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  1. I can't even imagine this. I would lose what tiny bit is left of my mind. We have music playing constantly. Right now we play the station that has 24 hour Christmas music playing, I love it!
  2. No, we don't limit or censor their music at all. We fully believe in picking battles and allowing autonomy whenever possible. Music was a battle that I didn't find a necessary hill to die on. One had some possibly questionable music choices, but we didn't say anything, and in fact my dh took that teen to several concerts upon request (and poor dh had to leave the concerts several times just to give his head a break!). The teen involved (now an adult) looks back fondly on those concerts and appreciates our acceptance. My current teen actually has a bit more conservative taste in musi
  3. Thank you, I really appreciate the offer. Reaching out to me was more than enough. Thank you. Thank you. I hate that you understand what this is like because it means you have been in the position and it isn't a position I would wish on anyone. Please feel free to share what worked for you if you don't mind (pm me if you prefer).
  4. We have done all scheduled appointments this year. All of the medical facilities have excellent protocols in place and I feel it is important to keep up these routine appointments.
  5. It makes a whole lot of sense to me. Puppies are a sign of life, of love, of energy, happiness, and hope for the future. They also are a sign of a lot of hard work, adaptation, and flexibility. I think puppy is a great word of the year and I hope you find the perfect puppy for your family and that he/she brings you a ton of happiness in 2021.
  6. Until just now no word was coming to me for 2021. I was reading through some of these responses and my word came to me in a flash. It is going to be "heal". This has been a phenomenally challenging and stressful year, outside of the pandemic and the fallout from it. I am broken and sad and struggling. Cancer and the treatment for it has taken a toll. I have not gotten the support and care from loved ones that I needed and begged for. Going through treatment alone has been traumatic and very lonely. Pulling myself out of this pit is proving to be more difficult than I imagined. So I
  7. Thank you! I have heard of Paul's Choice but never checked into it. I will now. There has to be a great moisturizer that isn't so darn expensive. You are right, it is really hard to find a drug store brand that doesn't eventually screw up their product by "improving" it. I will also look into the serum you mentioned.
  8. Nice! I love winter and cold weather. Wish I lived near you. I also wonder what you do different for your livestock when temps are this cold. Is it going to snow as well, or just be super duper cold?
  9. I have a huge weakness for lip balms. I tried this at your suggestion and just love it! They sent me samples of some face creams that seem very good, yet oh so expensive. Do you use any of their other products, do you think they are worth the money? I don't buy make up either and rarely wear anything other than mascara and lip balm (always clear). Menopause, cancer, and cancer meds are taking a toll on my skin, so it might be time to invest in a decent face cream ( I use neutrogena and/or olay now). Thank you so much for the suggestion of the lip balm.
  10. It is one of my favorite Christmas songs. I don't overthink it, I just enjoy it. Now that horrible Christmas Shoes is another matter. That song is just horrible and depressing and needs to never be played ever again. I turn the station when it comes on.
  11. Take the meals being offered. This is a lifeline that you desperately need. Do not feel guilty. I hope that you feel better soon and I am so sorry you are dealing with so much due to that nasty little witch Covid.
  12. This is a nice thread to have, especially for those of us that did the 20 in 20 for November. I took a few days break from the board and never posted the last day of that challenge, but I did successfully finish it. And I have been working out regularly since then. My goal is 5 days a week right now. So far, so good.
  13. I use bar mop cloths from Target. When they get gross, I toss them. Traditional dish rags and homemade dishrags are gross to me. I was happy to find the bar mop cloths. Long ago I just used paper towels (and honestly would prefer them if they weren't so environmentally irresponsible to use).
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