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  1. In which way(s) do you learn best? A. Reading C. Visual In a classroom, would you rather se multi[media such as film clips, audio books, plays, paintings, comics etc. than receive all of the information through written text? C. Maybe Do you self identify with any of the following learning styles? A. Visual In which ways do you consider yourself literate (able to communicate effectively)? A. Text B. Sound (I'm not that great at designing anything visual, like flyers. I can write the text but I get other people to do the pretty stuff!) Did you learn these literacies in a classroom? C. Maybe (Probably not totally. I gradually learned to write better research papers, mostly by reading, I think--I was taught very little writing. Now that I've been practicing speaking for 15+ years, by teaching or speaking or whatever, I am better at it.) Have you ever had a teacher teach comic books in your class? If so, was it helpful? Why or why not? I went to college in the early/mid 90s, when graphic novels were only just getting started in a big way. My Comp Lit (Europe in the 30s) instructor assigned Maus to us as part of our reading. Well, I think it was him. Could possibly have been my other Comp Lit class, maybe. Would you like to see more comics or graphic novels in class rooms? Why or why not? I'm fine with moderate use. The community college I work at seems to use them fairly extensively. Stitches is assigned on a regular basis, and I think Fun Home, and we have quite a few more. I've enjoyed many graphic novels, though I'm not always comfortable when they get overly fictional with historical topics (I'm thinking here of Laika, for one, which could have used less overt sentimentality). As memoirs, they work extremely well. As history, I am not so sure. To help me further, write or email me (mmcquilling@d2l.lonestar.edu) how you hypothesize the long-term effects that a widespread increase in people who possess multi-literacies would have on society. I'm not sure what you mean exactly. We have always had many people who worked better visually or in sound or etc. It's possible that it's only in the last...say, 70 or so years that schools have gotten both universal enough, and so narrow in focus, that only people who are good at reading and writing get the chance to excel. Do you know your Myers Briggs personality type? If so, what is it? Not a clue.
  2. I can sew very well. My kids can sew a bit. 13yo is more interested, but 11yo made a quilt (with my help) a couple of years ago that she is very proud of.
  3. I am so happy for you and your son! :)
  4. That's a pretty good description. I think of our family as a pretty even mixture of Irish, Scotch, and English. Some are more recent and some are way back pre-Revolution. And it's all peasants and ruffians all the way back--after some friends had a 'family flag' project in which one family put their crest and tartan on, the kids asked me if we had anything like that. Ha, no way. But yep, there is a certain amount of identification and family pride involved. Though I can at least tell you where my Irish great-grandfather was from. My husband is more Scandinavian/English with a bit of Irish and his family is more into the Mormon pioneer history (which I ain't got none of).
  5. I don't do Pinterest. 1) I don't have time for more computer time, and 2) I suspect that for me, it would become an endless time sink of beautiful sewing projects--to the point that I would always be inspired but never actually accomplish any sewing. Instead I'd be looking at pretty pictures of too many things I could sew. My daughter uses it to geek out on Doctor Who. :P I do find it useful for certain jobs. While planning for Banned Books Week at work, I thought "I need a BBW Pinterest board!" Sure enough, there was one and I got 3-4 great graphics from it, plus our main cool idea for this year (a rogues' gallery of mug shots--people caught reading banned books).
  6. Not sweet! There has to be a little sugar in there, about 1/4 cup, but I can't stand the kind of cornbread that is more like cake than bread. You can put honey on it if sweet is wanted, and that's better anyway. I also fill mine up with corn. It's the favorite method here. Now I want to bake cornbread for dinner....but it's going to be like 95 today...
  7. I was at home with my daughter, who was 14 months old. I live in CA and I don't watch TV in the morning, so I heard quite late. My husband called me from work to tell me. I turned on the TV and I remember sitting down on the coffee table in shock. I wanted to call a friend but couldn't think of who to call because of the shock. At the same time, I had this little bitty toddler coming to me, asking for stories, and she took her very first steps that day. We have video footage of her tottering across the living room, and in the background you can see Congress on TV singing God Bless America.
  8. Argh, what a pain. I would probably cope by saying to myself "Those rhododendrons are worldly!" and snickering. Worldly rhododendrons...
  9. Lots of things! I used to live in DK, though, and I can sorta read Swedish. I can sing the Pippi theme too. :) I recently re-read Drottingens juvelsmycke so I was thinking about all things Swedish.
  10. I recently read a book by Peter Kreeft called "You Can Understand the Bible." It was pretty good--he would take each book separately and try to explain, fairly simply, what kind of a thing it is, what the cultural context and meaning might be, etc. I got some good stuff out of it. I also really like C. S. Lewis' Mere Christianity, which just talks about the basics of Christian faith and what it's about.
  11. I didn't take AP history, and honestly my history courses didn't cover anything past a sketchy version of WWI. I didn't know anything about Vietnam except what I got from old Doonesbury comics, but I learned a lot about WWII from general reading--my mom handed me Farewell to Manzanar when I was about 14, and so on. So I knew a reasonable amount about the war in the UK/Europe, but a few years ago my Russian SIL said that she can never understand why Americans are so focused on the war in Western Europe and the Pacific, but never mention the Eastern front. From her POV, most of the war was fought in and around Russia. I realized what she meant when I started reading about Stalingrad and all that. She was not kidding!
  12. I don't know what a Sh-Mop is, but mine has a washable terrycloth pad. I've tried others, but this one I like.
  13. Rose, :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: I'm so sorry you're being put through this.
  14. So terrible. My own peanut-allergic girl is 13 and it's far too easy to imagine it happening to her too. I'm so sad for the family.
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