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  1. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  2. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  3. 1. The Shining - Scary because of the sense of loneliness from being stuck in a huge, empty, haunted hotel with no where to go all winter while husband descends into the depths of madness. 2. It - Scary because I watched it way too young and of course the clown. 3. The Others - Scary because of the shocking scenes from the Book of the Dead. 4. The Ring - Scary because of the intense imagery. The way the girl moves is so grotesque. I hope my daughter doesn't enjoy scary movies as much as I do.
  4. No advice, but :grouphug: :grouphug:
  5. Thanks guys for all of your advice and support. We do live in a major metro area so there are tons of activities and things, but many of you have touched on the bigger issue of making/developing lasting friendships. I am going to think long and hard about what to do for her 2nd grade year next year. I just don't want loneliness to be the primary theme of her homeschooling experience due to a lack of connection with other children. I realize that school may not be the solution to these issues, but I do think I may need to consider it as a valid option.
  6. About Homeschooling my Only Child. I don't post much on the boards, but I do read daily and have gleaned so much advice from all of you experienced hs'ers on these boards. I have a dd6 who is extremely extroverted and adores ALL types of social interactions with either kids or adults. We started hs'ing for various reasons including diet issues and some health concerns, but now we really love the academic benefits and the free time for other creative outlets that she also enjoys. However, I feel like she would adore school, spending all day with other kids her age and really having a chance to be around others beside me. I am concerned that being an only child can be really isolating for such an extrovert, and I don't want my academic goals for her to cloud my judgement regarding her social needs. We do our best to schedule play-dates, spend time with cousins, trips to museums, weekly swimming, almost daily library trips, but it sometimes doesn't feel like enough. SWB once told me during an online conference not to confuse schooling with socialization, but I feel like I cannot provide the interaction she needs with other kids on a consistent basis at home without siblings. Parents of extroverted only children.... please give me some advice or share your experience homeschooling an only and how it plays out in terms of their socialization. Did sending them to school help? Did they resent you for keeping them home? How do you meet their social needs if you home-school? I know I sound like so many people who constantly question hs'ers about their children's socialization, but I am truly concerned about it for my only, and am asking for your wisdom on the topic. Thanks in advance hive!
  7. safariLive on youtube! It has inspired my dd6 to start an animal tracking journal, bird list, and she's learned so much about the wildlife from the trained guides, it's amazing. She's desperate for a trip to Kruger National Park. Someday :) We love that it is live and interactive.
  8. We are using both WWE2 and MCT Island for my dd6 and she likes the variety. I did discontinue FLL2 when starting MCT to avoid overkill. We have the ibook versions of the MCT curriculum and my daughter really enjoys the interactive exercises and listening to the poems and stories read aloud.
  9. My dd6 hates memorizing anything, so we tried memorizing tables by rote but when that failed, I came here and found multiple suggestions for Times Tales. She watched the video once and has her times tables down.
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