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  1. It can be used for drawing and art but not in color. And it doesn't actually do normal tablet stuff (surf the net, etc.). 🙂 Here they talk about sketching:
  2. The thing I use most and like best is that you can upload PDFs and write and scribble all over them. So if you have curriculum in PDF form or anything else in PDF format, you can upload it and annotate it to your heart's content. 🙂
  3. Very true. It is. 🙂 It can do more than just replace notebooks, though. I tend to not want to purchase or read non-fiction on my ereader because it's awkward to take notes and scribble things. As long as you can get the book in epub format, you can download it to the tablet and write all over it like you would a paper book. The tablet is marketed to "paper people". 🙂 It also has handwriting recognition software so that you can handwrite stuff and it will turn it into text. I think I'm just really enamoured with this thing... 😉
  4. I know - the price tag seems high given the fact that it does less than many other tablets. I don't have any experience with the Echo - have you used it, @Arcadia? The reMarkable tablet has zero lag when writing and that's a huge plus for me. I swear I'm not affiliated with the company - I just really, really like the tablet. 🙂
  5. Something else that I think is share-worthy (besides the erasable highlighters 🙂 ) - this tablet by reMarkable: One of the company's mottoes is "Get your brain back." 🙂 I admit - it's kind of pricey for a niche device but for anyone who is a note-taker and who fills notebooks, sketch books, journals, scribbles on ebooks, etc., this device is genius. It was originally crowd-funded by a company in Norway. I just purchased one to do grading for my courses (I can write directly on the students' PDF assignments that they send to me and then email them back) and the only small suggestion that I have is that I wish that e-ink came in color. Which it doesn't. On any device. So that really isn't reMarkable's fault. 😉 This is some of their marketing statements: "reMarkable - the only digital device that feels like paper. A tool for note-taking, reading and reviewing documents. No social media, e-mail or notifications. No distractions, just you and your thoughts." It really does feel pretty darn close to writing on paper - not at all like writing on glass like an iPad does. I thought that maybe some of the readers on the "Book a Week" threads might like this, @Robin M. 🙂 It also struck me as something that @Susan Wise Bauer might like!
  6. I really like Nuts Online for snack-y stuff. Dill-flavoured snacks: Vinegar-flavoured snacks: snack&hPP=20&idx=Items&p=0&is_v=1 Here's all their snacks: The half-popped popcorn they sell (in a variety of flavours) is AWESOME. 🙂
  7. Can I just say... The science behind this is fascinating. 🙂 I shared this on the Chat Board where I had x-posted this. And now I'm really wishing I could get my hands on the ink components and play around with them. I'm thinking it's probably all proprietary. Ah well - still some neat science!
  8. Wait - incorrect thinking regarding reaction order... Bad, Connie! Can't know order by inspection. But termolecular. Maybe? Temp will affect activation energy, regardless. Rate limiting step - bimolecular? Unimolecular? Concentration not a factor? Is ink/developer bond broken at 65C through increased bond vibration only? Wouldn't make sense going the other way, though. All three molecules enclosed in a microcapsule. Fixed ratios? Conc not a factor at all? So much to think about!!!!! ⬆️ My thought process while making dinner. This may consume me for the rest of the evening... ⚗️🌡️🤔
  9. Not that I know of. That would be cool, though. 🙂
  10. Yay! 🙂 Chemistry - it's just so darn interesting. 😄 Now I'm also excited to play around with the ink this winter. The article I linked above says the bottom end for the ink temp colour-change is -20C. It definitely gets colder than that here. Now the kinetics of the reaction have me all curious - will the change happen quickly? Take time? How much time? More time if it's even colder, like on our -40C days? Is it a second order reaction since the colour change is due to both an uncoupling of the colour-developer molecule and a coupling of that molecule with the temp-regulating molecule? Which step is the rate limiting step? WOO HOO!!! CHEMISTRY!!!!!!!! 😍
  11. Yes - the inside of a closed car would be hotter. 🙂 It rarely gets over 85F here and, based on the calculator posted above, even the inside of my car doesn't reach 149F. 🙂 But now I'm going to play around with the ink and my iron!
  12. Apparently, the upper temp limit to the ink is 65C which probably explains why, here in central Canada, I've never experience the ink just up and disappearing on me. 😄 The chemistry behind the ink is fascinating, if anyone is interested. The above article gives a fairly good, basic explanation. When you "erase" the ink, it's not technically gone - it's just that the ink molecule has been uncoupled from the colour-developer molecule. The ink is still there, just colourless. 🙂 Man... I love chemistry.
  13. And now I've found this: Chemistry brain, so happy. 😄
  14. One can never have enough school supplies - that's my motto. 🙂 You're welcome. 😉
  15. I didn't know that! Living in Canada, I suppose it never gets that hot here. 🙂 As a chemist, this is fascinating. Now I'm going to have to figure out what kind of ink and ink property would allow it to erase with both friction and heat. Although, thinking about it... Friction does create heat. So the ink is basically heat-sensitive. That's fascinating! 🙂 Thanks, vonfirmath!
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