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  1. Chelli

    SCM vs AGF

    Here's a review I wrote for another blogger about your exact question:
  2. This sounds wonderful! I've been wanting to do a focused history study of the Eastern hemisphere (non-European/American) in high school, but couldn't find anything at that level. I'll be eagerly looking forward to your release.
  3. Chelli

    How much Lit Analysis do you actually do?

    Sorry if this is off topic, but what do you all mean when you are talking about lit analysis essays?
  4. I don't have an answer for you, but I've been looking at these too.
  5. Chelli

    Is there an active CM club/group here?

    Could you link it? I looked in the group and couldn't find it.
  6. Chelli

    Is there an active CM club/group here?

    As someone trying to do high school in a CM way, I'd love to join a group like this.
  7. I would be very interested in this discussion as well. Spin-off thread?
  8. I'm thinking somewhere around Victoria, TX. Close enough to the coast for an easy day trip, close enough to San Antonio or Houston for big city access, and close enough to the Hill Country for great weekend motorcycle rides.
  9. I'm not sure if this is the correct board for my question, but I'm dropping it here anyway. One of my goals for 2019 is to begin blogging on a regular basis again. I've read lots of comments here on the Hive about how homeschool blogs aren't what they used to be or aren't addressing issues that you see as necessary and relevant. So if you wouldn't mind, tell me what would make a homeschool blog one that you would enjoy reading and that you would find helpful. TIA
  10. Chelli

    I need something to watch

    Yes, the British mystery series! I love it. I'm working on season five right now.
  11. Chelli

    I need something to watch

    I recently discovered Endeavor on Prime. It's a series that starts with a movie. I really enjoyed it!
  12. Chelli

    History Books by Edward Eggleston

    I don't know the answer, but have you tried just emailing the companies?
  13. A Gentle Feast Charlotte Mason curriculum is 30% off everything through Monday. Discount code: final18
  14. Chelli

    Lost Tools of Writing users

    I'm teaching LTOW in my high school co-op this year and while I like the deep thinking it's asking the kids to do as far as the coming up with something to say part (the program calls this step invention), I do not like the program as a whole. I think it's because in general, I'm not a "checklist for writing" kind of teacher. In fact, that's why I dropped IEW. If I was not teaching it in co-op and had the parents by the book, I would have already switched to something else. As it is, for next semester, I'm very much changing how I approach the class, by taking the information provided in the program and teaching it the way I would (a more organic, brainstorming type process), and I'll be letting the kids be more free in their essay writing instead of so formatted. I'm also using various novels and short stories to apply the program, and I agree with a pp that some lend themselves more to the LTOW method than others, which is another added level of teaching difficulty. I really have an issue with the lack of information in the student workbook as well compared to my teacher's guide, so another adaptation I'm making is to provide more handouts and help to the kids via an outline that they can take notes on about what we discuss in class. If they forget, there is very little to nothing in their workbook to jog their memory. I think if you had someone or were someone who was really familiar with the program and could adapt it to your goals as a homeschool mom/teacher, then it is probably a great program. I'm hoping if I can invest the time over the break that I can get there. However, the online class I'm teaching is the one where I'm slowly writing my own high school writing curriculum (nothing that will ever be published but for my own teaching method). I am enjoying that one much, much more. We've spent multiple lessons working through thesis writing, talking about what makes a good thesis versus a bad thesis, providing good supporting ideas for your thesis, how to address arguments to your thesis, etc. Right now I'm walking them step by step through writing a compare-contrast essay before we get out for Christmas break. I'm really loving the writing progression of that class and my homemade stuff more than LTOW.
  15. Chelli

    Pre-lit or unlit artificial tree?

    Unlit. The prelit ones become unlit ones within a few years anyway. 😀 Plus, there are never enough lights on the prelit ones for my taste anyway, so I'd be stringing more lights as is which defeats the purpose of prelit.
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