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  1. I am still working on my weight loss. It is a very very slow journey as I have adrenal crap going on that makes it feel impossible at times. That said I have been making progress gaining muscle and strength, so my composition is changing more than my actual weight. I have learned I can not go too low carb or I become murderous haha and can't control my temper. So low carb is okay but atkins, whole30, keto etc are not a good fit for me. I am just starting to look at tracking macros and think that will be my best bet in addition to the exercise I do.
  2. Um she is 5, she can be sad all she wants, as the parent it is up to you to protect her and make the big decisions, such as when to start homeschooling. Outside of the bullying issue, no way would I have my kids in a school run by a crazy person.
  3. Now that my email has blown up with notifications from this thread I decided to pop over to the hive and check with everyone :) Hey everyone, long time no see :) Love what you have done with the place haha
  4. Dd17 got gold for each of her dancea today. My folks came out to see her and decided to buy me off...lol I jest but really when I am very angry at them they buy me things. Today is a hotel rooom for the night, dinner for me and the kids and gas money for going home again tomorrow. Which is awesome and saves us driving an hour to the city tonight and then back at 7 am tomorrow (this place is 2houra from home). Just at the pizza place now getting dinner for the crew while my folks entertain my youmgest 2at the hotel. They will hit the road back home as soon as I get back.
  5. Start of dd17s second dance festival of the season (and second last of her life) tomorro; an she went to bed with a migraine tonight. Hoping it is gone with no post migraine fatigue. Tomorrow she has her solo and tap group piece, Sunday is contemporary, ballet and hip hop.
  6. Happy, guaranteed f/t hours come september, leaving the after school care and my role as assistant director and switching over the regular daycare side of our program as a regular staff. Hourly wage stays the same but now get 40 hr weeks, and a set shift instead of my current 25 hours a week, and working split shifts that can drag my work day out for 11 hours. Big change for me, but comes when I need it most. Child support completely ends at the end of July. Also job #2, looks like I will be getting more than just the 4-5 shifts a month I was initially scheduled for. A staff was just let g
  7. I dunno, I hate black licorice and tobacco, but love wine and coffee (okay not black but pretty close)
  8. I go in ebbs and flows. I do better when using it, but have gone from my lretty aesthetic spreads to plain sloppy lists. I am about to start up a new one, going to make it pretty since it is a new book, but after that I don't care. I just know in the weeks I don't use it I forget stuf, when it is used even if sloppy things get done.
  9. Hahaha I'm around. Lots going on here so not posting every where but reading lots. Not sure if I'll just be around duuring easter break or beyond. Hopefully beyond.
  10. Yes, all of them. Especially with 3teens now. Xmas no one was allowed up before 7 when they were small, now its closer to 830-900 that we get up and even then mom and teens need to be woken by youngest who just can't wait anymore. I woke up at 10:50am this morning. My house is still quiet. I heard oldest shushing the youngest 2 that I was still asleep and they needed to ay quieter. Late sleep in means no church ever, BUT my kids know that I am generally going on 3-4 hours of sleep at night. Sundays and holidays are usually my only chance to sleep more. They get it. Of course 2nd
  11. I am jealous of your work. We got hit with a massive spring storm on Thursday. It has snowed/rained everyday since. The ground is buried under 2 feet of snow again. The roads are lime skating rinks. The day before the snow it was 12C out and we were playing outside in t-shirts and no coats on the grass. Usually when easter is in April we can have one free of snow. Most people had to cancel any and all weekend travel plans for easter this weekend across the region because it was not safe, police were telling people to stay off the highways etc. As much as yard work is a pita and toug
  12. Hey all. Hope you all had a great holiday season. Life is back to normal here again, was so busy for a bit. Had some stressful crap happen, became a beachbody coach, met with my advisor at the college about my up coming practicum and got the widow of dates that accreditation will show up during to observe us at work. So normal busy life lol
  13. Yummy. I am currently drinking an XL coffee with 1/4 hot chocolate anf a mint chocolate shot. So yummy.
  14. At work, having a picnic with dd17 before i start mu actual shift, enjoying my coffee. Is it a bad sign that when i order my coffee at the tim horton's they know i want a sleeve on it now before i ask? Or that they know me and my work schedule based on my coffee order? I might need to take a break from there for January. I think i might be over doing the coffee buying.
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