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  1. DD has basically always done saxon. She did really well with math until she started struggling her 7th grade year with 8/7. I thought part of it was just a difficult mental year (hormones and teenager stuff). We did Algebra 1/2 for 8th grade to try to help her solidify some of the basics. The first half the year was definitely better, but she started to struggle again by the end of the year. It was always hard for me to pinpoint exactly what she struggled with. She made a lot of sloppy mistakes. Would get a concept correct one day and then miss it the next. This year, Algebra 1 has been fairly disheartening. We sit together and go over the lesson and do the practice problems together. She then completes the lesson. The next day, we work together through every problem she misses. On average, she misses about 1/3 of the problems. The lessons take a long time. She is particularly lost on exponents... when you add them, when you multiply them, etc. I've explained every which way I can think of, but I think she has herself convinced she's not going to understand anyways. Amazingly, her test average is 85% right now. We are on lesson 68 in the book. She's a really smart kid... but definitely leans toward literature and art. She corrects my spelling and grammar at this point and can tear through classic literature way faster than I ever could. I'm at a loss of what to do. I've considered stopping this and restarting her in some sort of easier Algebra 1 program with plans to move her back into Saxon Algebra 1. However, in the back of my mind, I'm also worried that she isn't going to be able to get enough math credits behind her to do well on the SAT if we don't push forward. While also realizing that pushing forward and her getting even more lost makes zero sense. Sigh. I just feel like this is way harder for her than it should be. Like, it just seems so super frustrating. And I don't have the foggiest clue how to remedy the problem. Help.
  2. Title basically says it all. If I pay for digital, can I print it and have a hard copy to use after my subscription period ends? Or can it be downloaded?
  3. Are you looking at the most recent edition? We used the edition that just came out last spring in co-op this year. I felt like it wasn't as wordy as some of the other apologia texts.
  4. I wonder if the convention will even continue next year. If they aren't able to host any of the other dates, will they be bankrupt?
  5. I'm not excited about the move to July. I like to go to the conference to plan a new year. That will be late for me for planning. I'm not excited about Round Rock because it's not going to get me out of town and away from my children!
  6. Cothran is one of my favs. Although, I usually enjoy Perrin and missed all his talks this year. I also felt really distracted the entire time. I kept wondering if they were going to shut down and didn't feel like I could focus on whatever I was doing because I felt stressed wondering what was coming next. I'm staying in a hotel with three friends. I've looked forward to this trip for an entire year. Such a bummer to go home early.
  7. I'll post if anything seems canceled tomorrow. I should be up pretty early.
  8. Dallas County just banned gatherings of 500 people starting tomorrow. The convention is in Tarrant County, but I am wondering if they will follow suit.
  9. I am at the convention. The vast majority of speakers are here. None of the ones I had wanted to hear were canceled.
  10. It was great! Over half the moms from my co-op attended as well! I'm still thinking over some of the things she said. One was allowing your high schooler to specialize. My oldest would spend all her time reading and writing and hates being forced to do math. I'm not totally sure how to allow her to specialize when most colleges want that 4x4 of math, science, history, and English. I also liked her emphasis on the classical virtues: prudence, temperance, courage, and justice. It's always so hard to sum up what classical education is! It's not memorization, it's not the stages, it's not a four year history cycle. I liked the idea of using those as summary points for what classical education is.
  11. I read the WTM when my oldest was 3. And joined this forum shortly thereafter. I figured out today that we have used some item written by SWB every single year since we began homeschooling, and usually multiple items. I cannot wait to see her in person.
  12. I asked my 7 year old what he thought I should say. He stood with his mouth hanging open for like 5 minutes in shock that any child could have to do school instead of summer swim! Can the 7 year old not participate? Two of mine started at age 6! The others started later, but only because we moved here when they were 10 and 7!
  13. I'm in Texas. I have no idea how your local summer swim compares to ours. However, it sounds similar with lasting for two months. I have had some combination of my children on summer swim for the last five years. They start counting down until the start date in January. It completely changed one of my kid's lives. He literally was an extremely difficult, defiant kid until he became a swimmer. Now, he lives for the pool. He said at one point, "swim saved my life." Summer swim can be completely exhausting. We have 5-6 meets a summer that start no later than 5:45am. You are required to volunteer about 20 hours at meets. I have stood in the hot sun timing for hours. I've invested evenings in stroke judge training and head timer training. I've spent meets wrangling way too many 6 and under boys. I am at the pool a minimum of two hours a day for two months plus. It's the best extra curricular we've ever participated in. I enjoy the hangout time with other parents as much as my kids enjoy the water. We've had coaches who have mentored my children for years. We plan vacations around it. We have never missed a swim meet in five summers. A month off of kids would be tempting. But, I wouldn't trade summer swim for pretty much anything. I now have three kids in year round swim as well. Just consider how much you enjoy the smell of chlorine before getting sucked into swim!
  14. So... we went. I'm not sure how interested you would be in engaging in a theological discussion, but... We moved to this city four years ago. We attended one PCA church that had no children over 2nd grade. Our youngest is in 2nd. It was also a bit of a drive from our house and was hard to be in community with the people there. We left a year ago to reconsider attending somewhere the kids could plug in more. We started visiting a different PCA church that had a small youth ministry and was closer to home. It is much more contemporary than any PCA church we've ever attended. And I don't enjoy that. Since we've started attending, the 15 person youth group has dropped to about 3 (two of them are mine). They are reducing what they offer for youth since there just aren't many youth. And, I'm like, well, that sucks... because we literally came here because we wanted our kids to have something. I was surprised by the Methodist church. It had more of the traditional, liturgical feel. The sermon was good. They have an active youth program. They have communion every week. It was small enough that I think you could know everyone, but large enough that there seemed to be a good mix of people of all ages. Our co-op meets there, so I know some of the staff and the kids are already familiar with the building. Heck, I have a set of keys, lol. Methodist has basically been on the rock bottom of my list of places I would consider because I've always considered them to be the antithesis of everything I believe. But, my husband and I walked out and stared at each other, and were like, uhh... that was unexpected. So, now I'm like, do we go again? They said trespass! Ha!
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