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  1. I use plain yogurt instead of mayonnaise, a little mustard, sweet pickles, and onions.
  2. I just saw an article today about a similar case where the man died while being held to the ground and the death was blamed on his poor health and preexisting conditions. The charges were dropped against officers, even though their cameras show they were joking about whether or not they had killed him. 😥
  3. I never wash lettuce. Ever. My mom never did and it just stuck. Everything else gets a quick rinse but . . .that's it. Should I read the other replies? 😬
  4. This is different but we have the Big Boss and love it. My neighbors gave it to us because they never used it. Score! We don't use Teflon so this is perfect because my son had been asking for an air fryer.
  5. My phone doesn't like to keep windows open so it will be slow-going but I'll add some links here
  6. Might sound silly but for boots-on-the-ground perspectives from individual officers, check out TikTok. Yes, I'm being serious. If you're not seeing officers speak out, then you're probably need to look for them. Try #copsontiktok, #officerstiktok, etc. Today, my feed was full of officers denouncing the officers' actions and calling it murder.
  7. They are. You won't find them on MSM, for the most part.
  8. Exactly! We don't want this dismissed on a technicality. I have intimate knowledge of a case that was dismissed because the officer misquoted the victim and put the wrong date on the report.
  9. The way it was explained to us is that after charges are filed there is clock that starts and the case must move forward. You don't want that to happen without every possible piece of evidence.
  10. Of course it is. He was murdered. I'm only saying what I know from my experience. Arrests don't always come when they should. It's a sad fact. It was excruciating watch the POS that killed my friend posting on Facebook like nothing happened while we waited for justice. If they chose Murder 1, that's going to be hard to prove. I hope they go for Murder 2 rather than manslaughter.
  11. I have no doubt he'll be arrested. My friend was killed by an impaired driver. It was obvious at the scene. An arrest took almost a month. The prosecutor wants the charges to stick so evidence is collected to make as much of an airtight case as possible with the charges that have the best chance of sticking.
  12. Down here in SoCal, ours was changed to "until further notice" a few weeks ago. Then last week, out of the blue, the mask order was suddenly changed to recommended but not mandatory. A neighboring county dropped masks as well as social distancing orders. ETA: Going to watch video now
  13. I made myself a t-shirt.😁
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