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  1. What a terrible start to the week! Hugs. Hopefully the check engine light is just one of those routine service things.
  2. Plane ticket voucher to come visit?
  3. linders


    I got this one from Target recently - $34, looks nice, not tacky.
  4. In an extreme lapse of judgment, I allowed DS to accept an invite for a 9-day trip with best friend over our spring break (Apr 6-13), and we already had tickets to visit my elderly mom Apr 19-21. DS has already done accepted student days at the three in-state colleges he got, but dreading the planning for others if they happen.
  5. Note: These are just from DS's personal research and experience and are based in part on his specific application to a college's business school, which often had different stats/acceptance rates. All had acceptance rates in single digits, typically less than 5% when you exclude RD. UPenn (the Wharton School) Cornell (Business School acceptance 2-3%) I would assume all Ivies are considered selective. Georgetown Washington University Duke Wake Forest maybe? And Emory is becoming more selective - higher average stats, lower acceptance rates.
  6. With you here. DS18 was well above the top 25% stats-wise for Emory, and great ECs. Thought it was a target school. Rejected. DS took it rather hard. Rather dreading this week with 5 letters. 4 of them for reach schools. Trying to get him excited about the (very good!) programs he has been accepted to. If they weren't in our own backyard, I think he would be. One in particular (U of South Carolina Honors College) is calling him every third day.
  7. This. Managing a salaried worker takes more effort on the part of a manager. You need to decide what constitutes an appropriate workload, set clear expectations for that workload, and monitor whether the expectations are being met. Harder than looking at a timesheet of clock-in/clock-out (although I know that such systems are necessary for lots of jobs, a store clerk for example). However, when I managed a staff of 40 salaried workers (engineers), I found it "fairer" in the end. I had people who traveled a fair amount (how to "compensate" them for those after-hours time at airports?), who would stay until all hours when a client had a change that meant reworking an entire project, etc. They got the work done and felt good about the job.
  8. My company had this policy - it was called the "touch desk" policy. It was up to the manager to decide. Remarkably, I only knew one person out of many (about 70 in our group) who abused it. Honestly, most of my colleagues worked their tails off.
  9. Only during eclipses and when forced to play Nana in the school play...
  10. I'm so sorry for you - and glad that when we were homeschooling, the CC wave hadn't yet started in our area. It is in full force now. I just ran into a mom from our old park-and-field-trip days whose DC are the same ages as mine, and they still homeschool. She did CC for 2 years (early high school) before dropping out. Her assessment based on the people she met in the group is that CC tends to be a crutch for those who want to homeschool but aren't confident that they can plan it on their own. And like you, after 2 years she decided it (1) wasn't truly classical, at least at the higher levels, (2) was highly inadequate for a STEM future, and (3) relied on leaders who themselves were often not truly knowledgeable in a subject. There must be others who want what you want. Can you post a flyer at local churches, maybe starting with a park day? It seemed like our park days, where the kids played and the moms talked, were what got the field trips rolling, then someone said "Hey, I belong to the Y, maybe I can get a gym class going," etc.
  11. A dear friend's son is a sophomore at Air Force. Plebe summer and the first part of Freshman year were brutal, but now he has settled in and he loves it!
  12. Substantial boost. Not a financial option for us.
  13. A "no" from Washington University here. They put a fair amount of emphasis on demonstrated interest - DS's friend made 2 visits (plane flights from SC to St Louis!), on one of which he interviewed, and went to three regional meet-and-greets. Same stats as DS (and less substantive ECs) and accepted. DS isn't that upset about Wash U per se, but he sees it as an indicator for his other reach schools:( He was sure that working hard, getting good scores, and having strong ECs would be enough.
  14. Myself? No, because of a wide variety of illnesses. I had no problem taking my babies out in public as early as a week old, but I was with them to keep young children especially away. I also noticed that some moms had no problem dropping Sick Children off - at Sunday church nursery, at the gym childcare - with the comment, "Oh, they get exposed eventually." 😒
  15. As another poster said, she can watermark them. However, a lesson from my DH (a professional photographer). Unless the watermark is placed towards the center of the image or over a key element of the image, it is really easy for someone to screenshot her image and crop out the watermark. For images that DH will be placing for sale, he now has a translucent watermark across the entire image for preview. When someone purchases the image, he creates a new version without the watermark.
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