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  1. Has she always had these issues? Always had the OCD? If there was ever a time when she was healthy and then seemed to change dramatically pretty quickly, I'd encourage you to consider PANS/PANDAS.
  2. We just used Sea Salt in our new master bath and I LOVE it. It definitely looks green, which is probably brought out by the gray tile and white vanity. I would not do it in my whole house, but I’d like to use it in the other bathrooms. I agree with a PP who said to get it on sale as it’s definitely expensive. I think it was even more expensive than Benjamin Moore and that was with the 40% off.
  3. What state are you in? Back when I was a Teacher of the Deaf, it became mandatory in NJ for insurance to cover hearing aids for kids. I would check your state laws. NAD (National Association of the Deaf) might have advocacy information for you on this. Phonak is a great brand, a lot of my students wore those. There are excellent FM systems that coordinate as well which is really helpful with technology and group situations, restaurants, church, and any other situation with a lot of background noise.
  4. Can you link this? I'm getting lots of different books on amazon.
  5. I just wanted to say that I'm so sorry. I know that I will be absolutely crushed when I go through this some day. I wish you much healing.
  6. Thanks, Lori! You are right that he does prefer nonfiction. I have spent countless hours pouring over book lists and I bring home piles of books for him from every genre. I just asked him if he thinks that Hardy Boys is hard to read, and he said no, but he prefers to read them (shared) with DH. We do a lot of that when he complains through a book just so I can get him through it. I don't think he has any delays or dyslexia. I do have some Abeka comprehension skills books that I will go through with him just to check. His visual and spatial skills are incredible. I really think he is just picky, and maybe lazy with reading. "Bomb" looks like something he would like--I just reserved it at the library! THANKS!
  7. My DS hates almost every book I give him. The one "acceptable" book he read this year was a biography of The Wright Brothers. Last year, the only book he liked was Crocodile Attack (Extreme Adventures series). My DD read and loved every book that came through our door, but he would point to them all and say they're all dumb. He does enjoy reading Hardy Boys with DH, but I think those are still a little above his comprehension level. Any suggestions?
  8. My kids are 13 and 11, and just this year have started to use the desk in DH's office if he's not there and they need a quiet place to work. I'm gradually increasing their independent work now so I can see the possibility of needing to give them a desk in their rooms. This is mainly to escape the noise or annoying habits of their sibling, though.
  9. I replaced all my dishes a few years ago with white Fiestaware. I have been so happy with it! It's extremely durable and I love that it's made in the USA.
  10. I've always required spelling work to be done in cursive but this year I've just required some copywork to keep it up. Scholastic has a joke book and an inspirational quote book. I bought the downloads on currclick but I think amazon has them too.
  11. My DD has PANS. I will link the information that was most helpful to me in sorting this out. PANS/PANDAS is SO HARD to figure out because it can mimic so many things. It can be extremely sudden onset, or it can be more gradual if one illness triggers it but the child copes well enough to deal before the next onslaught to their immune system makes it worse of puts them over the edge. One thing I tell other parents is to try some ibuprofen to see if it makes any difference. As long is your child can take ibuprofen, give them a regular dose twice a day for a few days and keep track of any changes. Improvement is a good indicator of PANS/PANDAS . The International OCD Foundation has excellent information that can help differentiate between Tourettes, pediatric OCD, and PANS/PANDAS: You can use this resource to find a PANS/PANDAS specialist: This board has a lot of info and also has more resources for doctors: This video was incredibly helpful to me. I almost drove my DD three hours down to Washington D.C. to see this doctor. In fact, if we had not been able to find a doctor close by to help her, that's what I would have done.
  12. When my DD struggled with long division, we moved on to whatever was next in the curriculum, but I continued to give her one long division problem a day. I talked her through the steps every day until she got it. It was probably weeks before she could remember the steps on her own, but she did eventually get it.
  13. Do you have the timeline song? We used them (all the sets) while singing the song. Besides reading the info on the cards, I’m not sure what else one would do with them. Hang them up as a wall timeline maybe?
  14. I looked into this and the subscription is very appealing, but I just can't do another science that doesn't come with everything. Running around for supplies makes me absolutely insane. Especially the things that are supposed to be "common household items" that we are always out of. I wish it was organized by topics and that they sold kits that were complete per topic or complete for the month or something.
  15. Just commenting on this. Back in 2006 when my DD was born, I was terrified of vaccines. I started her with a delayed and selective schedule that our physician approved of which included measles at 15 months, rubella at 27 months, and mumps at 39 months. Well she got the measles vax, and then I could not get the rubella and mumps separate after that. It was really upsetting and left me in a quandary. I was trying to do what I thought was safest for my kid by spreading them out, but then I had to either get her the whole thing which would have meant measles twice or leave her unvaccinated for mumps and rubella. I ended up waiting until she was probably 6 and then just did the whole thing. So my point is, I would have had her fully vaccinated sooner if they had not pulled the individual vaccines. It seemed like they were doing an "up yours" to the anti-vax movement by pulling them, when I really think it was a way that they could have gotten more people to fully vaccinate sooner. I'm not saying that I now believe it was any safer to do it that way, but at the time it felt safer to me, when the anti-vaccine hysteria was really new and elevated.
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