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  1. One is, one isn't. I think it can be hard to say no to a doctor, even if you want to. Maybe if you do it again in the future you could talk to him ahead of time and if he doesn't want the exam then he can have you be an advocate. Although it might help to explain why the do they exam. It is not pleasant and can be embarrassing, but sometimes it makes them feel better when they understand why it is being done.
  2. The privates checks for my sons include checking for signs of puberty (when they are younger), making sure testicles are descended, the cough test to check for a hernia. I don't recall any checks of the penis since they were pretty little, but I don't look during that part of the exam obviously. For my daughter checks seemed to stop after puberty for "down below", but they do a breast exam, especially since they have found lumps in the past. My children have always been given the option of me waiting in the hall or waiting room if they prefer, which I think is something that is important for their comfort and privacy. All of them, so far, have wanted me to stay. I would also say that if you son felt uncomfortable or violated, you should mention that to the doctor. I feel it is important for doctors to get permission, especially in private areas. After a certain age, probably around 9 or 10, the doctor always explained that part of the exam and got permission before proceeding. I think a lot of doctors just have their routine and don't think about how it may make the patient feel, it would be good to remind them.
  3. Sounds pretty similar to my experience. I am glad they do the checks, because they found a problem with one of my son's when he was a bit older than typical that could have led to future fertility issues. My kids have physicals every year because they need them for summer camps. They have had a couple different doctors and they have all done checks of their private areas.
  4. I am seeing around 99 cents a pound here, but there are deals where if you spend $100, $150 or whatever the stores limit is on groceries then you can get a free turkey. I got a free turkey last weekend while buying groceries.
  5. It is not something I would have thought about doing, but I think it is a good idea. It sounds like he has earned it and worked very hard.
  6. The kids and I will start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. We don't get the tree until the 2nd weekend of the month. The first weekend is always set aside for scouting stuff (Scouting for Food and a local Christmas parade). The lights for the house will go up on Saturday when DH is home to help.
  7. Strangely, he doesn't really want palms. It seems like he is trying to avoid them for some reason. It is odd because when he was a Webelos he worked hard to get all 20 of the activity badges. He sets goals for himself and works hard to achieve them, but I can never tell what it is that will be something he cares about. I think he may be done with scouts though. It is sad because he has done it since he was a Tiger cub, but I think he is wanting to move on, though it makes him sad to think about because in his view he has done it pretty much his whole life. DS loved Venturing, but our crew died out and we were never able to get enough people interested/recruited to keep it going. I wish they still had an explorer post (branch of the BSA) around here, but it died out shortly after DH aged out of it many years ago. He has been wanting to possibly do a police cadet program or something instead.
  8. That is so sad. I am glad they at least know what happened.
  9. It was fun. We went to visit my parents in the afternoon. Traditionally my mom makes donuts every year, but this year she had surgery a few days before and wasn't up to it, so dad picked up donuts from a shop. Mom was excited to see us and visit with the kids. The boys went trick or treating in the evening and had a great time. DD enjoyed handing out treats this year and seeing all the cute costumes. All the kids that came by were very polite. I think we had around 100 kids. In our old neighborhood we got about 10. Then just before bed was the annual candy trading. Youngest has food allergies, so we trade him for candy he can have and then the kids trade among themselves for what their favorites are.
  10. It is supposed to be clear skies and cold (around freezing). It is unusual weather for here, usually we have rain or drizzle or some sort of wet precipitation and not near this cold out. Usually we have to think about how to stay dry, not how to stay warm.
  11. I am not sure if my story will be encouraging or not. I am sorry you are struggling. My youngest was in the NICU and I didn't get to try to nurse him until he was 3 days old. It was tough, because he was premature and had trouble breathing. When I did nurse him, he was weighed before and after the feeding and then we bottle fed him the amount that they though he should be having at each feeding minus how much breastmilk he got (estimated via weighing). I was sure that we were going to have problems with it because bottle feeding was so much easier for him. When we got home his doctor gave us permission to exclusively breastfeed but we needed to do frequent weight checks at the doctors office. I nursed him as often as he would in order to build up my supply. Sometimes I would have to tempt him with a little expressed milk to get him interested. I drank tons of water and food that was supposed to increase my supply. Within a few days at home my milk supply was up and he was doing much better and I never gave him a bottle again.
  12. The sound of kids playing doesn't bother me, but constant screaming is too much. We have a few neighbor kids that scream a lot and it bothers me. Part of it is I can't tell if something is wrong or if they are just playing. One time DH and I were very concerned that something was wrong with all the screaming so he went over to check, but about the time he got there the dad had just come out to tell them to quiet down. I have taught my kids that screaming is for emergencies, boisterous noises and loud play are fine, but not screaming.
  13. I am so sorry. I hope that they are able to make this work for her. When my DS needed an MRI a few years ago. I think he was 13. He had to be sedated because he has sensory issues and he needed to be completely out. I didn't realize until we got there that the IV had to be started while he was awake. He was very scared of needles, but they told us that at a certain age that giving gas first has too high of a health risk. I am not sure why though. It took a lot of people holding him down to get the IV started. We had to do the MRI, but it was so very hard. I am just glad he has no lasting trauma from it.
  14. My middle turned in his paperwork for his Eagle and is just waiting to hear back on setting up his Board of Review. He is pretty excited and relieved that he is almost done. He isn't sure what he wants to do after he earns Eagle. Right now he is SPL, but he would like to hand that off. He has been in some sort of leadership for years and I think he really wants a break. My youngest made First Class over the summer and is determined to Eagle at a younger age than his brother. He is hoping to finish by next Christmas, but that would be pretty tight timing.
  15. The Cost of Discipleship or Ethics by Dietrich Bonhoeffer The Lord of the Rings Trillogy
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