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  1. Oh yay! One more year. I'm done and miss it so much. Enjoy every minute!
  2. Oh Ruth! I remember this thread (and the wonderful hive members of that time) so fondly. Seems like just yesterday, yet so long ago.
  3. Misty-eyed here! Congrats to all of you and your kids! My favorite thread of the year. 🙂
  4. Moravian, Lebanon Valley, Delaware Valley University, Elizabethtown, Lycoming, Rosemont, Cabrini, Arcadia. Goucher in MD.
  5. Waving hi to Lisa!!!! I miss you and all of those great conversations. Glad all is well!
  6. Oh, believe me, I get it! My kids thought the entire process was bs at one point or another. And it is difficult when LACs all tout the same thing and your kid isn't sure which is the best fit. On the other hand, that's awesome because it's better than a kid only having dreams about one school...and not getting in or not being able to pay for it! Two of my kids got into Oberlin. Both wrote very personal essays that showed they were familiar with the people and the campus and the culture. One actually based her essay on two Obies who greatly influenced her life in many ways (I wasn't sure
  7. koktog, For selective schools, those Why Essays can be super important. If they have visited and researched, then they should have no problem with explaining why. Rather than formulaic, I see those essays as a super opportunity to explain why they are a perfect fit for a particular school. Re: Oberlin. It is fine to mention his father. Oberlin, in particular, wants to know that an applicant has a deep understanding of its unique culture. Oberlin wants to feel the love, as they say. If he visited, he should mention Tappan Square or Soul Train or contact improv (or whatever floated hi
  8. Yup - double degree. Your son doesn't surprise me! I'm crossing my fingers for him! He sounds like a strong candidate. Please keep us updated!
  9. Hey all. Two of my own kids were accepted at Oberlin (one attended and loved it btw). In both cases, they didn't graduate as a homeschooler but homeschooled for a year or two of high school. On the website, it says that Brittnei is the homeschool rep. Maybe that's who you're assigned to? https://www.oberlin.edu/brittnei-sherrod I think your homeschooler would be fine without a paper if scores etc are on the top end. But here is what Oberlin really wants from any applicant: they want to know that they understand and love Oberlin's culture. It's a unique school with a unique comm
  10. I've done this, but my son handed in each assignment and took each exam with grades given by the professor. A letter of rec was also written by this professor. The course name and grade were listed on the transcript. The course description (with professor's name) included a link to Penn's website which listed the course. I explained that he audited classes (some undergrad and some graduate) in the School Profile.
  11. She's in her second year. I've said it before, but he changed everything for her!
  12. Roy Speed's Romeo and Juliet and, of course, WTMA's Creative Writing with Hummel.
  13. No reason to put providers on a single-page transcript, but if they add value, surely put them in the school profile or course descriptions. Re: middle school credits on high school transcript. You will get all kinds of answers. No right or wrong. I usually don't because there is plenty of rigor enough with 4 high school credits in each subject. It is assumed those classes have been taken. Colleges want to see the student they are getting; not the one from 5-6 years before. Unless required by certain states or you need to show an extra year of a particular subject, I leave
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