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  1. Thanks 🙂 I've looked at Supercharged Science. I would totally get that if she had experiment kits for the single topics or smaller bundles. She only includes supplies if you buy the entire elementary, middle school or high school program which covers several years and starts at $700.
  2. My son is almost finished with EE. I was going to put him in a program this year that would have taken care of science but our plans changed. So he's finishing up EE, which he started last year. He has LOVED this course. He uses text-to-speech on his computer which helps with the reading. It has an experiment or hands-on activity everyday and he has done them all with minimal help from me. It came with everything in the box. Is there anything else like this? I'm planning to have him do Rainbow Science next year. For now, I want: --minimal reading, so either a video component or an online textbook -lots of experiments -comes with EVERYTHING (I truly hate running around to find materials) -student led (very bright, science minded student) Anything?
  3. I used to get them new costumes. A few years ago (or maybe more years than a few at this point...they are 13 and 11 now) I told them that they had to either use what we have, make something, or spend their own money. We have SO. MANY. COSTUMES. and my kids are very creative so I felt that was appropriate for them moving forward. In your situation, you were considering a knight costume because you could use it again, right? I wouldn't buy the ninja in that case, but that's me.
  4. I don't think so, based on talking with them at a convention last June. The rep actually said that so many people have asked for the workbook style light units that have space for writing that they may start producing them, although it won't be anytime soon. He did not say that they will be phasing out the current softcover books yet.
  5. My daughter is just in 8th grade but I’m using Lantern English online (really it's email correspondence with the instructor). The courses she’s doing this year are the 7th-9th grade level. She’s finishing up Essay Writing and I just enrolled her in Poetry for next quarter which starts at the end of the month. They are very affordable at $60 a quarter. The instructor emails her the lesson and assignments for the week and grades her work based on a rubric and offers feedback. It is really the perfect amount of hand-holding for us and i love having someone else give her feedback on her writing. I’m planning to also have her do the fiction literature course and intro to creative writing next semester.
  6. Well I switched my DD to CLE in grade 7 last year and it has been wonderful for her. They cover pre-algebra in 7th and 8th, so if you are wanting to do algebra 1 in 8th, this won't work. I will also say that it is not fast--it takes her about 45 minutes a day. But the new information is presented in extremely small increments and the majority of each day's work is review, which has been so amazing for her and really solidified all her skills. She's now doing level 8 and succeeding. She would not have been ready for algebra 1 this year, but I'm confident that she will be next year in 9th grade.
  7. I much preferred MM to Key To Fractions
  8. I’m just not sure yet if/when we will move. It’s hard to leave an unregulated state for a highly regulated one! 😉😂 But it *seems* that it’s a lot easier as a certified teacher.
  9. We’re considering moving to PA which is highly regulated. I’m in NJ which is unregulated. I’m also a certified NJ teacher. My teaching license is not active because I’ve been homeschooling my kids and not currently employed as a teacher. However, in talking with the PA Dept of Ed, it seems that I have the credentials to get certified just by going through the application process. They even have my test scores on file in PA because I originally had them sent to both to NJ and PA, not knowing where I would end up. My question is, how much easier is it to homeschool in PA under the private tutor provision? What exactly do you have to do and do you need to compete continuing education credits each year? Are you really not required to jump through all the other hoops like portfolio submissions, testing, evaluators?
  10. I donate or sell what I can but throw out the rest with NO GUILT. I can’t wait around for freecycle and Facebook pickups and drive all over trying to re-home or recycle things. Not at this point in my life when all the stuff gives me increasing anxiety. Toss it and be done.
  11. No idea my kids are 13 and 11 if that matters
  12. I bought one last summer at Rainbow Resource and the edition is 2016.
  13. Yes, probably mostly older middle, really to avoid more mature themes. These are great suggestions! Still open to more 🙂
  14. A flip phone won’t work for skiing though. I’d like them to be able to glance at the watch and see that I said “we’re leaving so come back” or “20 more minutes” etc. There is no way I’m giving them a phone to take skiing.
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