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  1. That makes sense and I feel kind of dumb for not thinking of it. 😂
  2. The counselor said the 4-year would only look at the first one I took. Of course, I will make sure and get a formal transcript evaluation before I count on graduating.
  3. I started back to school 3 semesters ago. I've only taken one class a semester so far. I met with a school counselor last week and it looks like I only have 5 classes left until I could get an AA. I have 40+ units and some of them in my intended degree are(Psychology). I was going to take Lifespan over the summer but I took it 20+ years ago so I don't need it, the counselor said. I feel like it was so long ago, it wouldn't hurt to get up-to-date. Do I deserve a degree from this college when more than half my units were over 20 years ago elsewhere. Should I even feel bad about that?
  4. The thing about terrible singing--I just think if life were a musical, not everyone would have great voices so it's more realistic to me.
  5. This. Went to see Phantom a few years ago and followed a couple down the street. Her dress was so short her butt cheeks were hanging out. Was pretty dismayed to see her walk into the theater. Cloth seats. Blech.
  6. The Pantages has Fiddler on the Roof and Les Miserables in May
  7. I just saw this on Twitter. Surveillance footage right before one of the bombings. The bomber stops to pat a small child. It just really struck me. He's about to kill a church full of people and takes this moment. It's all just so sad and strange.
  8. There's no way of knowing that, especially when he drinks "significantly" more some days. I wouldn't recommend pharmaceuticals, either, but whatever it is, he kind of needs to be the one to make the substitute.
  9. I won't quote it but yes, she said he's not fine. That's fine if others don't see it, but combined with the excusing language of the OP and looking for a solution for him, it looks like dependency to me. It's not at all like carbs and joking minimizes it. I can pig out on carbs and still drive my kids in an emergency.
  10. She said he's not fine without it.
  11. Even though he's not fine without alcohol?
  12. As a child of two alcoholic fathers, I would call that alcoholic. He backs off because he knows it's a problem. In time, more drinks will be needed to maintain that level of good feelings.
  13. I'm of the mind that you should at least try. He's "yours" and it would be sad to leave him.
  14. Ack! Im glad it worked out.
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