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  1. My daughter and I are seriously considering moving there since I need to live in a more humid climate and it's too expensive to live in Colorado.
  2. Luanne

    ASVAB scoring

    She has been working with a recruiter for the past three months. We just didn't think of that specific question until today when she was working on her math. She has ASVAB flashcards that we have been working on.
  3. Luanne

    Need some food ideas

    We are back in Colorado for the time being which is not going well at all....but Rebekah is preparing tp join the Navy and then I am going back to Florida.
  4. Luanne

    ASVAB scoring

    My daughter is preparing to join the Navy. She is studying for the ASVAB. She is strong in English and needs work in math. Is it one overall score neded to qualify or one for math and one for English?
  5. Luanne

    Need some food ideas

    I am a cancer survivor. My oncologist didn't order any bloodwork for the last appointment. He doesn't seem to want to help me anymore. My regular doctor did order bloodwork though and I have an appointment to see her on the 16th.
  6. Luanne

    Need some food ideas

    I have been having problems with my teeth and lately my stomach hasn't been very tolerant of much of anything. I had one tooth pulled about two weeks ago and am getting three more out. I am possibly diabetic. I need to get some blood work done, but have been unable to due to insurance issues and such. Anyway... I need to find soft foods that don't have a lot of dairy in sugar and nothing spicy. Eating has become a real issue for me lately and I am hoping someone on here can help me figure this out.
  7. Luanne

    Are you close to your siblings?

    Nope. I am the youngest. They are 3, 4, & 5 years older than I am. They all 3 treat me like I am still a child (I'm 51). I don't ever expect to be treated any differently. Unfortunately, my mother treats me the same way. The only one who didn't was my father and he died 2 years ago from a massive heart attack.
  8. I was with my daughter, but we are in Florida now and my mother is back in Colorado. This was my first Mother's Day away from her. I was a disaster almost the entire day.
  9. Luanne

    Do You Let Your Kids Jump on Furniture?

    I'm curious how you all made the transition from it being OK to it not being OK. To me it just seemed easier to have the same expectations all along and then I didn't have to deal with misunderstandings.
  10. Luanne

    My daughter got the job!

    She'll be working in the home lines area of Wal-Mart. 🎋🎉🎊🎈 I stand corrected. She'll be working in apparel.
  11. Luanne

    My daughter got the job!

    She goes in on Thursday morning to do paperwork and find out when she will start.
  12. Luanne

    What's for supper?

    I wish I knew. I have no idea what to make.
  13. No one is making $90,000 off of social security alone.
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