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  1. Rose, :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: I'm so sorry you're being put through this.
  2. Why Evolution is True was so great the 98% of the time that he talked about animals and fossils, and really annoying when he talked about religion. More fossils! There are some other great books out there that are similar. I am reading Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway, which I'm liking more than I expected to, and G. K. Chesterton's biographical sketch of St. Thomas Aquinas.
  3. I have some different things going on. We got two cool things from TC--a physics course for 12yo's 8th grade science, which I need to watch and prep with, and for all of us, Filippenko's course on the whole universe. I heart Filippenko. Haven't watched much yet, but I'm hoping to spend some time this summer watching it and bouncing on the mini-tramp to get a little exercise in. I need to prep the whole physics thing, but I'm taking June off homeschooling; it's necessary for my mental health! My big thing these days is my book blog and its attending reading. I do reading challenges and stuff, it's great. About a year ago I joined an online 'club' for reading the classics, and I tell you what, it has been wonderful. The challenge level of my reading has gone way up, I'm getting so much out of it and enjoying it, and I have people to share it with. We do group events as well as personal goals, so for example somebody is hosting a June event for 18th century lit and another person is doing the Beat writers. I've done two but I tend to choose exhausting projects (I know, I'll write about little-known classics in children's literature 3 times a week for a month!). (In theory I do Robin's 52 Books in 52 Weeks but for some reason this year I've fallen down on the posting-on-the-thread part. Bad me. I want to!) ETA: I try to do Khan academy over the summer, but that's hard to do. I already spend too much time on the computer. This week I'm trying to focus on Doing Other Things.
  4. Gorgeous fall weather, relaxing weekend with family

  5. What everyone else said. We want to be friends with anyone who wants to be friends with us. :)
  6. Nope. There are way more of those floating around than anyone wants. Try building furniture out of them.:D
  7. ana, is that you? Hello!


    --I'm on LDFR too. :)

  8. Hey there! I'm another LDS classical mom in CA--I live in Chico, but I grew up on the Central Coast. Whereabouts do you live?

  9. Hey, welcome to the boards. :) We have a lot of fun here. Are you willing to say where you live? (I live in Chico, CA; very nice place.)

  10. No worries...derailings happen. :)

  11. And I live just down the hill from Liz, in Chico. I guess halfway between Julie and Liz, really.
  12. Yeah, hello! What's your real name over there?

  13. We're in Chico! Nice to see some locals here. Are you getting snow in Paradise by any chance? Hey Daisy, I was born in Bakersfield. I went to Norris School.
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