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  1. Marine Bio 101 followed by vertebrates and invertebrates with Next Level Homeschool. My daughter LOVED it and learned an incredible amount.
  2. alicai

    After Prodigy Math?

    I wonder if Prodigy has any plans to add levels.
  3. Both of my kids LOVE Prodigy, but DD12 placed into late 8th grade and there are few topics she doesn't know. I so wish she could keep using it into more advanced topics. Any suggestions for something similarly fun for younger kids with advanced math skills?
  4. alicai

    Input on strabismus

    Thank you so much to all of you for the info and support. It has been very helpful. I was able to obtain a copy of her chart today from the dr's office and here is what I've learned: The current diagnosis is: -Accommodative Esotropia OD right eye -Visual Disturbance Unspecified, right eye -Paresis of Accommodation OU distributed on left and right eyes His notes mention at the midline both eyes now jump by 20PD. The notes suggest 3-4 months VT - oculomotor, fusion, and accomm. I'm not sure what the differences are there.
  5. alicai

    Input on strabismus

    It doesn't turn in all the time. I first noticed the slight inward turn when she was a baby. In fact, I have a picture of it. I was not overly concerned about this because DD9 had the same thing and it just went away over time. This caused me to wait longer than I otherwise would have before seeing a doctor. But once she was 4 and it was still happening - at that time it was maybe once a day I would notice it - and I knew reading was coming up, I became more concerned. What's happening now is that as soon as she takes off the glasses, the eye immediately turns. She feels uncomfortable while her eyes adjust and then it improves. If I sit to her left, the right eye is turned to focus on me. If I sit right in front of her, it's all fine. The point there being, the eye is not turned at all times, but much more than before the bifocals. It's seeming like from my reading that that is because the bifocals have allowed the eye to rest a lot more. I've found a COVD fellow an hour from here or a well-liked pediatric opthamologist nearby. The opthamologist does not seem to do VT.
  6. alicai

    Input on strabismus

    That's encouraging. I think accommodative esotropia might be what DD has although the doctor has never told me that. What was the glasses rx if you don't mind me asking? Bifocals? Did you also do VT?
  7. alicai

    Input on strabismus

    Is it just midline jumps or does the eye inappropriately go inward toward the nose? I can see even just from these posts that the doctor we've been seeing has withheld a lot of information from me, despite my constant questioning, so I'm trying to dial in on her problem. Clearly we need a second opinion.
  8. Bought! I've been eyeballing this for a while. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Highly recommend the Marine Bio series through Next Level Homeschool. DD12 has been through it all and has learned an incredible amount. She just qualified for a highly competitive bio camp on the basis of what she got out of those classes.
  10. DD5 has strabismus in the right eye. Each eye is 20/20 but the two eyes don't track together properly. Every time her vision crosses the midline, the right eye jumps around and she has to refocus. We started with an optometrist (who does VT and came recommended) about a year ago. He prescribed glasses to try and limit the degrees of rotation in the right eye and retrain it. That didn't work. At the last appointment, he moved her to bifocals (progressive). He said she has 18 degrees of rotation in the right eye and the bifocals would limit it a little bit more. This seems to have actively made the strabismus worse. Is this possible? She now says she is uncomfortable without the glasses and she looks to me to have a lot more inappropriate movement in that eye. He suggested that we delay reading while we worked on the problem and this was understandable to me because of the midline issue, but it has been hard to hold her back. She is reading cvc words but I can see where reading sentences is going to be a problem. A year ago when we started treatment, I wasn't too worried about this. I am getting very worried now because the condition is worsening. Looking for input from anyone with experience with this. TIA.
  11. Preach. VERY similar boat w/my almost 10yo. Tested completely out of spelling, reads at a very high level, freeform fictional writing is high quality, all other writing is dismal. Mind like a steel trap for science she's interested in. Gets every math concept - can't retain any of it. Pulling my last non-gray hairs out.
  12. alicai

    pens and planners

    I've been using the Frixion fine points exclusively for a year and never had a problem. I can't stand other pens now! My notebooks stay in the house though. They do run out quicker than other pens, but I buy the refills in bulk and it's not bad. I write every morning, and also do planning. I recently switched from my Panda Planner to trying a bullet journal. For that, I got the Frixion colored marker style and I've liked those too. They work well with the stencils.
  13. I've bought it and am collecting books. Planning to start when more come in. It is pretty similar to the choices I made with my older kids but that was a hodgepodge of stuff we put together. This is way more organized and, for my last kid, it's exactly the type of thing I want to be doing. The Facebook users group is outstanding, btw. They constantly post awesome websites and other books, etc.
  14. alicai

    Science for Kindergarten

    I just found Be Naturally Curious science units and I think they look super fun and engaging for littles. I'm planning to use A Butterfly's Adventure and Life in the Desert and probably a few others with my kinder soon.
  15. alicai

    Kindergarten planning thread for 2017-2018

    Thank you, this is helpful. That’s a great point about working on multiple things at once. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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