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  1. Hoping next month is better than this month. Actually I didn't think this month was as bad as the last few months but still not caught up. It's always something. Will count these as wins no matter how small. Found list library books. Fathers day - dh was very happy with some candy and gum from dollar tree & 1/2 batch chocolate no bake cookies. He has a sweet tooth & I haven't been buying or baking. Stepdad got a pan of homemade enchiladas & the other 1/2 of the cookies. Had all ingredients to make stuff on hand. Used walmart grocery pick up for 1st time. Used the $10 off coupon & strictly stuck to my list. (no extras slipped in). Dh came in with some fresh garden veggies other day. Someone at work brought them in. We take all veggies people want to give. If we don't eat them I will find someone that will.
  2. We have a lot of grandparents and all are called something different. When talking to my kids or nieces & nephews I always use the "grandparent name" .
  3. Oooooh I like this idea. I like learning about different products. I like Kroger sweet & tangy bbq sauce.
  4. Things have been/are rough here. BUT I am thankful for all we have. Think I will do like do like BarbecueMom and focus on saving. Made a yummy family meal with the leftovers given to me and a few spices & condiments. Came home with a case of bottled water no one wanted after an event. Have a day outing in a few weeks, will throw those in a cooler & take with us. Used a free slush coupon to get ds a treat. Stayed home all weekend.
  5. We have an ice station in the parking lot of the car wash. It has a place to fill jugs with water. Not sure exactly how much it is. Just remember just thinking it was cheap when I was getting ice one day.
  6. Dss have been in 2 different family weddings. 1st one after rehearsal there was cheap pizza and cokes in the fellowship hall. 2nd it was told anyone that wanted to meet at a local restaurant after could but it was pay your own meal.
  7. Chips - all kinds but especially real salty ones Chips & salsa French fries - hot, fried, slightly crispy. Oh and need salt on them & ketchup too but especially the salt Donuts Oreos - double stuffed
  8. When we were looking for a van, we went to 1 dealer that kept giving us the run around on price. He kept asking what did I want my payment to be. So with a very serious expression I told him $20 maybe $25. He laughed. I sat there with a straight face and said "you were only worried about what I "wanted" my payment to be so I told you." They also kept pushing a van we didn't really care for. We ended up not buying from them. Next dealer had a van I liked and had done research on. After test drive we sat down to discuss it with the dealer. I had some questions (safety & motor related). The dealer kept kinda blowing me off and turning to dh to talk. Dh looked at the guy and said "if you are the least bit interested in selling that van you better talk to her. It will be her van and she know exactly what she wants and has done a lot of research." That got a surprised look and an "I am so sorry" Dealer started paying attention to me after that.
  9. That reminds me of when I went to see about the price of a new phone. The girl kept telling me I could get the phone for $x a month. She wouldn't tell me how many payments it was or the outright price. Finally when I asked "I want to purchase the phone outright today, no payments HOW much is the phone?' She looked at me as if I had gone crazy and said "why would you want to do that? It is $x a month" 😵 I left.
  10. I took 3 smallish boxes of books to a sale. Came back with 1. Didn't make much money but got rid of some stuff. Maybe this beautiful weather will put me in the spring cleaning mood.
  11. Corelle is my favorite. I have a couple different sets but when pieces broke or I felt we needed more of a particular piece (plates, bowls etcl.) I pick up pieces at goodwill and yard sales. I am weird and don't care if they match.
  12. UGH forgot about Easter. My guys are really to big for a basket but I like to get them something to go in their reusable baskets.
  13. Not doing so great here. Ds1 bday is this month (presents, cake, ice cream & bday meal out), bought both dss some new clothes, had to buy meat (been mostly eating out of freezer), ordered some graduation stuff for ds2, ordered some graduation proofs, needed gas in the car (holy cow). Will need to order graduation invitations and stuff and ds2 birthday is coming up too. Oh and car tags and dr bill all coming up. Geez. Good news -- the clothes I bought, I had a coupon and this store is cheaper than most. The meat I bought was on sale and I got the photo proofs 1/2 off. Everything still added up but at least I got some deals. Going to be taking some stuff to a curriculum sale. Hope to sell a lot. Won't make much as most is marked cheap but anything will help.
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