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  1. Me! 😄 And I seem highly susceptible to ear worms. My niece was letting her daughter (my great-niece) listen to that Baby Shark song on YouTube and I happened to hear it. That thing was stuck in my head for weeks!!
  2. I think The Lost City of the Monkey God is Douglas Preston, not Grann. 🙂 I read it when it first came out and liked it but I like all the books that he (and Lincoln Child) write.
  3. @Pen So... It's like William Shatner is narrating the book, then? 😉 Look up "William Shatner sings Rocket Man" on YouTube. Can't. Get over. The. Smoking. On stage. @aggieamy Well... If you're into ice fishing and snowmobiling and being out in the gorgeously crisp cold, then come on up! 🙂 The ice on the lakes up here gets thick enough that you can drive vehicles on it. Confession - I love the cold. LOVE. IT. (Now. I'm talking. Like @Pen. 😉 ) @Lady Florida. So glad you liked Sarum! London is great, too. I started Russka ages ago but don't think I ever finished it. It started wonderfully, though. On Audible accounts... I had one and then canceled it. They recently sent me an email to offer me a free audio book of my choice if I'd like to give the free 30 day trial another go round. I think these businesses are pretty willing to do whatever it takes to get a person to stay/come back.
  4. I giggled at this, @Junie, because that's pretty much my favourite place to be, too - where ever other people are not. 😉 My "backyard" is a 1/4 section of land so if I go out to my "backyard", I REALLY don't have to see other humans. 🙂
  5. Coast or mountains... Both. 🙂 Nature is what I want/need/must have. I also live where I can get both woods and water but it's freshwater lakes and dense boreal forest. Here's where I live: Below is a pic my daughter took a few years ago when she was out kayaking on a lake 20 minutes from our house. There is no filter on this pic - those were the colours (we're not called Sunset Country for nothin' :)). Those are loons on the lake. Hearing loon calls on a summer evening is one of my favourite sounds ever. Here's a Cornell recording, if anyone is unfamiliar with loon calls: We're not in false spring. Or any kind of spring. 😜 It was -37C the other morning. We've got a couple of feet of snow on the ground and the temps won't go above freezing (other than a weird day or two of +1C or +2C) for a few months yet. And I still haven't finished any more books. 😞 But I'm still reading a few pages here and there whenever I can. I'm calling that a win for me at this point in time.
  6. Confession - I've not seen the current series, either. 😉 I feel like, as a Canadian, I'm somehow letting down Canadians and the Canadian arts. 😄 It is probably true, though, that they've "shallow-ized" (I'm making that a new word 😉 ) the book for TV. I feel like there is less and less space in pop culture for nuance - if issues aren't presented as black and white, people can't be bothered to watch and think about the grey. But that's my pair o' pennies, for what they're worth. (And we got rid of the penny in Canada a few years ago so it's hard to say what my two Canadian cents are worth!)
  7. Still haven't finished any more books - but I've started a few more! 😄 I love the idea of a "sip read" - thanks, @Robin M! I have a copy of A.C. Grayling's Ideas That Matter: The Concepts That Shape the 21st Century on my shelves so I picked it up last night, chose a topic, and read. Most of his commentaries on each topic are no longer than a handful of pages - perfect sip reading! I started with "Truth" as I'm meeting up with a few good friends for lunch tomorrow and we've decided that we're going to try to hold "Philosophical Phriday" 🙂 lunch discussions whenever we can. I started posting "Philosophical Phriday" posts on my FB page a few months ago whenever I have the time and it's been great to discuss things with friends that I've recently reconnected with as well as current friends and family members. It definitely makes for a wide variety of responses! The lunch discussion tomorrow is in person - as great as social media can be for connecting across distances, there is something to be said for face to face discussions. 🙂
  8. I think Munro is more to be admired than loved. (I think I'm quoting Willoughby from the most recent screen adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. 😉 ) If you wanted to give her another try, pick up Lives of Girls and Women. It's been awhile since I've read it but I remember it being more "readable" than some of her other stuff, if that makes sense. If you're looking for other female Canadian authors who aren't Margaret Atwood (I love Atwood but it feels like pop culture is on an Atwood forced feast currently 😉 ), you could try Carol Shields. I really liked Larry's Party - I think she does a fantastic job of writing from the view point of a man.
  9. Done. 🙂 I really do need to update and clean up these lists. Sigh - I need more hours in a day!! 😉 😄
  10. I had never thought about this much - thank you, @aggieamy, for suggesting it! 🙂 I've only finished 5 books (plus a novella of 80 pages) this year but all 5 have been by female authors. The novella was by a man/man author team. Of the books that I'm (recently) currently reading, 3 have male authors (Tolkien, Preston/Child, Johnny Acton) and 3 have female authors (Mary Stewart, Miss Read, Wendy Webb). I think I tend to read plot-driven novels over character-driven novels much of the time (but not always :)). What does everyone think when relating plot or character driven writing with male/female authors? Do you think that male authors tend to write plot driven novels while female authors tend to write character driven ones (obviously not meaning ALL authors 🙂 but maybe as a general trend)? I know I'm over-simplifying things greatly as really good writing is probably both plot AND character driven. Maybe I need to read better written books. 😉
  11. Yay!! Someone learning to like chemistry!!! 😄 And chemistry humour!! Bestill my heart! 😉 😄
  12. These are my reg Chem videos on that topic. 🙂 She is welcome to start with the first video but it's just on the different types of electromagnetic radiation. The second video (Section 5.3) is where I begin explaining shells/subshells/orbitals, etc. I use my "patented" 🙂 bus analogy. It seems to work fairly well and gives kids a concrete visual to hang all of those abstract concepts on.
  13. Yes - I've read Subterranean and Amazonia! I have one of his books from his collaboration with Rebecca Cantrell and one from his collaboration with Grant Blackwood. In the Blackwood/Rollins one, I read in a constant state of panic that the dog would get hurt or die. I just couldn't read anymore from that collaboration - too stressful! I never did read the Cantrell/Rollins one - now I may not at all. 🙂 If I get desperate one day for reading material, I may give it a go.
  14. And if anyone is, like me, always forgetting the order of books in series, I found this website to be quite useful:
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