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  1. She can code some. To the rest, I'm not sure. I'd have to ask her. Like I said, this is so far outside my wheelhouse as to be a foreign language. I haven't discussed it with her yet because she gets overwhelmed if things are too open-ended. I'm hoping to have at least some idea of what I'd like to see before I bring it up to her. But obviously I... don't. 🙂 Maybe I should have started by looking at some projects to try to get an idea of how these things are structured.
  2. Yes, she knows probability. I think something applied would be her preference.
  3. She will finish trig/precalc sometime this fall. After that she will dual enroll for calculus but not before her junior year. Hence, the time to possibly work on a project. She has done some work with statistics but hasn't completed a full course yet. It doesn't have to be a stats project. At this point I am just trying to gather enough info that we could begin the process of determining *what* kind of project it could be.
  4. My dd14 is leaning towards an eventual degree/career in applied statistics or actuarial science. She's an advanced math student, and we have some time in her high school schedule, so I've been kicking around the idea of taking a semester off from her regular curriculum and pursuing a math research project of some type. I have no idea what this would look like. I was an English major. 😳 She has a current fascination with personality types (particularly the MBTI) and I wonder if we could incorporate that somehow? Any advice or resources for how to get started designing something like this?
  5. We've done this several times. (Ahh, the joys of multiple layoffs!) It gives us some breathing room while dh looks for a new job but leaves us with a fallback in case something catastrophic happens. Of course, if you're fairly certain you will be going for more than 60 days without new coverage, then it probably makes more sense to go ahead and pay when you elect coverage.
  6. Our Senator's office will hold those requests and submit them for us on the first day of availability for each tour. So we go ahead and submit them when we have our travel dates. Our Senator's office does its own tours of the Capitol and those can be scheduled out earlier than 90 days.
  7. I once worked for a church that did this, but not every Sunday. Maybe once a month they had a "name tag Sunday" and asked all parishioners to stop on their way into the sanctuary to pick up a name tag. I'm pretty introverted, but the idea of wearing one doesn't phase me in the least. I rather like it, because I am not good at walking up to someone and introducing myself. Having learned their name would make me a bit more comfortable in future interactions. I like to add acquaintances on social media and "get to know them" that way too. It makes me feel less shy about talking to them. I know that my sense of knowing them is somewhat skewed, but it still helps break down that barrier for me.
  8. Does your plan have an out-of-pocket maximum? Once you hit that you theoretically should be done for the year, even with the post-deductible 20%. So at least it's (hopefully) not a completely open-ended bill. After that you can follow some of the other advice you've received like applying for charity care. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I know it is a terrible, horrible experience for you both. Hugs and prayers for you.
  9. Well, to be fair, nothing I read said that they went straight to random person testing without first using an engineer. Only that the service they used for testing didn't allow for nearly as many users as they knew they would have, all accessing the app simultaneously. Apparently they could have paid to upgrade the service to test at the appropriate number, but they chose not to do that. Like I said, cheap and careless. Of course, app development isn't anywhere close to my wheelhouse, so I could be completely missing something here.
  10. Something I read claimed that they tested the app through some free service that only allows at max 200 users. When they knew that they would have 1700 users, all accessing the app at nearly precisely the same time. That, if true, was a major FAIL. My tin foil hat-wearing side would love to see a big juicy conspiracy here. 😄 But it seems like it really just comes down to being cheap and careless.
  11. The pharmacist advised 5-10mg of melatonin for our 14yo who has trouble sleeping (both falling asleep and staying asleep). She is of average height/weight for an adult female.
  12. Sigh. Normally I'm knee-deep in planning by this point but I've worked so hard pulling 9th grade together that I haven't thought much about next year. A lot will depend on whether/how much we allow dd to dual enroll next year. But, tentatively speaking... Math: Finish Saxon Advanced Math and move into Calculus Science: Biology, probably Novare History: We are planning a fall road trip through NE, so maybe American (she's not a fan but it's more or less required for most colleges we've looked at, might as well get it over with) English: Interest-led, probably will work through They Say/I Say for writing Foreign Language: Probably Spanish, DE Electives: Interest led, probably something with religion, possibly a math elective like Counting & Probability PE: 10-12 hours/week crew practice To be continued...
  13. Our YMCA allows kids to attend adult group ex classes without an adult at 11. Is that an option? Would she enjoy putting on some music and dancing? Yoga videos on YouTube? Do you have a local rowing club? Rowing has been a great fit for my non-athletic dd (full disclosure: she doesn't have any health/weight issues, although she does have social anxiety and is a bit immature socially). It's a low-impact but full-body workout. Team atmosphere so there are opportunities to socialize but much of it is very individualized. DD's team competes but it's optional. They are on the water much of the year (don't know if she'd be comfortable with that) but they also row indoors, especially in the winter. Is she open to brainstorming any ideas for herself? I know that I wasn't at that age (I was quite overweight and in poor shape so I hated everything). I'm sure you know that if you can help her find something she enjoys it will be much easier. Hugs -- I admire how hard you're working to help her!
  14. My parents' church, which I grew up in but left long ago due to its issues, is rapidly becoming a cult and everybody seems to be just peachy with it. Except for a few folks, like my mom. She is so angry and my dad is in a position to do something but refuses. And it sucks. Plus she is dealing with a new and potentially troubling medical diagnosis and just doesn't need this right now.
  15. Nope. Not a dinosaur. All the kids in the performance have worked hard, and it is disrespectful to get up and walk out, especially without a pressing reason. And yes, I've sat through my share of miserable first-year music performances. If it is an exceptionally long event, an intermission should be held to allow the audience to take a break, and perhaps leave if necessary.
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