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  1. I’m pretty much a lifetime Texan (I lived in Louisiana for a couple of years). When we moved to California, it took me less than a week to realize I never wanted to go back to Texas even for a visit. I sure hope I never have to.
  2. I agree with you, but I also think that how much face to face human time people get is dependent on both that person’s location and also their location. Some people need very little in person socialization. More is not better for them. We used to live pretty isolated. We had good friends across the creek in case there was an emergency, but otherwise, it was easy to go all week without seeing anyone outside of the family. Where we live now, the kids see their friends every day. Friends meet every Saturday at the coffee roaster for social time. You see your friends at the farmer
  3. My guess is that they haven’t had a quiet block of time to really look at it yet.
  4. I sympathize, OP. My son got an office job where he was to proofread contracts and do whatever extra jobs his boss wanted him to do. His boss got super busy, was always out of town and didn’t get around to giving my kid enough work. Once, executives from Germany were visiting the Houston office. The first thing that they saw was my kid sleeping at his desk. It wasn’t pretty. My son admitted that it was unacceptable and told his boss that he was making an appointment with a neurologist to rule out a physical cause since he does have a sibling with a sleep disorder.
  5. I’m glad my kid in Austin is finishing her thesis this week. She doesn’t plan to leave the house until Sring Break is over. I’ll have to tell her not to get the mail either!
  6. My response is skewed because I hate attending birthday parties. The ones I hate the most are the ones where “too many†kids were invited. Even when I’m not invited to a function by my own friends, if I hear about it, I think, “Oh yay! They got to have fun and I didn’t have to go to a party!†I would much rather spend time one on one, and my kids have family birthday parties. They strongly resemble how we celebrate graduations-we take them out to eat. But if I had a kid who was devastated by being excluded, my focus would be on how to model maintaining a happy and open
  7. Here is what I would do, I’d call the mom and say, “Hey, I realize your daughter had an all girl party and that is cool, but my son would really like to celebrate with her too. Is their any way she can come over on Thursday for a little get together? We will be decorating cupcakes and taking funny photos in dress up clothes. Let me know if that there is a better day for you. Love you!†Because for me, that would be a win/win and let us all move forward without awkwardness.
  8. I have had 6 miscarriages and my hpt line started getting lighter before bleeding even started. I think you should find someone to give you a US and see what is going on. I’m sorry you are going through this.
  9. We took them out for a nice meal at a restaurant. We do the same for college graduation.
  10. For us, we modify our plan depending on the child. My older children all had smart phones and SM accounts by the time they were 13. My oldest just uses her SM to post pictures of her art work. She texts photos to her sisters and all of her emails are about school. I know because once our phones got linked and I got all of her content. I thought, “Girl, do you even think about anything other than school? “ Ds had to be monitored more. He had a Runescape account at 10 and then got pretty involved in LEGO forums because he was buying guns, adapting them and then selling them for a p
  11. This is 100% how I personally feel. I hope for the very best outcome for everyone in second marriages and blended families but the odds are so stacked against a happy ending that I would never choose that for myself. We suffered horribly when our mother remarried. I once asked my dad why he didn’t intervene. He said that honestly, he was just so happy that my stepfather had to deal with my mom instead of him and really, from the outside things looked okay.
  12. I think there is some truth to the idea that there are trade offs for walkability. When I lived in suburbia, I was researching places to move. We ended up getting a little acreage outside of town. I remember reading that places with higher tick and snake populations tend to have lower crime rates. It was a good move for the time, but I got tired of driving 30 minutes to the grocery store, 1 hour to swim practice or piano lessons or a friend’s house. We spent a lot of time in the car, but we lived somewhere inexpensive and safe. Now we live where we can walk to restaurants, gro
  13. I see absolutely no indication that the girl is trying to look sexually attractive. I think she just wants to look nice, look pretty. There is nothing wrong with a 13 year old, girl or boy wanting to look nice. There is nothing wrong with a 2 year old, 8 year old, 20 year old, 85 year old wanting to look nice. In fact, we often view it as a sign of healthy self esteem. What is wrong is sexualizing a completely natural and benign, maybe even positive desire because it makes an adult uncomfortable.
  14. And her hair was so pretty in the before picture. Who would do this to a child?
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