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  1. We are trying to stick to a lot of things we have traditionally done. Last weekend we decorated the house. The boys did the outside lights and DD and I did the snow village. We are doing our baking week. The first week of Christmas break we bake a different cookie or other baked good each day. They each give their suggestions and I put a schedule together. This coming weekend we are going to go get our Christmas tree in the forest (with a permit). Christmas eve we are going to do a family game night with snacks, and maybe take a drive around the area to look at Christmas
  2. If we get snow this winter, I would guess that they will still have snow days. The local schools are doing all sorts of schooling (hybrid, fully online, etc) depending on grade level, but teachers are expected to be in their classrooms even if it is fully remote learning. My brother has an exception because he is high risk and is able to work from home.
  3. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the input. I am going to have the think about this. I am not sure I want to get into something this big right now.
  4. I am trying to remember how long it took to do the others, but it has been years and I usually just worked on it when I had spare time. I would guess it would take around 30 hours.
  5. Lunches have become a weekly routine around here. Everyone knows what is for lunch each day of the week, except weekends. When I was a kid my mom always did sandwiches and fruit every day, although on weekends we would sometimes get canned soup.
  6. My sister has a friend at work that needs someone to cross stitch on a baby blanket (34"x43"). She has all the supplies, but it would be a big project time-wise. I have no idea what would be a good price to quote for that kind of work. I have never done this sort of thing for other people before. I do a lot of embroidery and cross stitching on my own as presents. I made a blanket for each of my nieces and nephews when they were born. Anyone here done this before and/or paid someone to do this?
  7. DD did the cranberry sauce yesterday. Right now, I have roll dough raising in the oven. I will form the roll balls, and then refrigerate to bake tomorrow so they are fresh. I will be making an apple pie and two pumpkin pies today, also. Tomorrow I will bake the rolls in the morning. Roast the turkey when the rolls come out. Stuffing is going in the crockpot this year. I will do the sweet potatoes tomorrow (Instant Pot to cook, then mash and bake) I will also do the roasted Brussles sprouts tomorrow. DD will be making the mashed potatoes tomorrow. I
  8. I missed your post, but I am very sorry for your loss. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
  9. My DD tried numerous bcp and it didn't work well for her at all. It caused worsening panic attacks, and her mood was so out of control that she just can't be on them. She also gained a lot of weight on them, but like me she has PCOS so may well have gained weight anyway. She says she would rather deal with the pain and heavy bleeding. 🙁 I was on low dose bcp once I got into college for heavy bleeding and cramping. I didn't realize it was abnormal until I started talking to friends. It helped with the bleeding and cramping but led to a huge weight gain. After going off them when I g
  10. Exercise was the thing that helped me the most. Taking iron also helped. I have anemia which makes me tired all the time. I have tried Vitamin D and some other supplements but never noticed much difference for me, but I know that everyone is different and has to find what will work for them. Journaling can also help for some people.
  11. I had to sit with my boys to get them to stay on task. We had a table that we would do work at. Each boy had an end and I was in the middle. DD was always a more independent worker and didn't need me there most of the time. We have a rule that there is no free time until schoolwork is done. However, we did have "fifteen minutes of fun" where they could run around and do whatever twice a day or more if I felt it was needed. Of course we had lunch break where they were (still are) allowed to choose one 30 minute show to watch. I also found that not insisting that they sit the whole ti
  12. DH is very firm on no TV in the bedroom, and I am fine with that. However, he has his office in our bedroom because having it in the family room was too disruptive to school. It worked fine until last week when he had to be on most of the night for an urgent problem at work.
  13. The kids requested duck, however, we don't have any stores in my area that sell them. Also, we invited DH's parents over and FIL really looks forward to turkey dinner, and he doesn't care for "exotic" foods like duck, so turkey it is.
  14. I have used TT for geometry for all of my kids and it has worked well for them. My oldest two did the CD version, but my youngest is doing the online version this year. None of them minded doing math on the computer, and in fact youngest prefers doing it on the computer. I think in your situation would ask your son what he prefers.
  15. I live in a blue state. Getting tested is not easy in my county and testing numbers are very low. Most doctors seem reluctant to test for some reason. The county north of us has a few places to get tested, but I have heard that it costs around $170. The county south of us has at least one drive thru testing site at a hospital. I only know about it because I drive past it every week to take DS for his allergy shot. When DS had symptoms a few months ago, I called the doctor and they had him go to urgent care. I had to request a test, though I was pretty sure it would be negative, and
  16. We go through about 1-2 boxes a week. Several of us have allergies.
  17. 1. End of February (for DD's b-day) 2. Same 3. Maybe Chinese food. 4. Take-out is not the same. DH and I go out to eat to get a break and be able to talk without kids. It is nice to not have to cook, but definitely not the same. 5. Many of our restaurants have closed permanently. We are mostly down to fast food and a couple of small businesses that are trying to hold out. One little coffee shop/lunch place just announced they are closing because of the new shutdown. I had wanted to try it because my parents recommended it.
  18. Alaska, Hawaii, Pacific Northwest, California, Rockies, Midwest, Southwest/South (as in Texas and South Eastern states), Florida, New England
  19. I use the buffet that my MIL gave me when they sold their house to store the china which she also gave me. I also got the table and chair set that matches the buffet. I got a china cabinet when we moved to our new house a couple years ago. I have always wanted one. I kept an eye on craigslist and found one really cheap. My dining room is too narrow to put either of them in there so they are in the living room which opens to the dining room.
  20. I did not and would not. I would prefer for my children to make up their own minds about things like that. However, I don't think it is a big deal if others want to do it.
  21. I had my ears pierced the first time when I was 9. They never closed completely even though I didn't wear earrings for years. I got two more on each ear when I was in my 30s. They haven't closed even though I don't wear earrings very often.
  22. I would like apple dumplings, which is like pie, but not quite pie.
  23. I have been having trouble getting cleaning supplies for months, it hasn't improved. The last couple weeks I have been having a hard time getting my brand of lactose free milk. Yesterday, my Walmart pickup was only short garbage bags in the size I wanted, so I had to get two smaller packages instead. I haven't been in a grocery store in months, so I don't know how the shelves are looking in person.
  24. Having gotten a dog when not everyone was on board, I am not sure that I would do it again. It is a point of contention in the family right now. We all love the dog, but tensions run high when dog is being doggish. Our dog is very good natured and sweet, but he also requires a lot of attention. It also creates some hard feelings when he is barking a lot or otherwise being bothersome. Sometimes taking care of him will fall on the family members who were not pro-dog, although we do what we can to avoid this.
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