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  3. Congratulations~ :iagree: Read and try to find a Bradley instructor for preparation mentally and physically. Recovery was so much better and much less painful after a natural delivery than the c-sec; I'll admit I was pretty shocked by how much easier it was vs. the c-sec.
  4. Is it possible to eat in a space that is less close? Depression is a tough one; I would want everyone to feel welcome at meals even the family member with the feedback, esp if the person is elderly.
  5. Growing up can be so difficult, but it sounds like she handled the situation very well.
  6. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  7. I'm so sorry, that's heartbreaking. :grouphug:
  8. If you haven't already done something...but were going to, don't do it. When I was in AZ we had a big diamonhead rattle snake right beside the garage, under a bush by the door. I freaked out!!! But called local police and they drove right over and rescued it to be released out in the desert. Killing them is illegal. I was surprised the local police man was pretty cool with his cage and long arm grabber. :grouphug:
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  10. I would call the credit card company and alert them to the situation, cancel the payment and have a new card issued. In future, always take a number and call back after verifying the number and information. It may or may not have been fraud, but you never know and need to secure your account asap.
  11. Family member had a stroke last month transported via ambulance (has insurance and is over 65 so medicare?) she was sent home after 6 hours or so in the ER. (She had slurred speech and mild weakness in the left arm, crazy high BP as well as being very disorientated. She had two immediate trips back to the ER via ambulance; one was the next night; she passed out and didn't wake (Medication fail/allergic reaction) and then 48 hours later was in for a BP check and immediately transported again due to the BP Each time she was stabilized, and sent home to follow up with her doctor. It took three weeks to get a MRI and Check of her arteries. Tragic and sad that someone in need of monitoring was sent home over and over again. BTW it was a frontal lobe stoke and unnumbered mini stokes. She never wants to return to the ER at that hospital again.
  12. I've always wore perfume, but occasionally change the scent from time to time. Honestly, I did have a long time favorite that seemed to change on me recently; I'm pretty sure it had to do with hormones, but I had to change it up again.
  13. Did your doctor mention using only unscented soap and laundry detergent and no fabric softener? Also breathable clothing like all cotton. :grouphug:
  14. :iagree: Check somehow if they are barking when you are away. My neighbor's dog barks non-stop when they are away; windows closed isn't bad, but on window open days it's beyond annoying. Their dog also barks when they are around a lot, but not as much if they tell him to stop. Like you, your dogs are adjusting to a new place and may need some extra help feeling secure and comfortable. White noise might help them and cover the noise outside for neighbors. You might also work on a quiet command that lets them know one alert bark is good for you, when you are around.
  15. :iagree: If she read her text; it's very possible he read his text.
  16. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  17. My concerns are that he creeps her out, ask her to stop work to play the piano, doesn't offer to help with the work and doesn't understand a 30 year old man shouldn't be pursuing a 16 year. He may not be pursuing her, but his behavior and actions strongly suggest he is. If he has a disability (mental) he still needs to be confronted and understand that this isn't appropriate. The pastor needs to know, as this could be a liability and insurance issue for the church as well as just another ministry duty he or she needs to address. I'm surprised at an employee being completely alone while working/cleaning. Perhaps her schedule would be better set when the minister or another church member is there to address this and any other issues. OP your dd could use some coaching on how to react in these or other situations. She could tell him firmly, I'm working and you need to leave now. If he doesn't she should leave immediately. Never accommodate someone who is ringing your gut alarm (creepy-meter); better to make him feel uncomfortable and aware of her needs vs. her enduring at best a creepy uncomfortable continuing situation.
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