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  1. I'm curious. 🙂 At what point (what subject) did this quit working for you? I was the same - tested as highly gifted in school, skipped some grades, excellent memory, didn't need to work much. It was upper level chem courses at uni where I hit the wall and figured out that I NEEDED to study. Then I had to learn how. 😉
  2. For comparison (in case anyone wasn't sure what I meant by "intuiting" and "not intuiting" problems :)), here are examples of two problems – one from physics that can probably be figured out through intuition and one from chemistry that cannot. Physics: An engineer is designing the runway for an airport. Of the planes that will use the airport, the lowest acceleration rate is likely to be 3 m/s2. The takeoff speed for this plane will be 65 m/s. Assuming this minimum acceleration, what is the minimum allowed length for the runway? If a student is a very bright math student and
  3. Interesting side bar... (Yes, I'm derailing my own thread. ;)) I also occasionally teach intro psych and developmental psych at the local community college in addition to pre-health chem. A few years ago, I had a student in one of my intro psych sections who didn't complete the first assignment. She hadn't attended any lectures up to this point but since my lectures were hybrid (online and in person) and were recorded, I just assumed she had been watching them after class at some point. I emailed her to find out what had happened - did she forget, was there a problem, did I not receive
  4. These are some documents that I give to the students in my courses to help them out with studying, study skills, and what I'm looking for in short answer question answers. Folks are welcome to download them and use them even if you don't have students in my courses. 🙂 I think the study skills issue is related to what we were discussing above, too. Very bright students often don't have extensive study skills as part of their learning repertoire because they haven't needed them. 🙂 HC Policies for Short Answer Questions.pdf HC Study tips.pdf How to study for an exam.pdf
  5. Interesting thought. I kind of assumed that high school students would have the basics of study skills in place (note taking, reviewing, time management, making sure to watch the video lectures, etc.) no matter whether they were taking a regular course or an honours level course. But maybe that was a false assumption on my part. 🙂 Of course a student can know all of those study skills and still choose not to use them. That's a whole other ball of wax... 😉 🙂
  6. Good to know about the elderberry plant smell! 😄 Yeah - that kind of sound like dialing it in. 😉 We watched Holy Grail with our dd20 on New Years Eve - that's why it was fresh in my mind. We'd watched it before as a family but it seemed like a good way to send off 2020. 😉 🙂
  7. I had a student from Germany come into my pre-health chemistry course at the local college last year. He was a bit older (mid-20s, I think) and he was shocked at the kind of output required of students here in Canada (and, by extension, the States, too, I suppose). He kept telling the other students that they had no idea how easy they had it compared to the exams that he had to write. I'm not sure they believed him.
  8. Well - there are definitely Canadians who struggle to admit when they're wrong. I was one of them for the longest time. 🙂 When I first started teaching in the public schools here, I was always so afraid that if I admitted I had messed up the students would "smell the fear" and turn on me like a pack of wolves. I may have been over-dramatizing things a wee bit in those first few years... 😉 Learning to admit wrongness is a hard, hard thing! They are 36 week courses.
  9. I'm not sure if they meant PS honors chem or other honors chem online courses or both. But all of it taken together gave me food for thought. 🙂
  10. I typically have a number of students who move from Honors to reg Chem. There have been a few parents who have mentioned to me that they felt my Honors course was beyond any other high school honors chem course they had looked at. And Farrar mentioned families in her sphere who regretted signing up for Honors. I took all of those things together in my considerations. 🙂
  11. Constructive criticism is always welcome. 🙂 It can sometimes be hard to hear but over many years of teaching (and life!), I've learned that one of the most important teaching/life abilities is the ability to say "You know what? I was wrong. I'll figure out how to fix things/do better." 🙂 I think (and I could be wrong ;)) that students have more respect for a teacher that can admit when she's wrong and needs to change things than they do for a teacher who is "always right". Now if people started taunting me with statements like, "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderb
  12. As a heads-up regarding approximate time commitment for my courses, I did change the Honors Chem numbers last year based on feedback from the 1st year I offered the course. It now says 10-12 hours per week for Honors Chem on my website. Reg Chem is 5-7 hours per week and IOCBC is 8-10 hours per week. As always, though, those numbers are very rough estimates and the actual time needed by any particular student will vary widely based on a student's abilities and working speed. Just wanted to clarify. 🙂
  13. I have this on my Kindle but haven't started it yet. You've reminded me it's there - thank you! 🙂
  14. Ack! Maybe I should "white out" my statement - I'm sorry if I spoiled it for anyone! 😉 🙂
  15. I have both of these in "real" format and you're absolutely right, Lori - they're gorgeous! They are on my TBR pile so I have the pleasure of digging into them in future! Yes. All the time. 😄 Maybe this time, Henry will have a moment of non-megalomanic clarity and let Thomas Cromwell live...
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