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  1. Anyone taken the Narnia (English) class at TPS? Or has anyone had Mrs. Talbert? Any feedback?
  2. Anyone taken the Narnia (English) class at TPS? Or has anyone had Mrs. Talbert? Any feedback?
  3. How many levels did you do in Barton before calling it a day? We are finishing up Level 8 with my 12 y/o ds and I’m wondering if I need to do Levels 9 & 10. He’s reading well, albeit slowly. And he’s also in a rigorous Latin program through Lukeion so I know word roots are covered. Thoughts? Keep going or is 8 levels enough?
  4. Just finished Bunnicula and loved it. Planning to read Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but what else? Kids are ages 10 & 8.
  5. My oldest loved it age 11 and is suggesting I read it to his siblings now (ages 8 & 10). Too early?
  6. Thank you everyone! We may try a few, based on the recommendations here. 😊
  7. We are in the beginning of Level 7 and while DS10 is able to read the passages fairly easily, he still forgets some of the spelling rules and therefore his spelling isn't great. We stepped away from Barton during the summer so we've been away from it for at least 3-4 months. When I gave him the Book 6 post test to see what he remembered he missed so many spelling words I was tempted to go back through all of 5 and 6 again. But then I think, it's hard for ME to remember all the spelling rules and really as long as he's reading, does it really matter? Is spelling THAT important? We both HATE
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