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  1. Yeah, there is and I'm clearly not the only one who's noticed. My apologies; I missed your comment earlier in the thread.
  2. I agree. There is definitely a popular clique here and crossing them will bring out the daggers. It's always been that way in the 8-10 years I've been here but it seems worse since the last board upgrade. I have left a few times and for some reason I keep coming back but I'm not entirely sure why.
  3. Senator Mike Lee has just announced he also has tested positive.
  4. Same thing here. It's never-ending. If I see one more plug for Power Homeschool or Time 4 Learning I think I'm going to scream. I think there is a backlash against the amount of time many kids are spending on school with virtual learning. The idea that you can really educate your middle or high-schooler in an hour a day (because lining up a class to go to the bathroom takes hours, or something) is appealing. Throw in the "it's practically free and uses nothing but this awesome website that will totally figure out exactly how to teach your kid with its super-special AI and you don't have to lift a finger" and it's no wonder people are flocking to "homeschooling" as a solution. I tell people that education is like physical health -- free, fast, and easy don't exist in one space. You get to pick two, at best. The sooner you accept that you'll have to actually do some work to get results, the better off you'll be. But some people just have to have the homeschool crash diet and learn the hard way.
  5. I live in the house I grew up in. I miss my mom living here and doing all the cooking and laundry!!
  6. I have seen zero evidence of this but I will take your word for it. Doesn't change the fact that the parameters set forth here are far too vague.
  7. IMO, those are not the clear-cut lines the author thinks they are. What does s/he mean by "declares someone the winner who didn't get the most votes"? Popular votes? Electoral college votes? Didn't we just have an election in which the declared winner lost the popular vote? Was that a coup? The terms need to be better defined, IMO.
  8. Yeah, probably. I don't see what dems backing down first has to do with the military supporting any candidate though. But I guess I'm just not following your line of thought. I completely disagree that the military will take sides in any way, shape, or form here.
  9. Exactly. There is a lot of assumption in this argument that the military is monolithic in its political views, which it is not. And most military members I know, while they certainly have their own political viewpoints, feel their duty first and foremost to the country and the constitution and would be hesitant at best to act on orders to serve a person who was not duly elected, regardless of party.
  10. Thanks. I haven't heard that interpretation, although I could see the speaker stepping in temporarily as a stop-gap measure should things not be sorted out by Jan 20. My understanding is that if the electoral college fails to elect a president, the responsibility falls to the House itself, not the speaker and that the deadline for that should come before Jan 20. But I could be wrong. Either way, I agree with you that the military is not going to interfere with anything.
  11. I'm confused by this. Why would the presidency go to Pelosi in the first place, and second, you think the military will act independently instigate its own coup? What would make you expect that?
  12. It's well worth your $9.99. James Lindsay's work in this area is unparalleled.
  13. Seconding this. And adding The Coddling of the American Mind to the list as well. Just started reading it and it is fan-freaking-tastic.
  14. At least in our case, it's not that I can do it better or more easily. Between the two of us, dh is the better cook and since he has been home he does most of the cooking (which is fine by me), so it's not like he thought he was doing me some favor by "helping" or that he was taking over "my" job. But even I am capable of dumping meat and broth in a crock-pot and setting the temperature. So I suppose I just found it insulting that he didn't trust my methods, when clearly I've managed this recipe many times before and nobody here has died of food poisoning yet. And I think in the OP's case, winter coats aren't a matter of "who does it best"? But it's still annoying when your spouse suddenly doesn't trust you to do something that you've previously handled without any trouble. And I think annoyance is a completely valid feeling. Plus, it's inefficient. Most daily household and parenting jobs don't really require two heads, so having a conversation about staying in your lane is appropriate, I think. @lovinmyboys Sometimes I wonder if my dh isn't just kind of bored since he's not going out in the world as much as he used to. Maybe that's a factor in your case as well? At any rate, just wanted to tell you I totally get your feeling and I don't think it's an overreaction, although it's probably best handled by talking it out and giving the benefit of the doubt (preaching to myself here too).
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