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  1. https://smittenkitchen.com/2014/01/chicken-pho/ This is our favourite. I've been making it for years. Yum!
  2. Both areas are part of downtown Vancouver and have great restaurants. (And you can walk between those neighbourhoods. Downtown Vancouver is quite walkable. I am there often on business and generally walk everywhere. ) The skytrain is a convenient way to travel throughout city if you want to go outside of downtown. In fact, you can take train from Vancouver Airport (YVR) to downtown quite easily. Vancouver is a great city. You'll enjoy visiting. Rose
  3. I am sixth youngest of seven kids. My next sibling is 8+ years older and I have three siblings 10+ years older than me. My oldest brother 15+. I have no memory of him living at home as he left at 18. But i do have a relationship with him now that we're all adults. In fact, I have a close relationship with all my siblings. I will say I sometimes felt like i had more than one set of parents. :) I have a very close relationship with my sister 13+ years older and my brother 10+ years older has been one of my closest siblings through the years. So age isn't the only factor in sibling rel
  4. I have not read all the responses. Honestly its very difficult to read because I am the parent of two FASD children who will struggle their whole lives because of exposure to alcohol in utero. It is not for the faint-hearted parenting an FASD child. . . my husband and I suffer from PTSD and serious health issues because of the stress and trauma we have experienced. But that pales in comparison to what my boys will experience their whole lives. I love a glass of wine with my meal. No way would I risk it in pregnancy. It is not worth the risk.
  5. Yup. Every night I pretend I'm on Chopped Canada where contestants get a few key ingredients and have to make something with those ingredients. I have a well stocked pantry so I always have good ingredients to compliment the main ingredients.
  6. Thank you all for your kind comments. My daughter is doing very well although we recently talked about the trauma and stress she endured living with FASD kids. But she is a wise girl and told me that despite the stress there were many positives learning to live with people who need extra support. We have suffered a lot but I'm glad my husband and I decided to embark on this parenting journey rather than insulate ourselves from the pain that comes with parenting special needs kids. I mean, we were naive when we adopted our kids but maybe that's okay too. We appreciate all the prayer
  7. "let him go" is not exactly how it all went down. He decided to go and was an age where we couldn't stop him. We also received professional council that advised us not to fight him. We did not buy him a plane ticket to go so we didn't make it easy for him. Reactive Attachment Disorder means regular parenting techniques don't apply. I can tell you as a parent you can spend a lot of time "would have, could have, should have"ing but the reality is we did the best we could, with the information we had for the circumstances we were presented.
  8. Good morning everyone. I do have a bit of an update. My last update had my son living with my niece and family. Interesting one of my final posts on this topic talked about my niece implying we were the problem for my son. On Boxing day that year we got a phone call from my niece screaming that my son had gotten into an altercation with her husband (hmm, hmm) and broke her husband's glasses. Well by then six months had passed and honestly we didn't really know what to do. So, i called social services, who's advice we had been taking all along and told them they had to find emergency s
  9. A low carb high fat diet has eliminated the afternoon slump for me.
  10. There are some fabulous grain-free (almond flour or coconut flour), sugarfree, easy pancake or waffle recipes. We actually like some of them better than the regular wheat flour renditions.
  11. A low carb, high fat diet has given me stellar cholesterol numbers and eliminated high blood pressure (for which i was taking bp pills to treat).
  12. Yes I have one and love it. It makes great whipped cream and keeps it fresh for days. Its been a great kitchen tool for my low carb, high fat diet too.
  13. Low carb, approximately 50 grams daily. i've struggled my whole life with weight issues. I've been doing this more than 2 years. It really has become a lifestyle. Low carb, high fat food tastes good, no cravings, no hunger. I highly recommend it.
  14. I'm Rose Elisabeth . .Elisabeth with an "s". :)
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