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  1. Dynamite5 has your student taken this course? I see a Logical Communication writing course but I'd like to read some reviews and don't see any. Anyone else have experience with this course/provider?
  2. And the Hall Tax is currently in a phase-out.
  3. Here's a little more information on the contest my son is signed up for. I'm not an affiliate. I'm just really, really excited about the potential of this resource. DS14 is a rising freshman & I know there is so much that we both have to learn. He & I are both excited that this might be a help! FundaFunda is offering a contest to encourage high schoolers to spend some time on college prep this summer. For the month of July, those who sign up will be able to perform as many challenges as they choose to, earn points, and ultimately prizes. They will be guided through the challenges ie this is really a college prep class - with rewards for working through it. Students will be guided to think what kind of college they are interested in attending, how much it will cost, how to find scholarships, what type of career they are suited and many other things they should be giving thought to before their senior year. They will also have challenges related to skills they need to be successful in college - good internet search skills, note-taking, creating slideshows etc. First place will win $150 and then the next 15 students will have the chance to choose (the higher they place they earlier they get to choose) from a variety of prizes donated by the sponsors. Everyone else who earns at least 30 points will get a $5 gift card. https://www.fundafundaacademy.com/product/high-school-challenge-homeschoolers/
  4. I am so glad to have some down time this summer & be back on here! I have a rising freshman & we have his freshman English class all sorted, but Lukeion Muse sounds perfect for sophomore year. Is 10th grade appropriate? Or is for younger teens? I have not used Lukeion before. Well, actually, I think we did a summer short workshop type class once when they were younger - maybe that is why I'm wondering about the age.
  5. It is not live. It is much more flexible than live. My son was 13 & taking a full load of academic classes between WTMA, fundafunda, co-op, & home-study. Geography is not light, but it is a great course & very, very interesting. If your child finds the subject interesting the work load should be manageable for a high school student :). My sons have taken quite a few classes & I almost always have questions before signing up-they are very responsive! Definitely email (meryl@fundafunda.com) if you have specific questions or concerns. They want your children to be successful!
  6. Fundafundaacademy.com has just added this very thing to their offerings! It is video-conferencing one-on-one tutoring (I think). We use something from fundafunda every year :). My sons are taking Python right now :). https://www.fundafundaacademy.com/product/act-tutoring/
  7. Congratulations! Quick question - did you & she sign up for a college board account at 13 & it auto-imported any pre-13 test scores? Or do those not appear? Or did you go through a different procedure? My sons took ACTs in middle school but it is now time for them to create college board accounts & I just want to make sure we've done in properly. Thanks!
  8. I have this book : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0137933819/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It's quite cool. Just lists, not definitions & not a vocabulary book. But full of vocabulary!!
  9. My son took this class last year. It & his composition class at co-op were his favorite classes! It's very thorough & engaging. :) I will be happy to answer any questions.
  10. Hi all, I haven't been on the board at all since the update so it's been a minute :). Additionally, my oldest son decided to go to our local IB school for high school & my next oldest is just now a rising freshman. I need to start coming back! We use WTMA & fundafundaacademy.com as well as our local co-op & some kitchen-table schooling :). My sons are taking Python right now through fundafundaacademy.com as a summer course & FFA just released a couple of contests for summer, one of which we signed up for & I think there are some families here that might be as excited as I am. It is a High School Challenge, homeschoolers only, for the month of July. Complete tasks to advance college-readiness, earn points & win prizes! I hope this helps someone here who is looking for a little something for their high-schoolers this summer :). My son will be there & it's always more fun to work to be on a leaderboard of a large field :). https://www.fundafundaacademy.com/product/high-school-challenge-homeschoolers/
  11. I am on my 2nd kid with Jacobs and our solutions manual is falling apart :). I have 2 different kinds of learners but both have been successful with Jacobs. I recommend it to everyone that asks! Our state standards include some light statistics topics in Algebra 1 & those are not in our book, so we tack on a week or so at the end of the year & hit those topics on Kahn. It works very well.
  12. Thanks! I did more reading about these yesterday & made a list of possibilities. DS & I are planning to spend Sunday reviewing closely & hopefully applying. Thanks for the post reminding me of these!
  13. Hi Maize, I've looked at this program before but I can't tell what the costs associated are. Can you give me any information about costs? I have a rising 9th grader who is an avid language learner & I think he'd be so interested! Thanks, Liz
  14. This is encouraging. This tells me he's in the race if he wants to be. Thanks!
  15. Here's a copy/paste of part of the summary: “Sound Reasoning†is a web-based, introductory music appreciation course. It offers a new approach to music appreciation for adults, focusing on style-independent concepts. While the course concentrates primarily on Western classical and modern music, the concepts that are introduced apply to music of any style or era. The goal of “Sound Reasoning†is to equip you with questions that you may ask of any piece of music, thereby creating a richer and more comprehensive understanding of music both familiar and unfamiliar. Here are some additional features of the course. 1) â€Sound Reasoning†is completely listening based. No ability to read music is required. 2) The course assumes little or no musical background. A minimum of terminology is invoked. 3) Musical examples are interpolated directly into the text. 4) The course is interactive. A “listening gallery†with exercises follows each module, so that you may practice and refine your listening skills. 5) The modules may be studied in sequence or individually. 6)You may easily print a .pdf of any module.. “Sound Reasoning†is designed as both a stand-alone, self-paced course as well as a supplement to existing university classes. Thanks to Connexions, “Sound Reasoning†is available free of charge twenty-four hours a day in a cross-platform format. If you click on the "contents" button in the upper left you will get a drop down menu of each of the modules. You can then peruse the modules & see that some of them (such as 3) have exercises included in them. As far as how long to expect it to take your student: idk. Poking around the course might yield that information - how much time it is built to take for credit purposes, or you could possibly email the contact located further down in the summary for any questions.
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