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  1. I paid my way through a local public university in Arkansas. I worked about thirty hours a week year round, lived at home, and applied for every departmental scholarship that was posted while I was in school (usually about $500) to do it. I graduated college with zero debt, however, the university I attended has raised tuition so much that there is no way I could pay my way now. BTW, I attended the cheapest public university in the state, but it's still too expensive to pay your way through at this point.
  2. I agree. Out of any character on the show, he was by far the most interesting because of his character development and how he pushed Veronica out of her comfort zone. I feel like the series will fall flat or just become another detective procedural without another character coming on the scene and taking that role in the show.
  3. I was totally upset about it. It seemed like a deliberate move to say, "You like Veronica Mars? Well, now we're starting over." I don't buy the excuse about a noir detective not having a significant other either. Logan's secret missions and disappearing for months at a time seemed like the perfect way for V and L to stay together, but not necessarily have to always have Logan involved, so Veronica could be the solo noir detective most of the time. I wonder if the actor who plays Logan didn't want to do it anymore and this was his out, a la Harrison Ford in the Star Wars franchise.
  4. I wish I was still using it! The co-op I mentioned in this post wanted me to keep teaching high school writing, but I couldn't do that using the Writing and Rhetoric program because I'd have new students jumping in ninth grade every year, so I needed something I could plug kids into without having completed previous books. I still use W&R at home for those early levels because there's just nothing better. I've been thinking about getting the upper level books for my own writing resources. I'm really sad my kids won't be able to work through the entire series. I love it so much.
  5. I'll make one for you. I love this kind of stuff.
  6. I've got a big stack of books about writing I'm wanting to read through to finish fleshing out my homemade high school writing lessons.
  7. I am going to be reviewing it, but I want to use it over the summer with my high schooler before I do. From my cursory glance, I think it will work really well for what I want.
  8. Ninth grade was rough, but hopefully, we've smoothed out the kinks. Bible: A homemade study of the church during the Middle Ages Math: Algebra I with Mr. D Science: Biology at co-op Language Arts: World Literature Part 1 and Writing at co-op taught by me Foreign Language: French (somewhere online that I haven't yet figured out) Everything else: A Gentle Feast Cycle 4 Electives: World Religions Part 1 and History of Makeup and Fashion (homemade by me)
  9. As someone who grew up and received my secondary education degree from a public university in Arkansas, the joke in the teaching department was, "Thank God for Mississippi!" At the time, Mississippi was 50th in the nation for education and Arkansas was 49th. Arkansas has since moved up in the rankings and a grassroots movement started by parents and family of dyslexic students has been able to push a new state law through that every child will be taught to read using phonics even if they aren't dyslexic that way no one slips through the cracks. There was an entire segment about it on PBS Newshour:
  10. I believe that's the graduation my dd and I are supposed to attend. One of her friends is graduating, and I've been waiting to hear if it's still happening.
  11. I have the Circe Odyssey guide if you would like for me to take some sample pictures or give my assessment just from looking through it. I'm planning on using it next year with the homeschool co-op class I teach.
  12. Here's a picture of one of the flooded neighborhoods we drove through. My daughter took it from the backseat so you can see how high the water is.
  13. We had gone up to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts for the day and got caught in the horrible rain on our way back. We stopped in Rosenberg to wait it out, but we almost got trapped there instead. The restaurant we had taken shelter in told us we had to leave because they were shutting down, so we had to try to find a way to get on the interstate to get home, but almost every way out was flooded. We finally used a backroad after driving through some very flooded neighborhoods. So flooded that dh (who just happened to decide to come with us that day) was visibly shaken up driving our SUV through the water. He kept telling the kids, "Don't ever do this! It's really stupid!" We had nowhere else to go though, since all of the hotels were filling up. We made it home around 7:00 PM after what should have been a much, much shorter drive. I still have water in one of my doors from our adventure yesterday.
  14. It's a problem every year (having some students who don't do the work), but it's a problem in any teaching seting. I teach the class, I grade the work, and I give a grade to the parents. What the parents do with that final grade is up to them. I will say that for the most part the kids do the work because they don't want to be the one that isn't participating. Positive peer pressure is a beautiful thing at that age.
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