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  1. Can Christmas drama be included here? So tired of it. Not sure I want to spell out or bore you with every detail, but so much non-communication and miscommunication from narcissistic and toxic individuals.... We're still dealing with the fallout from it, especially from those who won't deal with those individuals. 😩
  2. When it is possible, may I also join this club, please? TIA!
  3. My friend from Canada will be there! If you see her, be sure to say "hi"! :)
  4. Having a 'special'(turning 50 - Shhhhhhhh!!!!) birthday on Thursday this week. (Half century! Eeek!! :( )Don't know how it happened so fast. I don't feel like I've accumulated that many years. My plan is to stay young at heart, but there are times when I know my body missed the memo.
  5. I've been searching around, looking at samples until my eyes go buggy, and haven't come upon it yet, but I am just wondering if anyone could please explain what the difference is between Daily Grams 7 and Easy Grammar Plus? I am considering it for a rising 7th grader. TIA!
  6. Not Ravelry, as I mentioned. ;) Been all over it and contacted them too. Pinterest and Google are too vast. Looking for something simple. It seems it's always the hardest to find. :(
  7. What are your favourite "go-to" websites for (free) knitting patterns? I am not having a whole lot of success via Ravelry or Lion Brand to find a pattern I want. TIA! :)
  8. I am RCM trained and teach piano. I can vouch for how difficult those exams are - and that is not just for the practical ones, but all the theory exams/requisites as well! It was truly wonderful to hear your DD play! Congratulations to her(and you) on not just her birthday, but her very wonderful and well-earned musical achievements! Well done!! :hurray:
  9. Friendships are something I value, not something I end. I am also not good with conflict. But I did my level best to bring about peace, act like a reasonable adult, and resolve an issue I didn't even know existed until recently, with someone I thought was my friend. *sigh* They won't even meet us half way. :( My DH, an even better diplomat, tried too. No dice. So, I guess we're done. It was a sad ending. Still hurts. :001_unsure: Anyone have any chocolate? :crying:
  10. Don't mean to hijack, but have any of you had any success with any natural remedies? And thanks to the previous poster who mentioned PMDD. I had never heard of it before, but this resonates with me.
  11. My 19th wedding anniversary tomorrow. No plans that I know of. :sad:
  12. Someone close to me is ALWAYS late for EVERYTHING except for things that are of prime importance to them. Over 6 months ago, we were gifted with free tickets to a wonderful event about 2 hours away from us. We've been to this location several times. SOMEHOW, we managed to arrive when the event was 3/4 over and close person wondered why I was livid. :cursing: Free tickets were wasted. Close person tried to make it up by purchasing un-affordable(sp?) tickets for the next event. I was so angry and could not get over this constantly reoccurring problem that I did not attend the next event - equally bad behaviour on my part, I know. The perpetual lateness issue has been addressed repeatedly. I'm SO frustrated. :mad: Needless to say, the atmosphere is very frosty here right now. :banghead:
  13. I had a birthday last week as well and all the ladies here were very kind and supportive when I was experiencing a similar situation to yours. Mine ended up picking up a little late in the day. I hope yours turned out well and that you ended up enjoying the day as much as you could because APRIL BABIES ROCK!!! :thumbup1:
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