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  1. While colors can have an affect on moods, it would not cause depression. It could be worth repainting if you wanted, but I would not solve a true depression. I would guess it is just as coincidence in timing.
  2. It would depend on several factors. If I was really wanting to sell right away and could afford to sell for the price it would go for, then I would do it. If I could afford to wait it out for a better offer that is likely to come then I would do that. When we sold last summer we got two offers within the first couple days. We actually ended up taking the one that where got a bit less money because it seemed like a more stable financial situation and less likely to fall through if things came up with the inspection, which they did. Selling FHA and VA makes things more difficult because there are a lot of regulations and more hoops to jump through it seems. I have heard, though I am not sure how true or if it is area dependent, that if you house goes pending and then goes back on the market soon after that it is a red flag to buyers.
  3. Yes, as far as "required" fees. However, they also have to pay for summer camp and a campout fee each month if they attend. We do some fundraisers during the year to help offset fees for the boys, and we have had a few that couldn't afford the dues so we help out with that also.
  4. It was a bookeeping nightmare, and wasn't tracked very well. The idea was that only boys there that night had to pay. Interestingly, it started when DH was a scout in the troop over 30 years ago. Some boys, like mine, paid faithfully and others didn't pay much at all. I was very happy when they switched to the monthly fee and I think the parents were too. DD worked at a scout camp for one summer as a CIT, and wasn't paid, but the ones that are paid don't really make enough to make it worth it for a summer job. It is more something to do for fun and for work experience/put on a resume. DS thought about applying but decided he needed the summer for his project.
  5. I think it is odd that it is something that has been going on for years and now suddenly there is a crack down. I can see why high school students are upset about it. Anytime you take away something it hits a nerve, even if it is something that isn't supposed to have been allowed. It would be nice to know what was the catalyst for this sudden change. I remember when I was in high school there was a girl in my grade that wanted to get out of class once a week to attend a Bible study. The church was across the street from the school so she could walk and not miss more than one class period. The school had to allow her because, at least at the time, the law was that students had to be allowed a certain amount of time off from school for religious instruction. I always thought it was a bit odd, especially since we attended the same church and I never really felt the need to miss school for this, but to each their own. I also know that at the same time frame in a near by city there was a lot of problem with schools not wanting to allow before school Bible studies for students on campus. The students eventually got a lawyer to draw up a letter for them with something to the effect of if they allow other non-academic clubs on campus that they had to allow this one.
  6. Our troop used to charge $1 per meeting for the boys but we recently upped the dues to $10 per month. This helps to cover the annual recharter fee, plus awards. The recharter fee has been going up every year, especially now that the council can add on their own fee. Recharter with the council fee is $45 for both scouts and volunteers per year, plus the troop includes the $12 subscription to Boy's Life for all the scouts. I am still waiting to hear what the price hike this year will be. Camp prices also go up a lot each year and are becoming really hard to afford. We are looking into fundraisers to help with the cost, but we aren't getting much support from parents. Scouts also pay for campouts, usually $10 for a weekend plus patrol food costs. In all honesty, I am looking forward the the boys being out of scouting in a few years. I think once youngest hits Eagle he will likely drop out. He just hit First Class this summer, and is planning to Eagle as soon as he can. Oldest is in the final stages of his Eagle project, which is exciting, and his last summer camp is next year.
  7. They have been having problems off and on all week. I am sure it will just take a little while to work out. I am not too bothered by it as long as it gets resolved soon.
  8. I hand wash it in the sink or super gentle cycle on the washer and hang to dry. I was nervous about messing up the stitching, but so far it hasn't been a problem. This is a picture of some pillows I did last year for a fundraiser.
  9. I use a washable embroidery pen. The embroidery pen washed out really well, you just have to be very careful not to get it wet before you are done. I usually can pick them up at local craft stores, but I have also bought some online. They work really well depending on the color of the material. I have tried using chalk and transfer paper but neither worked well for me. I found that they rubbed off too easily while sewing. Maybe it was the type I used?
  10. DH mainly is the money earner so that I can afford to stay home and homeschool. He is a great (sometimes) go to person if I need support, ideas, or feedback on things. Lately he has been a little too involved in wanting to direct school curriculum which has been a bit irritating, even though I know he means well. DH also helps with math and science when I get a bit over my head. But for the most part running the household and homeschooling are mine to take care of.
  11. I prefer one day things that don't take up weeks of door to door/store front (popcorn and candy sales). We have done well with things like garage sales, car washes, restaurant fundraisers, etc. This year we have a parent setting up a fundraiser to sell wreaths. I am not sure what I think about that. We can sell online, but I don't want to do door to door. We used to do really well with Christmas trees, but we can't do that one anymore for various reasons.
  12. We just sold a car on craigslist. It was a bit of a pain, but we got it sold. We got a lot of responses that didn't go anywhere. We would get things like please call us at x number and then they didn't answer or have voicemail set up. Some would give a sob story about needing a car for work and only having a little money and would we take it. Eventually we did get a buyer, but it wasn't all that smooth. He gave us a phone number to text, which is my preference. He was late getting here, by hours. He got stuck late at work and then needed a jump start for his truck. I was starting to think it was just another person that was a flake, but he did eventually show and up and seemed like a nice guy. To answer the question I want a person with enough information in email or text to know that they are a real person, have read the ad, and ask any questions they would like to know that isn't already listed. I prefer to use email or text to communicate.
  13. I decided to skip the gym, but took a walk with puppy and DS. I feel better that I did stuff, but my headache is still there. I think it is a combination of air pressure changes and dehydration. I am going take a nice long shower to steam myself, and then make DH go to the gym this evening when he gets home from work.
  14. what things do you take a day off for? I woke up with a headache this morning and am debating whether I should stay home or not. Part of me thinks I skipped all weekend because I had stuff going on with family, but I just don't feel like going. It isn't too bad at the moment just a nagging ache, but I think it might get worse if I start working out. Typically I only skip for contagious illness (colds and the like) or on really bad cramping days (I am not one where exercise helps). I am just curious what other peoples lines are while I sit here debating whether to go or not.
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