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What is the temperature where you are at right now?


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Today it warmed up! It is -18C with a windchill making it feel like -23C. Yesterday it was -22 with a windchil making it feel like -32, and teh day before it was -25 with the windchilll making it feel like -35. We are warming up a bit!


So for ease of translation with the wind right now it feels like -9F, yesterday it felt like -25F and the day before -31F

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Nobody hate me, but it's 65F here with an expected high of 72. It's a glorious day!



I don't hate you, but I'm desperately envious of you!! ;)


It's 19*F here right now. Our overnight low was somewhere in the single digits. We had a mild winter last year and I got spoiled... I'm ready for spring! At least the days are getting longer again... I've noticed it's staying light just a *tad* later in the evenings!!

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At 1:30pm-ish...

-19C with a windchill of -26C.

(Or -2F with a windchill of -15F.)

Tonight will be -26C with windchill values between -30C and -35C.

(Or -15F with windchill values between -20F and -30F.)

My two Pyrenees LOVE this weather. :) And my big, black Shire cross mare loves it, too - no bugs to make her life miserable. ;)


Not as bad as I remember growing up here. I remember waking up some January mornings and the temp with the windchill factor was around -50C. And I still had to go out and wait for the bus. :( Ah well - it built character. :)

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