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  1. I would do a car for each kid, not one per team. The cars are small and if it were a team I think some would get (or feel) left out. We did them in scouts, so we followed the rules that come in the box regarding weight, size, etc. We used a kitchen scale to weigh them. We also had a track that we used that was made specifically for pinewood derby cars that we borrowed from the district. You might want to look into borrowing one if possible, because it will help keep the cars on course and not running into each other. I would do decorating one day and race the next. That way you don't have to worry about paint drying. You should look into some graphite to help the wheels spin easier. You will need some sort of small hammer to put on the wheels. Weights are important, and there are lots of different weights types out there. We usually used some round bar weights and drilled holes into the car and glued them in, but a lot of kids used washers or other things. Also, just for an idea to throw out there for future years, you could look into the raingutter regatta boats. We did those at a day camp I directed a number of years ago and they were very popular and not as much work as derby cars.
  2. He lives about 2 miles from us, so not far at all.
  3. We are going to be out of town for a bit over a week. Originally the kids were all going to be home, but plans changed and now the boys will also be gone. So that leaves DD home and she will be working and going to school during the day. Our dog can't be left home by himself for that long. He will almost be 2 years old at the time. He is a high energy worker dog (Alaskan Malamute/Australian Shepherd) and needs people around him. He is used to me and the boys being here all day, and is very much a people dog. On top of that when we leave him he needs to be in his kennel. He gets bored and will chew up the furniture if left alone. Last time we were all gone for the day my sister came and let him out regularly. She played with him and he had a lot of fun. This time we are thinking of hiring my nephew, who is 17 and good with dogs. We would ask him to be here during the day from about 8 or 9 am until around 6 pm. We would provide food and entertainment (streaming video mostly). Mainly he would need to let dog play outside, which dog is happy if we just sit on the patio while he plays, though there would be some running and playing and walks. So for all of that for 5 days, how much would you offer to pay? I was thinking around $150-$200, but I have no idea if that is too low. We live in a moderate cost of living area.
  4. I have known this was coming for a while, so not a huge surprise. Since I joined the BSA over 10 years ago, there has been a huge emphasis on youth protection and sometimes to excess. Scouting numbers are way down in my area. Most of our packs and troops are dying and I am not sure there is an active Venturing crew in our district anymore. We lost a lot of people due to changes to the program over the last several years. To be honest, while I have enjoyed scouting for the most part, I will be glad when we are done. Our 17 year old has his Eagle court of honor in a couple weeks, and our 14 year old got Star last month and wants to Eagle as soon as he can and then I think he is done. He hasn't had a great experience in scouting. Our numbers are so low, despite our recruiting efforts, that he often had only himself in his den as a cub and now there are only three active scouts in his troop, including himself and his brother. We are switching troops next month to join one that has more scouts, but even then it is fairly low numbers.
  5. That is sad but not surprising. I wasn't diagnosed until after all my children were born, and then only because I researched what was going on and requested testing. I have basically been told there is not much they can do except to treat symptoms. I have been on metformin for years and recently agreed to bc because the pain and bleeding were so bad and I was house bound about half my life. I had tried various bcp and none worked and many had horrible side effect including more weight gain. Right now I have an arm implant thingy that is actually working pretty well for me. I have decided that doctors aren't really able to help so I exercise, try to eat right, and take the meds that alleviate most of my worse symptoms, except sadly weight issues. I have never had a very sympathetic doctor, which is sad. I hope you are able to find one. When my DD started showing signs of also having PCOS, I took her in to get tested. They have mostly told her to lose weight and take meds. The weight gain came on suddenly despite eating healthy and exercising hours a day (she was a dancer). She is almost 19 and I think she has given up hope that the doctors will do much to help her.
  6. If younger siblings couldn't get along without a parent, one of us would stay home. College visits are only for the teen and parent(s). On one of DD's college tours some of the familys had a younger siblings and they were distracting. I would have told siblings no in the first place, but if for some reason I didn't I would just tell them that on further reflection they will need to stay home after all. I would make sure they have fun foods and games/movies and then go without worrying about it.
  7. I taught cursive first to my older two, and wish I had for my second. They were expected to write in cursive for assignments, but by the time they were in late middle school/high school they did most of their work on the computer. My middle can only do cursive, and it has been a bit of an issue. When he took driver's ed last year and they took a quiz, they would pass them around to grade each other's quiz and none of the students could read cursive. The teacher could read it just fine, it was not a penmanship issue. DS ended up grading his own quizes. My youngest was and still is very resistant to using cursive, but I make him do some at least once a week to keep in practice. I also want him to have a signature that isn't print. It always makes me cringe (I know judgemental of me) when I see young people not be able to sign their name in cursive.
  8. When we bought our new house last year I spent more than that. I am not sure everything you listed I would consider to be decorative. We needed curtains. The house came with blinds, but the neighborhood is so light that we needed something to block that out. We wanted to get couches for the living room. It was the first time in my married life to have new furniture. Every other couch, chair, what have you was hand me downs from relatives. We got rugs, though not strictly necessary, they really help with noise and warmth. I didn't discuss most of my purchases with DH and he has no idea how much we spent. Big things like couches I ran past him, mostly for style rather than for cost. I would have had a hard time if DH had gotten on me about spending money to make the house more homey. I have already had a hard time transitioning to the new house and not feeling like it is home, so it was important that, since we had the money, we could get stuff to make it feel more like home.
  9. DH and I discussed it last night, but I don't remember that we came to any conclusion about what we are going to do. I don't really want to go out. There aren't any great restaurants in town that won't be packed. I am thinking having him pick up take out and playing games or watching a movie together.
  10. I love my smooth top range. I had one for years and when it broke we decided to save money and buy a coil one and I really didn't like it near as much. We replaced our stove (oven/range) last year and I insisted on getting a smooth top again. I have not noticed any buzzing noise from ours. I would go with dials instead of touch pad, but I am not sure it makes a huge difference.
  11. Other than make sure she remembered where the supplies were, no. I would have hated it if my mom had done anything for me.
  12. I had my right ovary and tube removed due to a cyst that was causing a lot of constant pain. At the same time the doctor did a d&c due to heavy bleeding issues. The surgery was laparoscopic. It ended up lasting a lot longer than expected because I had a lot of scar tissue from three previous c-sections. I also had some really bad cramping in recovery. I was expecting to be back up and around pretty quickly. I had had laparoscopic surgery before where they removed a ovarian cyst. I realized later that being quite a few years old made my recovery a bit longer. I was doing a lot better after a week, but it took at least 2 weeks until I was able to really get back to normal routine. It was a lot easier than c-section recovery though. I used a pillow to help with standing up for a while. I used pain pills as needed, but tried to be cautious. I needed to sleep more upright for a while because laying flat was uncomfortable. I made sure to have meal plans and people (kids and hubby) to help out.
  13. DS just got his paperwork back for his eagle, it is now official and we can start planning his court of honor!!! Youngest is going to have his board of review for Star this coming week.
  14. I am so sorry. I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers.
  15. In theory I would let them quit as long as it doesn't affect other on a team or such, but it would also depend on why and what, if anything, will replace it. Sometimes I also have them set goals for finishing the activity, club, or whatnot and then when they have reached that they can decide to quit. My boys would happily stay home and play on their computers all the time if I let them. They need outside activities, so they would need to have something else taking the place of said activity before the quitting date.
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