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  1. No worries, cin! 🙂 I figure, if nothing else, the un-updated posts can at least give folks a program/company name to go by and google even if the links are broken. 🙂 But I will try to do some updates when I can find a bit of time!
  2. I've been meaning to do a lot of updating on the pinned posts but I haven't yet managed it. Hopefully, soon. 🙂 Thanks for the updated info!
  3. I made multiple batches of this last year and froze it. It tasted SO good in the middle of winter on a -40C night - a little bit of summer in our kitchen. 🙂 The fresh basil makes an enormous difference - make sure you use lots of fresh basil and fresh garlic. 🙂
  4. This is us today: And in Fahrenheit for the States folks: 🙂 With humidity, it's 100F. This is Central Canada. This is HOT for early June but more common later in the summer. We also have to be prepared for these kinds of temps: Those are the minimum temps for this past February (dates on the left). The max temps for those days are the first column of temps. I have central heating and central A/C. Our houses are typically very well insulated which helps in both extremes. I'm almost in the center of the continent. Weather without large oceanic bodies nearby can have pretty wild swings!
  5. 😄 Goose poop makes excellent fertilizer. You're welcome. 😉 😄 (It is gross. And large, for a bird. And they are mean - trust me. You don't know from terror until you've been chased by a hissing, snapping, giant-wing-flapping Canada Goose. I still have flashbacks to that moment on a Grade 8 field trip to the Toronto Zoo. Shudder...)
  6. It's because I'm Canadian - we're just nice. We channel all of our rage into Canada Geese. It's why they're so dang mean. 😜
  7. That's an option that I'm offering for this year - partly based on feedback and partly because of the bizarre, COVID year(s) that's occurred. I've had a few parents concerned about Honors Chem grades and the difficult year and I thought this would be an option to help mitigate that. That's what was behind my reasoning for that.
  8. Yeah - I did think about that. Do you think going back and offering past families an updated grade report with a new course title ("Advanced Honors Chemistry") is something I should do? Would that help?
  9. I thought about that. I do feel like any change I make now will mean that folks that have taken the class in past will have "missed out" on something. But I don't want that to stop me from making changes going forward - know what I mean? I do think that there was too big of a gap between my reg Chem and the Honors Chem and wanted to fill that gap. It's the naming of the courses that's tripping me up. I could email my past parents with the changes and offer to reissue grade reports with the new name. Would it make that much difference, though? Would colleges really care if a course is named "Honors Chemistry" or "Advanced Honors Chemistry"? Being from Canada, I have a hard time thinking through how these things play out in the States. What do you guys think?
  10. Awesome! Thank you! It's always important to gather with people who share one's particular weirdness. And, in my case, teach and share that weirdness. 😄
  11. I think that the "Chemistry with Honors Chemistry option" would actually be good for most students - even ones who want to go into life or health sciences. I'd say that (and I do say this in the description on my website :)) the current Honors Chem (aka Advanced Honors Chemistry) is more meant for students who are aiming for chemistry/physics/chemical engineering majors in university. So some STEM majors should be ok with not taking the Adv Honors Chem. But food for thought!
  12. Yeah - I think organic chem and biochem require a special kind of weirdness to enjoy. I seem to have that weirdness in spades. 😉 😄
  13. It's more the parents/student that would decide if the student is feeling overwhelmed by the workload - if so, then they can contact me to make the transfer. "Too hard" might mean different things for different people so I like to leave it up to the parent/student to decide if it's too overwhelming. 🙂 I've loved having both your boys as students! 🙂
  14. I'm reviving my own thread. 🙂 I think I've decided what I would like to do regarding the split streaming. I think it makes more sense to keep my current Honors Chemistry course the way it is and rename it "Advanced Honors Chemistry". I'll then modify my current Chemistry course with extra questions on all the assignments/tests/exams (with a few additional topics) and rename that course "Chemistry with Honors Chemistry option". That course will function similar to Derek Owens' courses where students can decide for themselves during the first chapter or two if they would like to do the extra questions/topics or not. If they choose not to do them, they will receive a grade for "Chemistry". If they choose to do them (and they'll need to do all of the extra questions throughout the whole course for it to "count"), they will receive a grade for "Honors Chemistry". If they choose to do my current honors chem course (which will be renamed "Advanced Honors Chemistry"), that's a different course registration and they'd receive a grade for "Advanced Honors Chemistry". As always, students will have the option to transfer if they find the course they start in is too overwhelming/demanding. If a student starts in "Advanced Honors Chemistry" but is overwhelmed, they can transfer to "Chemistry with Honors Chemistry option" and choose to either do the Honors option or not. If a student starts in "Chemistry with Honors Chemistry option" but decides the Honors option is too much, they can simply stop doing the Honors questions. I've not finalized this decision yet (I'm waiting for a reply from the folks at PAH to see how they would like to handle this for my course through their program). What do people think? Does this sound workable? Is it too confusing?
  15. Dd just finished her 3rd year of uni - piano performance/composition double major. Her electives have been things like human bio, org chem, biochem, etc. She wrote the MCAT in March for the first time and got a 504 but wants to write it again to maximize her score. She's chosen to extend her undergrad degree to 5 years so she can do a couple of multi-year senior projects with two of her professors so she has lots of time to retake the MCAT. She'll probably begin applying to med schools in fall of her last year of undergrad.
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