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  1. Zero I've never liked hot drinks or hot soups (I love soup, but I just want it warm) for that matter.
  2. I went through airport security in Miami, Florida right behind Diana Ross. She was very petite and I instantly recognized her by her glorious hair. I didn't ask for an autograph or anything because both of us were in a hurry, but we did make eye contact and smiled. I met Barbara Bush on a trip to Italy in 2001. We were in Rome at the Colosseum and suddenly all of the Italian men standing around dressed in gladiator gear started shouting "Mama President! Mama President!" My friends and I looked around and about twenty yards away was Barbara Bush ushering her granddaughters into the back of the limo. She then turned around and waved at us because we were so excited. I captured this photo right before she jumped in the limo and they were all whisked away. The craziest thing was when I read Jenna and her sister Barbara's book a few years ago, they talk about that trip to Italy with their grandmother and I kept thinking, "I was there. I saw you." So wild!
  3. Total spin off question... So does anyone here live in the South and line dry their clothes? Whenever I attempt it, it's either so humid they take forever to dry or we bring insects and other small creatures into our home. For example, my husband hung towels outside to dry last week, he brought in tons of daddy long legs when he carried them inside. The only place we have to dry is under our back porch so not in the sun.
  4. I wonder if that has to do with the amount of clothing most Americans own. I know when my girls do their laundry they have so many clothes! I'm trying to imagine them toting those piles to the kitchen to wash clothes. It would be a constant mess. It's bad enough in the little laundry nook we have in the bathroom.
  5. We had a washer / dryer off of our kitchen in our first two homes, which I didn't like because it was on the opposite end of the house from all of the bedrooms. But in the British shows the washing machine is actually part of the kitchen. Like here's my stove, my refrigerator, and my washing machine under the countertop.
  6. But why not the bathroom plumbing? It makes more sense in my mind to wash clothes where you are removing clothes and/or closer to the bedrooms. I'm not trying to be argumentative. I just find it really interesting. Also, is the dryer in the kitchen as well or somewhere else in the home since it doesn't require plumbing?
  7. I watch a lot of British TV on Acorn and Britbox. I have noticed multiple home on these shows have a washing machine in their kitchens, even the newer homes. Is this really a common thing in British homes? And even more importantly, why the kitchen?
  8. I created this one years ago using The Read-Aloud Handbook recommendations. https://www.theplantedtrees.com/2012/07/mama-monday-preschool-read-aloud-book.html
  9. What's a good biology for a kid that is planning on being pre-med in college, but not Apologia and not an online class?
  10. We live directly in the path of totality in Arkansas and are supposed to get almost five minutes of complete darkness. Our town is already advertising and making a big deal about it all and the huge tourist influx that's expected. I've offered our two acre lot outside of the city limits to any friends from out of town that want to come.
  11. Not British, but French. My recommendation would be Balthazar. It's so, so good and the main character has that quirky Sherlock thing going on.
  12. I'm Slytherin. But a nice one. 😆 🐍
  13. Considering there have been rumors that he was involved in a death back in 2015, I'm skeptical about where he fits in the whole messed up family.
  14. Thanks all! Apparently, I was doing all kinds of things I shouldn't when I was reusing college essays. 🥵 I like the idea of reusing the research. I'll pass that on to her. On a positive note, she's already turned in the sociology paper and made 100% on it. The professor asked her if he could keep her essay to share with other classes how to do in-text citations correctly. I totally patted myself on the back for that one. 😁
  15. My daughter is in college and taking a sociology course and a composition course that assigned almost the exact same essay. I told my daughter she could save time and use the same essay for both classes. Of course, slight modifications would be needed to fit each assignment, but the bulk of the essay could be the same. Today her composition professor said that the students could not do that (apparently someone asked in class). She said you can use parts of the other essay, but if you do you must cite it. If anyone turned in the same essay for both classes, that it is plagiarism and the student would receive a zero. Is this actually plagiarism though? I thought if it was your own work, you could do whatever you wanted with it and no need to cite it. I know I got double use out of essays on multiple occasions in college. My daughter's too afraid to try it now, so she gets to write a second essay about the same topic. *sigh*
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