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  1. I'm in need of some inspiration (and a topic for an essay) 😂 What are some things you've seen lately made you think, or even take action? Any kind of media will do. Blog posts, editorials, commercials, music, anything really. Political slant doesn't matter. Thank you!
  2. He turned 50 this year. I did tell him that even if this clears it up, a colonoscopy is recommended at 50. He said, 'I know. . . "
  3. HIs primary has just been prescribing the reflux medicine. Can't think of the name right now. The one associated with c.diff. ugh He is convinced that this shot has taken care of it since there is no blood today. I will try to get him to get the colonoscopy scheduled soon.
  4. Yes. I posted a few months ago about his health after surgery but I can't find it. He has had stomach issues since then, lost weight, fatigued, etc. It just hasn't gotten better. Maybe it's been a bacterial infection all along and this will fix it. If not, hopefully they can figure it out quickly.
  5. They never give us any paperwork after. I always ask and write down what was given but some people apparently don't. lol The my chart requires a pin and said person would not use it anyway.
  6. Say one has clots of blood in the stool, goes to urgent care and a sample is tested. It is not hemorrhoids. Culture comes back as a bacterial infection. Person is given a shot of -something-, abx? steroid? who knows? and person doesn't ask. Told to go back to regular doctor if bleeding comes back. I have looked up clots in stool and it can be a number of things including bacterial infection. My questions is, if it's a "bacterial infection" could that be indicative of something more or is it just that and hopefully will be cleared up with whatever shot was given?
  7. I don't feel so bad now about getting the prong collar for our husky. I resisted for months,. I tried a "no-pull' harness that would have her literally walking diagonally as her feet dug into the ground. She's only 40 lbs but drags and pulls so hard we've almost fallen several times. I gave up and got the Sprenger. It was instantly like night and day. Walking her is so much easier! I worried about looks from other dog park people but noticed that almost every husky has one!
  8. I don't wear eyeliner on my top lid because my eyes are pretty hooded so that would be a problem. Briefly. Too expensive and time intensive Yes. I've been looking into doing it myself. Just need to take the plunge.
  9. I am interested in magnetic lashes that are on the more sparse side. I don't want a dramatic look, just something to fill in a little. Maybe stop using mascara. I've looked at the Ardell accents but those still look pretty dramatic to me. i don't want the ones that use magnetic eyeliner. Anyone?
  10. Yeah. 16yo dd is the 4th one to learn to drive here and I'm just over it. I just want to get in a car and drive myself wherever it is I want to go. If I could pay someone to do ALL the driving with her, I would. We haven't been on the freeway yet because her steering is . . .in need of improvement. When she adjust her glasses or scratches her nose the whole car goes along for the ride. She does okay with the radio on, though it's not a comfort that she says it helps keep her awake. She gets very chatty when driving and we talk about all sorts of things. Like how that curve felt a roller coaster. I try to notice and compliment things like tonight while pulling into the driveway she hit the button to roll up the windows at the same time. I was like, "Someone's gettin' fancy!" Our major route to civilization is a windy road with narrow edges and guardrails, so I get you. *Sigh* is right.
  11. Have you tried raw? 😂 I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. In all seriousness, I hope you find some solutions.
  12. My dog did poorly on our raw food experiment this past month. She lost 4 lbs in a month and she was hovering near underweight to begin with. She was then hospitalized last week with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. We dont know if the two are related but we are back to kibble and will add in some canned food once we're sure her stomach is settled. We fed grain-free puppy food, Nature's Domain from Costco, but switched to their regular line after picking her up from the vet. I will keep researching until this bag is used up and switch to something better if I find it. I am interested in the Victor so I will look more into that.
  13. Do you take B vitamins? They work for me.
  14. I was trying to be bright and awake in my last one. I have crazy eyes.
  15. My son is 11. I've filed PSAs for most of my homeschooling years(3 graduated) I just don't want to join HSLDA or a charter. The charter looks like the less philosophically troubling choice right now. I'm not saying that to knock charters, we were in one for 2 years.
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