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  1. My 18-year-old son was exposed by a coworker who was asymptomatic but tested positive four weeks ago. It took a while to get an appointment to be tested, but he's been waiting about 2 1/2 weeks for test results, and has heard nothing. It's beyond frustrating.
  2. My daughter's studio (part of a larger drama/acting/art school) started summer dance classes last week, then just shut down again for the remainder of the summer after a dance student started showing symptoms after a confirmed exposure. They haven't decided what to do about fall classes yet, except for definitely cancelling at least one major show.
  3. We started early, but all of the school info rolled over in August. DS's demographic info stayed in his application. As far as I can remember, the general essay questions stayed the same, so if your DS wants to start working on the essays over the summer, as long as he saves them in a Word document, that would give him a head start. Anything school-specific, including school-specific essays, will NOT save when they update the app on August 1. My DS was SO glad that he finished all of his applications in August, before his school semester began, while many of his friends were still c
  4. https://www.thesupplyfinder.com/ is a website I recently discovered that provides up-to-the-minute reports of where you can purchase hard-to-find supplies. We have had no problems finding kleenex, hand soap, or Lysol liquid this week at our regular grocery store. I was able to order TP and paper towels online at Walmart. Sams had cases of napkins last week. If we absolutely run out of TP, we have enough napkins to use for a while (although they aren't flushable, but I'd prefer them to cloth). This whole experience has made me so much more empathetic to people who live with fo
  5. We are currently looking at adding a dog to our family, who would be primarily our almost 18-year-old's responsibility (with full understanding that it's a FAMILY dog, so I'm ultimately responsible). This ^^^^^ is exactly what we've been doing. We are waiting to hear back from our local lab rescue group right now about a dog we may foster-to-adopt. She needs to be spayed, and with the COVID19 situation, all "elective" pet surgeries are on hold, so she can't be officially adopted until she's spayed. But she fits our criteria, so I'm hoping that it works out, and fostering her may be th
  6. Florida - all public schools closed until March 30. Many start Spring Break on Monday, so it's just one extra week beyond Spring Break. Florida State universities moving to online instruction until at least April 5. State colleges (not sure if it's all or just some) using online instruction until March 30.
  7. We haven't sent our kids to school, but did consider it at one point with one child, then decided against it (their choice). One thing to consider is if switching will affect local scholarships down the road. I live in Florida, where high school students are eligible for the Bright Futures scholarship from the state. Students in a public or private school must be enrolled in that school (or can switch from public-to-public) for all of 11th AND 12th grades. Sending a child to school in 11th grade, then pulling them to homeschool in 12th grade, disqualifies them from this scholarship.
  8. My kids have used passports when they've taken the SAT, PSAT, and ACT prior to being old enough for a learner's permit or driver's license. The passport was accepted with no issues whatsoever. The passports do not have an address. I do think it makes sense to update your DS's information with the College Board so that when they send his SAT scores, they match the name that will be on his college applications. I don't think it would be an issue for test day - they just want to make sure that the name & picture of the person registered for the test is the same person who shows up
  9. Congratulations - USMA is awesome. We have a friend who is finishing his plebe year there, and that's a huge honor. Congratulations - does your DD know where she wants to go? Congratulations - FSU is where my DS is leaning right now. My DH and all of his family went to FSU, and my in-laws used to live in Tallahassee before they passed away a few years ago, so FSU is a very strong pull for DS's loyalty. He has also applied to the Honors College.
  10. My ds has been accepted at all of the schools he applied to that have released admission decisions. He was admitted to UF yesterday (and was excited that he could try to "crash the server" with all of the tens of thousands of students all trying to log in at the same time to see their decisions). Right now he is trying to decide between FSU (waiting on Honors College/Presidential Scholarship decision, but admitted to the university with the Freshman Scholarship), Eckerd College (Presidential Scholarship), and USF (Director's Award). He's strongly leaning toward majoring in Environment
  11. I'm in grad school for a M.A.T. degree in Science Education. At my school (University of South Florida), a student whose undergraduate GPA isn't above a 3.0 can take three specific courses from the program and be accepted into the program with a 3.0 GPA in those courses. Prospective students take the General Knowledge Test from the Florida Department of Teacher Certification Exams rather than the GRE. The math on the GKT was basic algebra, geometry, and statistics. I was expecting it to be more difficult.
  12. I am in grad school working on a M.A.T. in Science Education and have spent time observing several middle and high school classes recently. One high school chemistry teacher I spoke with told me that her students won't read assignments when they are assigned from the textbook, but they WILL watch a 5 or 10-minute YouTube video. She creates a worksheet for each unit with QR codes for videos that she has vetted covering each major topic, then assigns the videos as homework rather than anything out of the textbook. I can totally see the necessity for computer graded and multiple-choic
  13. After much thought and prayer, my son decided not to pursue service academy admissions, but thanks for mentioning us.
  14. My oldest changed his mind completely about his college trajectory between his junior and senior years, so only applying to one school would not be my preference. Even now, he's a senior and has been accepted to 5 schools, still waiting on several others to release decisions. His top 3 choices are 2 in-state schools and one in-state private school that has a VERY different focus from the others. His choice of potential majors has waffled even during his senior year, so we wanted him to have options for any of his potential choices (when he does finally figure out what he wants to do).
  15. This is what my course descriptions look like. We don't have any public school courses, but for DE courses, I just copied the course description from the college website. Pre-Calculus Algebra (MAC 1140) – Taken at St. Petersburg College, Spring 2019 Professor: William A. Hemme 3 college credits, 1 high school Math credit Curriculum: Precalculus: Enhanced with Graphing Utilities and Online access, by Sullivan and Sullivan T
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