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    I became a Reformed Christian when I was 17, after a childhood with no exposure to religion at all.
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    Rural dairy farm country.
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    I like reading mysteries, and I love cooking, entertaining, & working on landscaping my yard.
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    I make specialty desserts for a local restaurant, and I'm the secretary for our teeny church.

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  1. I can't imagine why it would really matter. It would bother me if someone were pushing a certain curriculum without disclosing that they had a personal stake in selling it, but otherwise it's okay with me.
  2. 2 ex-lg. eggs .34 2 slices bacon .43 butter/oil blend .04 1 oz. butter for toast .17 2 slices sourdough .46 2 oz. jam .48 garnish .05 $1.97 in food cost Menu item price $5.99 22% food cost would be great, but I'm not hitting it! :huh:
  3. I wasn't sure if you meant that you'd checked where you were, or if you'd checked where I am. :001_smile: It sounded like you were describing my closest competition in town here!
  4. Lol! Not even close! I'm not sure that any of my employees would know food cost % either.
  5. Do you mean the other café in my town? If so, the price difference is because they use med eggs and the cheapest bread, and even with that, the restaurant food supply rep says that the other café will be unable to sustain those prices for very long. The other place is also a very different style than mine, and is likely to appeal to a slightly different target market. I don't think I can compete with them price-wise with those things in mind. :-/
  6. Oh, I've done all of the calculating. Food cost needs to fall at no more than 30%. That two egg breakfast as I'm serving it is right at that 30% maximum.
  7. Nicer casual as in, *decidedly not greasy spoon or Denny's*. Not fast food, not a chain restaurant, nor a hole in the wall--pleasant surroundings where you might want to linger over your breakfast & visit with a friend.
  8. So far the consensus seems to be that $5.99 would probably not be out of line?
  9. Two extra-large eggs, two pieces of bacon or sausage, two slices of nice quality toast or homemade biscuit, butter & local honey or jam, on a nicely garnished plate. So? :bigear:
  10. Yes, I get that you don't want to, and that you don't feel right about it. -And yes, I feel differently. I was simply asking you *why* you don't feel right about it. I tried to ask as politely as possible, and I wasn't asking you to defend yourself as though what you were doing was wrong. I thought there was an interchange of ideas, and I would have liked to understand your perspective!
  11. I mean this ever so respectfully, but I'm trying to understand this perspective, so I hope you don't mind me asking--why? Why wouldn't you ask him to occupy himself so you could visit with a friend for a while? I guess I've always looked at it as teaching my kids to be respectful of other people's needs and looking beyond our own momentary desires, but maybe I've missed something?
  12. -Unless you soak them in rum first.
  13. I wish I had something to say that could make this better. Just ((hugs)).
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