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  1. Is this sudden? Have you looked into PANS/PANDAS? Sudden severe tics and OCD is a huge red flag for PANS. Please PM me if you want more info. https://iocdf.org/pandas/
  2. I do agree with this. I guess we will see what the next year or so brings. But at the same time, I think the majority of pandemic schoolers are extremely eager to get their kids out of the houses and back into school. Exactly. These people are not going to follow regulations. I understand your point, and I can see that it's coming from a place of wanting the best for kids. It's just so easy to get around the rules even in what is considered a highly regulated state like PA that it all seems kind of pointless. Except that I will be able to make some money on the si
  3. I really believe that it is much more work to keep kids home doing nothing than to send them to school. Who does that? Pandemic aside, people generally don't homeschool if they do not want to remain invested in the education of their children. Now, I will say that I live in an area that is highly educated and more affluent and maybe that influences my perspective. I simply haven't seen that this is an issue in the 15 years that we've been involved in homeschooling circles.
  4. In PA, each family hires their own evaluator. The evaluator works for the family and has no contact with the district. The family hands in the signed forms. It is common advice to families to choose an evaluator that agrees with your homeschooling style.
  5. Same. Every homeschooling parent I know is working hard to give their kids a great education. I have only met one person who I kind of thought was doing less than she should, but certainly not neglecting her kids. And now the kids are grown and thriving in their personal endeavors. Ironically, I am moving to a highly regulated state--PA--and I have learned that there is not much practical difference. As a certified PA teacher, I can perform the required homeschool evaluations for others and can "private tutor" my own children without getting an outside evaluation. I have learned a
  6. I learned to knit over the winter. The kids and I started Geocaching a couple of weeks ago. I'm doing a 40 Day Prayer Challenge. I'm on day 19.
  7. In addition to what Lori said, your state might have specific requirements for graduation. Mine requires world, US, and civics.
  8. I'm so sorry. I have no advice, but wanted to offer support. I was also wondering if she would be able to go where your dad is going (if she is willing) and live with him, or if there is another location where they can live together.
  9. In our old house, we gutted and redid the kitchen. I put a regular (smallest I could find) microwave in a cabinet space that we left open and dedicated for the microwave. It just needed an outlet. I'm planning to do the same in our new house; I can't stand having them above the stove and, like you, I don't need or want anything huge and fancy.
  10. One year on the Fourth of July, my kids asked me if we had school. It was funny and a sad testament all at the same time.
  11. I don’t count days but my kids are done when they are done and it is different for every subject. I pretty much make them “finish the book” no matter what. I’m also in NJ where we are unregulated. If I were counting days, I would count a day of basics (math and LA) as a day, or a field trip as a day, or a day of co-op as a day, as well as a full day of all academic subjects.
  12. If he was doing well with Singapore, I would look into Math Mammoth 7.
  13. Have you looked into OCD? There are some behaviors that can very much present like ASD but are in fact OCD. From reading through your posts on this thread, I encourage you to at least look into it. Natasha Daniels on YouTube has excellent videos that can help narrow down whether or not it is something worth investigating.
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