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  1. Gorgeous fall weather, relaxing weekend with family

  2. OK, I'll try to jump back in at the new year! :001_smile: I resolve to try to remember that this is for fun and extra credit and I don't need to treat it as a serious commitment--I have too many of those already!
  3. Confession: I am consumed with guilt because I quit writing blog posts a month or so ago. I've read a lot of books and several would have made great posts, but I suddenly went off the whole thing for a little while. Now I'm tempted by new January challenges, but I feel like I should slink off into a corner!
  4. I know a lot of folks out there are having income problems, so I haven't really wanted to bring this up, but I'm getting worried. My husband was laid off 3 months ago, and is on unemployment, and I had a job drop into my lap (from above!) in August, so we aren't completely without income. But we spent most of 2009 without any income at all, and we still have a lot of debt from that--we don't have much cushion now because we used it all up then. So my husband has been applying for jobs, and we thought this one job was going to be perfect, but instead they let us twist in the wind for a
  5. What I mostly want is for a job to appear for my husband. After that I'd like a couple of presents. I don't usually get much and I do love presents. But we're too broke. Oh well.
  6. We go over to my parents' house and cut down a tree from Grandpa's Christmas Tree Farm, otherwise known as the back acre. It's a pretty funny event, as the trees back there are now so tall that we kind of cut the top half off in order to get something that will fit into the house.
  7. And Tove Jansson's Moomintroll books have just been reissued!
  8. OK Hivers, I know nothing of typing software, and it's time for my 10yo to start learning. She has never typed anything--we are not in favor of kids on computers--but it's becoming necessary, and her hands are bigger now, so tell me your best/favorite typing program!
  9. Duncan is kind of the bottom of the good yoyo's, the affordable one. You can get much better ones but they cost more. Maybe this will help?
  10. I pretty much took today off after a poopy week. I lost my voice a week ago (and it takes forever to come back) and there's a choir performance tomorrow that I won't be able to be in, and my 7yo girl got lice :ack2::ack2::ack2: so I've been treating that all week. She has hair that is so thick it could be on a cartoon princess and it's been difficult. I made a batch of candy, but we are scrounging for dinner (which means its every man/kid for himself) and I'm not doing anything else. My husband is picking me up a Chipotle burrito. :hurray: He is a good man.
  11. Very true. AG is just a higher level of that repetition than, say, A-Z Mysteries is. It's my theory that this love of repetition in kids that age is an aspect of the grammar stage--they are absorbing reading skills and the conventions of storytelling, and repetition is comforting because they are getting something new, but not too new; there won't be any big surprises. You don't really have to worry that Samantha will be seriously hurt or anything. So--yep, those AG books are repetitious all right. I'd tell my kid to start reading them on her own and move on to something different in rea
  12. We are using Classical Writing--Homer B. It took me a while to wrap my head around it, but now I think I get it. The funny thing is that my younger one is doing Aesop and now that seems very simple and obvious to me; the first time around I was kind of confused.
  13. I am also a Babylon 5 fan, and I do recommend it, but just be warned that the first season does drag a bit--the acting isn't always great. It's totally worth sticking with it until season 2.
  14. It doesn't explain Hanukkah, but Marissa Moss' The Ugly Menorah is one of the greatest Hanukkah books ever...
  15. My parents were at Berkeley in the late 60's. As you might imagine, there were not a lot of Mormon students there at the time, but there were some. They met at a dance at the Institute building (most colleges have one, it's a place for LDS students to take religion classes, but the Berkeley one used to be a mansion and is an excellent hangout). My dad was totally smitten but couldn't actually describe my mom to his roommate when he got home--he said she had blue eyes. My dad's parents had also met at a dance at Berkeley, in the 30's. I met my husband at the LDS Institute at Berkeley in
  16. I worked in bakeries. I still don't eat donuts more than once a year, and cake--meh.
  17. You've done what they call dining off the smell. I do it sometimes too. By the time I get done with all the prep, I've had a surfeit of that stuff and feel almost like I've already eaten it.
  18. I don't know. I understand what you mean, and maybe it is worth $275 and we should rise above. But I haven't got that kind of money this year, and it doesn't sound like you really do either. So yeah, in your place I would totally resent that. In our situation, I'd just have to say no, and maybe you're not in quite such dire straits--but still! I don't think you are a Scrooge, because Christmas is not really supposed to be about the exact monetary value of each gift. Keeping parity is nice, but if all I can manage this year is to embroider an initial on a hankie, the Scroogey part is wh
  19. Dude, that is idiotic. Besides handmade things are better than bought. Therefore you should make a neat fancy dessert that would go for $50 in a bakery. A Yule log cake would easily bring that (I used to work at Katrina Rozelle's in the Bay Area and we'd charge $60 for the larger ones!). Most of your desserts would. So there. $50 is about what I spent on my own kids' presents this year. Luckily my family agreed years ago that adults don't get presents, and nieces/nephews get small gifts. I only have sewing left to do.
  20. Believe me, your bishop has heard it all. All you have to say is "We will be divorcing as soon as the holidays are over. A reconciliation is no longer possible." Go ahead and call your RS Pres first, or your VTs, whoever. It's OK, even the day before a holiday.
  21. I'm a Saxon fan, though we are only in 76 as yet. My daughter is doing very well with it and I wish I'd had it in school. It seems to fit her brain. I posted the other day about her dividing fractions lesson--for the first time, I understand why it works the way it does! My 7yo is enjoying her Math 3 program and seems more mathematically inclined than my oldest, so we'll have to see how it goes. I'm afraid to try a different program, actually...
  22. Oh, I love those potato pearls. And it's always fun to have non-LDS folks around to join in! (Also, the fruit drink mix is surprisingly good.)
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