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  1. We actually came from PM standards edition, and just now switched to MM for pre-algebra. I’ll look for the other thread and see what other options there are out there for pre-algebra. She’s always had extreme issues with being distracted. It’s something that has been an issue since the start.
  2. I’m not sure I’d want pre-algebra for two years, but I have heard great things about CLE. Great idea to try pages from multiple chapters. We have used the videos and they didn’t make a difference. Most of is probably due to distraction that’s a huge issue for her spamming all subjects and areas of her life. We just started a homeopathic remedy for focus. It’s not that she doesn’t understand what or how to do what she needs to she just doesn’t like this program or the look of it. I’m not sure and really not sure how to proceed.
  3. My daughter is doing MM7 their prealgebra program and she’s just not liking it at all. It’s taking an extremely long amount of time to do, she says she doesn’t like it/written instructions are not clear (we do go over them together before she starts). She is beginning to hate math. She’s never been thrilled about having to do it before, and she’s extremely distracted, always has been. She has always been bright in math though. She’s completed all of PM standards edition. So my question is, should we just stick with it? Should I switch to a different math program. If so, which one? I just don’t want her to become completely adverse to math.
  4. I need some recommendations for book about physicians, specifically psychiatrists. My dd is very interested in wanting to be come a psychiatrist and she would love to read about more people who are/have become one. She’s read many books about scientists and some physicians, but we cannot find many about the latter. She is younger middle school age, if that helps in giving recommendations.
  5. How about the wizard of oz series? Not animal related, but the Mary Poppins series is great as well.
  6. I agree with the above posters, WWE is not a lot of writing. We also use/used AAS and used the tiles for some of the days of the week, so it’s only physically writing 1-2 days per week. For grammar we like FLL, no writing in the early levels.
  7. Thanks, I've been reading Dolciani is a good choice, but I haven't really found any previous of the text online. I haven't looked into Video Text yet, I'll look that one up. Thanks.
  8. Agree, which is why I created the post asking for alternatives.
  9. I agree and never said I think we “should” use it, hence, the point of my post asking for alternative options that are rigorous but not the discovery method. I would like to stay with a rigorous program because she seems to be leaning strongly towards a science based career and she does like math, just doesn’t love it or want to spend her free time on it.
  10. I haven’t really looked at this program yet. I will check it out. Thanks. Oh, that’s a great idea! Thank you.
  11. Is there an alternative to AOPS pre-algebra. My daughter is strong in math, but doesn’t necessarily love it. I’m not sure the discovery method would work well for her. We’ve always used Singapore Mathematics Standard Edition, so I’d prefer to keep that same rigor for pre-algebra. I’m just not sure what program we should use.
  12. Agree with the both of you, which is why we’re thinking about moving on as well. The teacher’s guide is so much more than the higs.
  13. I started out using them but after the lesson from the hig, the textbook, the workbook, then the extra books it was just causing a math burnout for all of us. My son is now using the same program and I don’t have regrets not using them. They may be a perfect fit for some, but it wasn’t for us.
  14. As I had mentioned earlier we’ve used the standards edition. I specifically chose the standards because the hig was so wonderful. I may end up just continuing with it for 6th. Not entirely sure yet.
  15. It’s hard deciding where to go next with math.
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