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  1. PeachyDoodle

    Standardized testing question

    Yes, I had heard rumblings about the CAT but never really paid attention because we haven't used it. I took it in elementary school -- that was probably the same version that homeschoolers use now! I didn't realize it hadn't been updated. I haven't heard of the NWEA. I'll need to do some research to make sure it meets our state requirements before I decide. Thanks.
  2. PeachyDoodle

    Standardized testing question

    No. Apparently they use a third-party service provided by a local university to choose which students are admitted, so according to the principal, she doesn't even see test scores. Most students are applying from the district's regular middle schools, so they've all taken the same tests, but those aren't available to homeschoolers.
  3. DD is applying to an early college program, and I need to give her a standardized test for her application. We have to test anyway per our state law, so this isn't a big deal; we'll just kill two birds with one stone. I'm looking at the CAT, the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, and the Stanford since we can do any of those online and they all fulfill our state requirement. But I wondered if one of them is better than the others when it comes to the early college application. Do these tests have a "reputation" in the education world -- like, is one though to be easier than the others or whatever? I think they are all likely to be familiar to the people making admissions decisions, but I'm not sure. Would one of them be better accepted than the others?
  4. Yes. Both my eyes are significantly nearsighted, but the left is far worse than the right. It means I can't even see things right in front of my face while squinting because of the disparity. I have to have glasses/contacts to see anything at all, even my bedside alarm clock.
  5. PeachyDoodle

    I am going to need a whole wardrobe.....GRRRR

    Oh how I wish that were true! I grow out of (and into and back out of again) clothes every year or two. It's maddening! @DawnM if it makes you feel any better, dd and I visited my sister in DC a couple of years ago in April and it was freezing and snowed. We were woefully unprepared. Fortunately I was in one of my smaller states at the time, and dd had just grown into (small) adult sizes, so we were both able to borrow coats and such from my sister!
  6. One of my goals for my kids as they go through high school is to help them become comfortable with social/professional networking. As an introvert with a fair amount of social anxiety, this is something I've failed supremely at myself, and I have no clue how to help my teen(s) overcome this hurdle. But I see the opportunities I've missed because of my inability or unwillingness to navigate the social aspect and don't want the same for them. Unfortunately, dd is also a definite introvert who lacks the confidence to put herself out there when it comes to meeting new people, initiating contact, etc. We have made small inroads (e.g., requiring her to contact her best [really only] friend to arrange get-togethers instead of relying on me to contact the friend's mom) over the past year or so, but progress is slow. I know we like to scoff at the "homeschoolers lack socialization" stereotypes, but at least in our case there's some truth to it. I do feel like homeschooling, while OVERWHELMINGLY positive for us, has been somewhat isolating for me and the kids. DS is only 8 so it's hard to know for sure, but I suspect he's going to be a similar case. How can I help dd (and eventually ds) start to develop the confidence to put herself out there? My end goal isn't that she have a huge circle of intimate friendships -- I don't think she would want that anyway. But I do want her eventually to be able to network on a professional level so that she's in the know for potential internship/job opportunities and things like that. I want her to understand the value of interpersonal relationships to her future happiness and success (I severely underestimated this for myself as a teen/young adult). She's only 13 and doesn't even have a real field of interest yet, so we're talking long-term, but I think we're going to need baby steps.
  7. PeachyDoodle

    Need new exercise

    That's disappointing. In my state, the Y's all have reciprocity, so a membership at one gets you access to facilities and classes at all the Y's in the state. (A few special programs are sometimes excluded.) If there are any others within driving distance, they might have better accommodations.
  8. PeachyDoodle

    Need new exercise

    Both of the Y's nearest me offer a CrossFit-style class that can be adapted for pretty much any level as well.
  9. PeachyDoodle

    Need new exercise

    Do you have a YMCA? I'm not sure if you need to have your son in the room with you during class, but I am fairly certain our Y would accommodate that if asked. If he's able to be on his own for a bit, there are definitely plenty of common areas where he could hang out.
  10. PeachyDoodle

    Oh mercy me what have I done?

    Foam rollers work wonders for sore muscles. And yeah, prepare for Thursday to be worse than tomorrow.
  11. PeachyDoodle

    Countertop preference?

    Second that. It's what we have and it's fabulous. Stain-resistant, heat-resistant, needs next to no maintenance.
  12. If my girls weren't hurt by it, it wouldn't bother me in the least. If they had lost out on something, then it would, for sure. But since they are a troop, I don't see a problem with them working as a team to help everyone reap as many benefits as possible. My dh has been in sales for years, and it's worked this way on every team he's ever been on. If one rep is over quota and another needs a bit to push him over the top, they move sales around so that everybody gets there. It's good for the team because it keeps everybody's average up. It literally is money out of our pocket when it's dh who donates the sale, but if he's at 100% to quota, then he's bringing home more than we need anyway. And sometimes he's on the receiving end, in which case we get more than we would have that month. If I complained about anything in this situation, it would be that the girls themselves weren't invited to share their sales, or at least given a head's up. I think that would have made it easier to swallow than a blindside.
  13. PeachyDoodle

    So we got an Instant Pot for Christmas...

    I never knew this! That makes me feel a little better. 🙂
  14. PeachyDoodle

    So we got an Instant Pot for Christmas...

    I did think about getting the glass lid, as I've read that the IP functions better as a slow cooker with it (something about moisture retention). But I've also read that you shouldn't use any dairy or cream-based soups in it. So that knocks out a chunk of my recipes right there. I do have the smaller Crock-pot that I will continue to use, but some of my recipes really need the larger pot. I'm not giving up yet. I like the idea of being able to use all the IP's functions but I can't quite wrap my head around making it work for us. Hopefully that will come. Unfortunately, dh, in an unusually industrious moment, loaded up the box and took it to recycle, so we can't return it. I suppose we can sell it if we decide it just doesn't work.
  15. And at first I was very excited! But now I am just overwhelmed and confused. I have a long love affair with my slow cooker. I have two, but the larger one lost the handle on its lid, making it hard to use (I have to pry it up with a spatula, and it inevitably falls into the pot). We had looked for a replacement lid to no avail and were considering replacing the whole unit, when enter the gift of an IP. Because of the way I do my meal planning, I have zero interest in (or time for) replacing my slow cooker recipes with IP recipes. I thought that I could just make my larger recipes in the IP using the slow cooker feature, but most of what I've read so far says that feature doesn't work all that well. I get that the IP is designed to cook quickly, but part of what I love about my SC is that I can start a meal in the mornings when I am home and have time, then let it cook while we are out in the afternoons/early evenings and return home to dinner. I don't really see the benefit of cooking a pot roast in under an hour when I won't be home to start it until it's already time to eat. I know the IP is supposed to be the best thing since the microwave. What am I missing here? I really want to love it -- help me out!
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