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  1. I've been scratched and bitten so many times by cats and never had issues other than the one time when it was a really deep bite when I was about 16. I have a hand full of scars from that experience. My mum was not interested and didn't take me to the Dr (she was pretty neglectful when it came to health stuff) and was bleeding badly and got very infected. These days I don't bother doing anything much with small superficial scratches/nips other than clean them fastidiously but a proper deep bite I'd get checked out asap.
  2. For me, the difference between the teasing and bullying I received was that the teasing was more casual, odd comments on the fly that maybe someone less anxious, awkward and shy wouldn't have taken on board so much and the teaser generally wasn't spending their life planning how to hurt me. The bullying was highly targeted, led to me being isolated from my few friends, and it felt like the bully got huge joy from it. You feel like prey. It was just a whole nother level of nastiness. I can see the line between kids just being idiots and trying to wind each other up and actual bullying but if it's hurting someone I do think teasing needs dealing with. I think if someone is a repeat teaser they could do with helping to get their kicks from something more positive or improving their social skills. I think adults can be very lazy in dealing with teasing and bullying though so don't stop problems early on. My daughter got targeted by the neighbourhood bullies when she was younger and led by one girl in particular they planned something that had the potential to physically hurt her. They received my full wrath and I probably overreacted because of my own history but it ended the situation. I was expecting the parents to come to shout at me for talking to their kids but I only heard from one who was reasonable and the actual ringleader's parents didn't seem to care what their daughter was up to.
  3. Not very often. I had one that was full of writing that wasn't mentioned and one that had a ripped page. Mostly they are better than I'm expecting.
  4. Maybe it would work for mild teasing but I can't see how many socially awkward kids could pull off any of this. I know I wouldn't have managed it. I wouldn't have even coped with taking part in the group session to learn it. I'd still be a target. I think it blames the victims of bullying a bit too much too. I think that kids with bully tendencies will always find a target. As someone who was heavily bullied it was clear even as a kid that my bullies had serious issues. I found out a lot more about the awful home lives of my bullies after I left school. This approach seems at best to only deal with the mildest of the mild teasing and at the worst marks anyone who really struggles with being bullied as the cause of their own problems.
  5. My 14 yr old has loved warrior cats for a few years. I'll show her this. She does a lot of drawing and animation that is warrior cats themed.
  6. I've been listening to a podcast called This Podcast will Kill You and it's made me very grateful to have vaccinated kids and for that option to be available so widely. Diptheria sticks in my head as being particularly nasty.
  7. I always struggle, particularly because of anemia and how much it completely steals my energy and ability to think (amongst more serious symptoms from time to time). I think the reality is that women are really good at covering up period related stuff and just getting on with life until they get to the point that it's too much to cope with and even then people only share it with their immediate family/friends if they have to. So your husband is clueless about what most women he interacts with experience every month and how much they are putting up with quietly. It's kind of weird that he thinks he would know or be able to tell what someone is going through.
  8. We never really go to the doctor when it's clear we've just picked up the bug that's going around. It's not like they can do a lot to change the progress of your recovery. If it's clearly become a sinus/chest or similar infection then I would go but else I just stay at home and away from other people and manage it the best I can. 3 or 4 days isn't really very long to be sick and recover if it's a nasty bug. I always take absolutely ages to get over those kind of viruses when my family gets them mildly and gets through them in about 3 days so I'd totally be happy to go about 2-3 weeks before doing anything about it. I'm still nursing a bad cold from before Christmas, it's finally on it's way out and I felt horrendous all last week. Maybe I don't see the doctor enough though. I've got a few health issues I've put off taking to the doctor for years. Can you phone the doctor and see if it's worth coming in for?
  9. Gap do tall tees that are nice and long. I'm just shy of 5ft 8 with a proportionally long body and they're a good fit on me. I get my t shirts and all other tops from tall ranges and they usually work without being so ridiculously long they've become tunics.
  10. If you are a complete newbie to building a site try something like squarespace. I love WordPress but I think it's too easy for people that are new to it to get bogged down in the technical side of it and also just how much you can do. I also suggest you plan on paper before you start building. Figure out what pages your site needs to include and think about the information that people visiting your site need and why they would be visiting your site. Write the text you want on each page and edit it down as much as possible. Gather photos too. I've noticed it's really normal for people to want to dump every tiny piece of information they can think up that relates the the subject on a web page when it needs to be the most streamlined writing possible. Once you've figured out the content you need to include you can get to building. Most of the site builders have templates that you can choose from as a starting point for the layout and they can usually be switched independent of the content until you find something you like.
  11. We use them in most rooms but in my room we have pull-out baskets in the bottom half of our open wardrobes which I use for smaller clothing items. I love that system. I do also have a dresser but it's just full of odds and ends, mostly craft junk and I hate it so it'll probably be going soon. Everyone else has dressers but I do think they are a poor use of space and I'd prefer the other rooms to have a similar set up to me but I haven't got around to making that happen yet.
  12. I usually go as early as they open on what ever day I choose. It tends to be less stressful and I avoid Christmas Eve.
  13. Mostly stream tv/movies or use apps, I also read documents. I used to have a 2013 fire hdx which was amazing but I recently had to replace it and chose the current fire hd and I'm really disappointed in it.
  14. I can understand wanting to unravel the secret. I've been helping a friend figure out a similar situation and the only remaining person who really knows the situation is in her nineties. I think a lot of people who remain from these situations feel so much shame that it's really tricky to make inroads especially when they are older. My friend has failed at unravelling it at this point and it might be one for her kids to piece together later. I think with older people writing an initial letter is the way to go. It gives them time to think rather than react in shock.
  15. I'm another one who was a tree snob and switched to a real looking fake tree. It's been a good decision and we actually have a small sprig of real Christmas tree in our tree at the moment as I just happened to pick up a piece of the ground a couple of days ago and It's really hard to find the real bit amongst the fake branches they're so realistic. I got mine on sale and we've had it for 4 yrs so far.
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