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  1. I have always used the booklists from literature based and other programs to choose books--Sonlight/Bookshark, Heart of Dakota, Veritas Press, Memoria Press, etc. The Read Aloud Handbook is also great, as well as What to Read When.
  2. I've had my All Clad set for over 17 years and it's still perfect. Can't go wrong there. I am looking into getting a Blendtec for Christmas. My mom has been through the Ninja and Vitamix and raves about her new Blendtec.
  3. I just realized that you wanted specifics. For writing, I use Lantern English. The classes are $60 a quarter, so very affordable. For science, Experience Biology, which is self-paced with video lessons and labs. This was comparable to other bio courses with all the lab supplies honestly. For social studies, Guest Hollow Geography and Cultures -- very affordable and independent. Math, CLE Algebra 1 -- also very affordable and independent.
  4. I didn't read any of the replies. This year I am outsourcing writing and science only. Those are the most challenging for me because my kids take feedback on their writing very personally, so it is much better for our relationship to have someone else do that. And science is a subject that I just really don't like. As my DD progresses through high school, I will probably outsource more than that, but not ever all of it.
  5. I actually prefer laminate. I hate ceramic tile because it is hard on my feet and impossible to clean the grout, and because EVERYTHING breaks when it falls. We break things on laminate as well, but they do stand a chance and sometimes don't break when dropped.
  6. So DS is wanting to start a business. Long story short, he is asking to list his items on mercari. This site is new to me. Does anyone have experience with it that they can share?
  7. I don't see how this can be true if the deaths are not anywhere near where they were initially. Or are people not sick enough to need "treatments"? I have not heard of anyone personally that I know or know of dying of covid in months. Back in March, I signed up for NJ.com coronavirus text alerts and it was day after day of hundreds of new cases and a grim death toll through about May. Since then, it's been mostly news reports about the reopening, etc. but almost everyday there was something. Now for the first time ever, there was a stretch from Friday 9/25 until today of NO text alerts of
  8. I don't think another "wave" will be anything like what we saw here in the NY/NJ area back in March and April. The first person that I knew personally to contract covid was dead within two weeks and the next one, who indirectly exposed my sister/niece/parents, also died within two weeks. Anyone that I have heard of in the past month has recovered. I haven't heard that anyone in the recent outbreak related to Trump is in critical condition. So I think that indicates that even if it is still spreading, the treatments are working, the doctors have more of a handle on it and options for treatme
  9. A little older, but Oswald Chambers: Abandoned to God was really good. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi More like memoirs -- Kisses from Katie and the sequel, Daring to Hope, by Katie Davis / Katie Davis Majors Sara Hagerty - Every Bitter Thing is Sweet Oh and Hiding in the Light by Rifqa Bary
  10. What program would you recommend for kids to use to create a flyer or brochure for a project? Something that is easy to insert and resize pictures and text. I gave my DD a project that is proving to have technical difficulties but she really wants to do it. She was trying to use a template in Word but resizing the pictures is really challenging.
  11. I wouldn't get anything. However, I am not a natural gift-giver and my DH is, so I could see us having the same discussion.
  12. I think I'm going to get ski passes for the kids. Our local mountain is offering a great deal for homeschoolers and I think it's a pretty safe activity (covid wise) since they are masked and covered and it's outside. And people aren't likely to go skiing when they're not feeling great.
  13. You know, I don't feel like we should be living in isolation anymore, but I really don't understand the people having weddings. OP--I am not judging you for going. I think it puts family and good friends in a really bad spot to have to choose to go and take the risk or miss such an important event. And I can't imagine hosting an event that turned out to be a spreader. Why not just wait for the party? You can still get married. Maybe I am too far removed from that season of life, I don't know.
  14. My DD is doing CLE Algebra 1 right now. I switched her in 7th grade to CLE so she completed the 700 and 800 levels first. There is no way she would be able to do this course without having completed those levels. All of the repetition and review of concepts thoroughly prepared her for this course. I would say to either start her at 700 and move through it at a more accelerated pace or choose another pre-algebra before algebra 1.
  15. The spikes are happening here in the areas where there were large religious gatherings over the recent holidays. Sorry, but it's the truth, you can tell by the towns and who lives there. The big gatherings are a problem and I absolutely believe they should be restricted. Our church (which we are not ever going back to) can legally continue to pack in 150 people for an hour and a half with a full mask-less band. I say this as someone who really misses church, but believes the only safe and right option for us is to continue to watch online and not attend in person. Meanwhile, my sister sti
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