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  1. I guess my problem is that I'm actually really good at math. I don't like it though, but I can solve problems. My stumbling block has been I have no clue how to explain it, especially to a kid who doesn't get it or struggles.
  2. Any recommendations to help a homeschool mom improve either or both of those?
  3. Right, so at that point would curriculum choice be more important? If so, what curriculums have really good teacher helps?
  4. What do you think is the most important component to being successful at homeschooling math? Is it curriculum? The teacher's understanding? A combination? Something else? How do you take a kid who doesn't like math or doesn't understand math to a place of confidence? I have really done a disservice to my oldest, the poor guinea pig, with her math education to the point she almost has math PTSD. I'm thinking through all of these issues trying to make sure I don't drop the ball with subsequent kiddos.
  5. Picmonkey is my favorite. Easy to use and it has templates.
  6. I would love to use trail runners , but I need a boot because my ankles have a tendency to roll. Nothing serious normally, but a potential fall if it happened could be. Keep the suggestions coming. They are very helpful.
  7. We just moved back to Arkansas (I grew up here and dh and I met here) in March. We've been loving our time with the kids hiking in the great outdoors, but my sneakers just aren't cutting it. Any experienced hikers out there have a recommendation for a good hiking boot? We don't do super long trails, mainly just day hikes of anywhere from 4 to 8 miles. TIA
  8. From what I read there was supposed to be a season 2, but the ratings were so low in Britain that it was cancelled. The one hope was that American viewers via PBS would up the ratings enough that PBS would fund season 2. I really am hoping there will be a season 2, but I don't know of many people who were watching it.
  9. So my dd16, who will be a junior next year, has finally decided she wants to attend college at the American College of the Building Arts in Charleston, SC to get a degree in blacksmithing. This is the first time she's actually acted in interested about pursuing higher education. I'm working on coming up with a plan to get her college ready in the next two years, specifically in math. Mainly, I'm curious if anyone knows anything about the college or someone who's attended there.
  10. I did the same when I lived in Buenos Aires one summer in college. When I arrived all of the Argentinean people were like, "You speak Spanish like a Mexican (very disdainfully)." When I returned to the States six weeks later, my Hispanic friends said, "You speak Spanish like an Argentinean (very disdainfully)." I gave up, so there's no telling what my accent sounds like now. 😂
  11. YES!!!!! I agree with all of this and I even have a high school student. I pawn off my children's science education on whomever I can (co-op, classes, online, documentaries, museums, etc.). Just don't make me do it.
  12. This thread has been very interesting. I love traveling overseas and I love learning about other cultures, especially the things that are done differently. I remember one time when I traveled to The Netherlands and spent the summer there with my then boyfriend. I jumped on my bike and pedaled into the town center around noon to buy something for lunch. Imagine my surprise when the grocery was closed as were the restaurants. I bike home and ask my boyfriend if it's a holiday. Not a holiday, he informs me, but what happens every weekday at lunch. The kids leave school, adults leave th
  13. It was for me. I took a practice test at home and made the exact same score on the real test when I took it a few months later.
  14. I love the podcast and I'm doing the challenge as well
  15. I second the Hinzes BBQ at Sealy suggestion. The original is in our town. It's really good BBQ. I recommend the brisket and ribs with sides of pinto beans, mac and cheese and fried okra. The chicken is really good too. Ask for a piece of cornbread instead of the slice of white bread that comes with the meal. Their pies are really good too.
  16. Oh, and tell your dh to get the brisket breakfast tacos at Buc-ee's. 😋 So good!
  17. Here's the link to the kolache place: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g55791-d2225244-r124671398-Prasek_s_Hillje_Smokehouse-El_Campo_Texas.html I prefer the cream cheese, strawberry, or dewberry, but they are all good.
  18. Drive about twenty more minutes to the southwest to stop for your drinks at the Buc-ees in my town. It's a must south Texas experience. Plus they have great breakfast tacos. If you drive about fifteen more minutes, you can stop at a great kolache (Czech pastry) place. Another must when you're in this part of the country. I can give you the name of the kolache place if you are interested.
  19. Yes, that would be perfect. You might even drive about fifteen minutes farther and stay in the Rosenberg/Richmond area. Traffic for sure would be a non-issue heading southwest from there.
  20. Considering how late you’re arriving on a Sunday night, you should be fine. Odds are very good that traffic will be a non-issue. And yes, I-69 would be the fastest route from the airport to Corpus Christi (you'll be driving right by my town!). Are you planning to drive all of the way that night?
  21. This Fantastic Beautiful is a great, hidden gem of a movie (super quirky rom-com) on Amazon Prime.
  22. We use the Trello app and website. Easy to load, color-coded for completed, need help, with mom, etc. Plus it saves paper!
  23. A Cultural History of Victorian England History of Makeup Both of these I made up for my daughter at her request.
  24. Do you know where he took the course or what book/curriculum he used? My dd would love something like this
  25. My oldest grandparent (paternal grandfather) was born on 2/22/22, President's Day, so he was named Jefferson Washington LastName. He passed away in 2001 from colon cancer. He was the best man I've ever known.
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