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  1. Just to be clear, I don't assume that you personally feel a particular way about this issue. My use of you is really meant generally. I have no idea what you personally believe. I absolutely see that their linguistic affirmation of biological sex is important to them. It is so important to them that they refuse to be polite and kind to others, or to tell the usual little white lies that they do numerous times throughout their day without even thinking about it. So, that's why I don't believe that it's about being honest. It's only about being honest some of the time. The rest of the time,
  2. Katie, This is a far more nuanced view, based on lived experience with actual trans human beings. You know as well as I do that most of the people that pull these shenanigans have no love for trans folks and generally that's because they have no real connection with trans folks in their lives. Clearly, there is a distinction to be made between catering to every whim of a teenager and honoring the simple requests of another human being re how they are addressed in our daily interactions with that person.
  3. Maize, I am much more libertarian in my views than it may appear. IMO, you are free to believe that men are men and women are women. I am not trying to convert you to any particular view re trans folks or LGBTQ folks generally. I have my own personal views, but we don't need to share those views in order for us to be friends and to respect one another. We live in a secular society and I support the free exercise of religion. Having said that, I *am* trying to convert you to the view that we should be kinder to historically marginalized folks in our daily interactions with them and, IMO, i
  4. Not at all. I am saying that you are already lying throughout your day. Every study proves that humans tell white lies throughout their day. Perhaps, you are the rare exception to this rule, but I doubt it. So, the safe money says that all of these anti-trans moralizers are already lying on the regular. Who does it harm for them to just extend the same polite courtesy, that they already extend to the grocery store clerk and the little old lady, to trans folks? That's not asking people to abide by my morality; that's asking them to be internally consistent about their own, or to admit that i
  5. I'm sorry if I sounded harsh, Scarlett. It just bugs me when this moralizing comes out selectively. People tell lies all the time. We all do. Every study proves that. And most of us have a moral code that says that it is bad to lie, so most of us try not to tell lies intentionally. But, most of us do not go around telling the truth 100% of the time because it is obnoxious, so we tell these white lies that most of us deem to be harmless, as in my example. So, my contention is that using the personal pronouns of a trans person is only a big deal if you make it out to be. No one is asking yo
  6. Quill, I fully support trans folks and their right to bodily autonomy, but I agree with you. If I had a trans kid, I would want for them to wait for their prefrontal cortex to finish developing before they made any huge life altering decisions that were permanent. A dumb tattoo can be lasered off, piercing holes can close, but surgically altering your body is forever, and although I am not likening a tattoo or piercings to transitioning so that the person you are on the outside matches the person you are on the inside (truly, I am not), I do know that the person we are on the inside is st
  7. As if. have never lied in your whole entire lives. Never told a stinking white lie to a family member, a little old lady, or a grocery store clerk because it was the polite thing to do. Give me a break. Someone asks, "How are you today?" (You've had a terrible day) You say, "Fine." You don't go on and on with the truth about your crap day because no one really wants to hear about it. You just smile and say the polite thing. Same here. Don't pass on your bigotry with your selective moralizing. Just smile and do the polite thing.
  8. Those of us that support trans human beings exercising personal bodily autonomy need therapy? Judgmental much? But, let me guess, forcibly circumcising infant boys without their consent is no problem? Mhmmm.
  9. Taking my nursing license exam on Friday at 515pm. Please send good vibes! So nervous! 🙂 

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      The test shut off at 75 and I got the good pop up on the Pearson Vue trick, so that likely means that I am a nurse. 🙂

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  10. Knittingmom, I have (well-managed) bipolar disorder, ADD, and generalized anxiety disorder, and I went back to school (after a long period of stability) to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. (I am also a retired attorney, so I advise against being a paralegal for a variety of reasons!) I think you will find that a lot of people that work in psych have either their own lived experience or some connection via a loved one, which is why healthy boundaries are so important. But, IMO, these experiences can also help us to be more empathic caregivers/providers. You may want to think about
  11. Handmaid's Tale if you can handle the dark violence. Mrs. America is also very good. What We Do In The Shadows is one of my favs, but it is an acquired taste for some.
  12. Knittingmom, I also encourage you to go back. To add to the voices of support, I also went back late in life for a career change and just finished my second bachelors. Like Sassenach, I went back to get my BSN in nursing. I also live in California and the job market here for new graduate nurses is intensely competitive. You will have 500-1000+ people applying for every coveted new graduate residency spot that opens up at the hospitals in my area. We have several direct entry MSN programs here too, so people who already have bachelors degrees can become nurses at the masters level. (I did
  13. That's too bad. I come from a family of cops, so tend to be a bit more compassionate re how difficult the job of policing can be (no excuse for excessive force, obviously), and as a Jew tend to have a more pro-Israel perspective re its defense (no excuse for Palestinian human rights violations either), so I kinda have to keep my head down right now with a lot of my uber liberal friends for precisely these reasons. I hope our cops are not excluded in San Diego.
  14. If we want people to ask for help with addiction, it helps not to stigmatize those with a medical condition.
  15. Yep. When it comes to race discussions, I am in a lot of decolonizing/antiracist homeschooling/medicine/nursing groups and mostly I just STFU and listen/learn. I only talk about these issues when trying to help other white people sort through these issues. I would NEVER tell a POC that she could not speak about her lived experience because it hurt my feelings/made me feel bad about myself as a white person, yadda yadda.
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