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  1. Tending my roses - this is a daily project from spring until mid-fall cross-stitch and embroidery - I enjoy it but run out of people to give things too. I also have done a lot of mask making in the past year, but don't need to do that so much anymore. I would like to take up quilting but it scares me. baking, looking at recipes - I love to bake and cook, but I really like looking at old cookbooks, quirky cookbooks, and recipe websites. writing - I am working off and on on a novel. I decided if I was going to make my boys do a novel last year, I should give it a shot. rea
  2. We debated a lot about what to do with our dog when we were going on vacation. We looked into airbnb but most of them that allowed dogs didn't have a fenced yard for them, and didn't allow you to leave your pet while you go somewhere. A lot of the things we are looking at doing were not dog friendly. I looked into kennels and was not impressed with the options. It bothered me that I would have to pay extra for him to get more outdoor time instead of just a few potty breaks each day. I ended up finding a ranch for dogs that was a great fit. It is a ranch/farm on several fenced acres.
  3. I stopped going when my kid asked, well technically I would ask if they wanted me to wait for them or go back with them. I let them decide. Some appointments my kids prefer me to go with them even now. I leave it up to them and their comfort level. My DD started to make her appointments around age 18 when she knew her schedule better than I did. I still make the appointments for the boys, because they wouldn't do it for themselves and it is just easier for me to do it. However, I figure it will work itself out over time, and I am not setting some arbitrary age. As far as sex of
  4. About a week post second shot for my 15 year old. He was down not feeling well with low grade fever, fatigue, brain fog, headache for about two and half days. He had a sore arm, but it didn't seem to bother him much. He also told me later that he had some chest pain, not sure what to think of that, but it has resolved now. He is pretty much back to normal.
  5. I don't want to get into my personal struggles, but I have faced some decisions in recent years that have stretched my faith. I have a moral code that is based on the Bible, and that can't change no matter how I personally feel about it or want to feel. It would be "easy" to change how I feel about things to go with the flow in some ways, but then I am not being true to myself or to God. Some things are right and some are wrong. It doesn't mean that I don't pray about it, study about it, and seek guidance from trusted friends and fellow Christians. But, I will not change my morality b
  6. My 15 year old DS got his second shot yesterday afternoon. He had a slight headache last night, but not too bad. Today his is having a lot of fatigue, and he said he is feeling hot. I haven't taken his temperature, but he says he feels feverish. I am letting him just rest up.
  7. Our downstairs (kitchen, dining room, family room, and living room) is open floor plan. We painted the majority of it grey (Behr Galactic Tint), with a few accent walls in blue (Behr Snowboard). I have been pretty happy with it, especially now that we finally finished to project and got the stairwell painted. The downstairs powder room is purple with very light (almost white) lavender wainscotting, and green accents. I am not a fan of the purple, it is not the shade I was wanting, but DH doesn't want to change it. If I get my way in the future we will repaint the purple to a deeper le
  8. We met on a blind date. My best friend was dating his best friend and they set us up. It was a few weeks before both of us were heading off to college about 500 miles apart. DH was not looking for a relationship at the time, but he changed his mind after we met. We dated long distance for about 8 months and spent a fortune on long distance calls. We got married about 2 1/2 years later and have been married just over 25 years. Our best friends got married the year before us and are still together.
  9. I just wanted to give a quick update in case anyone is interested. My appointment with the ENT was a tad bit frustrating. The doctor was great, but didn't really have any reasons for the tinnitus. She said it could be the vaccine but there haven't been studies into it to say one way or the other. My ears look great, no physical problems, no hearing problems. The good news is I think it is starting to improve a bit, although some days it is better than others.
  10. From what I can remember: 7th grade: Social Studies - can't remember what it covered, but the teacher used to throw chalk at kids who fell asleep in class 8th grade: American History - we watched a lot of movies and mini-series 9th grade: World History - we had a field trip to Seattle to see the terracotta warrior exhibit; we also had to take a semester of state history. I found it amusing that we took a field trip out of state for that one. We went to see Fort Clatsop in Oregon, and we were from Washington. 10th grade: US History - the teacher was a coach and in the sprin
  11. Not that I recall. My history classes in MS/HS were pretty bad. I didn't learn much history or really enjoy history class until college.
  12. When they were elementary through middle school I planned out 170 days, in high school 180. I make up a daily schedule each year for each kid, but we don't follow it exactly, it is a guide to see that we are mostly staying on track. We often will finished a few weeks early, because the kids can be on summer break when they have finished what was planned for the year. I don't really track the days, like sick days or whatever, and I never mark them off on the calendar. My state has a set number of hours we have to school, but I haven't really paid much attention to that because I know th
  13. We had DH's parents over yesterday evening to visit. It was so strange, and nice, to have them in the house and everyone was unmasked. The only one not fully vaccinated is youngest, and he gets his second shot on Thursday. ILs are going to be going on a trip for a year and half soon, so we want to be able to visit them as much as we can before they go. We are still avoiding going in stores and restaurants. There are a lot of people who are unmasked who "identify as vaccinated" in my area. The vaccination rate in is too low and cases and hospitalizations are going up. I actually feel
  14. Thanks for the things to think about. If we kept on his current course, he would graduate when he was 17. He would turn 18 in early October. If we spread it out then he will be 18 when he graduates and turn 19 in the fall he entered college. So that would put him on par with what our public schools do. I was thinking I could just do a by subject transcript, although this is different than how I have done his siblings' transcripts. The online science class would be recorded through us as homeschooler, so not a separate transcript. If he did DE it would be its own transcript, and
  15. Next school year I am down to just my youngest at home for school. He has been struggling with depression and anxiety for years, and it has been worse during the pandemic. We are doing what we can to help him, but it is a slow process. He has an early fall b-day, and he is ahead a grade of where he would be at in a public school. DS is currently a 10th grader. I am considering spreading out his 11th grade year over two years, which would have him graduate at age 18 instead of 17. I think this is a better choice, and he just agreed to it this weekend. I was wondering if anyone had do
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