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  1. My DD was a bagger for almost a year. She only hated the ones that stank or where filthy, which happened often. She would have never complained to the customer, and was not allowed to refuse their bags. She also hated that she had no way to wash her hands after handling the dirty bags. Right now due to the pandemic we can't use reusable bags, so not an issue. Reusable bags do slow things down and make it harder for them to keep up efficiently, which does count against them with the management. Complaining about anything to management or if customers complain about you could lose your
  2. I would laugh to myself, and then ask my kid to give me a new sentence. I don't grade daily work, or really much of anything until high school, but I do make sure they understand the work and how to read directions even if they are poorly worded.
  3. When I saw it in the thread title, I was thinking that I did not, but then I read how you use it and I think I do. I find there area lot of phrases I have picked up over the years and don't notice until they are pointed out to me.
  4. We stayed in an airbnb in September. It was a big house that was out from town and surrounded by trees and no one was staying there for 2 days before our arrival. When we went the numbers were still fairly low. We took our own food, but did do take-out at a couple places that were being good about safety. We went to an outdoor museum, and were the only family there. It was set-up to go one way and you had to wear masks. We went to a large state park with plenty of space to spread out and had a picnic. It was beautiful weather, and I am glad we got to go. It really helped with my mental
  5. My first reaction is beach, but not tropical or hot beaches. The salty sea air always makes my sinuses feel so much better. I like the beaches in the PNW where it is cool, the ocean is really too cold to swim in except maybe on a very hot day. I like that there are evergreens and forests nearby to play in and then beaches to walk on. I do not like crowded touristy towns at the beach. I also like mountains that have lots of trees, rivers, waterfalls, hiking trails, etc.
  6. My kids each have a night to cook each week. They are given the option of suggesting what they would like for the menu, but I have veto power. I don't believe I have ever actually vetoed anything, however, I have had to ask them to add more than just one item so there is a full meal. If they don't turn in their menu choices by shopping day then I will decide for them because I can't sit around waiting, and I refuse to keep pestering them about it. They boys have had to work on planning menus for years in scouting, so it isn't a big deal for them. DD loves cooking and looking up new th
  7. I would like to get away for our 25th anniversary in April for a few nights to a quiet out of the way cabin, but I am not sure if that will happen or not. I am hoping the boys can get away for some camping trips. They always do back country camping, so it would be socially distanced.
  8. It took me a couple days of wearing them all the time. However, sometimes the lenses aren't make correctly and need to be redone. I had a pair several years ago that seemed very off and I tried to tell them, but they said to just wear them and get used to them. After a long weekend they were still not working so I took them back in and they remeasured and realized that the lenses were off on one of the measurements.
  9. When we moved a couple years ago I went through all the kids books on the shelf. I took out ones that I cared about keeping, then asked each of the kids to go through the books I didn't have any attachment to to see if they wanted to keep them. We ended up clearing one shelf of books. We are down to only three shelves of kids books that they have outgrown but have sentimental value. A few of the books are ones from when I was a child. I was glad my mom kept them for me. She isn't near as sentimental as I am, so she got rid of a lot of things I wish she would have kept. I keep meanin
  10. We have a date night once a week. We started this when we were fist married, way before kids. It isn't necessarily time to do something and spend money, but time to spend together to make sure we are connecting. Some of the cheaper things we have done are going on hikes, taking a drive, going somewhere to take pictures together (the cameras were not cheap, but after the initial expense it is pretty cheap)... When our kids were little and we couldn't do babysitters we would play games together. Right now due to restrictions we have been doing dinner at home together, either take-ou
  11. We got inside decorations put away. Lights outside are going to be up until next weekend, may or may not turn them on after Epiphany. I am not ready to go back to school tomorrow, but I think the routine would be good for everyone. DD is back to work/school tomorrow and DH is back to work, so the boys and I should get schoolwork done.
  12. I would join, but I don't want to start one.
  13. I have been trying as much as possible. Sadly, many locally owned businesses are very lax on their safety and don't require masks and stuff, so it isn't really safe. We have tried take-out from several locally owned businesses, and support the ones that are doing curbside and pickup only.
  14. I grew up with unwrapped presents in stockings and from Santa. Other presents were wrapped and put under the tree as they were bought or given to us to be opened Christmas morning. Christmas eve was always at my maternal grandparents. As a small child we exchanged gifts that were taken home to be unwrapped Christmas morning. Later they decided to do white elephant or ornament exchanges instead. Christmas day was at my paternal grandparents house. At gift time, gifts were handed out by a few uncles and it was a free for all, no waiting to see what people got. DH's family was similar
  15. I do most of it. DH and the kids wrap the gifts that they buy, sometimes asking for help. DH is the best wrapper in the family, because he takes a lot of time to do it just right. I don't have the patience for it taking forever, so I do a decent job and just get it done.
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