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  1. Ha! No. He has ADHD. He is constantly moving around while he listens, walks the dog, bounces off the walls, plays with swords, etc.
  2. Makes sense. I'm hoping that, if I can get Sacha through this year of bio and the two Clovers, that I can then hand him off to DE at the CC for 200 level Gen Chem, which is a pre-req for 200 level Gen Bio. After that, he wants to just focus on DE physics classes at UCSD. (Of course, this is all ridiculously speculative.) The CCs here are on semesters, but UCSD is on quarters, which I agree, are unforgiving.
  3. We have a Great Courses Plus subscription. So far, he has listened to this one: (microbio) He is currently mid-way through this one: (gen bio) And wants to do these two next: (genetics) (astrobio) He just listens and we discuss. I forgot about getting the workbooks.
  4. Sacha is hoping to get into Clover Physics for the fall, if my fingers are fast enough. He will be on the very young side, so will need a lot of support staying on top of assignments, but he has strong math skills, loves science, and is pretty experienced with online classes. He is also hoping to get into CTY's physics summer camp, so hopefully that will be a good intro for him as well. If he makes it through Jetta's class, then Clover Chem would be the next logical step (gulp) -- probably the regular class from the sound of it. He is doing a year-long bio sequence this year through Outschool (which he really enjoys), in tandem with Great Courses lectures and the Miller Levine text. I am currently taking Biochem in nursing school and man, I wish I had previous exposure to this subject. So, if you have a kid going into allied health, I would definitely consider Connie's O-chem and Biochem class.
  5. May I ask why you think this? It would seem that both of your boys would be able to handle science DE at the CCs.
  6. Just going to put in a plug for the HPV vax here for this as well.
  7. I think that you are drawing a false dichotomy here. I don't think that abstinence only education is effective. I firmly believe in teaching comprehensive sex education in school, as a matter of public health, and I have chosen to do the same in our homeschool. However, while I do believe that sex is a positive and healthy thing among consenting adults, I would never teach my kids that it is "no big deal" or that it has "no emotional/psychological consequences, especially among teenagers." I do not think that "casual sex is fine as long as you are careful." Sex has very real emotional and physical effects on the body and mind, and comprehensive sex education teaches all about such things and why.
  8. I am definitely for it, but I want to share my experience working at Planned Parenthood when I was in college (for those who have concerns about their kids having access to contraception without their consent). In order to get birth control pills at our clinic, you had to have a pap smear (I don't know that this is still true today, as the guidelines re paps have changed over the years). Anyway, we always told the girls that we would only call them if their pap was abnormal. We explained to them what an abnormal pap could mean, and we explained that we would use a code name if we had to call their house (so their parents would not know that it was Planned Parenthood calling). We would say that their friend X called, so they would know to call the clinic because they would need further treatment. I only interned at the clinic for the summer, but even though we told the girls over and over that we could never tell their parents anything about their medical treatment with us, they were so petrified that their parents would find out they were sexually active, I cannot tell you how many girls gave us fake telephone numbers. These were girls that we needed to phone because their lab results came back with abnormal cells -- cells that could have eventually turned into cervical cancer, which is a silent, deadly killer. By the time you have symptoms, you are gone. I was one of those girls, who was too scared to talk to my parents and went to Planned Parenthood when I became sexually active. Thankfully, I had a normal pap, but I remember feeling that my number one priority (other than not getting pregnant) was making sure that my parents didn't find out. So, I really understood the fear these girls felt and why they took the risks that they did. Just something to keep in mind.
  9. SeaConquest

    Spices without politics?

    Yes, my perspective is most certainly influenced by the fact that I live in a large city and worked in industries where jobs are typically plentiful (finance and the law). That is an excellent point.
  10. SeaConquest

    Spices without politics?

    I can't imagine you would want to work at Penzeys if you want to build a wall. That's for sure. I also wouldn't want to work at Hobby Lobby if I valued employee coverage for contraception. I mean, companies consist of a culture of ideas and values. Hopefully, people who are trying to build a shared vision of the future, to some extent. You are looking for fit. Cohesion. A team. I would personally want to know the types of people for/with whom I am working.
  11. SeaConquest

    Online Universities- can we make a list?

    I will also mention that many of the community colleges here in California are moving to online classes and many have completely online degree programs. For example, my oldest is looking at completing an AA in Humanities while in high school at a very well regarded CC in northern California (we are in San Diego). It can be completed entirely online. I was also able to knock out my pre-reqs for nursing school super quickly by enrolling in numerous online classes in multiple CC districts all over the state. You just use this website to find out what online classes and degrees are available at CCs, CSUs, and UCs.
  12. SeaConquest

    Spices without politics?

    I don't think it is ridiculous at all. It's a legitimate concern in this divisive political climate, IMO. But, I think your concern has less to do with companies being transparent and more to do with our current crass discourse and our leadership forgetting how to behave in a civil society. Personally, if I went to someone's house for a party, and I saw that it was catered by Chick Fil A, my stomach might turn for a quick second, but then I would suck it up, act like a gosh darn grown up, and eat the food that was kindly offered to me by my host without bringing up a political convo about it. How hard is that? Like my G-pa used to say, "You may have been right, Monique. But, because you had to prove you were right, you were very very wrong." However... If, I was in charge of catering an event, you can bet that I would not spend my organization's money having CFA cater the event.
  13. SeaConquest

    Spices without politics?

    If only that were possible, Jean. But, with our current big-money political system, companies would be naive not to spend their money on lobbying and political organizations to represent their interests in DC and state legislatures. So, how many businesses are truly doing business without politics of any kind these days?
  14. SeaConquest

    Spices without politics?

    I guess when I think about this thread some more that's the real question for me: would you rather spend your money with a company that values what you value or would you rather be in the dark about it? Yes, Penzeys has offended some here with his diatribes. He's also brought in several of us who probably wouldn't have bought spices from him before. Chick Fil A and Hobby Lobby offend people like me and bring in tons of others for taking their positions. I love the transparency of these companies vs. subsequently finding out that a brand I've been supporting for many years is actively (albeit discreetly) working against values to which I hold dear. For example, I'm not sure how I feel about eating at In-N-Out. There's a lot of rumors and innuendo, but nothing substantive to help me make good decisions. Yes, they have Bible verses on their food. So? Yes, they have donated to the GOP in the past. So? I need more information to make an informed decision! Until then, I continue to eat my burgers, albeit with this unsure feeling.
  15. SeaConquest

    Spices without politics?

    I'm glad that Chick Fil A puts their politics out there. It makes it easy for me to know where to spend my money when I've got a hankering for fast food. Same with Hobby Lobby, etc. I wouldn't dump a friend just because she chose to spend her money otherwise, though.
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