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  1. I use Singapore Primary Math US. My oldest is just finishing 6b so will move on to a different pre-algebra next year but the other 3 school aged will continue with SM next school year.
  2. My ds hair is always nasty, stiff, and smells like pool. lol I have to force him to scrub it at home. He usually doesn't even rinse after swimming. So much for the small bottle of shampoo in his backpack. ;)
  3. :) My ds isn't to the level that requires dry land or AM practices yet. Sounds crazy. lol
  4. :seeya: My ds just had his Swim Team barbeque/end of season party last night, so they are on break from now until September 3rd when the new season starts. Ds swims year round with our YMCA USA swim team. This will be his second year, and he absolutely loves swimming. We weren't able to do any away meets last season and I'm not sure yet what we will do for the up coming season. He will at least participate in the local meets for sure. My oldest dd is in the top swim lesson class which is kinda of a transition between swim lessons and team. I'm not sure yet if she wants to go on to team when she passes Shark but she is working hard at her strokes. My younger dd swims like a fish and is doing lessons too. I have a feeling she will be to team level younger than my older two, she is really good. My youngest will start lessons when he turns 4 I have been taking him to open swim a couple times a week this summer to get him used to the water. He started out being really scared and now he loves it.
  5. We shop at a local grocery store that is part of a small chain in our state, Walmart, Costco, and occasionally Fred Meyers. Safeway is really expensive around here and I rarely go there. We do not have a Trader Joe's.
  6. I agree with this and the rest of your post. When Children Love to Learn is an excellent book. I would say CM draws me more than any other philosophy but I certainly do not follow it to a T. I use what I like and forget the rest, just like anything else. From reading about CM and her own words I get the impression that she was very modern and cutting edge for her time. I like to think she would be amazed with all of the curriculum and resources available today. There are plenty of modern books that are living just as there are plenty of old books which are twaddle. The age of the book doesn't determine this at all. ;) Personally I like the combo of When Children Love to Learn and A Charlotte Mason Companion. Reading those two books gives a nice round view of the different styles of CM education. To the OP try to remember that Homeschool is marathon not a sprint. Your dc is just now starting 1st grade so you are just at the beginning. Pick something that you are really excited about. The teacher/mother sets the tone for the home/school. Chances are if you are excited about it your dc will be too. If you end up switching to something new the next year don't sweat it. I find sticking with and being consistent with the 3 R's the most important. The other subjects can be changed up here and there. Math is the toughest subject to switch around on but even that for K-2nd is doable. All that to say I totally understand being stressed out about curriculum choices. Totally been there done that especially with my oldest. Now that I'm further into my marathon I realize that a 1st grader is only a 6 year old. By the time I get to my youngest for 1st grade it will seem like a breeze. ;) Personally I like starting with basic Bible history followed by US history before jumping into ancients. There are so many excellent US history resources for early elementary. Also I feel the subject matter to be more appropriate for those ages. Either way is fine as long as you get in a couple years of US history and at least one 4 year cycle before high school I think you will be golden. :thumbup1:
  7. I would take a look at Heart of Dakota , My Father's World, Beautiful Feet, and Living Books Curriculum. All of those have better book lists in my opinion than AO. I use HOD and I like that they use a mix of older books and newer. I personally don't think if CM were alive today she would still only be using the exact same books she used then. :)
  8. Why oh why did I give my kids the week off of school. They are driving my loony. Time to find them something to do. ;)

  9. How do we find the Oregon Social group? :seeya:
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