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  1. Nothing is off limits for decluttering in my home. Too much stuff gives me anxiety. I regularly purge and make sure I keep stuff to an amount that feels right for us. Luckily my husband doesn't care what I do in this regard (and I suspect he is thrilled I handle it) so I have free reign.
  2. @Jenny in Florida and @mommyoffive I am thinking of both of you. I wish I had some wise words of wisdom, but sadly I don't. Like you both I feel like I am hanging on by my fingernails. Just know you guys aren't alone, while I know that doesn't help you, it is sometimes nice to know.
  3. Wow, the late 70s. A true life time ago in every way. Memories. I was the odd one that always thought David was much hunkier than Shaun. But I loved Shaun's music.
  4. This is what I was going to say too. For the very same reasons. I simply love the relationships in this show. My second choice would be Gilmore Girls. Stars Hollow would be both fun and heartwarming to live in.
  5. I am not weighting the classes either. I will definitely start researching the transcripts here, as well as general research. All of a sudden it dawned on me that we don't have many homeschool years left (2) and I better get on this soon!
  6. I am at this point with this. I still haven't started creating the needed transcript and course descriptions because I am truly paralyzed with fear.
  7. I follow my state's requirements for admission to the state university system as well. I don't look at these kinds of classes as "extra" or "fluff". I think they are very important for well rounded development and offer a lot to my teens. It is an opportunity to find interests and develop them, to find their passion, and to see that there is far more to life than just academics. My kids have always looked forward to picking these classes. These classes are, to me, every bit as important as the traditional academic classes.
  8. Truer words have never been spoken.
  9. I don't shop at Aldi so I am not sure what their store looks like here. But over the past week my husband has been in Whole Foods and Target and both of them were well stocked.
  10. Since you don't know her daughter I think I would get something for the mother of the bride. A really pretty frame for her to put a picture of her and her daughter on her wedding day would be lovely. You might even research "mother of bride gifts" and see if something unique and special comes up that fits her personality.
  11. All of mine are in a big old army trunk. That is where they have been for years and where they will remain. Even the thought of doing anything with them makes me want to take a nap. The only issue is that the trunk is now full so what will I do with future pictures. No clue. In case it isn't obvious, I print all pictures. I don't do digital pics.
  12. Welp until this thread I thought I had some crunchiness in me. Now I am not so sure if this is what is rolling through that circle.
  13. Eww....no! Gross! This is just not a good idea and it most definitely not needed. If you are having any issues with your vagina see your GYN.
  14. These sound and look delicious! We will definitely be making them. Thank you for the recipe too.
  15. Oatmeal chocolate chips cookies are my all time favorite cookies.
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