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  1. We saw BCBAs that only did feeding. If needed during eval they pull in OT and SLP. But we had done the gentle approach through OT and speech for too long. By 12, it should be known if there are physical difficulties. Sounds similar to mine with the allergies and then having issues.
  2. Behavioral feeding therapy. So a program designed by a board certified behavior analyst. If that’s not possible, a good book is Treating Eating Problems of children with ASD and developmental disabilities, by Keith Williams and Richard Foxx. A lot of the book wouldn’t apply. But table time, food chaining, minimum bites, plate A plate B all would help. You can behaviorally teach a sensory issue and it’s faster. Mine is 13. Had serious sensory issues all around. At their age, it has to be quick and dirty because they’re old enough to understand. My 17yo daughter is running a few of her own behavioral programs. One for food... she’s forcing herself to tolerate eggs.
  3. First rule of Crossfit.. tell everyone about Crossfit. Lol. This doesn’t apply completely. But I’ve found that when I just say I go to the gym, people will ask what I do. So I have to say Crossfit. Lol. I go in, look at the developing board, cry, jump on the stupid box, squat deep, and row like my life depends on it. Lol. I want to land the 30â€, but with only 62†in height, that’s nearly half of me.
  4. Omg that video is awesome!!! 😂 Does she not know that 150 wall balls will make that cocktail dress hot?! Lol I am absolutely loving it. I used to be thin, but not in shape. Now the weight is coming off and I’m gaining strength. I never knew “nice depth on those squats†would be the best compliment of my week! 😂
  5. In October I started Crossfit at 150lbs. My highest ever was 164, but I generally hung in the 150’s. I couldn’t squat, do sit-ups without pain, my tush was dying, and I could hardly do 20†box step ups. Because of continued pain beyond soreness, I started physical therapy. I think December/January. PT knew I was in Crossfit and that I would continue. He literally works my butt off! Lol. My back, hips, and butt were so tight that massage was extremely painful. I also have a home plan that PT and I created together. PT is 3x a week. Home plan 4x. Crossfit I aim for 7 times. Sometimes I hit 8. Before you think this is nuts, outside of official exercise, I’m not the most active. Well, TeA has increased quite a bit! Somewhere between December and January, food issues just clicked and I no longer thought about food. I guess I’m keto-ish with non forced intermittent fasting. I eat when I’m hungry and aim for the best we have in the house. No prep. If I reach for bread for tuna, I have no feelings over it. Bacon is always preferred though! Today... 127lbs and trending down. Got a compliment on squat depth this morning (feet still have to be wide, but whatever)! And I can now feel my butt in squats, deadlifts, kettle bell swings, thrusters, etc! I can do 24†box jumps for multiple rounds! My front and back squat is only 75lbs, but I wasn’t allowed to use a bar until last week. Sit-ups are a breeze, but I have to do them weighted. I usually stick to 15lbs. Same with planks. I max out at 20 seconds because of my back, but I can do 25lb weighted plank, ring plank, 15lb ring plank, plank reaches, and ring saw (feet in rings instead of hands). I can do 2 strict/tight/perfect push-ups, 10 on 20†box, 20 on 24†box, and so far unlimited at 30â€. I still do box burpees for the form. I refuse to snake or worm on pushups or burpees. Last week PT was thrilled that I had a little give in my spine and massage is no longer terrible! He comes up with new stuff every week and it is awesome! Because of the (mild) scoliosis, insurance isn’t arguing need. So I continue PT until I have absolutely no modifications in the gym. And then once I’m discharged, he expects I’ll need a tune up maybe once or twice a year. Crossfit should help keep everything where it needs to be. :)
  6. “When it's all said and done the only loss will be to not have loved at every cost!†If this is from anything, can you help me find it? Google pulls up a lot of country songs, but I can’t pin it down.
  7. I just picked up a black 2002 Chevy Suburban. It was $3,100 UNDER budget!!! Got the interior detailed (even the detailer said it was gross!), new brakes, oil change. Still on the table for tomorrow is figuring out the front differential clunking (thankfully it can be put in RWD), and the sound. It’s already wired for sound!!! So we’re just putting in an amp, sub, one new speaker (trunk speaker is blown), and seeing how it sounds. Needs tires, alignment, and I don’t like the shift from 1st to 2nd, so I’ll stop at the transmission guy. I’m hoping the tires can get me through a couple of weeks so I can come back to NY and go through my friend. I either have to find a new drivers seat, or make a nice cushion. It’s not ripped, but it’s quite dead. Otherwise, I LOVE MY BEAST! It’s great to drive, handles better than my Ford, and is just so nice! Their care of it seems odd. It has almost no rust. I found 2 starter spots. The undercarriage is squeaky clean as far as rust. The motor is amazing and it’s quiet. Yet the interior was sticky and almost *shudder* moist. Mechanically, it’s not bad that I’m seeing or feeling aside from the front diff. Read diff has a leak, but should just be the seal. The brakes were TERRIBLE to have come from a mechanic who otherwise obviously cared for a lot. New water pump, starter, and a few other things.
  8. The issue with everything like this is that she doesn’t think she needs help. He doesn’t believe she needs help. So no one brings it up. Her psychiatrist did see some manic behavior, but it was declared acceptable because she had “just found about the infidelity.†Psych still doesn’t know that the infidelity isn’t a thing, but is a manifestation of the paranoia.
  9. I tried Lake City today! She was heading in for a CT scan. Do I got through to her primary doc’s nurse. Nurse said she’d send a note to the social worker. Nothing came of it as far as I know. I’m waiting to hear if she’s home.
  10. The primary care doc's nurse was fairly useless. My aunt is trying to talk to the nurses in the psych clinic. I can't get through on the phone, and she lost the back-door contact.
  11. Neither one will accept meds being off because she is perfectly stable; he cheated and we're conspiring against her (now true, given the severity).
  12. I'm thinking both. Yes, she slurs when she's manic. She sounds like she's on too many benzos (and she happens to have clonazepam). Medically, she's got a lot going on. She needs a combined psych and medical stay to sort everything out. I just found out that her bipolar meds of THIRTEEN YEARS was stopped cold turkey and a new mix started. This was a single medication that kept her fairly stable. She was still hospitalized on it, but those were more like needing breaks and not for med adjustments. All of her thyroid meds have been stopped, she was recently (finally!) diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and is on meds there. Aunt says her house is littered with full sugar empty coke cans.
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