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  1. Have you ever watched The Aquarium? Dd and I are really enjoying it. I never new there were vets who specialize in marine life. Aquarists also have fascinating jobs. Look at various marine institutes: VIMS, Woods Hole, Texas A & M Corpus Christi, Dauphin Island Sea Lab, etc.
  2. Dd's college has highly recommended she get a steamer trunk. The one they recommed is supposed to be strong enough to function as a step stool, seat, ottoman, table, etc. as well as a locked storage compartment. What do you more experience college folks think? Yes or no to a steamer trunk?
  3. there are doggie booties with nonskid surfaces
  4. you are singing my song. So often I donate something then realize someone didn't want me to. I've started boxing or bagging this up, then leaving them either in the garage or back of van for a period of time (usually 3 months). If no one wants them at the end of 3 months, then they are gone. The only exception to that rule is seasonal things. If heavy winter clothing is outgrown, it is gone. If it is not used after 2 seasons, it is gone. With dc heading off to college, I've started memory boxes for them. I'm putting cards, childhood keepsakes (like movie ticket stubs, disney passes, ballet/music recital booklets, bookmarks, etc), etc. in the boxes for them to sort. I've already pulled out the things I want to keep and already put those in memory boxes in my closet. They have childhood toys they want to keep for their children and of course we have favorite board books and childhood books boxed away already
  5. Oldest dd bought an expensive laptop backpack for college. She thought is would protect the laptop from rain. It didn't. It didn't stop any water from soaking everything in the backpack. Not even a little bit water resistant. Is there such a thing as a water resistant/repellant/proof backpack? Youngest uses a Zuca bag with a rain covering. She loves it and it is great for all day on campus. It even has a nice lunch sack attachment. But, sometimes, she just needs her laptop to dash off to a study group or meeting. She doesn't want to take the whole Zuca. What should we get?
  6. I'm 57. Starting about 50, I began to have back, leg, feet pain. Nothing helped for very long. I've seen 3 docs (1 Sports medicine,2 ortho). I've done multiple rounds of PT. I've joined a gym and worked with a personal trainer. I've taken Pilates and Yoga. I own 3 foam rollers, 2 balance balls, multiple stretching bands, foot rollers, ice packs and heat packs of various sizes and shapes. We have changed our mattress. I get regular massages. Nothing really helps very much or for very long. The pain is now affecting hands, elbows, knees. My gyn thinks it is hormone related (honestly, I think I could have a broken toe and they would think it is hormone related....just saying). My nutritionist thinks I'm not drinking enough water or supporting my thyroid enough. If you find some great answers....I'd love to know
  7. I took plain Allegra and added 1 Sudafed. I have cardiac problems so Sudafed is not something I take without careful discussion with my doctor. My nose wasn't stopped up either! It was all ears. The medrol dose pack helped some. But, I still had ear problems weeks after I finished it. I'm not sure the Nasocort did too much. Again, my nose was okay. Just a hoarse voice and terrible ears...eventually a nasty cough developed. The cough was so bad, the doc ordered a chest Xray. He said lots of folks were getting walking pneumonia. I'm still hoarse and the ears are still slow to pop. This has been going on since April!
  8. I've had the same experience. Some days are not so bad....others are terrible. The Urgent Care doc (who prescribed the inhaler) said to go on Allegra and just keep taking it until the allergy season is over. The PA suggested putting warm damp paper towels in the bottoms of 2 cups and put a cup over both ears. Sometimes that helped soothe and loosed the tight drum. At least it always felt better after. Other suggestions: sleep propped up, sleep on the opposite side of the most affect ear, massage around the ears. Since my hearing was affected, dd's audiologist suggested getting my hearing checked later this summer (since all this started in April, that would give a few months for it all to settle down).
  9. YES!!! This has been the worst allergy season I've experienced in at least 10 years. I've needed an inhaler (which I haven't used in almost 20 years). I will say though, that I did end up at my GP's office with an upper respiratory infection. Since I had big lymph nodes he gave me a steroid dose pack and an antibiotic. They did help quite a bit with the infection and the inflammation. But, I will say, the Eustachian tube dysfunction lasted about 6 weeks. I took sudafed, allegra, mucinex, nasacort. Everything improved, but the ears took a LONG time. The cough would get better, then flare up again which finally led to a trip to urgent care for wheezing. The doc told me this is one of the worst allergy seasons he has seen in a really long time. Told me to stay on allegra for the duration. You have my sympathies for the ears. I thought my left ear would never open up again. I didn't have a "pop" moment and all was well again. It just slowly, really slowly improved. Hot showers helped some
  10. Dd's college does have a pretty lengthy "do not bring list." String lights, microwave, hot plate, can't elevate bed. Dd doesn't drink coffee but she does like hot tea and cocoa. The room comes with a dorm fridge and a I'm thinking she will heat water in the micro. The bathroom looks like a retro (outdated) typical bathroom...tub and sink.....not storage. I'm wondering about a shelf thingy to put above toilet....not one that would mount on wall...but floor standing??
  11. Dd will go away to college this fall for the first time. She will have a single occupancy room with double furnishings. Microfridge, private bath. I'm making a list of what she needs to bring and could use some help. (When oldest went to college she had a quad with a full kitchen and living area and 3 roommates....they coordinated what to bring so in some ways that was easier). So far: bedding: plastic mattress cover, mattress pad cover, topper, sheets, comforter, pillows, etc. bathroom: towels, curtain, mats, products/supplies bicycle, Now I'm stuck. Of course, she will take computer, clothes, office supplies, personal affects, etc. But what else? Rug? What cooking utensils (only a bathroom sink)? I could use some ideas....
  12. No, she is not planning on washing it right away, just rinsing
  13. Dd has started swimming this has been a few seasons since she has been swimming more than a couple times. Her hair is very, very curly. She expressed an interest in a post swim product. She'd like to swim, rinse off (not necessarily wash hair) at the gym, towel dry and apply product to hair. I'm at a loss.....What should she use? If I could find travel sizes she could put in her gym bag that would be great. My hair is straight, flat, fine, just a hint of a I'm way out of my wheelhouse here.
  14. So the theater is doing both assigned seats and gen admission? How does that work?
  15. Memoirs I've read and liked: 84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson Queen Noor Leap of Faith Carrying the Fire: An Astronauts Journeys by Michael Collins Astronauts Wives Club by Lily Koppel And because I was in college in the 80's and majoring in Political Science: Barbara Bush Memoir (the 1994 book) 41 a Portrait of My Father Hot Zone by Richard Preston I'd like to read: Gary Sinise: A Greatful American but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
  16. Yes, we are watching it. Historically fascinating. I was majoring in Political Science at the time of the accident. It made for interesting discussion back then and is sparking good discussions now....
  17. Thats it exactly. I have interests that I like....quilting, embroidery, cooking, etc. I just started taking Pilates at my local gym. I love it!! But it is an added expense and the class times and availablilty is challenging. I'm about to transition from paid Pilates (inflexible schedule due to number of reformers) to group PiYo and stretching class. But, I'm having trouble finding joy and meaning. If that makes sense.
  18. I need a yoga mat for a stretching class I'm about to take. I need something easily portable. Suggestions??
  19. Youngest dd was officially accepted into her first choice this week!! She goes as a transfer student from CC, hence the late admission. If she gets housing (which it looks like she will), she will be off to university in the fall. My homeschool career has come to an end and what a glorious end it is. Both dc are doing very well academically. Both are excited to learn and seem to enjoy the education. Oldest is not coming home from college this summer. She has a job and an apartment near her university. She informed me this week that she considers herself moved out and independent. On the plus side, she is moved out and independent and debt free. On the minus side, she is moved out. I do miss her. I guess my mothering career has mostly come to an end as well. Last year I carpooled with youngest and was still very active in her life when she requested it. Oldest doesn't want much involvement. She says she wants to be on her own and that she doesn't need or want a mom. I raised them to be independent and have a voice. I wanted them to speak up and be their own person. I'm glad for that. But I will miss fixing waffles or pancakes for breakfast. Packing a lunch. Doing their laundry. Picking up favorite things from the market. Hearing their music (either from their playing their instruments, or their "radio"). Listening to the laughter from their friends over visiting. Youngest has been my buddy for some time. We enjoy many of the same things, so we often did projects together or went shopping together, or concerts together. It will be different life for me. But, back to the positive. They are amazing young people. They are growing and flourishing. I just need to find my next chapter
  20. Have you looked at Winston Grammar? It is a different approach. It uses color coded cards to explain parts of speech and build sentences. I loved this program. It was one of the best choices I made in our entire homeschool. Growing with Grammar is a more traditional approach.
  21. My oldest really enjoyed Apologia General Science. It was a few years ago so not the current edition. That book really sparked an interest in science for her. It is very readable and can be quite hands off. Youngest wanted something different so we used BJUP Earth Science. We used it much like we used Apologia. In other words, we didn't use the lab manuals. We read through it together and discussed it. It was okay. DIVE has resources for Earth Science. Abeka might be an interesting option too. Remember you don't have to do all the workbooks, lab manuals, etc. PAC has a science mysteries set that is broken into 5 workbooks (similar to AOP LifePacs). It is very readable, much like Apologia. A chatty style... I'm sure there are more out there, but those are the ones I've personally seen or used.
  22. Oh do I understand the trauma of cleaning out. Oldest dd is a rising college. I just went through her 3 ring binders and saved boxes. She didn't want any of it and wanted me to shred or pitch all of it. I kept some of her artwork and papers she had written. Youngest has been at CC for a year and will now transition away to her 4 year. i'm keeping much more of her things for the time being. I do have a few book boxes of favorite elementary, middle school, and high school books. In fact, I have a box of favorite board and cloth books from preschool. I will save these for memory sake or for grandkids. Some of the books are curently out of print so I don't want to lose those. I've sold some books in years past at a homeschool book sale run by a local group. First year, nearly everything sold. Second year, about half. The local used homeschool bookstore will only take recent editions. They say most folks want online resources rather than books (hmmmm........I guess I am from a different homeschool era). The "regular" used boostore offered me about $15 dollars for 2 boxes worth of books. I donated or gave away many. Made me sad really. Great books I paid good money for, no one wants anymore.
  23. have you looked at Holt Environmental Science? I know you said you wanted more ecology than environmental......but take a look at the table of contents and see if any of it might work Also Khan Academy has an Ecology section that looks really interesting
  24. Please answer any or all of the following questions. (If you have multiple graduates, you might wish to make a separate post for each child.) -- What led you to homeschool? Dh's job moved us every 3-4 years. Often, his days off were in the middle of the week and he worked weekends. He traveled quite a bit. Being able to adjust our schedule so dc could spend time with dh was very important. Consistency in education was very important. And also I felt I could offer something better than what I was seeing in some of the public schools where we were living. Some did not have a highly ranked education system. When I was pregnant with oldest dd we were living in an area with a lot of homeschoolers. It was the first time I'd ever heard of homeschool. Getting to know those families made me realize I could create an educational program that was individualized for my dc and adapt to our family. I also knew many families whose dc were in public and private schools. Their stories made me think quite seriously about what I wanted for dc and our family. -- How was your child homeschooled in the high school years? (Did you use WTM as a guide? Did your child take out of the home, online classes, or college classes?) We homeschooled throughout high school. We moved when oldest was 10th grade complete and youngest was 7th grade complete. My 4 year plan was based on: 4 English, 4 Math, 4 Science, 4 History/Geography/Social Studies, 1 PE, 1 Fine Arts, 2 Foreign Language (youngest did 4), and 10 electives (both dc did more at their request). Oldest did not want to pursue dual enrollment. She liked having a program she had more influence over and wasn't sure if she wanted to pursue college. Youngest knew she wanted to go to college, but also preferred having a program designed specifically for her. Both could progress at their pace. We did some co-ops for electives (robotics, art) and private lessons (horse riding, figure skating, piano, violin) as well as ballet, voice, and choir. -- What did your child do after graduating? Oldest took a gap year then began core classes at CC. Eventually, she discovered what she wanted to major in, so she stayed at CC to earn her AA. She is currently a rising senior at a 4 year university. She is International Deans List, Phi Theta Kappa. Thanks to both scholarships and working, she is debt free so far. Youngest took a gap semester. She hopes to transfer to a 4 year university in the Fall. She has a 3.9 GPA. Her big question now is whether to stay at CC until core compete or go now to a 4 year. Since her interests are in STEM fields, she is thinking it would be better to go to 4 year early rather than later. -What is your child doing now? Oldest just finished finals and plans to work and go to summer school at her university. I'm still wrapping my brain around the fact that she is not coming home for this summer. It is the best decision for her and I 100% support it, but i miss her. Youngest finishes finals next week and has quite a bit going on this summer
  25. I'm 50+ years too. And I've seen lots of foods come and go on the "evil" list. Remember when fat was evil was sugar was okay? Eggs were bad, then not bad, now might be bad. White bread and white rice were great until they were bad. How about dairy?? on earth do we know what to eat. My friend says she misses her youth when everyone ate wonderbread with butter and honey and no one ever heard of kale. Having said all that....I am gluten free. Oldest dd tested (by bloodwork) sensitive to it. She went gluten free for almost a year. She dropped almost 20 lbs without even trying, her eczema cleared up, her GI problems went away, her anemia improved, and her sleep problems went away. She has gradually started adding gluten back into her diet. Being away at college has made gf eating a challenge for her both convenience and price wise. So far, she is doing okay. BUT, she is being really smart about. Not every day. Not much. So far so good. Youngest has struggled with anemia. The doc suggested we try gf to see if that made a difference. And, like oldest dd, it did improve the ferritin levels (no other changes, just cut out gluten). She also said that her tummy issues were better. She wants to try adding gluten back in like her older sister, but with finals and wisdom teeth surgery coming in a couple weeks, she doesn't want to take a chance on a reaction. I struggle with inflammation. 2 years ago, my PT suggested I cut out gluten for a month to see if it helped my pain and inflammation (low back, hip problems). And it helped! Within 2 weeks, my inflammation was down!! Pain levels improved. I felt better. I was "glutened" at a wedding reception buffet once and it resulted in quite a bit of tummy problems. So, I guess being gf did something. I tried sourdough bread not long ago and it was okay in moderation. When I tried eating it everyday, I had tummy problems and increased joint pain. Do I think gluten should be on the "evil" list? Not at all. If you are celiac or allergic to it, then by all means stay as far way from it as humanly possible. I have celiac friends who can't even use cosmetic or hair products with wheat germ or some other wheat product. Do I think gluten is the "smoking gun" for most health issues? Probably not, unless you have an issue that is related to it. I know several ladies with arthritis who said staying off gluten for a month did nothing for their pain and inflammation. But, stopping all dairy did wonders for them. Know your body. Get tested if necessary. Try elimination diet challenges if you think you should By the way, I did not lose a single ounce when stopping gluten. I did not substitute gf baked goods either. Dd did. She substituted cookies, cakes, muffins, etc...which are often higher in calories and carbs. Still she dropped a bunch a weight. And didn't
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