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  1. I’ve seen Ben’s classes recommended by a few people; you were probably one of them. She did a 14-week dissections class last semester; I was plenty happy to outsource that aspect! I remember looking through a Bio textbook you had and thinking that she already knew the ecology, evolution, and genetics parts of the book, so I’m really happy to have found a way to cover just this one bit of Bio. She’s also going to take some of his genetics classes because she doesn’t believe me that she already knows it at the level required of high schoolers, but that’s because she really doesn’t understand wha
  2. Lol, we don’t even have the current semester planned, let alone next year. The first half of this semester, DD is doing a whole pile of Athena’s classes for fun (Religions and Sustainable Development, Sherlock Holmes, Dragonology, Herpetology, Comparative World Mythology). She is practicing spelling words from the Scripps list. She is learning AOPS Counting and Probability from the book, though I doubt it will take her all semester. She actually already knows some of the C&P and some of the NT, so there’s a small chance we fit in both books this semester. She’s doing some fun Brave Writer
  3. The personal circumstances changing my work timeline are not happy. They are probably shading my attitude, as is a lack of excitement about returning to my previous careers long term. It will be a long term need for employment, so I would honestly like to find something that fits better for me. I do not have ADHD, or at least I don’t think I do. I do have chronic depression and some anxiety, fairly well managed but which can sometimes present similarly to ADHD especially in regards to focus.
  4. I had figured I had a few years yet to decide this, but life circumstances change and this may need to happen more now-ish. I haven’t worked in a good few years, so I’m basically starting over. I have a BA in psychology. College grades were not particularly good, so further education programs would be a challenge, plus while I like to learn I have really disliked formal schooling. My job history includes social services (managing a group home for at-risk teens and as a case manager and supervisor for CPS) and part-time massage therapy. I could return to either of these careers, but they d
  5. We have a cheap platform from Amazon, with a Sleep Number mattress. No issues here with the bed setup for sleep or any other activity.
  6. YI’m seeking recommendation for online ASL classes. High school level preferred, though a class aimed at middle schoolers would work in this case as well. I’d hope the provider offered at least two consecutive years of classes, and have a preference for a deaf teacher though I’m flexible on that. For reasons specific to the child, community college is not an option. There’s also some question of where we will be living, so online classes are preferred to local classes. She strongly prefers structure for this over stringing together resources, so a class that meets online on a regular basi
  7. I don’t think it’s fuzzy. She could easily tell you that there are two cookies left over. Or that everyone would get 3 2/7 of a cookie, even though she’d then go off in a tangent about how ridiculous it would be to attempt to divide the cookies into sevenths. And when she absolutely has to, she can even use whatever method she is using to convert that 2/7 to a certain amount of tenths, hundredths, etc. It’s just slow and painful. And she can glance at the fraction and *know* that it’s going to be slow and painful, which makes her drag her feet even more, making it slower and more painful than
  8. For the longest time, she could only do division when I took the written problem and turned it into a word problem. She’d been doing real-life division for years before encountering it in a math book, so I was really surprised when she had this issue. She can work her way through when she needs to; it’s only when it doesn’t divide evenly that it hurts her. She had a problem that reduced to something like 23/7 and needed the answer rounded to the nearest something-or-other, stuff like that. Otherwise, she vastly prefers to think of all division as fractions, reduce as much as possible, the
  9. DD just finished the AOPS Intro Algebra book, enjoys math competitions and Epsilon Camp, and she *still* can’t remember the long division algorithm. I’ve decided to ignore the issue, and we’re both happier for it. It is extremely rare that she needs it as the vast majority of the time she can use other strategies. I think 2-3 times during the second half of the Algebra book, the algorithm would have come in handy and she asked permission to use a calculator to check her work before hitting the submit button on Alcumus. I assume she’ll learn it eventually, but thought I’d reassure you that
  10. You may have already made your decision, but I can give information on Clover Creek, which DD did last year. It definitely includes labs and lab reports. There are quizzes and tests on a regular basis, and it was DD’s first experience with such, so she definitely had a learning curve on studying, being prepared, and what grades were. (I know your kids have had some experience with more traditional schooling, but mine had no idea that percentages translated to letter grades at all, lol.) The Algebra requirement is no joke; a kid who couldn’t manipulate equations well would really struggle.
  11. They have never asked me this; I assume it is a newer question. When DD started about four years ago, many of the teachers simply didn’t have much English fluency. She therefore started with her teachers speaking Spanish 98% of the time. They would sometimes use English when she was struggling with a word. Maybe because that is what we have always expected from them, that is still what her teachers do - full Spanish, and we know they speak English because DD sometimes goes “um, uh, darn it, well, a plant... how am I supposed to say plant?”
  12. We’ve used HSA for years, but at levels lower than high school. I also recommend scheduling with a variety of teachers and seeing who a particular kid clicks with. Some popular teachers didn’t work well for my daughter; some less popular teachers did. We like to keep one main teacher, and two or three in rotation as additional teachers. Therefore, my kid hears more than one speech pattern, talks to people with different interests (they chat a lot once they’ve covered the main lesson), and if a teacher leaves we don’t feel completely adrift. They’re very responsive to requests. In the four
  13. Wow, you can really tell the above was written pre-COVID, can’t you? We found a lovely private microschool, focused on Socratic discussion and hands-on work with a flexible attitude toward grade placement and class placement. It is amazing, but the week that we were going to put our deposit in was the week that everything started shutting down around here. DD continues to be homeschooled. All those lovely ideas for homeschooling? They’re not really accessible right now, either. We did do an arts-focused summer at home, and she discovered that she liked the idea much better in theory than
  14. Have you seen the Suppose the Wolf Were an Octopus books from RFWP? They have sets of questions to go along with a selection of books, and the books in each grade range are selected primarily by interest level. They’re my go-to when I’m get stuck or in a rut with discussing books. Each set of questions is divided into six categories based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, ranging from simple comprehension questions up to prompts to recreate parts of the story for yourself.
  15. I remember finally understanding that subtraction is just the adding of the opposite, and that division is simply multiplying by the reciprocal. That made all the rules make so much more sense to me! So, if I see something as simple as 9-7, my brain knows it can restate that as 9+(-7), and then it is easy to move things around because I know I can move the numbers around with addition. If it helps with the problem, I can now rearrange things to be -7+9, because that is still obviously valid in terms of the addition rules. I see division similarly. 12 divided by 3 is the same as 12 times 1
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