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  1. I have an aero garden and I have grown lettuce in it several times. The problem is that it is not ever enough for me. I eat so much salad that I really need a huge garden of lettuce to grown enough for my daily salad needs. The lettuce grown on my counter amounts to about 2-3 salads worth.
  2. Do you mean reading comprehension or is she still struggling with phonics and spelling? Nevermind, I totally misread what you wrote. So this is for the 7th grader. Let me think on this.
  3. Yes! You can get the activity pack as a downloadable PDF and of course the book on kindle or audio. My son learned a TON from Supercharged Science this year. Gathering the supplies was a royal pain, I will not lie. But he probably learned more from her than any other science than we have ever done. Both of your kids can use it and do different topics or the same. You can try it for $1
  4. Online, printable PDF's: Online, gather your own supplies: Math Mammoth is great and has everything available as a download. There are other options like Teaching Textbooks, Thinkwell, CTC math. Uzinggo is online science labs. You didn't mention history, but Veritas Press Self-Paced (for the fourth grader) is a great online history program. And of course there is Easy Peasy There are so many options if you want to do more online courses. I'm not sure what to tell you about reading. Do you have access to a digital library?
  5. Do you have regular internet access? Have you considered online programs?
  6. I ended up going in a different direction. Thanks 🙂
  7. I found Bravewriter podcasts extremely helpful. I listened to a whole bunch of them one summer, starting with these:
  8. My son did Exploration Education science completely independently in 5th-6th grade. My daughter did From Adam To Us pretty independently as well.
  9. Planning over the past few months has kept me sane. I am not going to depend on the library at all for our schooling. One thing we are doing that is living-book heavy is Guest Hollow Geography and Cultures, but I chose just the most important books for us that I was willing to buy and cut a bunch out. I'll use what we have as well as the scheduled videos and links. Of course our activities and outside programs are up in the air. But I've actually really enjoyed planning for next year.
  10. (I am posting this without reading any replies.) We will never again buy a house that needs work. Our house was built in the 80's and needed "only" cosmetic updates or so we thought. We have been updating and fixing things since we bought it in 2011. It has been never-ending and we are over it.
  11. I found this just by googling. Any experience?
  12. Can we have a thread on this? Homeschool Printing Company currently has an 8-9 week turnaround time. Best Value Copy was recommended to me but their shipping is super high, like $17 for one document from what I can tell. I really need some other options! These are what I know of:
  13. We have had to cut ties with a family member for the safety of our children. We have had to file police reports of identity theft and harassing texts and pictures sent to my phone. Fortunately, he never showed up at our house, but if he had, we certainly would have filed a restraining order. I'm sorry that this is your mother that you are dealing with and so, so sorry that she is living in such close proximity to you now. In your situation, I would tell her that we are cutting ties. If you really think she has the potential to come to your house and throw rocks at your windows and behave aggressively, be prepared to file a police report and restraining order. She sounds toxic and mentally ill. I don't think there is any safe and healthy way for you to be involved with her. In your situation, I would not contact the family, but would certainly cooperate if contacted. You do not need to take on guilt for her actions. This is not your guilt, it was not your doing, and you could not have prevented her from what she did. ETA-- One more thing. You might want to get legal advice regarding making sure that you do not somehow end up incurring huge amounts of HER debt or future debt due to her schemes. Somehow, really and truly make sure that all ties are cut.
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