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  1. We have one of those! DS23 found it at a thrift store when he was 10 or so. 🤣
  2. I bought a full on sale for $160 about in May. I so wish it came in California King size because it it so comfortable. No complaints. The cover is not washable so you would want to put another mattress pad. https://www.costco.com/simmons-8"-medium-gel-memory-foam-mattress.product.100535894.html
  3. Thank you! Can I add vaca to the list? I vote we just say vacation but if you must shorten it, please use vaycay.
  4. The opting-out process was lame. I’ll just put the money in savings and use it to pay Federal back.
  5. Our neighbor has a female dog named Mikey and I think it’s such a cute name.
  6. That was the earliest. He could go to urgent care for a third time but they’re not going to search out a cause.
  7. Dh has not improved. Said some breathing issue today. It is in the 100s where he works so that could be part of it. He got an appointment with his doctor for July 12th🙄. He’s been on albuterol, cefdinir and prednisone this past week.
  8. No, they just did a chest x-ray. If it continues, I’ll encourage him to go back for RSV or further pneumonia testing. He went back to work today and has had a crazy time with activity. He’s going to be exhausted.
  9. Expectedly, Covid test was negative. His chest sounds much better (DS is an emt) but the Albuterol is just masking the symptoms.
  10. I have had that. The itch is so intense and feels like it's inches deep. Hope he recovers quickly.
  11. No he hasn't. I might suggest it. The Dr. said his lungs sounded "gnarly."
  12. I hope you are feeling completely better soon, Jaybee and no one else gets it. Sounds miserable. DH did get a script for Albuterol. Weird that no one else in the house has gotten it. DH isn't exactly good about covering his cough.🙄
  13. Major fatigue, coughing, headache, chest pain, just blah, going on three weeks. Got a z-pack last week and it didn’t touch it. Went to urgent care last night and O2 was 91 with deep breaths. This is the second time since getting his Covid vax that he has been sick. Dr urged him to get a Covid test, which he just left to go get. Anything else nasty going around? ETA also dizziness and fever on and off. Dr, said not pneumonia.
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