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  1. I think the dictionary will work. Thanks! I want him to be able to identify different kinds of problems/equations. We've been working with basic vocabulary like addend, divisor, factor, product, etc. So he now understands when I ask him what the missing factor is or 4 divided by 2 is set up a specific way ... which is the dividend and which is the divisor? The answer is the quotient.
  2. I haven't been on the boards in years as we no longer hs. However I have started seeing kids in a private practice setting - not really tutoring, but kinda. Anyway ... I have a rising 7th grader that needs math support. For the life of me I cannot remember all the things my girls learned in Saxon. I recall equal groups, part-part-whole, and that's about it. Does anyone have a cheat-sheet or website or blog they could point me toward? Thanks!!!! Susan
  3. I haven't been here in ages but wanted to give you some food for thought. Algebra is all about the details and executive function of the brain - how much detail can someone sustain internally. Computation should already be mastered. I would encourage you to have her find a way to do things right the first time - attention to detail. Is she missing or making errors on the new material or old during the lessons? That will help you determine if she has internalized the material. She may need more repetition of a concept when it's presented than Saxon gives, but she internalizes it over time. Does that make sense? I'm on my phone and I can only see. A few lines at a time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks for your thoughtful input, Lecka :) We are a CC school, but teachers are allowed to chose how they execute that in their classroom. We won't know who her teachers are until 48 hrs before school starts. So we'll do our best and just go from there!
  5. This is my dd exactly. It's frustrating for both of us! I'm willing to do what it takes to make things better though. Having studied Latin and Greek I know roots are essential to my own understanding. It was on my to-do list for homeschooling but we never got around to it. I will definitely add this to our repertoire. Thanks!!!
  6. We transitioned back this past year to 7th grade. I printed out a map of the school and we pretty much memorized it. Once she got her schedule we planned out routes for getting back and forth to different classes. The hardest thing for my daughter was using a combo lock for gym class. If your dc doesn't know how now, that's another easy thing to practice. We didn't think of it until the day before school, so it took her about a week to get the hang of it.
  7. My odd has always struggled with learning new vocabulary. When we hs'd we did not do formal spelling and/or vocabulary testing/curricula. We read tons, used spell check, and a thesaurus. She is now in public school and doing pretty well overall, except for this area. How can I help her learn the word lists? (I think her problem lies in the fact she has receptive as well as expressive issues.) FWIW there's only 2 weeks of school left but I'm thinking more about the summer and the future. Thanks!!!!
  8. Thanks, everyone! Kareni, that's it!!!
  9. About a year or so ago there was a huge thread on decluttering, overcoming chaos, etc. I even bought one of the books recommended, Cleaning House: A Mom's Twelve-Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement. I'm having no luck finding that thread. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  10. Thanks, everyone. I'm feeling much better now that you've talked me down. Like I said, I just thought of this today and had a mini panic attack. I swear this parenting thing is not for the faint of heart!
  11. It's hard for me b/c I feel the same way re: hoop-jumping. However, our program is sooo supportive and I love our teachers. We've all become friends kwim. However, I think they'd understand. I just need to put my big girl panties on :lol:
  12. Thanks! I read that but it just wasn't sinking in kwim. I literally had this revelation this morning and came here b/c y'all are so knowledgeable! I'm currently homeschooling through an Independent Study Program in my neighboring school district. I get my curriculum for free from them but the only books they have to offer are Glencoe and Saxon. I like Saxon, so I just went with that kwim. Plus, my ISP only goes through 8th grade. I have no idea what other textbooks they have beyond Algebra 1. The ISP supports me using other curricula, I just have to pay for it myself. If I'm going to buy it myself, I want to get the "right" one. It sounds like I may need to file as a private school if I want a non-traditional curriculum.
  13. CW, I hoped you'd see this! I kinda feel the same way about testing out. What do you plan to do for Geometry?
  14. Ok, that makes sense ... next question. Do I need to switch over from Saxon to another curriculum so that she has a separate Geometry class? ETA: I found my answer...I will need to do a separate Geometry class.
  15. If my dd wants to go to a UC school, does her Algebra course need to be A-G even though she'll complete it in middle school? I know this may seem like a premature question, but my ydd is plowing through Saxon 87 like it's nothing. If she continues at this pace I'm going to have to start researching Algebra curricula after Christmas. I don't want to screw up her chances of getting into college b/c I made a stupid mistake kwim. Thanks!!!
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