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  1. After much thought and prayer, my son decided not to pursue service academy admissions, but thanks for mentioning us.
  2. My oldest changed his mind completely about his college trajectory between his junior and senior years, so only applying to one school would not be my preference. Even now, he's a senior and has been accepted to 5 schools, still waiting on several others to release decisions. His top 3 choices are 2 in-state schools and one in-state private school that has a VERY different focus from the others. His choice of potential majors has waffled even during his senior year, so we wanted him to have options for any of his potential choices (when he does finally figure out what he wants to do).
  3. This is what my course descriptions look like. We don't have any public school courses, but for DE courses, I just copied the course description from the college website. Pre-Calculus Algebra (MAC 1140) – Taken at St. Petersburg College, Spring 2019 Professor: William A. Hemme 3 college credits, 1 high school Math credit Curriculum: Precalculus: Enhanced with Graphing Utilities and Online access, by Sullivan and Sullivan Topics: This course is intended for students whose major requires the completion of some or all of the calculus sequence. Major topics include: polynomial, rational and other algebraic functions, their properties and graphs; polynomial and rational inequalities; exponential and logarithmic functions, their properties and graphs; piecewise-defined functions; conic sections; matrices and determinants; sequences and series; mathematical induction; binomial theorem and applications.
  4. Dual enrollment courses ARE included on the SSAR. Sorry I just now saw your post!
  5. I am SOOOO glad I made my DS do the large majority of work for his college apps in July/August. He is completely finished with all of them, and has been accepted at 3 schools so far (one with a Presidential scholarship offer). I begged my DH to do the FAFSA, and he did that last week when he had a day off from work. We have our Florida Financial Aid app done, Bright Futures service hours verified, SAT/ACT scores sent, DE transcripts sent. I HOPE all we have left to do is to sit back and wait for letters of acceptance and financial aid packages.
  6. I live in Tampa and highly recommend driving from Orlando on Saturday morning rather than Friday rush hour. Stay on the south side of Orlando (near the airport) and the trip should be relatively painless. There are normal bottlenecks on I-4 around the Disney exits and again when I-4 meets I-275 near downtown Tampa.
  7. I had a cat who lived with hyperthyroidism for many years (at least 6 or 7) after being diagnosed. As long as you keep up the meds and she is otherwise healthy, Posie could live happily for many years. She is beautiful!
  8. I'm in Florida too, and my kids will be doing DE at two different state colleges. My DS has been at St. Pete College since spring 2018, and I don't remember them even asking for a transcript. They may have asked for one just to verify that his high school GPA was sufficient. I'm currently looking at HCC's requirements, since SPC no longer allows out of county students and we live in Hillsborough County. This is what they require: My experience with DE has been that every college has different rules about what they require, but I've never heard anyone ask for high school course numbers. DS has just finished his applications to universities for fall 2020, and none of the 9 schools he's applying to (including 5 in Florida) asked for course numbers.
  9. The only course numbers I included on DS's transcript have been the college courses he's taken through dual enrollment. He is applying to 9 universities, has already been accepted at one, and his transcript has been officially accepted already by about half. I haven't seen high school course numbers requested anywhere. If your kids are just starting high school, one thing I would recommend you do now is to start compiling a document with course descriptions. It's MUCH easier to pull together as you go rather than waiting until the start of the senior year. If I am using a curriculum or outside class, I just copy their course description, list all curricula and resources used, list how grading was calculated (ex: 45% tests, 45% lab reports, 10% homework; etc.), and how much credit was given. We have had a couple of schools ask for this type of document, which I just printed and mailed with the transcript.
  10. Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions. I live in Tampa and both of my kids are in high school. DS has taken 2 AP courses and lots of DE courses. He'll graduate from high school with 48 DE credits, but many kids graduate from high school and get their A.A. at the same time. Both of my kids have taken the PSAT as well. You will need to establish residency for some of what you want to do. I recommend that you contact FPEA, the statewide homeschool association, and ask your specific questions, because I don't want to guess. ( I would be careful about residency if establishing residency in FL would jeopardize your home state residency for college admissions. For AP courses, there's FLVS (online virtual school, or other online providers. DS took AP Environmental Science and AP Language & Comp from Pennsylvania Homeschoolers online, and took the AP exams at a local private school (who were very welcoming). You can also take AP exams at local public schools, but they are required to hold seats for FLVS students and don't always have seats available for homeschooled students who took an AP course from somewhere other than FLVS. DS has taken the PSAT at a private school and our local zoned public school. DD has only taken it once at the public school. There were no issues getting that set up. I just called the guidance office at our local public high school and had them reserve a seat. DE is typically allowed only at the state college in the county in which you reside. It's easy to DE if you are registered as a homeschooler with your county vs. enrolled in an umbrella school. DE is free with free textbooks for homeschooled students. Umbrella schools must have an articulation agreement with the state college and there's no guarantee of free tuition or free books. I recommend the following Facebook groups: [statewide] FLVS Homeschooling Parents (FLEX), Florida Homeschoolers Dual Enrolled, Florida Homeschooling for College Credit. [If you are moving specifically to the Tampa area] Dual Enroll Homeschool Community Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay Homeschool Families, and Tampa Homeschoolers.
  11. My DS has already received his first acceptance, from Liberty University. They apparently have rolling admissions and notified him of his acceptance really quickly. He's got one other application fully complete (U. of South Florida), and expects to hear from them pretty early when they start announcing admissions on October 1. He qualifies for an in-state scholarship (Bright Futures) and his grades & test scores qualify him for a significant amount of scholarship money from USF, so we'll see how that shakes out. His other schools all use the Common App, and he's trying to finish that up today, before his dual enrollment classes begin on Monday. So he's not "one and done" but it's nice to be (very nearly) finished with the applications and have one acceptance already in hand.
  12. One tip that helped me was to alternate sweet and savory drinks on your "clear liquids the day before" diet. I got really shaky and lightheaded when I went too long without drinking something, so I'd slowly sip a Sprite or Gatorade, then slowly sip some broth, alternating sweet/savory and hot/cold, and I felt great doing it that way. Both of my colonoscopies have felt like the BEST nap I've had in a long time, then I've come home and slept for another several hours. The prep is only bad for a few hours, then it's over.
  13. Following, because my 17-year-old has announced that he seems to be swinging toward law and politics and away from engineering as a future career interest. I'll be looking around for the same.
  14. I was the one who started the post quoted upthread from 2013 asking about advice for getting a MS puppy, so I'll chime in here... The good: Our MS is now 6 years old and she is an absolutely fabulous dog for our family. She can walk 2-3 miles easily, has gone for (short) runs with my DS who is a cross country runner, and follows me around the house wherever I go. She is very affectionate with our family and loves other dogs. She is my baby! The bad: Unfortunately, there's quite a bit.... She barks a lot. She barks when a package is dropped on our front porch, when the doorbell rings, when anyone knocks, or when anyone is in our yard. Yes, she's protective, but this has been one thing we haven't been able to train out. She has very sensitive skin with environmental allergies and licks a lot. She had a bladder stone several years ago which required surgery. She has eaten more inappropriate things than I can count. Legos, crayons, kleenex, string, kitty litter, cat droppings, sticks, toys, cotton balls, the list could go on and on. She swallowed some string (see above) which got caught in her intestine and needed surgery about a year ago. This past year, she has developed pancreatitis which necessitated switching her from the (expensive prescription) bladder stone kibble to another (expensive prescription) super-low-fat kibble. She's had 4 flare-ups of pancreatitis since September. Bottom line is that I absolutely love this dog, but the vet bills have cost us more than a very nice car.
  15. Lands End has really cute tankinis and 2-piece suits that are mix and match, so you can get what fits. My almost-15-year-old DD usually finds several styles that she loves, and we can find swimsuits that actually fit. Definitely buy when they are having sales.
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