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  1. Halcyon, what is BtB Spanish? My rising eighth grader wants to start Spanish next year, and I'm not sure what program to do.
  2. I'm tentatively planning to use American Odyssey with my 8th grade dd next year. I'll be listening in for other suggestions here though.
  3. The idea of taking things away and making him earn them back is a good one. I would either do that or institute some kind of check-out system. Sort the toys into various bins and make him come to you to check one out. If he wants another toy, he needs to pick up all parts of the current toy and put them back before he can have a different one.
  4. I do! My mom is one of my closest friends. I love it when people say I am like her. I hope it's true! I'm leaving Wednesday to spend 3 days with her. I'm so excited!! I also have a lovely MIL who I get along great with. I have been blessed in the mom/MIL area.
  5. My sister lives about 45 min from me. I see her several times a month. The rest of my family lives about 2 hrs away. They come up for birthdays for my kids and my sister's kids. We go to see them for holidays and random visits. Between my parents coming up and us going down, we probably see them about once a month or so. Dh's family is about 3 hrs from us. His parents come up for the kids' birthdays. I take the kids down for a week in the summer and we visit for either Thanksgiving or Christmas (we alternate with my family).
  6. We send them if we are not able to say thank you in person. Most people I know send them for showers and weddings still. I did get a weird generic thank you note from my cousin for her wedding a while back. It was just a general pre-printed note which I thought was strange. I think with all of the ways we have to contact people now, thank you notes are on their way out just like newsy letters.
  7. I agree with a PP that he needs to decide on an amount that he is willing to lose and then make him promise to stop after that amount has been reached. Otherwise this will go on forever. Unfortunately I've seen it happen and the results are not pretty. I also think that if you have the money, go ahead and get the help you have been asking for. Tell him your dream is not to be so overworked. He gets money per month to follow a dream you don't approve of- you should be able to do the same.
  8. My mom lined the diaper with extra absorbency maxi pads for one of my siblings who regularly wet through the diaper at night. She said it worked really well.
  9. Right there with you. It's nice to know I'm not alone!
  10. [quote name="ocelotmom" post="5246538" timestamp= And probably Cheaper by the Dozen, which I admit I haven't actually seen, but it doesn't look like it could bear anything more than a passing resemblance to the book. The newest Cheaper by the Dozen is really terrible. Other than the correct number of children, it has nothing to do with the book. There is a movie from 1950 that I thought was a good representation of the book. It would be worth checking out.
  11. Dd 11- Monster High girl Ds 8- ninja Dd 3- either Tinkerbell or Cinderella For babies we have a pumpkin costume. They're so chubby at that age that they make great little pumpkins. :)
  12. We've been going at half pace as well. We do a week on and then a week off. On the week off, I give some writing assignments and we decide together if a chronological narrative or whatever would be best and then review what that entails. I think it has helped dd to use her skills for "real" writing assignments and not just the ones in the book. We also try to discuss different types of writing in what she reads. She dragged her feet through the descriptive weeks. She kept telling me it wasn't that important. So we went through all different kinds of books to show how description was used. It's hard to find a book that does not contain description of some sort. I think that has reinforced the fact that the instruction is practical and not just something to go through the motions of doing.
  13. What degree of power and influence does the aristocracy hold today? Where does their wealth come from? I know a long time ago the land they inherited guaranteed a certain amount of income, but I'm assuming this is no longer the case. Do they work like normal people? Do they get preferential treatment like rich, white men get in America?
  14. Dh and I have trouble finding shows we both like to watch, but we both really liked this one. James Spader is great! I don't know why, but the show reminds me a little of Alias- another one dh and I liked. Maybe it's because there are on-going mysterious elements but not in a frustrating, no-one-ever-knows-what's-going-on kind of way.
  15. Check your library. I was able to watch season 2 by borrowing the DVDs from mine.
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