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  1. My DS is applying to USNA, USAFA, and USMA for the c/o 2024. What year is your DS now? If he is a junior (graduating high school in 2020), you need to jump on things and start doing a LOT of reading and research now. If he's younger, you have a bit of time. I highly recommend that you read every page on the USAFA website, paying attention to each link and drop-down menu. Many of your questions will be answered just by reading. I also recommend that you spend some time on the Service Academy Forums website, and search through their forum posts for any questions you might have (99% of which have already been asked and answered). We have also been attending Academy Days and Admissions briefings through our local Members of Congress for a couple of years now. Each time we go, we learn another helpful tip.
  2. One of my cats who lived to be 18 was hyperthyroid for years. We used pill pockets (soft treats) to give him pills for years, then a "pill popper" when he didn't want to eat the pill pockets. Once he got used to the meds, it wasn't a big deal. The thyroid medication was also very inexpensive.
  3. We have the Adam's Map of History as well. DH & DS built a simple shelf to hold it along a long wall, and we just keep a portion of it folded. We get a LOT of positive comments from people who visit our house who are fascinated with it! We bought it when my kids were elementary age, but they still refer to it even now in high school.
  4. What math has he taken? My DS took the ACT for the first time in July after his sophomore year (after Algebra 2), and math was his lowest score. He re-took it in December 2018 (halfway through junior year) and it went up 2 points (after taking College Algebra). He is almost finished with Trig AND Pre-Calc (both college classes) this semester, and his math score went up another 2 points. If your DS hasn't gotten that far in math, don't worry just yet about his scores. If his other subtests were good, spend some time practicing and prepping for math, especially the pace. My DS is also hoping to go to an academy. USNA invited him to a CVW this spring, which was very motivating. His preliminary applications have been submitted for the class of 2024.
  5. I would have your student dress in a way that they will be confident in their appearance. What if you show up wearing shorts and t-shirts, but the school representatives are dressed business casual? Would that make your student feel self-conscious? Could you find something that is comfortable, lightweight for the heat, but still looks a bit more professional? For my DS, that usually involves khaki pants, a short sleeved button down shirt, and shoes that are a bit nicer than sneakers but still comfortable for walking. When we've taken just general campus tours, we wear whatever's comfortable and heat-appropriate (we live in FL). But when we are meeting with someone specifically, or it's a more specialized visit, we dress a little nicer.
  6. Our A/C runs almost year-round. I think we turned on our heat for about 3 days this past winter. But I don't think our outside temps got below 40 degrees more than that during this winter either. We've already had temps near 90 this spring. ETA: I'm in Tampa.
  7. I'm a bit behind you because my kids are still in high school, but I totally understand this. I have gone back to school and the challenge of school has been very helpful for my own sanity. My goal is to be ready to go back to work full time when my youngest is either a senior in high school or freshman in college.
  8. My 11th grader's math score improved by 2 points, which is awesome, and his other scores were very good. He really needed to improve his writing score, which won't be released for a while, but I am pleased with his scores.
  9. Time Left: 10 days and 7 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    For Sale – AHL set, missing a few pieces. $180 PayPal only, includes Media Mail shipping and tracking. All books in excellent or very good condition except where noted. Set Includes: Daily Lesson Plans (Greek Alphabet section has been used, but otherwise no writing) Taking the Old Testament Challenge The Tabernacle The New Answers Book What on Earth Am I Here For? Unwrapping the Pharaohs The Baker Illustrated Guide to the Bible Literature and Composition Supplement (has some writing in pencil but is usable; answer keys have been torn out and stapled separately, but are included) The Epic of Gilgamesh Bulfinch's Greek and Roman Mythology (cover and spine show some wear) Encyclopedia of the Ancient World The Student Bible Atlas Does not include: Daniel Teen Inductive Bible Study The Cat of Bubastes The Iliad The Odyssey Eric Liddell Notgrass Exploring World History books and Student Review Pack Ancient History Timeline Figures Ancient History Timeline Book


  10. My 11th grader took it today for the 3rd time, so no nerves here. He really only needed to improve his writing score, so that's what we've been focusing on, and we anticipate that his math score will naturally come up now that he's nearly completed Trig and Pre-Calc. We will see in a few weeks!
  11. In addition to weekly online class meetings, Mr. D. has help sessions available twice a week with a live teacher. Students log in online, then chat (verbally) about the course/section/topic for which they need help, and the teacher walks them through it, showing them on the screen, then letting the student work through the problem on their own. There are also pre-recorded videos for each section.
  12. Mr. D. Math has once a week online classes and has recently been NCAA approved. I think it may be a good fit for what you're looking for.
  13. We had a tankless water heater for a while but replaced it with an old fashioned tank. It took a very long time for hot water to reach our shower, which was on the opposite side of our (ranch style) house. We have very hard water, so we had issues with sediment buildup. And because we don't have gas service in our area, we had an electric version, so if the power went out, we had no hot water at all. I've heard that the gas tankless heaters are better than electric, but that wasn't an option for us.
  14. I am currently teaching Apologia Biology at a co-op and have decided to use Dr. Wile's Discovering Design with Chemistry for next year. You can actually download the entire first module, along with all of the Comprehension Check (same as O.Y.O.) questions and Review questions (same as Study Guides) from the publisher at My opinion based on a quick read through of the book is that the tone is very similar to Apologia Biology but it's meatier and (obviously) very math-heavy.
  15. I haven't had a child take this course, but I am currently teaching Apologia Biology at a co-op and purchased the Advanced Biology book to look through when I was deciding what to teach next year. I decided that it had too much chemistry for my students to handle, so I will be teaching Chemistry next year, and will consider teaching Advanced Biology the following year.
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