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  1. My 9th grader is taking biology this year. She really dislikes science and wants to take as little as possible. She will probably start out at community college after high school and her current life goal is to become a country singer. 🤷‍♀️ I think she would hate physics and struggle with chemistry if we did them for a year. So I was wondering if it would work next year for her to do one semester of Intro to Physics, then one semester of Intro to Chemistry (both with labs and lab reports). Has anyone done that? Should I just call it Physical Science and give one credit for the year? O
  2. So I just realized that even though you asked "generally", you also asked some specific questions for right now. Since the situation is what it is with distance learning and she is home now, here is what I would do in these areas: Separate them for this. Do a read aloud for both of them together that you will all enjoy. Do NOT have them read out loud together. This is demoralizing and defeating for the 10yo. Forget grade levels. Do not rush through a grade level just to get through. If she is retaining nothing, what is the point? Honestly, at this age an
  3. What do you do with "behind" kids? You meet them where they are at and focus on progressing to whatever is next. You also find something they are good at or enjoy and capitalize on that so that they don't feel like a chronic failure who will never be good at anything. I don't have experience with adopting or fostering kids, but my background is in Special Ed (specifically Deaf Ed.) and I worked with many, many kids on varying levels who were consistently "behind." When I started teaching, I often felt defeated and it seemed an uphill battle for some of these kids. I had very high expe
  4. This is a children’s book that we read long ago from Sonlight’s booklist — The Gods Must Be Angry
  5. I missed these details the first time I read it. My heart goes out to you and your family. What a hard situation to be in. I think this year calls for a break in tradition and celebrating separately OR with more family all together, rallying around your mom to celebrate her on her day—not just the females as it was before. If just your niece is missing, how gut wrenching. I don’t think leaving out your daughter will make the day any easier for anyone. I’m so sorry.
  6. Thanks for your feedback 🙂 I do agree that the initial vision problems are likely the root of this. The thing with reading aloud to him is that I have always done that. We almost always have a read aloud going that both kids engage in and discuss which has been a wonderful, fun, and enriching time for us. So what I am talking about is in addition to our family read aloud. I am at the point where I do not want to read everything to him anymore and I don't think I should have to since he is capable. We have done shared reading for his government class and literature all year. As
  7. I agree with the other posters. I am so, so sorry about your niece. I can't imagine the devastation for your family. However, at this point, I would draw a firm boundary. Yes, your sister lost a child. But you lost a niece, your mom lost a granddaughter, your daughter lost a cousin. And now she is losing an aunt who will not associate with her. In your situation, I would tell your sister that your family is a unit and from here on out you will attend events together or not at all. You might need to be very upfront about how this is hurting your daughter and be prepared for
  8. My friend just had this done in the fall for two of her boys. They are not babies...I want to say they are about 4 and 6? Something like that? The surgery was easy and they needed to continue speech therapy but their speech has exploded since the surgery. She has not said anything about needing to wake them up to move their tongues. I hope it's quick and easy and fixes a lot of problems!
  9. This pan is AMAZING. I just added it to my amazon list. I will often make two pots of chili -- one traditional with only meat, sauce and seasonings (my carnivore doesn't even like beans 🙄) and one with veggie and beans. I freeze extra portions of the meat chili for the carnivore. Jambalaya - half with sausage, half just veggie or lentil or soy crumbles Stromboli - very easy with pre-made dough! Stuff one with italian meats and cheese and the other with veggies and cheese Salad bar - so many options
  10. Lori, I can always count on you for great advice and much to think about! Screens - he was barely allowed until the pandemic. About 30 minutes of Prodigy Math a day, that's it. Now I let him play for about an hour when all of his work is done. Adventure seeker/hobbies, YES. He craves activity. He rides horses once a week and does Taekwon-Do (currently on zoom.) He has an incredible hobby of modifying Nerf blasters. He buys old/used Nerf, takes them apart, 3-D prints new parts, replaces motors and springs with super motors, re-wires them. In fact, here is the one and only book
  11. I just can't anymore with this kid. His vision is fixed. We went through vision therapy when he was 11 and it is near 100% perfect now. He has no learning disabilities. He is a great writer when he is interested in the topic and when it is due for another instructor. He is very, very gifted in math and science. He can read well. His comprehension is good when he cares. We do a lot of shared reading so that I can make sure he is actually doing it because otherwise he will only skim. The only book he ever liked and read without complaining, and then read the sequel, wa
  12. Good question. I didn't even realize we were on the high school board. The Edison Project is definitely middle school level. I'm not sure you will find a high school class that uses Snap Circuits.
  13. I've been meaning to reply to this thread for awhile. The other posters have given great advice. If you are planning on sending him to public school at all for high school, the first thing that you need to do is find out your district's rules on transferring homeschool credits. Some will simply not accept them, but they may be more flexible now with covid. From there you can formulate a plan to get him progressing towards his/your educational goals for him. Learn Math Fast is a GREAT suggestion, as is taking some placement tests from a few different programs. Either one should
  14. Have you heard of The Edison Project by Quick Study Labs? It uses Snap Circuits for all of the projects (at least at the beginning levels.) My DS did it last year and really enjoyed it. https://www.quickstudylabs.com
  15. Just out of curiosity, I looked it up and Jillian's Drawers is still doing their diaper trial program. It is a GREAT way for mamas who are new to cloth diapering to try out a variety of styles and brands before investing. And FWIW, I sold all my kids' diapers when we were done with them through diaper swappers. So the investment was really worth it financially! https://jilliansdrawers.com/products/changing-diapers-changing-minds-program ETA -- this is not enough diapers to cloth diaper a newborn full time. I would say, if anyone wanted to try this, to have a full stash on
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