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  1. Hmm... I'm not sure we will issue grades. if parents grade does that mean the teacher book is needed?
  2. We are going to offer Windows to the World with the Jill Pike syllabus at my co-op in the fall. Do you think each parent needs to purchase a copy of the teacher guide? Or just the teacher of the class? I've never used the program before myself!
  3. I messaged one of the admins and asked if the group has any connection to SWB or Peace Hill Press. I guess it's Well Trained Mind Press now. I forgot about that.
  4. Hmmm. Okay, well if it's not even run by SWB, I can rapidly shut down the talk of her facebook dictatorship, then.
  5. I am seeing the WTM facebook group discussed in another facebook group I am in. Is there an official reason for the ban on CC talk on the facebook page? I just thought I could provide it instead of the continued extrapolation on possible reasons why.
  6. Small Town Dicks podcast!
  7. Yes, you are probably crazy. but, sometimes crazy people create really amazing things. I started a co-op last fall. We have just opened for registration for next fall. It's taken A LOT of my free time. I already have some horror stories. But, it's been really rewarding. Sometimes I look around and see other moms who have become great friends with one another and they met because of my effort. And, I see kids laughing and learning and playing basketball at lunch, and its worth all the blood, sweat, and tears. Try to create it with a long range plan. Don't do things that overwhelm you. Do what is manageable. It will still be unmanageable at times, but I try to constantly evaluate how I can make this sustainable for years. I've grown a lot this year. I've seen how I can rise to challenges and force myself to do uncomfortable things. It's definitely been a learning experience.
  8. Yeah... this is one of my general complaints. They take over community completely in locations. Then, you have to pay in order to have homeschooling community. While some parents work for them for pennies to actually make it happen.
  9. You can do your own curriculum alongside it through third grade. From 4th-6th it takes over writing and grammar (but, I actually think IEW writing is fabulous, so that's fine). In 7th grade it takes over your life. Groups differ in how much they expect kids to practice memory work at home. I'd ask questions about how many kids in the community were memory masters and how much that is pushed. I find a lot of what corporate CC pushes to be completely frustrating and mind boggling. However, a lot of decent people belong to groups, so it can provide a good community. I'd consider starting your own co-op.
  10. I've read a lot of good reviews about CK!2 biology. I'm highly considering using it for my own daughter AND for our co-op next year. However, I've read some really bad reviews of CK12 chemistry. Why would biology be so good and chemistry be so bad? Can anyone explain more about how the open source texts work?
  11. Hmmm. Tell me the downsides of the new chemistry. I read the first chapter and liked it. Junior high science just looks like a desolate wasteland.
  12. Apologia is showing they are about to release a new, easier general science curriculum. I'm super curious!
  13. I just saw they were releasing a new version by a new author. Has anyone seen it??
  14. I had no idea so many of you were in the Austin area! There is a Kerby Lane in Round Rock with a playground. Get the queso.
  15. Any suggestions for something we could use in a co-op setting?
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