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  1. Interesting idea. Dd had the audiology test and currently has a trial pair. She likes them. I'm just trying to do my due diligence and check pricing
  2. Thanks. I will look into that. I'm having trouble finding reliable resources at the moment. I'm sure they are out there. Just haven't tracked one down yet
  3. Behind the Ear hearing aids have been recommended. Our insurance won't touch the cost, which is about $3000/pair. I've no experience with this hearing aid world. Any and all info and suggestions appreciated.....
  4. I need to replace my "everyday" plates and many of my salad type bowls. I'm not sure what to get. I don't want to spend a fortune, but I also don't want something cheap that won't last. It needs to be dishwasher and microwave safe. I know that probably goes without saying, but the last plates and bowls I got "cheap" that clearly states microwave safe, get way too hot in the micro. I'm hesitant to get Corelle because I've had those shatter into sharp splinters. I'd rather have something that would break cleanly than shatter. What suggestions????
  5. so I posted earlier about cutting calories and losing energy. After much research and discussions with PTs I've learned a few things. At my age and stage, I should not have cut calories right off the bat. The I should have used a calorie tracker and seen how many calories I was taking in daily and what my weekly average was. Then I should have cut 200 cal a week until I was down to about 1430. That way, my body would have transitioned better and adapted better BUT, more importantly, I should have made food choice changes. I should have (and am now) switched from inflammatory foods to non inflammatory foods. Rather than calories, I need to make different choices. My food choices before were not necessarily bad....but many of the foods were on the inflammatory list. I guess this topic could have been "who knew millet wasn't just for birds?" Seriously, it took me going to 2 different stores to find millet. The first said they only carried mixed bird seed. Also, stress is a huge factor for me. I've got to find a non stressful way to manage stress better Any good non inflammatory foods or recipes y'all would like to share......?
  6. So I started using MyFitnessPal again. My weight is creeping up as it always does this time of year. Every spring I put on 5-7 or so pounds and every Fall, 3-5 come off so I always have a net increase. This spring I decided to track calories and portions. I know my portions have not been right. They have either been too much or out of balance (too many carbs vs protein, etc). So, I thought tracking for a week or 2 would help get things back in perspective. Sounds great! But, I have NO energy. I mean, in the dirt, dragging, alarm goes off and I'm tired already, day is done by lunch exhausted. According to MyFitnessPal, I am doing between 1200-1400 cal a day. I know it is not exact, but that is about the ballpark. So.....too few calories? That should be fine based on current weight, height, activity level, etc. My original plan was to get portions back in balance and make healthier choices. I'm reading about anti-inflammatory eating. I had planned to switch over to less inflammatory choices tomorrow. But, I need some energy. To be clear, my goal is not entirely weight loss. Yes, I'd like 10 lbs to come off, but my ultimate goal is healthy eating habits: good portions, good choices, healthy fats, wise carb choices, etc. Any ideas??
  7. That does help. I was looking at that one on line. I tried Not Your Mother's Sea Salt spray today and it was not what I was looking for. The affect was great! But, I didn't like the feel
  8. So, I decided on a whim to cut about 8-10 inches off my hair. Totally unlike me to do something so radical and spur of the moment, but I did. And I like it. They stylist recommended I use a texture hair spray to give it more "umph" on days when it needs it. She didn't push a product or give a recommendation, which in some ways I appreciate. The salon uses Bumble and Bumble, which I like, but it is pricey. I've tried Batiste dry shampoo before and it broke out my scalp. So, not going back to that (fortunately, dd likes it). So, what texture sprays does the Hive recommend?
  9. Chacos Keene FitFlop Vionic Oofos Alegria
  10. Indeed I did! I fixed it!!
  11. Yes autocorrect!!! I fixed the problem. That will teach me not to review things!!
  12. Anyone tried these for pain and inflammation? Success or not? Brands?
  13. This is whole subject landed in my in box over a month ago when a friend, whose dog was affected by DCM, sent me some links. I spoke with our vet and immediately started the process of switching their food from a boutique brand (I thought I was making the best choice) to another brand. My golden looks better on his new food. DH remarked the other day that the dog's coat is better, his overall body condition looks better (it looked good before, but we always had trouble keeping him at ideal we don't), and he is overall more active. One of our senior dogs, who has some health issues, seems to have more energy. I'm not seeing great improvements in our other senior dog, but she has always been in good body condition and energetic. I don't know the "whys and wherefores" of dog food. It has been a difficult search process. I didn't want a super high protein food. Didn't want the grains and legumes that were suspected. Didn't want a company known for recalls. Didn't want a food the dogs would refuse to eat. Didn't want questionable ingredients. Did I mention it has been a difficult search. Not to mention one of my senior dogs needs mostly wet food. I do find grilled chicken to be well received by all the dogs 🙂
  14. Exactly!!! This explains better what I'm trying to solve. Thank you for wording it better....... Plain cotton is so NOT my friend when I workout.
  15. I’m looking for something to wear during workouts.
  16. What are good underwear options? I want something to wear under workout leggings. Some suitable for middle age body. Most of the reviews I’ve read were written by young in shape women
  17. Youngest: biology with lab chemistry with lab lab physics with a math lab (this was a physics lab, but it was mostly math oriented) Oldest: biology with lab chemistry with lab physics no lab (she did Conceptual Physics) Equine Science with "lab" (barn work, riding lessons, barrel racing)
  18. My GP recommenced twice a month massage. Trying to work those into the budget
  19. I’m getting another opinion soon. I was originally told laser was not an option
  20. Good point. The fibromyalgia has been “behind the scenes” for some time. Pain has been overshadowing everything
  21. I have been diagnosed with spondylolisthesis L4-L5 and degenerative disc disease L4-S1. It hurts. It is literally a pain in the butt. Sciatica, leg pain, hip pain, foot pain, etc. I got this diagnosis a while ao and I've been trying to make things better but not doing a good job of it. I did PT for about a year with little success. Now i'm working with a trainer. Initially it was a not a good thing. Achilles tendonosis and aggravated plantar. But, after changing directions, it became a good thing. Pain decreased, strength increased, etc. Now...not so much. We have been focusing mostly on lower body...lunges, squats, bridges (different types and degrees of difficulty), single leg "stuff", planks, "deadbugs", etc. Since increasing the degree of difficulty and focusing more and more on lower body, I'm finding the pain is increasing and recover time is getting slower and slower. So my question is....where to go from here? I'm thinking I need to change directions again and not focus so much on lower body. Anyone else....Dr Hive.....who has degenerative discs and pain have experienced any of this. I could use some feedback. The trainers will always push and push. I know is their job. I'm just thinking that as a hormonally challenged, almost 60 yr old, damaged back lady, I should be going in another direction. Give me some feedback and ideas great Hive!!
  22. It seems like half the people I know are involved in a MLM of some type. 99% I am not interested. Recently I've started telling people that we do not support any MLM as we know so many people involved in XYZ that it wouldn't be fair to single someone out for special consideration.
  23. I'd try to find out why. Homocysteine? Cholesterol? Genetic factors such as clotting or Marfans or something else entirely? Then go from there.
  24. I've done this a couple times over the past year. Basically I've said something like, "thinking of you today and remembering fondly dear..... on what would have been his birthday" I've also called. My aunt in particular said she appreciated the call. Evenings get long
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