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  1. I second (third?) the advice to get some new, waterproof hiking boots. The gore-tex ones lose their waterproof-ness over time, and it can't be reapplied to shoes in the same way it can to clothing. Because of this, I recommend getting leather ones. Rain pants are a must. I wear mine on top of regular hiking pants in mild (60s) weather, or I'll add a base layer if it's cooler. I have these rain pants. I linked to the kids' version, which is what I have because I'm not that tall. These were the cheapest ones ($25) I found by far, and they're also a lot quieter than most of the ones I tried (
  2. That bottom rack is one of the reasons I went with a Miele. I can fold half of the bottom rack totally flat if I want, and the other half has sensible straight tines. I find it much easier to load than a friend's Bosch.
  3. I have a Miele. I love that thing with a completely unholy love. It cleans EVERYTHING. I scrape off chunks of food, but don't rinse at all, even casserole dishes with crusty, baked-on crud. It all comes out clean. Like the other European dishwashers, it does not have a heated dry, but I find that the convenience of being able to put plastic anywhere in the dishwasher makes up for it. Its method of drying supposedly involves condensation on the walls of the dishwasher, and it seems to work pretty well. I have to wipe off the bottoms of a few of the glasses or any bowl with a large lip at the bo
  4. Be sure you're using a good sunscreen religiously. I finally found some that I like that don't leave me with that unpleasant greasy feel, which meant that I'd skip it as often as not. Now that I have some I like, it's much easier to wear it daily. I look for ones that keep me from turning red (I have a reaction to the sun, so I turn red pretty much immediately, even on cloudy days, but it's not a burn), and that have a nice feel when I rub them in. I love the sun protection of Anthelios, but I've given it up for most uses because I can't stand that greasy feel for daily use, and it always seem
  5. I'd definitely try a foot peel like some others recommended above. I've used this foot peel and had really good results, but I think they're all pretty much the same. Definitely soak your feet for 30+ minutes first, and don't plan to need to be bare foot for a week and a half. The reviews have some pictures of what to expect. Basically, you will lose sheets and sheets of skin off your feet for about a week. I currently have this Diamancel foot buffer sitting in my Amazon cart. My mother swears it's far better than all the other ones she's tried. The difference is that you use it dry, and i
  6. If it's a chronic, recurring problem, I'd wonder about joint instability, either due to previous injury or to genetic hypermobility. The way it comes and goes makes me think of this. I get something similar where a joint will hurt for a while and then it seems to settle back into position. For me it's hypermobility. I would not go to urgent care for the kind of pain you describe.
  7. You say your tummy has always been your problem. Did that predate having children? Also, is it a fat issue or a muscular issue? If the problem is due to the way your body deposits fat, then exercise will only help to a point (you can strengthen the underlying muscles, but that will not change where your body wants to deposit fat, which is unfortunate for my upper thighs). Assuming it's a muscular issue (but please check for diastasis recti before starting exercise for your abs), planks and pilates are amazing. Be prepared to barely be able to move for a few days after your first pilates se
  8. I feel the need to put in a plug for Reddit's A Bra That Fits. A few years ago I happened across that community and discovered that my bra size was totally different than what I'd been wearing (34B before to 28E/30DD now!). Not surprisingly to the women there, my new bras in my correct bra size are way more comfortable and much, much more flattering with clothes on top. My bra straps rarely slide off now, and I'm no longer plagued by underwires that dig in to my skin.
  9. I've just recently started trying to match. It's more of a "kind of" match, since I did not buy most of my bras with matching undies. I've found a few of the actual matching undies on Amazon, but I'm mostly a black bra/black undies/don't-look-too-closely-at-the-non-matching-lace person. I was surprised to find that DH really likes the semi-matched sets. I've also found that I feel sexier and more pulled together with matching bra and undies, and I did not expect that to happen!
  10. If you did not change your name when you got married, what kinds of issues did you run into? I'm curious because I did not change my name, and the only "issue" I've ever encountered is people occasionally sending holiday cards to me with my husband's last name.
  11. In honor of Valentine's Day, I though it was time for a lingerie poll. Do you wear matching sets? Why or why not? And, if you do, does your DH/SO appreciate them?
  12. I have a silgranite sink, and we absolutely love it. It's a dark gray, and it doesn't show water spots or look dirty (unlike the stainless one it replaced). If it's scratched, I can't tell, and we don't baby that thing at all. I will absolutely put another one in our next house if we move.
  13. I have a bunch of Uniqlo's heattech undershirts, and they may work for what you're looking for. They're very thin layerable shirts and are designed to be worn snug. Be warned that the crewnecks are actually quite wide and low, more of a high scoop neck than a true crew. The necks on the scoopnecks are slightly more refined.
  14. Yes, it's like this in the PNW too. It's easy to spot the tourists in the summer, especially in May or June. They're the goose-bumpy ones dressed as if there will actually be summer weather.
  15. In Italy lately I've actually seen a lot of black and white running shoes--adidas, nike, new balance, etc., but in plain black and white. I have seen some of the brightly colored ones too, but those are more unusual and the wearers tend to be a little younger.
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