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  1. Baseball mom

    January Frugalistas

  2. Baseball mom

    Get rid of it all 2019

    Everyone is doing good! The crystal bowl, I agree, use it for whatever makes you happy. Do you like it as a fruit bowl? Or maybe near the front door for sunglasses? Or if you don't like it give it to someone you know would love it and don't feel guilty. I started slowly boxing up stuff thinking I would have a yard sale. I had piles of boxes here and there. I wasnt feeling better, just more stress. Then like KungFuPanda decided the few dollars I would make having a hard sale wasnt worth the time & effort. I loaded all the boxes in the truck and took to goodwill. Man did I feel better. Yeah I had that moment of "I really needed that money" but my sanity needed it gone. Since then I have taken school stuff & clothes to hs group functions and given stuff away. Felt good knowing people were using the stuff I had taking up space. Haven't done much over Christmas but ready to get back to getting rid of stuff.
  3. If using plastic serving utensils you can write your name on the handle with a sharpie.
  4. The only one that I don't worry about getting the dish back from is my mom. She will send back anything thing give her food in unless I say "toss it when you are done" (aluminum pans). My MIL gets it, guaranteed I won't see it again. SIL will get it back to me IF one of her grown kids don't take off with it 1st.
  5. Baseball mom

    January Frugalistas

    Can you tell me how you use the pumpkin in these dishes? Does it taste different? I have a ton of pumpkin in the freezer and I have reflux so interesting.
  6. Baseball mom

    Get rid of it all 2019

    WOW that is high. Around here I can sit anything on the curb and whatever "junkers" don't pick up the city will come pick up for free. And because I live in the city, if I have take a load to the dump it is free. Free being relative, I pay both city and county taxes (so higher taxes). Also if my can is full I can leave can open and sit bag on top or can sit bags next to can and they pick it up (normally, sometimes I get a different driver that won't get out and put it in the empty can after dumping and dump again)
  7. Baseball mom

    Is there a secret to staying logged in?

    I thought it was something I am doing wrong. I see it isn't only me
  8. Baseball mom

    January Frugalistas

    Welcome AmandaVT 🙂 Taxes make me stressed. And last year our refund dropped a lot. Worried this year. Small savings today. Instead of buying each of us a bottle of vitamins I bought 1 bottle of complete for us to share. Free supper tonight. Ate with a family member yesterday and they sent home enough for us to have supper tonight.
  9. Baseball mom

    January Frugalistas

    Definitely need to get back on track with spending or rather NOT spending. A few birthdays this month, niece, nephew and close family friend (child). Hopefully I can find something nice for each on clearance. Also will try to eat out of the freezer as much as possible.
  10. Baseball mom

    December Frugalistas

    Man this month I fell off the frugal wagon and got run over by it. Gotta get back on that wagon. My mom gave me money for Christmas. She wants me to buy something I want/need that I normally wouldn't buy and not just use it for bills and groceries
  11. Baseball mom

    Get rid of it all 2019

    I was doing a pretty good in November cleaning out. Took a truck load to goodwill and gave a bunch of hs material away. I wanted to have a yard sale but it didn't work out and I needed the stuff out of my house. After getting rid of that stuff I felt some better and started going through more. Was on a good roll but came to stop getting ready for Christmas. Now I am ready to get back to cleaning out again. Hope to be back with success stories.
  12. Baseball mom

    Need a good Christmas movie for 5-12 yr. olds

    Christmas for a Dollar
  13. Baseball mom

    What are you eating over the holidays?

  14. Baseball mom

    Who’s going to tackle Tuesday with me?

    I am up and will try to tackle. I really want to go back to bed 😴 ds to appointment bake cookies wrap presents straighten house
  15. Baseball mom

    December Frugalistas

    Have been reading but not posting. My brain is like "SQUIRREL" I read and while reading it triggers a thought of something I need to look up, add to a list or go do. And there goes my brain. I am trying to be frugal as possible. It would help if I would remember to use ebates. I usually remember sometime AFTER I have ordered. Not good.
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