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  1. I just saw this thread and was going to tell you not to stress because she would do great. I remember when Sacha took it, he came out telling me that the only part that was confusing was that he didn't know what all the "slashes" were. I'm like, "the slashes????" He's like, "yeah, they had numbers like 5 slash 6... 4 slash 7." I'm like, "you mean fractions?????" He's like, "oooooohhhhh, is that what those were?" I was totally confused because he understood fractions well at that age. It wasn't until later that we looked at his math curriculum and realized that he had always seen fractions
  2. Passed our critical care lab assessment on Friday and start our final clinical rotation in the ICU on Wednesday night. All that's left between me and graduation are 15 night shifts, a couple of papers, and the HESI Exit Exam -- the end of nursing school is finally in sight!!    

  3. Yay for the locals! So happy for her. 🙂
  4. Yep. My younger DS' uber flexible charter went whackadoo this year because they were under the gun with state regulators thanks to a bunch of negative media coverage and some poor decision making on their part in the past. We couldn't move him because of all the Covid schoolers flooding the charters at the same time that CA was, in its brilliance, cutting charter funding and redirecting the money back to the brick and mortars that the students were fleeing. Gotta love the department of education. Thankfully, it looks like most of the schools will be back to in-person classes in the fall and ou
  5. Without SAT/ACT scores, and now with SAT II scores gone, which were an easy way to validate a PSA transcript for A-G, that really now only leaves you with APs (which are dang near impossible to find test centers for, especially if your kid needs accommodations) or DE. Admission by Exception is risky business for PSA homeschoolers because the media has been running a bunch of stories, in the wake of the Varsity Blues scandal, making it sound like the UCs use Admission by Exception as some sort of shady side door entry. As a result, PSA homeschoolers have sadly seen one of their last means of en
  6. I want to second Farrar's recommendation to join California Homeschool College Seekers. Laura is a high school counselor at iLead in Orange County, so she is well versed in the requirements for charter homeschoolers and Rebecca is a former PSA homeschooler turned college consultant. Both are very experienced homeschoolers, who have coached numerous kids through the college admissions process and are very up to date on what is going on in California for homeschoolers. They have experience with PG kids, kids with learning disabilities, kids with unusual talents, kids that struggle, you name it.
  7. Has he already taken the F=ma class from AoPS? What level of math prep do you think you need to be successful in the Awesome Math Physics class? I am debating between AoPS and Awesome Math and you're the first person that I know that has taken Awesome Math.
  8. This might be too basic for your kiddo, but Sacha is taking the Competition Programming class from Academia Edge, after he finished AP CS A this fall, and he is enjoying it. https://academiaedge.com/courses.html
  9. I had never heard of Bebras. Thank you!!
  10. I think I will bump it up on the stuff that he has already covered. I am not sure that I will do it for the classes that he is currently in. People have said that the Intermediate Algebra class was brutal when Alcumus was included, so they dropped it. I doubt I will be mean enough to add it back in at the Insanely Hard level -- at least, not until he is well past that level and is, perhaps, prepping for a competition or something.
  11. I will see your brothel story and raise you my BFF from law school and I getting called into the managing partners' offices of our respective law firms within an hour of this story hitting the Interwebz. https://www.eastbaytimes.com/2004/09/24/fellow-alumni-speak-up-for-law-grad-hounded-by-feds/ We were both in deep caca for defending a girl in the law school class in front of us who was busted by the feds for tax evasion (of course) for being a high-class call girl to pay off her student loans. ETA: She was pulling in over 1K per hour -- more than a lot of Silicon Valley and NYC BIGLAW
  12. Just look at the ethnic makeup of most academic camps, contests, and afterschool academic enrichment classes. The composition is striking. White people, as a general rule, are either clueless or entirely apathetic about these academic opportunities.
  13. Things are so vastly different than they were when most of us went to school. I always joke that I couldn't have gotten into my undergrad if I applied today. It's just an entirely different world today. Wendyroo, even though you came from a crappy HS and lower socioeconomic environment, it sounds like you really had involved parents who supported you. That kind of support can make all the difference. Neither of my parents had college degrees, and they never valued higher education or had any clue about how it all worked. My high school did not have AP courses at that time (it is actually
  14. Semi-related: The documentary on Operation Varsity Blues is on Netflix. I haven't watched it yet because I am not sure if I need more hypertension in my life at present, but I heard that it was well done.
  15. By way of example, Sacha is likely attending Astronomy Camp this summer because of 8 and her DS. (It was cancelled last summer and will likely be virtual this summer, but Dr. Don has assured me that, if camp happens this summer, that Sacha can attend.) Sacha has been obsessed with space since he was two. I have been on these boards since 2013, when we were first considering homeschooling. Sacha was 4 at that time and I was pregnant with Ronen. 8 mentioned her son's experience with Astronomy Camp and, after researching it and thinking that it could possibly be a good fit for Sacha, I wrote it d
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