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  1. Loowit

    Theater room

    We don't have one, and I don't think we would want one. It would be nice to have enough seating in the room where are TV is so that the whole family could sit comfortably, but I don't really want a room dedicated to that. We have talked about a gaming room, however. My ILs had one in their house. They converted as room after all the kids had moved out of the house. It was also used as an office and a playroom for grandchildren. They used it quite often. FIL is a big sports fan and watched a lot of games in there. It worked well for them.
  2. I actually like assigned seating. It is all our theater has now for everyone, not just those who purchase from the counter. We pick our seats at the kiosk and we have only had a problem once. We ended up next to a person who was horribly smelly. DH went and requested a seat change and they exchanged our tickets for new seats. I find it odd that they have some people with assigned seats and some without. It seems like a bad idea unless they have a separate non-reserved seating section.
  3. I am sorry. I am more used to cremations than have a casket/viewing. For me the important thing was having a service of some kind to say goodbye and have closure. When DH's grandmother died years ago she requested no service after her death. We visited her hours before her passing, but then nothing for a service. It was very hard to feel closure, and I wasn't even that close to her. It just took time. However the worst has been having a missing grandparent who is presumed dead. He was actually declared dead a few months ago. There hasn't been a service for him yet. They are talking about doing one this summer and I hope it will bring some sort of closure. I would really go see him now if there is anyway you can do it. If not can you ask that he not be taken away until you are able to get there. I am not sure if that is workable or how long they can wait, but when DH's grandfather died they waited hours for the rest of the family to come visit who weren't able to make it in time.
  4. I have only had one niece that has graduated so far. I gave her a $50 gift certificate for dinner and a movie. I plan to do a similar amount for future graduations but probably in cash instead. My niece did not go away to college, but even if she had I doubt I would have done a going away to college present. We are not that close. My DD mostly got cash or gift cards for her graduation from aunts and uncles. She used the cash to help fund her college tuition. I have no idea what amount any of them were.
  5. I mostly only like them if they are covered in chocolate or in some sort of food. We don't keep nuts in the house though as DS is allergic to some so we avoid all of them.
  6. I always thought of closing costs as costs of the mortgage fees and stuff, not taxes, water bills, etc. That said when we closed on our last house it was spelled out as a certain percentage of the house price towards closing costs (for the person we were selling to) or an actual dollar amount towards closing (what the person selling to us paid). I would not have put a blank check so to speak on just saying closing costs. I am surprised your realtor didn't say anything about it before you agreed to the contract.
  7. I heard something about it a couple years ago. Last year I looked up info on it because I was going to be refrigerating some stuff to heat on the day of a big meal and wanted to know if I could go straight to the oven or need to let it set out. Some of my dishes are the older kind that I got when I got married, but some are newer and I don't know which is which.
  8. Loowit


    I think for the most part they are selfish people, who care more about their own happiness than that of others. I don't think religious/spiritual beliefs really play into it at all. Some may not have any, or they may think they can do things and get forgiven later, or do enough good things to out weigh the bad. Or they may justify their murders in their minds and believe that it wasn't really wrong. I do believe in heaven and hell, but that is not what keeps me from murdering someone. Love for God and others and wanting to be someone that reflects God's love is much more motivational for my life than a fear of hell in the afterlife. Besides, I don't think hell is only for people who do really bad things like murder.
  9. -- What led you to homeschool? We didn't plan to homeschool. DD (and all of our kids) went to a private preschool. When we went to enroll DD in Kindergarten we got the paperwork. We were not impressed with their program or the school. There are some great teachers, but the school was not doing a great job. We decided to give it a year at home and then put her in first grade if it didn't work out. We re-evaluated every year and then when she finished 8th grade we gave her the choice and let her know that if she started homeschooling she would need to finish at home or have to go back to the 9th grade because the public school would not take her homeschool credits. She chose to stay home. We homeschool mainly for academics, but also like the freedom to discuss our faith and study the Bible and church history. -- How was your child homeschooled in the high school years? (Did you use WTM as a guide? Did your child take out of the home, online classes, or college classes?) We mainly used My Father's World, but didn't used their recommendations for math and changed up some of the science. I also tweaked some of it to fit our style. We looked into running start (DE), but we had to go through the local public high school and they were a pain to deal with. Also, she didn't have a driver's license or any way other than me driving her every day which would interrupt life too much at home, so we dropped that idea. She did sign up for a homeschool art school one day a week her junior and senior years which was an overall positive experience. -- What did your child do after graduating? What is your child doing now? DD is attending our local CC studying Fine Arts. She is in her freshman year. She is loving college for the most part. This quarter she is struggling a bit with some classes, not academically but the content. She is taking a class on ancient myths and a lot of it is repeating what she learned in high school, but it not getting into more advanced, in depth study of it that she was expecting. She she isn't learning anything in it, according to her. She is also working part time at a grocery store and is (mostly) paying all her tuition on her own. Academically she is doing great. Several of her professors are impressed with her homeschool education, they were surprised she was homeschooled. Emotionally she is struggling. She has anxiety that has been getting worse the last couple of months. I think the stress of planning to go away is getting to her, even though (or maybe because) this is something she has wanted for years. Her dream is to be an animator, specializing in storyboarding. She wants to eventually write and direct her own animated movies or series. She has been accepted to a private college for next fall and is planning to go, but the cost is a huge factor. She is still working on how she is going to pay for it. I am encouraging her to defer her enrollment (which is an option) and to finish her AA locally. It would give her another year to apply for scholarships and save money. However, she would still have to go into the other college as a freshman so the idea is not appealing to her.
  10. Label everything well. Don't overpack boxes. Just because it all fits, doesn't mean it is a good idea. I told DH next time we move that I am going to go out of town for a week and come back to him having it all done without me. Sadly I don't think that would happen since I did almost all the packing, and DH just isn't a packer.
  11. My DD works, but she didn't get a job until she graduated high school because she was so busy with studies and that was her main focus. She was 17 when she graduated and had a very hard time finding a job. Due to state laws it makes it less convenient to hire a minor since they are so limited on what they can do and when. She finally got a fast food job after several months of looking. After that she got another job as a bagger at a grocery store and is hoping to be trained as a cashier now that she is 18. DD did work at a scout summer camp when she was 14 as a staff in training. She did a great job, but it wasn't paid. She chose not to do further summer camps partially due to dance summer intensives, but also because the pay is so low at camp. DS, 16, would like to get a job, but he wants to finish his eagle project first. It is a time consuming project. I don't think it really counts as a volunteer job though. I don't expect my teens in high school to get a job. They can if they want to and can keep up with their schoolwork. I didn't have a job in high school, though I did a lot of babysitting. We lived in a rural area and there just weren't jobs around for teens. No fast food, or anything. We had one local mom and pop store in town and my brother worked there as a stocker when he was in high school. Otherwise there were summer jobs bailing hay and such, but I am not sure that they can hire minors for that anymore? DH didn't work until he graduated high school either. We graduated about 28 years ago.
  12. I loved the movie. I try not over think he time travel stuff because then it kind of loses some of the fun for me. But my kids and DH are having fun talking all of that over with different scenarios and ideas how it worked. I really liked that Cap got a happy ending with the love of his life. After everything he went through and did for others deserved a happy ending. I was sad to see Iron Man die, but I think it was fitting. The hulk thing bothered me, although my DH reminded me that it was like some of the comics. Thor was fun, and I liked that he got to see him mom and work through his problems. I loved the scenes with Widow and Hawkeye, and I really hope that they do go through with a Black Widow movie, though likely it would be a prequel. I think the thing I liked most was that it was, for the most part, a story focused on the original MCU Avengers. It was a great final movie that brought it all together, gave some closure to some story lines, but left plenty open for more movies.
  13. I am so sorry you are going through this. I have had two children with suicidal thoughts, one of them actually attempted. It is a very hard and confusing time. One of my children was just feeling like he didn't want to live, with no plans or ideations. I called his doctor and she got him in right away (well it took a week) to a psychiatrist. His was more situational and passing. He is now doing much better now. My other child is another story. We did have to take her to the ER after an attempt and it was not a positive experience. We were told we could have her admitted to a hospital several hours away with very limited visiting hours or take her home. We took her home and made an appointment for two days later with a Kaiser doctor. They got her an emergency appointment and then were doing weekly followup phone appointments until she could get into a regular therapist. The biggest thing for her was getting her off her anti-depressant and another medication that were contributing to her anxiety. I hope that your son will change his mind about cooperating. My youngest is extremely stubborn and refuses to ever go to a therapist again after too many bad experiences. At his age in our state I can't make him go and he knows this. Sorry I can't offer any great advice but I do offer prayers and hugs.
  14. Liver and onions. Mom didn't like it either though. Mom only served it once a year when dad's uncle was butchering his cows. The only ones who liked it were dad and my brother so mom usually made sure there was other stuff to eat also. I also dislike wax beans and squash of any kind (expect pumpkin pie). My parents used to make me eat it but it made me gag. After I threw up after trying a bite of wax beans once they never made me try it again.
  15. My brother regretted getting rid of his. My DH regretted that his mom got rid of his. We are hanging on to ours.
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