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  1. Math Mammoth single topic downloads. They are cheap and thorough.
  2. Has anyone used these books for experiments? Thoughts?
  3. We have had so much success with Lantern English. Essay Basics was just what my DD needed.
  4. DH is working in our bedroom. We have no other option. It is disruptive to the kids to have him downstairs because he's on the phone all day. I have had to write out very specific schedules for my kids and give him copies also so he knows not to interrupt them. Lunch is 12-1, no exceptions. I can't have him talking to us during the day or it totally derails everyone.
  5. I was looking at that one, too. Could astronomy be considered a lab science if we do high school level labs?
  6. Has anyone used this program? Feedback? Trying to keep my mind of current events by continuing to research curricula.
  7. Shame on them. I honestly can't believe they haven't cancelled the entire event. So many people from all over together in one space! Very irresponsible IMO.
  8. I’m an ASL interpreter for my church and never miss church. Ever. Our Deaf ministry depends almost solely on me. And we just decided that we are not going this week. My daughter has PANS and my mom has serious lung issues. We are in NJ and I’m surprised our church has not cancelled.
  9. Just know that you need consistent internet to use it. It runs on an online platform. We opted for Lenovo Winbooks for middle school and have been very happy with them. They are a tablet/laptop hybrid. A little more expensive than a chrome book though.
  10. You don’t need to read the books. The literature list can be done or not. There are books listed on the cards as resources but you don’t need those either. I did some of the books last year as read alouds.
  11. Typing skills are not needed. I really love it because I feel they learn a lot and it’s completely independent. I did many, many years of reading and discussing everything. VP self paced has been a huge breath of fresh air and a bit of a break for me. It takes about 45 min (I think).
  12. Yeah. I don’t mind buying kits even in addition to the e-science subscription. But for comparison, it’s $700 for six months of e-science and materials. I can subscribe for 6 months for $222. I don’t think six months of materials should cost almost $500 more.
  13. Thanks! I’m going to look into the TOPS kits. I don’t mind not having a unifying text. I think the cards would be more appealing to him anyway. I was actually sold on Rainbow Science, but seeing how excited he is watching the SS videos, I don’t want to give him a book. I really wish I could more easily put together the SS materials. He loves the videos and is learning a lot.
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