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  1. @MercyA. I completely agree with you that people are born this way. My cousin has said that he knew he was gay from his very earliest memory. I am very sorry for your loss.
  2. Gen X. Grew up with one, my cousin. He is a few years older than me and came out when I was in my early teens.
  3. Our church is now making masks optional for those fully vaccinated. This fits with the state guidelines.
  4. Ditto


    nm. Figured it out.
  5. This was actually what I was going to say as well. Having kids doesn't guarantee one thing.
  6. It makes me mad that TJ's changed their lotion. It was the perfect lotion before they messed it up. Now it is good but not nearly what it was before. It seems the main ingredients are the same, but the lotion feels different and it isn't as moisturizing as the old formula.
  7. I am endlessly frustrated with the increasing numbers of places dropping the mask mandate. While I hope I am wrong, I fear we will look back a year from now and see this was the exact wrong thing to do.
  8. I eat wfpb and take vit b12. I have never had my levels tested. I like NOW vitamins. Yes, it does make sense that the cupcake would make you feel rotten. It doesn't surprise me at all.
  9. Trader Joe's is a treasure. They have the best food!
  10. Thank you for all the great ideas!! You all have great taste in food and now I am starving.
  11. That is way too far to even begin to be feasible but wow it looks fantastic!
  12. I hope the weather cooperates and you guys have a wonderful day!
  13. Your mom not taking it seriously is horrifying! I used to get them fairly often as a teen and my mom was always super responsive. She certainly had her faults but was always great about this issue. She is the one that taught me to go without underwear (at night) in addition to treating the yeast. I am really sorry you had to needlessly suffer.
  14. In addition to treating the yeast, I would advise no underwear (at least at night). Put on a long gown or super oversized tshirt and let the affected area "breathe". Yeast infections are miserable. I hope she feels better soon.
  15. Our family needs some ideas. The only restriction is no dairy. Please include dessert. Thank you!
  16. I have a question. Is there an easy way to get the pits out that I am missing? Yay for getting them today!! Enjoy!
  17. This is so well said. Thank you very much. I hope your husband continues to avoid getting covid and also hope that scientists are able to find a better way to vaccinate organ transplant patients so that they can get the benefits the rest of us have with our vaccinations.
  18. Sending you lots of gentle hugs. When days like this happen one of my firsts thoughts is "this wasn't covered in those stupid new parents classes". Here's hoping tomorrow is loads easier and that your migraine is gone.
  19. Based on this alone, we could be best friends. I like the way you think (and parent).
  20. Gross. Given that many kids have cell phones it is even more disturbing that it could happen to them. Contact your carrier. I also wonder if you could get some help from the non-emergency police line.
  21. I would go. It can't hurt and might even end up being a perfect fit.
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