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  1. My thought process towards getting my family vaccinated is that absolutely nothing has been more important. It didn't matter what was going on, as soon as we could be vaccinated, we were. The rest would just work itself out. So I would go ahead and get her first shot if she were mine. Congratulations on Pfizer being approved for 12 and up! It is exciting!
  2. You did a great job! It is pretty.
  3. Absolutely! Our dogs are truly loved family members. We love them very much and it hurts my heart to even think of referring to them as "it". However we have tons of lovable cute nicknames for them.
  4. @Terabith your life is so fascinating to me! I love your threads.
  5. This is an interesting thread to read. When it comes to our home I never even consider what is "in" and what is "out", I furnish it and decorate it with what we like and what makes us happy. I really don't care what anyone else thinks or whether it is currently on trend. Reading through the comments and looking around I have discovered that I stumbled upon a classic warm timeless look without even trying. I truly believe that your home should be what makes you happy and what is or isn't current shouldn't be a concern.
  6. This blows my mind! I remember that phase from the 70s and it was ugly even back then. My mother had that stuff everywhere due to churning it out as fast as she could. It is true that everything old is new again. However, I will happily skip have any macrame in my home.
  7. I have never heard anyone refer to their dog as "it". To me that seems mean and shows they aren't connected to their dog. I am in the US so it could be different in other countries.
  8. Yes, currently homeschooling one that is over 10 years old.
  9. The Queen sitting by herself broke my heart into a thousand pieces. I feel so sad for her.
  10. I am not sure what I would write but I think it is very sweet of you to do this for her. I hope someone far more creative than me is able to offer you some tips.
  11. We aren't making any changes even though we are now all fully vaxxed (still waiting for our 2 week post second dose time periods to be up though). It just doesn't feel safe to let our guards down yet.
  12. Needing a booster at some point was something I fully expected so this doesn't surprise me at all. It is also fine with me. Anything that brings protection from Covid is good in my book. My family will raise our sleeves and happily receive our booster shots.
  13. My 17 year old got her second Pfizer vaccine Friday. By that afternoon she had an incredibly bad headache, body aches, brain fog, and was very tired. I gave her motrin which helped a little. She slept well Friday night and thought she felt better when she woke up yesterday but within 30 she felt like she did Friday (bad headache, body aches, brain fog, exhaustion). I kept motrin in her all day yesterday. She slept great last night and felt completely better this morning. She has been fine all day.
  14. My 25 year old had her second Pfizer vaccine on Monday. She has been battling overwhelming fatigue and horrible headaches since then. Today she says the fatigue is improving but the headaches remain. My 21 year old had her second Pfizer on Tuesday and so far has just had the exhaustion but no headache.
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