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  1. We are having a few family members over for a very small backyard BBQ. We are limited to how many people we can see in a week. Hamburgers Smoked ribs Baked beans Potato salad Chips Veggie and Fruit tray Berry pie Lemon Pie Rhubarb crisp Gluten-free cheesecake Homemade ice-cream (maybe)
  2. Our dog likes to get the neighborhood dogs barking. He knows he is not allowed to bark, so he will go the the fence and whine to get the other dogs barking. Yesterday he had dogs going on all sides and even a few a block over. If given a treat, he will take to to a rug to eat it. He won't eat over the hardwood floors, it must be over a rug.
  3. I did a lot of poem memorization in school, especially for drama class. I can still remember a lot of the poems. I also did scripture for Sunday school and VBS as a kid. My kids have done some over the years, but not near as much as I would have liked. However, one big accomplishment was memorizing almost the whole book of James when they were in elementary. It was part of the MFW cycle. My youngest went through it twice and has most of it still committed to memory, the older two still have some but not near as much.
  4. Congrats! In one more year I will have taught two kids all the way from K-12. It is hard to believe, time has gone so quickly.
  5. That would be a huge deal to me. Lying about what is in food would be enough to make me never eat food they made again. I take lying about food seriously, especially now with a child with severe food allergies. There are times I make food and tell DH that he probably doesn't want to know what seasonings I used. I am very up front about it, and he is okay with it. I would tell him if asked.
  6. My county was going to be applying for Phase 3 last weekend, but it got delayed due to a sudden increase in cases. But the numbers are still pretty low and we still have no deaths, which is good. Most people seem to be doing as much back to normal as they can. There have been a lot of grad parties this weekend at homes. The main ones strictly following the rules are the businesses that don't want to get fined and/or shut down. I was surprised that Home Depot had stopped limiting customers in the store when we went to pick up a couple things last weekend. Most of our events are cancelled. No summer camp this year. The annual Forth of July city event was cancelled, but another group is putting something together that will follow the social distancing rules. I was very happy to hear that our local Highlander festival is still planning to happen, but it isn't until September.
  7. I don't know if we would or not. There are so many factors involved. If it is for the whole lease that the roommates split on their own, I would be much less likely to do it. If it would a lease for only her share, and DH and I could afford the payments I think we probably would. I have seen a lot of roommate situations go bad and would not want to get legally and financially bound to something like that, even if I might privately loan her to money on the side. For the most part, our children are expected to make their own way, but there are some things that are so much harder these days then when DH and I were in college or newly married. However, my FIL did co-sign a vehicle loan for us when we were first married. His only stipulation was to not let it accrue late fees, and if we were going to have to be late on a payment to let him know so he could pay it for us and we pay him back. Having him on it made me very careful to make sure to not mess up his credit.
  8. We are in Phase 2, so in our state not super open. Yesterday I took my youngest to a doctor appointment. His new doctor is out of town, so we were gone for about half the day. The day before I took both boys to the dentist for a cleaning. Most of our outings are for medical stuff and not much fun. I would love to do a drive to the beach, but there is a lack of restrooms which makes it a no go for me. Last week I went to visit my parents for the first time since early March. It was great to get out of the house for a while. We are allowed to see 5 people outside our household each week, so last week was my parents and my sister who came over for some plant cuttings. Restaurants are open her at 50% capacity, but DH and I are waiting. There was a sudden rise in cases in our county this week, so we are not comfortable dining in right now.
  9. The role of police varies a lot depending on region and the size of the city. I grew up in the county in a small unincorporated town. We didn't have police, we had the Sheriff's office if something went wrong. It would usually take them at least 30 mins to respond unless they happened to be in the area. In fact, right now we are outside of city limits, so the Sheriff's office responds if we have problems, but it can be a bit fast since we are only 3 miles from their offices. This is only a plus if they are in the office, but often they are out on patrol. Law enforcement is more than just city police, it is Sheriffs and their deputies, it is state police/troopers, then there are federal officers like marshals and the FBI. All of them serve in different roles. Within various states they also serve in different roles, so what law enforcement looks like in my neck of the woods is much different than the east coast, the southwest, or the southeast. We have no get out of ticket stickers like was mentioned in a different thread. That would not go over well here at all. In fact most of the law enforcement officers I know would give a friend or relative a ticket if pulled over so that they can't be accused of favoritism. My DH served as a reserve officer for 15 years in a small city. He had to medically retire a couple years ago. His department had a good reputation in the city and worked hard on community policing. They spend a lot of time attending community events, doing traffic control at parades, breaking up bar fights, serving warrants, going on DV calls, being first on the scene for a lot of wrecks, patrolling for speeders especially in the school zone, and the list goes on. They do training at least once a month for a variety of things. They also are sometimes asked to backup the Sheriff's office if the nearest deputy is too far away. I have a number of law enforcement officers in my family, and am very familiar with the various branches in our region. My FIL started out in Seattle PD (big city policing), he then moved to a small rural county in eastern Washington which was completely different. He tells stories about calls he had there like having to get a bull out of the road. He also had to serve part of his time in the jail as a guard as part of his duties as a deputy. Then he moved to a bigger county in western Washington where he served in various positions until he was later elected sheriff and served several terms. His big thing was community policing and making sure that his deputies were following the laws, including traffic laws, thereby setting a good example. Deputies in our county see a lot of different things for their duties depending an where they are serving. If they are in the more rural areas it is likely doing some traffic, helping with wreck scenes, going on calls for DVs or robberies/burglaries, sometimes helping with serving warrants. Recently when DD was home she thought she heard an intruder, so they came to investigate. They cover any calls that are inside the county but outside of city limits where there are police. Talking to my DH about everything going on and the idea of dividing some of the labor to different agencies. He said most law enforcement that he knows would love to hand off mental health crises. That is not something they have a lot of training for, and very few have a degree in mental health. As far as DV, those are very serious situations and one of the most likely calls that officers can be injured or killed. DH's former police chief was big on DV calls and making sure his officers were well trained for those situations. So while it might be helpful in some situations to send in a trained non-law enforcement officer, I don't think they should go in without police backup, and it could very well turned bad very quickly with extra hostages and such. And another thing I thought of that law enforcement do is helping EMS with calls. My parents were volunteer EMS (we had no professionals in our rural town) and they would sometimes get calls that seemed dangerous for one reason or another and the law enforcement would go in first to ensure EMS's safety. Right now our local law enforcement puts on classes called Citizen's Academy (well it is suspended due to Covid right now). The purpose of these classes is to allow citizens to see what law enforcement does but also as a platform for citizens to voice their opinions and get feedback. Topics are things like court processes, crime prevention, defensive tactics, DUI investigations, firearms, gang enforcement, investigations, K-9 programs, narcotics investigations, patrol functions, property crimes, and traffic law. Every participant has the chance to ride along with an officer on duty for 3 hours. It has been a very successful program in our area.
  10. When I first started hearing about it from some local sources, I wasn't sure if I believed it or not. But then it started to make more mainstream media. It makes me sad and it makes me frustrated. I feel like I am in some dystopian novel. I can't really comment much more because it would be way too political.
  11. I'm sad my boys can go either. I do think it would be nice if the camps could open up some of the sites for troops to use during the summer, but it would bring up some other issues that would need to be addressed. Camping in their own site for each troop is great. They can do campfire cooking, and each site has a kybo, but there is the issue of showerhouses and using common areas like lakes, shooting ranges, and so on. I think they could potentially come up with some interesting solutions, but I don't think they could do it with the programming they are used to. Our troop would rather just go out to a primitive non-scouting owned site and do their own thing.
  12. I am not the person you are responding to but my 2 cents... My eagle scout could teach the stuff for merit badges, but actual merit badge counselors have to be 18, so he can't actually sign off on blue cards. Besides, he goes to camp for fun for himself. He does a lot of teaching and working with the boys in his troop all year long. He has been a Senior Patrol Leader for years, and is looking at becoming a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster. Summer camp should be his chance for a small break, even though he still has responsibilities at camp for his troop. My son likes to meet new scouts or meet up with scouts he met at previous camps. It is a chance for him to have fun learning in merit badge classes that interest him if he wants to, or just hang at the lake and swim, or go on high adventure outings that are offered like whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and so on. If the troops have to keep to themselves the whole time they can save the $400+ for camp fees and do their own campout.
  13. Boy Scout summer camp was cancelled. DS is sad because it would have been his last summer camp with the troop. But his troop is talking about doing a week long campout this summer if we get to the phase that will allow that many to gather together.
  14. Hardly anyone is wearing masks where I live in southwest Washington. They also don't seem to understand social distancing. They will wears masks places they are required it seems, like doctors offices or employees at certain stores/restaurants, but if left on their own it is getting to be less and less people. About a month ago I would say on average in a store I would see about 25%-30% wearing masks, now it is probably less than 5%.
  15. There are some things that I think "If only..." but I don't think if given the chance I would actually change them. It would have been nice to get my Bachelor's degree, but I don't think I would get it at the expense of getting married when I did. I wish I could have had kids sooner, but that wasn't a choice on my part. I would have been more supportive of my DH's hobbies and interests.
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