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  1. I have no advice regarding the schooling... but, SO MANY prayers for you and your family!!!!!
  2. My faith- without God's strength and guidance there's no way on earth I could do this. Without Him providing a good job for my husband I don't think I'd have the lifestyle we have. My husband Coffee, wine and chocolate :)
  3. I don't think the schools around here would allow that. When oldest dd was in those grades she wasn't allowed to easily leave school. Given that background, I wouldn't be ok with that and I'd definitely address it with the school.
  4. You all make me feel normal!! I thought we were the only ones who could lose a fish. He did have a small house, she took it out to make sure he wasn't under. She has checked under the pebbles. Also checked the filter, hose etc, but he was too big to fit in those. He wasn't huge, but not tiny either... probably couple inches long at least? He was black, so it'd be easy to spot him on her dresser or carpet. We live in desert area, so I've heard of wolf spiders getting in. Or scorpions. I just won't tell her I've thought about those options or she won't be able to sleep in her room. Her room is on the second floor though... I'd hope critters can't get there as easily?? Ugh. She just wants to find it :P ETA; didn't like all the comments because you also lost your fish, but it's reassuring to read we are not the only ones. I'll let her know it does happen. And forgot to answer some questions... he was the only fish in the tank, we have no cats, we do have a large dog but he doesn't go upstairs. Don't know what type of fish he was, will ask her. Thank you all for helping us with the mystery of the lost fish :(
  5. Dd lost her fish. Lost as in dead ( pretty sure by now), and as in can't find the fish. She has looked EVERYWHERE. Behind her dresser, in her drawers, in her bag/purse (in case he jumped in there), she has looked all over... can't find it. My theory is that somehow it jumped out (the area where it could is not that big), it landed on some pile and she tossed it in the garbage without noticing. I won't tell her that the idea of a spider being in her room and eating it (after it jumped out of the tank) has crossed my mind. Ugh!!! How can we lose a fish????
  6. Some folks in our neighborhood already have them. I wanted to put up ours last weekend (to leave them ready before a trip we have coming up), but didn't get to :(
  7. Classical, Christian and Christmas music for most part
  8. I have noticed that, fixing my eyes towards the front helps. I like your non scientific explanation :)
  9. Shepherd's pie for us tonight
  10. I'd ask. There's such thing as too much food, and sometimes folks don't have enough fridge space and/or don't care for that much leftovers. We usually do paper plates, plastic utensils and napkins (try to find Thanksgiving themed). Do they have plates etc already? Loved the flowers idea or pizza gift card for some other time. Some of our guests love eggnog. It really helps when someone brings it.
  11. I can't comment on this since her medication and depression can definitely be playing a role into all this. What works for us and our almost 21yr old dd won't necessarily apply to what you are dealing with, they are really different situations. It sounds stressful and complicated!!! Many prayers for you all. I hope you can figure out something to find a healthy balance.
  12. So...why is it that when you drive you don't get as nauseous?? I have noticed that, but just thought it was my impression. I always seat in the passenger's seat (never in the back if I can help it). So, I'm on the front anyway. Does anyone know why driving helps? Just curious...
  13. Couldn't like your comment. Your poor sister!!! (and everyone in the car). Hope she can travel easier now
  14. Thank you everyone!!! Great ideas to look into.
  15. I easily get car sick, and we have a long road trip coming up. If you deal with car sickness/motion sickness...what has worked for you?
  16. I wouldn't go with something specific like Starwars, Ninjago etc (unless I attached a gift receipt). Not all kids like the same stuff. My 8 yr old likes Starwars, but couldn't care less about Ninjago or superheroes. City sets and 3 in 1 are always a hit.
  17. Massage gift cards (or money for massages, since I usually find them cheaper).
  18. No idea what I would have done. I'm sorry you went through that. How uncomfortable :(
  19. Aaaawww! Glad you could save her! Hope cars gets fixed soon, and that it isn't too expensive
  20. I did watch it...but I have to say there was not enough wine and chocolate to handle what went on last night. Between this and the World Series I'm sure I gained a gray hair or two (I'm not a sports fan, but ds is so I ended watching as well)
  21. There are so many different reasons why families chose to homeschool. I think it's hard to deter why most parents do it? And lots of factors play in that decision. I am sure that article reflects part of the homeschooling population...but I doubt it's "most".
  22. I hid all day. Spent the day at the zoo with all our kids, just enjoying God's creation. It was fantastic!! Now my stomach is upside down :( Nerve-racking!!
  23. We have had some cases in our area. Sadly for some reason the past few years it seems to be around the holidays. Kids as young as 14 have taken their lives. Truly heartbreaking!! Praying for anyone who is going, or has gone through such a tragedy :(
  24. Not exactly sure what you are asking. Many folks inspire me in different ways. It has nothing to do with race
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