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  1. I’ve never looked at Khan. Thank you for the suggestion I’ll look into it more.
  2. Thanks for all the dragonbox reviews. It’s disappointing to hear they’re are not favorable.
  3. This looks like a fun supplement. Thanks!
  4. I’m looking for some suggestions for a site with algebra practice to use as a supplement. We’ve been using alcumus for a long time as our supplement, but my daughter needs a break from it and would like to use something else. I’m not sure what else is out there that would fit this need. The other sites I’ve come across seem to be full algebra programs/curriculums.
  5. I prefer SM and used it until my oldest was ready for pre-algebra and she was definitely prepared for pre-algebra as well as algebra. It was a great foundation. I love enough that I’m planning on using it straight through with my youngest. We’re working though 3a/b this year. We tried MM a couple of times because I liked the idea of just one book and my daughter found it too cluttered and didn’t like the explanations. She felt they were too confusing and worded odd. In SM we only use the HIG, textbook, and workbook. I had used the challenging word problems for a few years, but felt i
  6. Very true! I agree just a misunderstanding because I’ve been part of these board for quite a while and everyone is always so helpful! I think the pandemic has everyone just not thinking straight! 🤣 or me for that matter! I’ve just been through two surgeries in 6 months and still in recovery from the most recent, so it was probably, most definitely, me that misunderstood or I’m just not using the correct terms.
  7. I really didn’t think asking for something less teacher intensive would be so controversial! Haha wow! I was honestly thinking I’d get lots of great ideas of curriculums to look into that are not so teacher intensive. I do know that there will oversight and teaching involved he is only in third grade, but I do also know there’s lots of more independent programs out there that are great and comprehensive and would fit during this time in our homeschool journey. Sorry if this struck a nerve with some, but if you don’t have any program suggestions I’m not sure why you’d stop and comment? An
  8. I agree, definitely not classical, but as you said there is some overlap that I do like in her methods that I do like and agree with.
  9. Thank you so much for your input it’s very helpful. I do like that LLATL seems to follow the classical model more so than the other two.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions! I’m leaning towards Abeka, CLE, or LLATL. They seem comprehensive, but less teacher intensive than I’m used to which is just what I’m looking for.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into them.
  12. I have to disagree with this a little as I have been homeschooling for almost ten years I think it can be done. I'm just not sure what curriculums are out there that fit this specific need as I've always had my go to for the elementary years. I feel it would be completely do able as mostly hands off with guidance from me, of course, just not as teacher intensive.
  13. I tried R&S when my older was in 5th and we needed something after WWE/FFL and before WWS. For some reason neither one of us liked it at the time. Maybe I’ll take a look at it again.
  14. I’m looking for recommendations for a writing/grammar program that is not so teacher intensive. I normally use very teacher intensive curriculums, but during this specific time I need something that is a lot more hands off. I don’t want “fluff” and “busy work” which sometimes I worry that the more hands off curriculums are full of such work. Which is why I’m asking for suggestions to look into. I don’t mind if it’s religious or secular. This would be for 3rd grade since my older is already set with her work.
  15. How about the Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place Manor series? Or The Wollstonecraft Detective series?
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