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  1. I wish ours was like that. We've discussed it before here, but the application is pretty intimidating and it seemed to make it pretty clear that it was heavily competition focused. At least, that's how they make it sound on the website. I've posted quotes from it before here, which is why we didn't bother to apply with Sacha's "math resume." So, if that is not actually the case, they are likely turning off other kids like mine who are too intimidated by those timed competitions to participate. I mean, he does the AMCs each year, but he sucks at them (in part) because they're timed and make no
  2. I know. Insane prices. We followed the advice to only take one class the first semester, and to make it one in a high-interest area, so he went with the aviation class. He emailed his professor beforehand, so she wouldn't be shocked when a little kid walked in, and she has been super supportive. Since the lecture portion is an online format, it's something to which he's already very accustomed and the lab portion is flying simulators, so he is having a blast! That way, he could take the first semester to get used to being in college, managing the workload, get settled with the Disability
  3. Sorry, just getting back to this thread. I emailed them and the classes are $1200 for 12 weeks. I almost fell out of my seat. Yikes! I was interested up until that point. I agree about the timed competition issue and also AoPS Academy doesn't even seem to know what to do with 2e kids. Or they just don't care. Just giving Sacha extra time on his math tests would have made a massive difference for him, and it isn't like his teacher (the head of our local academy, and the same teacher he had for 3 years) wasn't aware of his ADHD and didn't see the huge disparity between his untimed performan
  4. A new to me resource for the budding mathematicians: http://squaresandcubes.com/
  5. We need to take action this week! From the Director of Element Education (my kid's charter): Dear Element Community, SB 98 is a budget Trailer Bill which locked in funding for schools for the 20-21 school year based on average daily attendance at the end of last February. While that provides great relief for schools with declining enrollment, it negatively impacts schools like both Dimensions and Community Montessori that enrolled students prior to the passage of the bill. Between our schools, we have admitted nearly 400 students, with hundreds more on waitlists. More than ha
  6. ...that came before us -- many of whom I met on this board -- I dropped Sacha off at his first college class today. I never would have had the courage to homeschool, never mind the chutzpah to let him take the CHSPE as a 10 year old and allow him to enroll in college classes at the age of 11 had it not been for the encouragement of this board. My heart was in my chest when I dropped him off, but he was all smiles when I picked him up and his professor has been very encouraging. I know that we still have many years of homeschooling still ahead of us (G-d willing), but I cannot thank you all eno
  7. Awww, thanks. It was just a 3-week CTY summer course that wrapped up a week or so ago. It was a course for the older kids, but they let him enroll and he seemed to follow it fine. But, there was no way I could help him if he needed anything from me. That seems to be the case more and more these days.
  8. That's awesome. Gil. It's great to see all the effort you've put into working with the boys bear fruit. I feel you on the not being able to help. Sacha took a game theory class over the summer and all I could do was watch 'A Beautiful Mind' with him. 😄 Way over my head.
  9. I really like that Alexa functionality. We are Android and Alexa people, so that would be a big plus for us. Does Cozi sync with Alexa too?
  10. We have had open pools and outdoor workouts here in San Diego for at least a month. I watch the county briefings every day. There has been zero transmission under these scenarios. Zero. Not the case when the indoor gyms were briefly open. I would not workout indoors under any circumstances. A mask is not going to be effective with people breathing hard and exhaling that air into a room. You are going to breathe other people's recirculated air after about 15 minutes (not an exact science). Even if they have air purifiers, you do not know how often the air is being recirculated through th
  11. Oh, I forgot to answer about AB 890. YES!!! I have been following it and I hope that FINALLY it is getting traction because of the pandemic. But, the physician lobby is very powerful and has defeated similar legislation many many times before, so I am not counting them out just yet. They really don't want to see this to go through. It is such a turf war, and all about greed. It is unfortunate. One of the reasons that I have been looking at working at the VA after graduation (besides wanting to work with other vets) is because NPs already have full practice authority under the federal system. S
  12. Oh, that's awesome! What a relief that you have your clinical sites, and good ones at that! I hope that you have a great semester. Even though I already knew a lot about psych, I found the exam very tricky. We use HESI and the whole test was basically therapeutic communication. It was a lot of scenarios where you really could go with two answers and it was hard to know which was the best of the two answer choices. I hate that! So subjective! We can commiserate over OB together. I'm just glad I had kids (and a nervous breakdown) before going to nursing school! It's really helped with knowing th
  13. I am super torn. I love the ICU. I would love to be an Acute Care NP, but there's just no day shift for years and years around here in the ICU. And I'm almost 46 years old with bipolar disorder that is triggered by sleep deprivation. It's a bad combo. Even if I managed to find an RN job on days, and made it through NP school, I'd likely go right back to nights as a hospitalist for awhile once I became an NP. It's just untenable. So, my other love is Psych. They're my people. I went into nursing to become a Psych NP and to work with other vets and folks with severe mental illnesses. I just
  14. Since I made my own little post, I want to put in a plug for this video from the Wall Street Journal. I don't believe it is behind their paywall. I volunteered for 6 months in the MICU at UCSD and have spent 2 of my clinical rotations (so far -- I have a strong interest in critical care nursing) in the ICU at UCSD and another hospital in Orange County, spending time with Covid/ECMO nurses. As I mentioned above, most of our clinical instructors are also ICU nurses. Because people are not allowed into ICUs, it is hard for the public to hear first-hand what is happening. This is a non-political,
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