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  1. Hello everyone Kareni I'll have to add some of those titles to my TBR. :) I am off this week and planning on doing loads of reading. I just finished Brotherhood in Death. A series I read for the relationships. I am now reading Strong Signal by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell I am also starting to plan lit history for next year. We are thinking of focusing on migration/diaspora stories.
  2. 89 digital and 1 physical. I know I have some for as well but I won't look there. I buy most of my physical books in English from Bookdepository due to shipping costs. The one physical book I've bought from Amazon this year was Pioneer Girl. My first Amazon order was in 1998 when it took 10 weeks to get my books, talk about delayed gratification 😂😜
  3. I had to abandon my bullet journal because I need to put things on dates in the future and the bullet journal just didn't give me a good way of seeing things in the way I needed to. I now have a Filofax into which I try and incorporate some of the ideas of the bullet journal. I also still use my bullet journal for making notes at work
  4. I attended CLF for over a year before becoming a member This is one of my favourite and the one we sing at the chalice lighting every week. I'll try and link some of the songs we sing today.
  5. We always sing This Little Light of Mine at the end of services. One of the first services I attended was April Fools and they had found a video with chipmunk "voices" to sing it. I knew I had found "my people". I sing badly but with much joy :)
  6. In the virtual service we do that Come to today's service, we start in ten minutes
  7. In my virtual church there is a video with a bowl of some kind and an anonymous hand putting in rocks. There is usually some soft music playing and one of the ministers will say something along the line of "now we share the joys and sorrows that are to big for one heart". Those who have joys or sorrows to share type in the chat box and we all "hug" or say engouraging words to that person. edit for spelling
  8. I'm pretty sure everyone wants to smash those crystal orbs every so often ;) :lol: Preferably over their heads
  9. Here is a great talk by Rev Lynn that I think will resonate with many here. It is on parenting
  10. Pretty much what everyone has said, although we rarely have anyone from the congregation "speaking" as it is always recorded in advance, instead our "visiting" speakers are ted talks, or old recorded speeches from different UU events There is also a lot of music in our services. When Peter Seeger died they played quite a few of his songs. There is a lot of discussion about social justice issues, right now primarily Standing on the side of Love. We always do the sharing of joys and sorrows, often fairly early on in the service.
  11. Once the sermon is "over" they put them up online so you can watch them anytime. I "attend" the Monday 1.30 one and we always have good conversations in the chatbox at the same time. Imagine that, talking in church :D Right now most of our clergy, including interns, are female. But there are regular videos from men too so you get a variety of perspectives. We also often get to see TedTalks, and I've used several of them in my teaching.
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