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  1. These are all great, thank you!
  2. Trying to get my homework done before power gets shut off. I need to think of simile examples in advertising. So far I have "Like a Rock" (Chevy). I keep thinking about one that has something to do with "fresh as a summer breeze" or similar, but I can't quite get it. Any others? Thank you! ETA: Just remembered "Like a Good Neighbor"
  3. Am I correct in thinking blood in the stool would warrant ER at this point? I know the point of ER is stabilization but will they they just stop the bleeding or run any important tests?😕 Apparently it was from his nose. 🤧Phew!
  4. Yes, for 2 weeks😑 Which is equivalent to 2 whole doses as it is is a once a week injection(not insulin) It's madness. 2 weeks to heal from all that?! I want to wring his doctor's neck(and dh's) I told dh that med is known for GI problems and he needed to try it longer but I found out that since I'm not a doctor I don't know what I am talking about.😶🙄
  5. I doubt he would let me go in. I asked him yesterday which blood marker was high. He said he didn't know. I was like, "You don't want to find out about it?" He said that's what doctors are for. He also think they will call and schedule a follow up appointment for him. I don't get his faith in the medical system. lol
  6. He takes something else. They did stool cultures when he had the suspected bacterial infection in August.
  7. The ultrasound is done. The tech said they were looking at his gallbladder and his colon. He told him his doctor will want to order a colonoscopy. He said he didn't want anyone going with him today and I said, "too bad."
  8. Yes, and the one he is taking has gi problems as a side effect. He doesn't listen when I tell him that. It has gotten worse since he started this new med several months ago. Hopefully that's all it is.
  9. Last night I remembered that I posted a couple of months ago about this. He was given an abx and afaik, the blood cleared up. Dh hasn't exactly been forthcoming about info.
  10. Yes. Me, too. I just read my update from March again. The ultrasound was ordered 6 months ago. That's ridiculous.
  11. I certainly didn't think 6 months later we'd still be dealing with this. Dh told me on Friday that bloodwork he had almost two months ago showed an elevated marker for colon cancer. Not sure which one and it looks like it's not a for sure kind of thing. He was waiting this whole 2 months for them to call and schedule testing. He finally called them and they said they left a message. Who knows when? We never heard it. Anyway now he is scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow. I'm not sure why that over colonoscopy. He still has terrible diarrhea and is very fatigued. He goes to bed around 7 every night. He has to work tomorrow and will go to the appointment at 3. I will meet him there. He said there was no reason for me to go, but I'm going anyway.
  12. Thank you. Phrasing it that way clicked and I think I'm on to something.
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