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  1. My 8 year old was ecstatic. I'm pretty sure he thought it was just directed at our family!
  2. He's been filming recent episodes from what I assume is his home. Today the bookshelf he was in front of clearly has a Sonlight binder and the CLE readers. I had questioned previously if the big blue binder was a Sonlight binder, but today was the first time I could actualy read the name!
  3. We are using Sonlight 20th century and really enjoying it so far. We are only doing the history and Bible, not the literature. I’ve read some of the book selections alongside my daughter and they’ve been fabulous. We are only about 6 weeks in, so I can’t give a full review of the year, but so far it’s great!
  4. I watched the movie in full today and then cancelled our Netflix account. I’d seen some conservative friends up in arms about it previously, but I’d blown it off bc they tend to be up in arms about lots of things that don’t ruffle my feathers. We’ve had a Netflix account since they sent you cds in the mail, long before streaming was a thing. We are still mostly at home being in a covid hotspot, and I’m not excited about canceling a streaming service right now. It’s a well done movie. The clips are less shocking when you see them spread out and in context. The movie hits on
  5. I'm close to pulling the trigger on the Simply Charlotte Mason picture study. I just thought I'd see if anyone knew of anything else. What I want: A famous piece of artwork I can show to four kids at once (I have a book that is about 4x6, and I just find it too small to all look at altogether). I'd love a short interesting fact or two about the artwork or the artist. I don't really care about the full life story. I only want to commit about 5 minutes a day to this. I don't want any actual making art. I just want to familiarize them with famous art.
  6. It only includes answers for the study guide (which is in the student notebook) and the test. Not the rest of the general notebook pages.
  7. Can I get by with the $5 student practice book with no answers? Or do I need the main book that contains transparencies and costs like $20?
  8. Has anyone used this? I was looking to see if we could get streaming Dive videos, but it redirects to recommend Shormann.
  9. We left after Challenge A. I wound up starting my own co-op, which may be more work than you are wanting to take on for the fall, lol. I do not regret leaving. In fact, I really regret not quitting at semester. I don't have many good things to say about Challenge A. My oldest had done four years of foundations/essentials and is amazing at reading/writing/memorizing. She's currently reading Anna Karenina for fun. So, it's not just that she was a dumb kid who wasn't prepared for the workload. The Latin exercises were taking her about two hours a day. Then, I learned that most parents
  10. That's crazy. Legal fees of over $50,000 over sharing a meme? Why would a judge not just throw that out? I don't understand.
  11. DD is 15 and finishing 9th grade. I do not think we can move on in math next year because of her struggles with Algebra 1. I've posted previously about it. She tends to make 85% on tests in Saxon Algebra 1, but she is missing sometimes 50% on lessons and is just super frustrated. I'm wondering about putting her in the Key To series or Teaching Textbooks for the next several months and then trying to finish Saxon Algebra 1 before we move ahead in the fall. Of course, the idea of a summer of more math is crushing to her. Any thoughts?
  12. I'm wondering if we could offer Lightning Literature as a class at our co-op for middle school students. The problem is, the students are in the class for two years, so some students would get lightning lit 7 for 7th grade, but others would get lightning lit 8 for 7th. They would have them in reverse order. Is this a deal breaker?
  13. I've wondered this as well. I pretty much always buy WIC approved items because they are usually the lowest priced.
  14. I have an Earth Science Grammar Stage teacher book and the student workbook. The teacher book says do quiz on page 12. It's not on page 12 in either book. I've checked the website to see if there is a separate quiz book and can't find one. Where are these?!
  15. DD has basically always done saxon. She did really well with math until she started struggling her 7th grade year with 8/7. I thought part of it was just a difficult mental year (hormones and teenager stuff). We did Algebra 1/2 for 8th grade to try to help her solidify some of the basics. The first half the year was definitely better, but she started to struggle again by the end of the year. It was always hard for me to pinpoint exactly what she struggled with. She made a lot of sloppy mistakes. Would get a concept correct one day and then miss it the next. This year, Algebra 1 has been
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