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  1. Have you tried any of the seasonal allergy support supplements? They DO work. D-Hist is the best, but there is a generic with the exact same ingredients (De-Hist on Amazon, lol) and it costs less and probably works just as well. *Edited to add that my dd takes this and if she needs an actual allergy medication she will take it as well on a really bad day without any issues.
  2. Praying for it to be benign and that life will start to get so much better after surgery.
  3. I've used emu oil products for burns on my arms and it seemed to help quite a bit. (I have a tendency to be a klutz in the kitchen! lol) Something like this (I like a cream, not oil but there are lots of options):
  4. These underwear: And also, use BodyGlide stick in the, um, creases? Or ChafeX if you prefer a not too greasy cream instead of the stick. (I do.) Nike also makes some Dri-Fit undies that look like shorts! I would love to try those.
  5. I don't follow her blog but just heard the news. Terribly sad! Here are the blog updates from her dh for the last 2 weeks. She was in a medically induced coma due to complications from treatment for an infection.
  6. Is there any other substance that is a prescribed DRUG that is also legally used recreationally? Alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes don't really count...they are not prescribed, right? Prescription drugs used recreationally but *illegally* don't count, either. So is there any other prescription medication that people are permitted to use in any way they like? I'm just so curious about how pot has been classified as a drug to get it legalized (for proper purposes, I think) and yet it is unique, in a way, because there aren't really any equivalent substances like it that have been found (at least by some) to be strong enough for prescribing but then perfectly ok to use on one's own without any direction whatsoever, etc. Maybe natural, homeopathic stuff but those aren't prescribed. This is really just a curiosity thing; not making a judgment. I think it's a fascinating situation.
  7. That's personal. lol But there is also a piece of paper on top that says, "Just close the drawer and walk away." Just in case. 😀
  8. I have a love-hate relationship with dressers. Right now I'm using them because we inherited the furniture from dh's grandparents AND we have pitifully small closets. But when we move, if we get good closets, I might sell them. For some reason I seem to forget that I have stuff in them. LOL
  9. I just saw something on FB that showed how to do a make-your-own terrarium craft for friends to do together that I thought was unique! You could do little fairy/gnome/hobbit type accessories, or cute little animals, etc.
  10. My oldest ds is on it and waited for his dosage to get settled before trying alcohol again. He is a very light, occasional drinker and has had no issues, but we were super cautious and I didn't allow him to drink at all unless dh or I were driving him home as we tested it out. We're not regular drinkers so at first I wondered why the kid had to tempt the whole thing at all--just be a non-drinker, maybe? lol--but ds was almost 23 so what are you gonna do. lol He seems to be settled into what works for him and I'm relieved!
  11. It's interesting to see who is consistent with their stance on these situations. (His twitter account is full of responses from people now saying that "believe women" was maybe not the right tack and "listen to women" is SO much better. To which half of America says, "No duh. Thanks for catching on.") I agree with him about the importance of evidence, but I'm being consistent because I had the same point of view with Kavanaugh and any other situation where I wait for information to come out. But the most disturbing (that may be too strong of a word) aspect of his response is the clear implication that when it comes down to he said-she said without real evidence that people will side with the person who is most credible...with the clear implication that somehow he is more credible. At least it felt that way to me. And I also find him to be arrogant so I'm not sure what he's basing his idea of being credible on. If it's because he's a scientist who believes in reason and naturalism/materialism, well I guess his weird little spiritual handshake throws that out the window a bit. Unless, of course, it was actually just a weird little come on.
  12. Requirements: Light but not TOO light and fluffy. (So no sad endings, please, but not a cheesy romance, either. lol) If it's just set in winter with great atmosphere that would qualify. Thank you!
  13. Help. I signed up to make a boatload of mac and cheese and realize I don't have an awesome recipe. LOL My kids don't like baked mac and cheese (what?!!) so I don't have a tried and true recipe! If you have one, I'd love it, especially if it can be scaled UP. ?
  14. What acts are "proscribed"? For example, is grabbing someone's butt considered sexual assault? Taylor Swift would probably say so. And yet, I would be a sexual assault victim about 10x over because it happened to me in large crowds nearly every time I went to a Browns games with my dad when I was a teen. As much as I would have liked to identify the person and give him (I assume him) a huge piece of my mind and maybe a big slap, it was impossible. It was disgusting and annoying but I've never felt like an assault victim. At the same time, who am I to say that other women shouldn't feel victimized for the rest of their lives because of it? (I have my opinion on it, of course.) Adding that Taylor Swift was apparently wearing a thong or no panties because the guy put his hand up her skirt and it was on bare skin. I was grabbed through my jeans. But I was also a child. All of these little things come into the picture and create context. I just think that we're having a hard time delineating. Matt Damon was excoriated for saying that there is a spectrum of this stuff and not to conflate two very different things. People went insane over that so how are we to decide??
  15. Freedom. That's not a jab at my husband, btw, or implying that he's restrictive or something! I think that for a long time I'd be sad, it would be weird without him, and then...I'd get used to being alone and doing whatever I want to do if that makes sense. But this is more of an "I know myself" thing than a decision NOT to remarry. I would never be totally closed off to the possibility but I just don't see it for myself personally when I think about it now.
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