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  1. I systemized and organized all of our books a few years ago. I documented the entire process and posted it on Facebook. Years later and it still works beautifully. Link : https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2252054278213221&id=351834678235200
  2. I used Microsoft Word to make something almost exactly like that for my oldest this year. Here's a picture of it while I was creating it on my laptop
  3. I love color, but I'm horrible at being able to tell what works together, so I used the Rustic Refined color palette from Sherwin Williams to do everything in our house: wall colors, furniture, accents, etc. I love it. It's cheerful, bright, and eclectic. Living room: Dining room: Homeschool room /library:
  4. Yes, this is a variant of predestination a la Calvin. If I've been predestined to be saved, then I can't lose it. If I leave the church and go my own way, then I never was really saved (wasn't predestined). It all comes from the same Calvinistic tree just different wording.
  5. My husband would die if a large group of homeschool moms and their families showed up at our house. Can you say extreme introvert? I'd love it though!!!
  6. The path of totality is going to go right over our house in Arkansas. I'm super excited.
  7. She actually was an amazing math student until around third grade and her first encounter with fractions using Singapore math. It was the first time she could not grasp the concept. It was also the first time that I could not figure out a way to explain it to her so she could understand it (probably because my own knowledge of fractions was so poor). We struggled for months. I finally decided to leave Singapore and try something else. We finally landed (after multiple curriculum flops) on MathUSee Epsilon which spent an entire year on fractions. Since that struggle though, she's convinced she's not good in math and approaches anything new in math with trepidation and panic. My guess is that it's related to her anxiety in general. It doesn't help that her younger sister is great at math and flying through Algebra 1 in 8th grade.
  8. My favorite books this year were Zoe Ferraris's trilogy about various characters (the main one being a female forensic scientist) involved in crime solving in Saudi Arabia. It was a fascinating peek into a culture and a country I know very little about. The mystery was good as well, but the snapshot into Muslim life in Saudi Arabia is what made it my favorite. It felt like traveling in a year where that was impossible. I had quite a few close seconds, especially from the YA category. And I just finished Piranesi by Susanna Clarke last night. It was by far one of the most intriguing and different books I've read in years. I'll definitely be mulling it around for a while.
  9. I believe she has math anxiety (if that's even a thing). She can do the math she knows well. She can learn math well with lots of practice and repetition, but when she sees a math problem or is asked to do math, all of that goes out the window and she just shuts down. I can't tell you how many times she'll bring me her math work and ask me to read the problem out loud to her. She says that it helps her better understand what it's asking eventhough she's read the same thing ten times. Once she does that once or twice, she's easily able to complete the rest of the problems even if the other problems are completely different than the one she asked to read for her. It's like she has to retrain herself every time that she can indeed do math.
  10. She can definitely do 1/2 + 1/3. It took her a year to get fractions, but she understands it. That makes me feel better at least. She had to pass a basic math skills test for her job and passed on the first try. The manager was impressed. She said most of their employees need 2 or 3 attempts to pass.
  11. Yes, we used Mathusee at the end of elementary, but she got bogged down in the decimal book and asked me to find something else. I even bought MUS Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 with intentions to return to it, but I started reading reviews on the boards here that said it wasn't rigorous enough to be a true Algebra 1 program, etc. so I went with Mr. D self - paced instead. Big mistake. That was two years of math wasted because she came to me last year and said she had learned nothing.
  12. We're actually in Saxon 8/7. My plan originally was to put her in Shormann math for her junior and senior year so she could cover three maths in two years, but it didn't work out that way. She really struggles with retention of things I know we've already covered which is why I chose Saxon to start with (spiral on steroids). She does make good grades on the tests, so I know she's finally getting it. I just feel like she has a lot of gaps in math that I didn't even realize. I made the mistake of trying to remove myself from her math education because it was where we had the most contention in the school day, but I'm realizing too late that by removing myself, I lost my ability to recognize when she wasn't understanding.
  13. Yes! I have thought about this multiple times and probably need to explore it more, but I won't feel confident sending her to higher education without at least geometry under her belt.
  14. So should we just stop pre-algebra altogether and just move on or try to accelerate through a different pre-algebra program and move to one of the algebra curriculums recommended above?
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