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  1. So far, it has always been in Irvine, California -- right next to John Wayne Airport (cheap Southwest flights). 🙂
  2. Another idea that is government related: (I don't like that it is sex-segregated, but some people may not care.)
  3. If anyone wants to listen to the panels from Gameschool Con 2020, they are available here: Also, if you are interested in seeing some of the pics, to get a feel of the vibe, you can check them out here: This was our second year at the con, and we had a great time again. We highly recommend this wonderful convention! The kids look forward to it each year now.
  4. They originally told me, "There's just a lot we don't know about obesity, Monique." I went to a reproductive endo, even though I wasn't trying to get pregnant at the time, because they were the only ones knowledgeable about PCOS back in the day. He finally diagnosed me with the appropriate labs and started me on metformin. Years of being on bcps likely saved my ovaries and I was able to conceive (when I was finally ready -- a decade later) with just metformin. After two gestational diabetes pregnancies, the insulin resistance got worse and I opted for a gastric bypass. I could see that I would like end up a T2 diabetic like most people with PCOS once they hit midlife. So far, the surgery has helped in some ways (A1C is great, weight is good), but not in others (still have hirsuitism and cystic acne, still have excess androgens, so back on bcps at age 45 to control PCOS). So, I feel you. As the others have said. Get a new doctor. Hugs.
  5. I only know of Uworld for NCLEX prep, for which I do recommend it, as I have heard it is the best program for that purpose. I have never heard of it being used for other exam prep. I would probably use Prep Scholar for SAT/ACT Prep. Good luck to your DD on the NCLEX! I am sure she knows about the Pearson trick. 🙂
  6. Summer plans are already being finalized here. Crazy how quickly everything fills up. Sacha won a scholarship to spend one week at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. He also registered for a week at Duke Tip's Crisis camp (a mock oil spill where he would serve on a scientific research team trying to stop the spill). He should hear back about whether he got into the Duke camp later this week. So, if he gets in, he will fly unaccompanied across the country and spend 2 weeks away from home, which will be a big deal for him. He is also waiting on final approval for an internship with Virgin Galactic. It's already been approved by legal and HR, so it looks like everything is a go. The CEO just needs to give it his final blessing, but apparently he is really supportive of stuff like this, so it's just supposed to be a formality. This would be a dream come true for Sacha if it happens, so we are all praying that it comes through. Other than those major things, he will also do some of his usual camps again -- San Diego Junior Lifeguard camp, AoPS math camp, a coding camp, and a few fun camps at the YMCA. Ronen will probably spend the whole summer at camps at the YMCA and his kung fu school. He had a blast at a YMCA travel camp last summer, going all over to different parks, beaches, playgrounds, attractions, etc. around Southern California. We will probably mix the travel camp with some specialty camps like cooking and art. His kung fu school has super fun theme camps like ninja, gamer, nerf, which he loves. Thankfully, the YMCA has great financial aid and my mom bought Ronen's summer camps at his kung fu school for a Hanukkah gift when they were on Black Friday special. I will be doing my psych and OB rotations in nursing school, along with getting a bunch of specialty certifications, so it's going to be a busy summer for all of us. 🙂
  7. Here are some legal resources for any parents dealing with 2e legal issues (I had to fight for Sacha to get testing and his 504 plan because schools usually want to tell parents of gifted kids dealing with 2e issues that they don't qualify, which is BS): A great case applying the Endrew F. standard:
  8. Many math circles will offer these exams to local students who are not able to take these tests at their local schools, as will some AoPS Academy locations for AoPS students.
  9. Sacha just turned 11 and I think this is where we are heading as well. Like you, I also envy the people who are able to create these really cool, out-of-the-box learning experiences for their kids, but the best that I can do is research what I can find that has already been put together by others. Like, I was able to find an astrobiology series that is run by a former NASA instructor and DYS parent. That's got to be better than anything I can throw together myself. I also found a charter school in So Cal that runs an aeronautics enrichment program that is doing the type of stuff that Sacha wants to do (soaring lessons in gliders, Genes in Space experiments for the ISS). Plus, with the teen years approaching, I can already foresee that learning alone/primarily online is likely going to get more frustrating for him. He is probably going to want more social interaction with others. He is fine now because he still gets to go 2 days/week to his charter school for art/theatre/guitar, but as his academic load continues to increase, I am not sure how much we will be able to set aside two full days for his charter school. His current charter also has restrictions on dual enrollment that will eventually become problematic for him, so I can't see him lasting there beyond 8th grade unless they change those rules. Rather than throwing him straight into Gen Chem, we compromised by giving the Intro to Gen Chem class a try next spring when he is 12. That doesn't seem excessively young to me among the AL crowd for trying out what is effectively a compressed version of a high school chem class. If it goes poorly, we can drop it and hold off on CC until he has better EF skills. But, this is something that he wants to do, and I am not going to be the one that holds him back. If it goes well, then I expect that he will continue to stay with AoPS for math until Calc BC, then probably transition to SOHS or UCSD math classes. But for the rest, I imagine that he will be doing quite a bit of dual enrolling at the CCs or UCSD. Thankfully, they are expanding our trolley system so that he can get around by mass transit in the years ahead. We shall see. But yeah, this year feels like the year that things are starting to change.
  10. What about these classes?
  11. And whether half-naked cheerleaders, dancers, and figure skaters perpetuate violence against women is a separate conversation vs whether the half-time show = strip club performance, which was my only commentary.
  12. Yes, I do live in California at present. However, my circle of friends is diverse and global. I was co-President of the Federalist Society in law school, a board member of the California Republican Lawyers Association, and only recently changed my political affiliation (like many Republicans) in the Trump era, so I am hardly liberal by California standards nor averse to conservatives or conservative opinions. But, IMO, our country is very fractured on a number of levels, but that is a whole 'nother conversation.
  13. Yes, I wrote that, and you chose to make it about you. I didn't quote any of your posts specifically, but I guess, if the shoe fits. [shrugs]
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