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  1. Part-time would be ideal as I still have 1 kid to school and the $$ isn't a huge deal. I just need to supplement our income. I have historically been strong for my size but have lost over 20lbs since November due to stress and now I am 117. I would definitely need to get my strength back to be successful.
  2. Thanks for all the ideas to consider. I do wonder about the shift work.I can do a 12 hour shift but am unsure about how I would react to graveyard. I'm in pretty good shape. I think my biggest concern is being confident when I show up to class that I being there and can do it. Lots to think about.
  3. Any insight? Looking around online it looks like plenty of older people are successful at it later in life. I am considering it but wonder if I would be foolish to think I would be hired anywhere.
  4. Eyeko Beach Waterproof. I don't prefer waterproof but I get raccoon eyes easily. The It Superhero didn't give them to me but it changed or something and was no longer working for me. I love this one and want to try a non waterproof because my eyelashes look fantastic with this brand.
  5. I use a silicone one. You can buy them on Amazon. I hardly need to use it all all anymore, though, after finding my new favorite mascara, Eyeko Beach. It is so good I replaced my old favorite IT mascara.
  6. Yes, I remember now that I did have the courses listed without grades.
  7. I put the instrument name and performance as an elective with a grade. We had no problems with it. DD graduated in May with a degree in music. ETA, I left the 12th grade portion empty until she finished.
  8. Had to go to court yesterday unexpectedly and I conferred with a DA about a matter. I was able to get what I wanted. I was nervous but managed to stand up for myself pretty well. I still will have an interview with another DA for questioning which will be even more scary.
  9. Yes, and thank you. This is scary without assistance. I'm completely in the dark on what to expect.
  10. I have and am waiting for one to be assigned. They said they are very busy and don't know when that will be.😔 I don't know if it will be in time.
  11. I am the victim and do not have a lawyer. Nor can I afford one.
  12. If I am interviewed by a D.A. and bring my notes with me, is the D.A. allowed to take those things as evidence? I am wondering if I should leave them at home?
  13. Yes! My top teeth are not too bad but my bottom ones are pretty crowded, which caused a lot of damage from my bite. In less than 2 months they look so much better all ready and I feel more confident.
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