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  1. I did not give you disrespect. You specifically asked about the definition of treating a person as a human. I defined it as granting everyone health care with respect.
  2. If you haven't experienced someone with a disability treated as less than human, not worth talking to or explaining anything to, not deserving of what others in society can access, and if they are granted "access" they should be grateful for whatever method it is delivered in, demeaning, dehumanizing or other, then you are a luckier person than we are. Everyone deserves health care with respect. Thank you we hadn't seen that number before.
  3. Never mind Most were suggesting what I specifically stated hadn’t worked for us.
  4. Because, everyone knows, everyone who wanted a vaccine already has it. It’s easy and simple for ANYONE who wanted the vaccine to get it. Everyone currently unvaccinated is that way by choice, so there is no reason for any precautions any longer. If someone can direct me to one of these simple, easy to access vaccination locations, where ANYONE can get it, please let me know. We’d like to have all our family members vaccinated.
  5. From what I’ve seen, things started going wonky when they started making their own deliveries. Random delivery dates, regardless of what was listed at time of purchase. Drivers that do not appear capable of driving the vehicles they have, trouble staying on the road in their lane. Stopping and parking trucks anywhere to make deliveries, even on the wrong side of the road blocking traffic. Drivers being counseled to keep revving trucks, digging holes, when they get their trucks stuck. “Just keep rocking the vehicle in the dirt while you wait for a tow truck”. I do what I can to purchase other places than Amazon.
  6. We pretty much only have deliveries by Amazon vehicles here. They like to drive through lawns, as we do not have curbs. I only tried the pick a day once, but then the whole order ended up being delayed past the delivery day. While I understand things happen, it didn’t seem to improve anything and instead caused issues with the delivery. I’m interested to hear as many experiences as people who have tried it. I like the idea, but am trying to convince myself to try it again. Or maybe I should try Amazon locker. I do not like their delivery vehicles interesting driving skills, nor having packages on the porch multiple days. I may be getting old. Stay off my lawn!
  7. What have your experiences been if you ordered from Amazon and selected the delivery day? Where you select the day of the week for all your orders to arrive in consolidated packaging? Have they come on the day selected? Do they really come in fewer boxes? Any issues? ***we tried it once and it didn't work, trying to decide if we should try it again
  8. Because all they are interested in is getting people through the lines as quickly as possible. A few extra seconds for a draw back adds time per patient. Why would they have been advised against a draw back on the syringe when vaccines were first rolled out? Was there a rational given?
  9. A school district here just added a mask mandate. The local health department put in their recommendations that, in mixed masking company those in close contact to positive cases would need to quarantine. The health department was, however, on board with no quarantine required if close contacts to positive cases had all parties wearing masks. The school district essentially chose not to quarantine students, masking just happened to be the way to get where they wanted.
  10. Yes, except that was 4,100 in two days, not three. Monday counts are three days, Wednesday’s and Friday’s are two day counts. If this isn’t a blip, it’s already at over 2,000 a day.
  11. “Orlando, Florida, officials urged residents on Friday to shorten their showers and stop watering their cars due to the city running short on the liquid oxygen“ I will take humor where I can get it these days. If they would just stop watering their cars, they should be able to improve the situation. LOL Typos tend to grate on me, but this one made me giggle.
  12. Good. I admit I could not get the article to open, so my original response was based on the headline. I did think about adding an aside that it could be the CDC or the news, but I got sidetracked while posting. Darn news writers and headlines (rabble rabble, shakes fist) Still not a good statement to make at this time, just a different source.
  13. Why would they even bother speculating on this topic at this time?There is no data one way or the other yet. This is what promotes mistrust. Is the CDC director a gambler? I see no other reasons to make a statement like this, that may have to be walked back in the future.
  14. Amazon has Ramona and Beezus. Have you already watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel series?
  15. What about mandated sun screen use for outside activities? Where and when does it cross a line? Personal freedom, personal choice, other line?
  16. Vaccines are not always easy to get in my area. Scheduled appointments for vaccination are being canceled, on the day of the appointment, as clinic hours are being changed and shortened on a weekly basis. No prior notice. You may show up and the clinic is not there. I understand changing to meet demand, but this is excessive. They shouldn’t allow appointments in the system further out than they are willing to commit to. You can’t make an appointment anymore and expect it to be there when you go. Makes asking for time off work around the times vaccines are available more difficult.
  17. If it is ok for schools to mandate clothing worn by children for the purpose of not distracting the opposite sex, how is it not ok for them to mandate an article of wear (masks) that protects the health of others? How is an executive order, banning mask mandates, that emphasizes that the path forward relies on personal responsibility rather than government mandates, not at odds with gendered school dress codes? If we’re going to rely on personal responsibility, why can’t people be personally responsible for their reactions to others clothing/bodies?
  18. There are vaccines available, but I wouldn’t call them entirely accessible yet. I have a family member who needs accommodations in order to be able to get vaccinated. There has not yet been a way for them to get the vaccine with the needed accommodations. This above is a fear of mine. That the above belief will be taken so literally, since the easy to vaccinate have been done, enough people will believe that no one else wants it, and it will become a problem of both accessibility and availability for others to get vaccinated. Yes, I believe we should help others elsewhere when we can. But who is making the decisions of when we can and how much? The voices insisting that EVERYONE who wants a vaccine already has it are vehement and loud.
  19. That was a problem I had. In my state there were only two locations, in the same general metro area and with shared ownership, that had anything to do with Miele laundry. That would be fine if I never experienced a problem and could get it installed ourselves, but life has taught me to expect curve balls. Maybe they will spread to more parts of the country over time.
  20. I looked at Mieles when shopping for my last washer. The problem of having a local service company was one of my main turn offs. There was only one service company and they were 45 minutes away. If for some reason they went out of business I would be out of luck. The second was the questionability of being able to use bleach in it. For anyone with experience with the machines, can you use bleach without trouble in Mieles? I don’t use bleach a lot, but when I need it, I need it. (kids, pets) The user guides did not appear to look favorably on bleach use.
  21. This is the same in my area. After a few families had to quarantine and so many didn’t become symptomatic, most families decide it was not worth testing. They didn’t want to deal with the possibly of missing activities if they were to end up quarantined.
  22. Agree with the frustration. We have vaccine for under 18's here, but it's only one option. Pfizer is a good option for many, but for younger males there is increased risk in the vaccine. I have literally had people say, "you're just asking for a different color lifeboat". There's a vaccine so it should be taken, otherwise resistance is considered irrational vaccine hesitancy. We are in a fortunate location for many, that get vaccines that are right for them. But there is still work to be done. If we are supposed to vaccinate under 18's, then more than one option would be helpful. More types for adults would be helpful as well. I'm hopeful for Novavax.
  23. This year I went from a high capacity front loader to 2.8 capacity. My queen size items still fit, and I just do an extra load of towels a week. The capacity change had me nervous, but it’s mostly been a non issue. I wanted a Speed Queen, but found out it wouldn’t fit in our space.
  24. It was a new restaurant we tried, and we didn’t go back. The server only earned a basic tip, which was left for them. They then chased us as we were leaving demanding to know why the tip wasn’t bigger. After the poor service and being chased down, I had no desire to go back there. Is there a better answer? I don’t know. Restaurants and tipping are hard. What is the purpose of the tip? To reward good service, or to pay their wage? Since it appears to have morphed into paying them for their labor, my only recourse seems to be just not going back to businesses with bad service. If the customers don’t “pay them for their work” the customers are shamed by both the restaurant and the public.
  25. There are teachers who don’t think it’s worth even trying to get kids to wear masks. Last school year I heard from teachers saying, so long as they wear them in the hallways, I don’t care and I won’t even ask them to wear masks otherwise. This was in a building with mandatory mask rules in effect. It’s frustrating when adults who are supposed to be taking care of children and following the rules of their own facilities, are openly dismissing those rules.
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