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  1. Normally I would tip 15%. Right now I tip 20% because I want to support business/workers right now when I can. Most restaurants around here are still only doing curbside or delivery, so the workers are losing out on a lot of money.
  2. When I responded back when this was first posted, I had no idea what the plans might be. Now, we are a little more clear, at least for Thanksgiving. We decided to invite DH's parents over. They are being good about following the "rules" to stay safe. We will be meeting inside and not wearing masks, but our family does everything from home and curbside pickup so hopefully we are lower risk. We were invited to DH's sister's house for Christmas, but we are not going. It would be fun to see her and nephew, especially since she just got a new home, but they are in contact with the public
  3. It usually shows up around 2:30 to 3:30, but lately it has been a bit later. We have had some mail carriers who are having to cover extra routes, so they run behind.
  4. I got an 8 qt. instant pot as a gift a couple years ago. I wasn't sure what to do with it at first, but I use it about once or twice a week now. I wouldn't go buy one on my own most likely, but it can be useful. I would say my favorite things to make in it are risotto, brown rice, roasts, and corned beef. I don't think it saves me any money. I am sure I could find more things to use it for like making yogurt and such, but I never really have the desire to do that. The thing I dislike the most is the cleaning. It takes more work than my slow cooker.
  5. I do not belong to, nor have I ever belonged to a denomination. I used to consider myself evangelical and/or fundamentalist, now I just consider myself a Christian. I do not agree with the theology of any one group be it Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, or otherwise, however, I would say I am Protestant. The one co-op I was a part of for a few years would have let you in as a member, but you had to agree with their statement of faith to be a teacher. I think it was an unfortunate choice, unless the class was there to teach theology in some way. But there were a number of moms there that I
  6. For me it is considered a hit if the boys will actually do something without much, if any, complaining. So with that in mind. Hits: 10th & 12th graders combined: Marine Biology (Apologia), One Year Adventure Novel (more so for the 12th grader), and Understanding the Times (Summit Ministries) 12th grader: History - we are using tweaked MFW. I have added in a lot of documentaries this year and DS is really liking that. 10th grader: Teaching Textbooks Geometry Misses: 12th grader: Financial Literacy, he isn't enjoying it much at all, but I think it is somethin
  7. We had trouble getting siding for our shed project. We thought we only needed to replace the front panels, but when we were cleaning to prep for painting we found more rot and needed to replace all the siding. We had already bought panels for the front, but they were out when we went to get the others. We ended up having to go out of town to get the last ones available in the area. Most of our building repair projects and gardening projects have been hard to find materials. We went to get a replacement sprinkler a few weeks ago and the whole section in the store was sold out.
  8. Ours are all different. Mine is one that my mom made for me when I was very young. She hand embroidered it including my name. She made matching ones for my sister and brother too, but each has unique embroidery. DH's is one he had since he was a kid that his parents bought him. It doesn't have his name, but he has a small one that he attached later which he got from a group of friends that has his nickname on it. We bought each of the kids one the year they were born. None of them match, but I did put their names on them. I have one for my kitty who died. I can't seem to want to g
  9. We typically eat somewhere between 5 and 7. I prefer the earlier end myself, DH prefers the later. When he was having to commute I would plan for 6:30 because that was when he was supposed to be home. Things got a bit trickier when the kids had afternoon/evening activities, and I would plan around them, usually making something people could eat when they had time before or after activity. Growing up we always ate when dad got home at 5. DH grew up eating whenever his mom served dinner, or after she went back to work whenever they made themselves something.
  10. My mom would mask tuna casserole with tuna, cream of mushroom soup, frozen peas, and noodles. I remember liking it, but I would never make it now because none of my family would eat it. DH introduced me to his mom's tuna and rice recipe after we got married. You cook up 4 cups of white rice, add tuna and a jar of cheeze whiz then bake for a few minutes. I made it when we were first married for him, but we haven't had it in years.
  11. I got some fun blackout curtains for my bedroom bay window. They are navy blue with silver stars on them. I doubt they would be considered stylish at all, but I wanted to do something fun for me. I was very excited to see that they make bay window curtain rods. I am not a big fan of blinds, but I think you should go with what you want and will make you happy and comfortable.
  12. The church I grew up in (non-denominational) had no stance on it. I don't really remember it being discussed much except by one Sunday school teacher whose comment was basically, he didn't know how God did it, but He did and the details don't matter. Evolution was taught in school from elementary up. I pretty much believed evolution until high school when I went to hear a speaker with my dad about YEC. I had never really thought about it much at all before that. It was very interesting and I spent a lot of time looking into it. I later became a YEC. I do not like to talk about it wit
  13. I don't think cart abandonment is a good thing. However there are exceptions. Baby/toddler sickness is one that makes it understandable. Or perhaps a wild bear is coming for you. Or if you catch a glimpse of Sasquatch and want to take his pic before he disappears.
  14. Everything is still pretty much still green here. Our trip last week through the mountain passes saw some pretty fall colors though. My roses are all putting on new growth and the tomatoes are still green. I am really hoping for more fall colors soon.
  15. My MIL did DD's senior photos. They went to a couple of different locations and had a few changes of clothes. A few were done in her cosplay outfits. The ones she liked best were things that reflect her personality and hobbies. I would like to have MIL do some for DS this year, but it is more complicated with the distancing stuff. I would like to get a few done when the leaves are more fallish. He would like some with his cosplay, but I am not sure what else. I think we will try for some at the beach and some in the forest/trees. I would also like some of him in his eagle scout un
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