etc. It will be a busy busy Then we move her into the dorm. And everything will just stop. And I have no idea what the next day will look like.
  5. I understand that too. Oldest dd has gotten a job near her college (2 hours away) that pays more money than the one she had near "home." So she has decided to sublet an apartment for the summer so she can work nearly full time and go to summer school. I was thinking she would come home this summer, work at job near home, do online summer school. If not to be near us, then to be closer to boyfriend (who lives near "home" not near college). I just didn't expect this abrupt shift. Homeschool was my life, my job, my passion, my service to my family. It served dc well. Oldest is International Deans List, Phi Theta Kappa, etc. Youngest has a 3.8 GPA, Mu Alpha Theta and is looking forward to transitioning from CC to University. I've never been a helicopter mom and I've encouraged their independence. But, I always thought there was a difference between independence and being uninterested. Oldest isn't interested in my life or her sibling's life. Although finals will be over, she isn't coming home for my birthday weekend either. Just an odd time of transition for me....
  6. This so me today!! Oldest dd decided to spend Easter with her new boyfriend's family and not us. To be fair, she had to work until 7pm on Saturday. Driving 2 hours home from college wouldn't get her home until 10:30-11 that night, then going to early church, leaving from church, then driving 40 min to his house, then driving back to college, wouldn't give her much time at all with us. Not sure which would have been worse, seeing her for next to no time, or her chosing to spend Easter with boyfriend. sigh..... I'm sick with a wretched cough so we didn't attempt Easter services. Live Stream was good but not the same. We don't have any extended family in the area. Extended relatives out of state and overseas are pretty much out of touch. They had family celebrations and such so I didn't expect calls. Even though we have lived in our "new" home for 4 years now, we are not plugged in either at church or in the neighborhood. I sat outside today and listened to the laughter of the neighbor's grandchildren. It did make my heart glad to hear the joy of the young children. Youngest dd and I spent the day playing games, eating good food (thank you dh for cooking since I'm sick), doing some art projects. Nothing like the usual of years past. I'm glad for her and dh being here. I'm glad we shared this holiday together. But, I'm trying to figure out how to move forward with holidays now that the "kids growing up and leaving" and "not having friends or family to spend holiday with." I think for me, the change was abrupt. I should have been aware it was/is coming. But I wasn't. Homeschool ended when youngest graduated. Oldest abruptly decided she was moving out when she went away to college (rather than home is home base and dorm is temporary). Dh job keeps him working long hours. Just a big shift......
  7. I missed all of Holy Week too. And cancelled all other activities, appointments, etc. due to illness. I'm getting a chest Xray tomorrow. Being sick is miserable. Being sick when it is a holiday is miserable. Being sick when the weather is gorgeous adds insult to injury. By the time I'm well, it will be getting too hot to really enjoy long walks, bike rids, and park days. So feel what you are saying. Stay home, relax, get well....
  8. We had a pool at our previous home. We converted the pump to a salt water pool when we bought the house. The previous pump needed replacing anyway and we wanted the salt pump. We also had a child safe fence with gate installed around the pool. Our yard had a privacy fence with locks. You might want to check with your insurance about what their requirements might be. It did take a lot of maintainance. After the first couple years, dh was tired of it. The daily vacuuming (we had a tree that kept shedding leaves not to mention leaves from neighbor trees), regular water checks, maintainance, etc. drained the fun out of it for him. There was the odd snake or 2 that would show up in the pool and lots of spiders. Cleaning the drains was always an adventure. Dc used the pool almost daily from late March/early April through September. Around late July, the water temp was pretty high....around 90-92. I recall several times the kids said it was giving them upset tummies playing in the hot water. Dc learned to swim really well. They truly loved being in the water and we had some awesome pool parties and birthday parties. We also had lots and lots of rules. Every season, dc had to pass a swim and drown proofing "test." Both took swim lessons. An adult (like a mom or dad, not an 18 year old friend) had to be present at all times. A phone had to be by the pool in case of emergencies. No head first diving. No glass. Etc. Etc. Etc. Decide what you want the rules to be and stick with them. Have a family meeting and make sure all rules are understood. When dh job took him to another state, we couldn't afford a house with a pool (different area, different prices). We did miss it quite a bit at first. Dh didn't due to work load of pool, but dc and I did. But, very soon, the dc were at CC and life changed direction. A kind neighbor allows us to use their pool whenever we want (within reason obviously). We joined a gym with an awesome pool and water slide and dh and I use that quite a bit in summer.
  9. Interesting idea. Dd had the audiology test and currently has a trial pair. She likes them. I'm just trying to do my due diligence and check pricing
  10. Thanks. I will look into that. I'm having trouble finding reliable resources at the moment. I'm sure they are out there. Just haven't tracked one down yet
  11. Behind the Ear hearing aids have been recommended. Our insurance won't touch the cost, which is about $3000/pair. I've no experience with this hearing aid world. Any and all info and suggestions appreciated.....
  12. I need to replace my "everyday" plates and many of my salad type bowls. I'm not sure what to get. I don't want to spend a fortune, but I also don't want something cheap that won't last. It needs to be dishwasher and microwave safe. I know that probably goes without saying, but the last plates and bowls I got "cheap" that clearly states microwave safe, get way too hot in the micro. I'm hesitant to get Corelle because I've had those shatter into sharp splinters. I'd rather have something that would break cleanly than shatter. What suggestions????
  13. so I posted earlier about cutting calories and losing energy. After much research and discussions with PTs I've learned a few things. At my age and stage, I should not have cut calories right off the bat. The I should have used a calorie tracker and seen how many calories I was taking in daily and what my weekly average was. Then I should have cut 200 cal a week until I was down to about 1430. That way, my body would have transitioned better and adapted better BUT, more importantly, I should have made food choice changes. I should have (and am now) switched from inflammatory foods to non inflammatory foods. Rather than calories, I need to make different choices. My food choices before were not necessarily bad....but many of the foods were on the inflammatory list. I guess this topic could have been "who knew millet wasn't just for birds?" Seriously, it took me going to 2 different stores to find millet. The first said they only carried mixed bird seed. Also, stress is a huge factor for me. I've got to find a non stressful way to manage stress better Any good non inflammatory foods or recipes y'all would like to share......?
  14. So I started using MyFitnessPal again. My weight is creeping up as it always does this time of year. Every spring I put on 5-7 or so pounds and every Fall, 3-5 come off so I always have a net increase. This spring I decided to track calories and portions. I know my portions have not been right. They have either been too much or out of balance (too many carbs vs protein, etc). So, I thought tracking for a week or 2 would help get things back in perspective. Sounds great! But, I have NO energy. I mean, in the dirt, dragging, alarm goes off and I'm tired already, day is done by lunch exhausted. According to MyFitnessPal, I am doing between 1200-1400 cal a day. I know it is not exact, but that is about the ballpark. So.....too few calories? That should be fine based on current weight, height, activity level, etc. My original plan was to get portions back in balance and make healthier choices. I'm reading about anti-inflammatory eating. I had planned to switch over to less inflammatory choices tomorrow. But, I need some energy. To be clear, my goal is not entirely weight loss. Yes, I'd like 10 lbs to come off, but my ultimate goal is healthy eating habits: good portions, good choices, healthy fats, wise carb choices, etc. Any ideas??
  15. That does help. I was looking at that one on line. I tried Not Your Mother's Sea Salt spray today and it was not what I was looking for. The affect was great! But, I didn't like the feel
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