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  1. I couldn't, but from what you're saying it sounds like you could and it'd work well.
  2. I have a giant dog-- he's a Saint Bernard. I'd be worried that any legislation against really big dogs would sweep gentle big babies like mine up in it. He's closer to 200 lbs than 100, but he's also been a gentle "mother" to newborn kittens and unfailingly sweet with my kids. I <3 my giant dog.
  3. What topic or subject have you really wished for a book on, but not found something you love? Personally, I'd love a good updated Psalms book.
  4. This conversation really is saddening me. Kids die from poorly treated medical situations in schools every.year. Having behavior issues doesn't mean a child deserves to DIE.
  5. I miss a lot of the old posters. I've learned so much here.
  6. We have a lot of documentation, including frequent hospitalizations. I'm hoping that since the need is a physical one it will go smoother...
  7. Time is really of the essence with strokes, so I would want that evaluated asap.
  8. I'm really worried it's going to be a nasty fight with insurance. Sometimes she's great-- and sometimes she can't even hold her own head up, you know?
  9. I haven't seen any local groups for used equipment. :-/
  10. Thank you, everyone! I'll see what the PT and tech suggest. I'm worried that a stroller will make her seem and feel more like a baby, and I don't want that... but she does need something comfy enough she can sleep in it. I don't know. This isn't something I thought we'd be getting...
  11. That's one of the brands I've looked at. Thank you-- and I'm sorry that your HMO won't cover it. They're spendy!!
  12. There's days I don't think she'll be in it at all, and then there's days she will be in it all day. I don't have a wheelchair accessible van, and I don't think it's in the near future, so that does weigh in!! She is due to see a PT about this...
  13. DD's docs have agreed it's time to look into one or the other, not for all the time, but as needed. Does anyone have a company that they've worked with that they REALLY loved? For an almost 9 year old, who won't be self propelling, which would you lean towards? The doc keeps saying it's up to us, but if I knew what I was doing I wouldn't ask. Ideas?
  14. There are also specific medicaid waivers to cover inpatient psych care for minors.
  15. Sorry I didn't update sooner, it's been a rough few days. She's not in the hospital but is still having more seizures than normal. She's at least responsive and breathing now, so it's an improvement.
  16. I sat in the ER with an unresponsive 8 year old who wasn't breathing well post seizure. Not a great start to the year.
  17. I'll fess to having six cats. They're not all inside, though, because some are barn cats. And since we live rurally that's not excessive, it's reasonable. ;)
  18. What about a real umbrella stroller? They're no where near as big as normal strollers but it'll be hardier than a toy.
  19. Nothing really encouraging here, either. :-/ We've been unable to wean my DD (8 years old) off seizure meds. We recently did a long inpatient EMU stay... and no good ideas. She just had a Make a Wish trip since things are so out of control. :(
  20. No experience in the training-- but when my DD is in the hospital her children's hospital (Colorado Children's) has a "Prescription Pets" program. I'd contact the specific places you want to volunteer and ask them what they prefer to see-- for example CC has all the dogs wear shirts, they train them to jump onto a blanket on the foot of the bed, ect.
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