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  1. linders

    Speaking of weddings...

    It depends. If it is a modest sized event where my DIL-to-be is not a bridezilla and I am lucky to know many of the young friends well, I fully expect to enjoy it.
  2. Anyone else's senior decide to pursue a couple more colleges right before the Jan 2 deadline? Against advice, DS18's list tended towards very selective (e.g., 7% acceptance rates) or (based on very good SATs, grades, and ECs) safety schools. Only 1 of his colleges was in between, and it isn't one of my favorites (despite excellent academics) because of a rather snooty atmosphere. So he has decided to add a couple of reach-but-doable schools. He's now going through the previous 18 essays to see which are adaptable for the latest school apps. He's already been admitted to the safeties - really, very decent schools, especially U of South Carolina's Darla Moore School of Business - with scholarships. Sigh. Not the way I wanted to end Christmas break.
  3. I would think the feedback would not only be appropriate but welcome. Hearing about your experience and your view of the enhancements could give the professor affirmation of the direction he/she is heading.
  4. linders

    Setting up job shadows

    I would sit down with DC and brainstorm any and all connections - friends, family work colleagues - that have careers of interest. Make a list of names and emails/phone numbers, then let DC do the contacting. That is important - DC needs to be viewed as a young adult, not someone who wants to attend Take Your Child to Work Day. As far as time commitment, the more time DC and the shadowee are willing to commit to, the more realistic view DC will get. At least a full day, but longer would be beneficial. This worked amazingly well for DS18. Three of his friends are children of doctors. He told the dads about an interest in medicine and ended up observing surgeries plus getting a 4-week job shadow for a doctor in private practice. The surgeries were fascinating, but it was the long-term shadow that was most helpful. After a couple of days, the doctor was so impressed with DS's demeanor (especially that he was very circumspect about talking about patients) that he let him observe all manner of interactions - patient interviews, ultrasound scans, biopsies, etc (with patient approval). He also made DS spend several days with the receptionist and the insurance person so he could see all sides of the business.
  5. linders

    What do you serve for Christmas breakfast?

    Baked cinnamon french toast and bacon, cooked in the oven at the same time.
  6. linders

    My tree has no presents under it

    Can I join your Miss-the-Magic party? Feeling pretty sad here, same reasons, plus: - No one has noticed that they haven't touched the Advent calendar since Day 2 - Hung a few ornaments then called it quits; ditto rolled/cut a few cookies - these used to be cherished family activities - Last night's "Christmas movie" was DieHard (that was a stretch IMHO) - After an admittedly rough semester, have announced that all they want to do over break is play video games (I'm not going to let it happen, but there will be much grousing.) - And the whole gift thing. I bought them an unrequested Lego set just because a major Christmas morning tradition was assembling a new set together right in the middle of the living room mess. I think they will still like that. And per the Hive, I got the Bubble Calendar for DS15 - he still loves popping bubble wrap. Christmas was always a big deal here, struggling to find a new footing.
  7. Explorer. Sometimes get lost (once my dog was the one to find the trail back to the car - "Wanna go home?" worked), more often have adventures. I do this whether out in nature or meandering a new city. The latter drives my family nuts - "Where are we?"
  8. Two more - Clemson, 4-year academic scholarship, and Furman, 4-year academic scholarship. Clemson is a real possibility, DS18 not especially interested in Furman but counselor suggested. Applied EA to Georgetown, deferred to regular decision. He was very disappointed by this. ETA: Also just notified that he is in to U of South Carolina's honors college.
  9. linders

    adult novel 'clean reads'

    The Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny. Complex in the Agatha Christie style, no gore (a body is found, of course), no sex.
  10. linders

    Would you eat this?

    Cheese? Sure, we would eat it.
  11. Not sure you will be able to get a refund. If the company sent a notice confirming benefits after he signed up (my DH's plan does this) and he didn't notice the error, probably not, but he can always ask.
  12. My mom, now in her 80s, had many friends who did these personal notes. Some of these people I never met, but I followed them from year to year. Sadly, many have passed away now, but my mom still calls me to read those that still arrive.
  13. linders

    Ideas needed for Cookie Baking Event

    Your order-of-events is just what I needed!!
  14. DH has a cousin-in-law like this - his twins are number 1 in everything they touch, it would seem, and "the most Godly young people I know." He usually begins with something like, "Once again, God has blessed our family with so much..." - like God's mission is to make sure his kids are co-valedictorians. I would toss but a) it's DH's family and b) the cousin herself is a lovely, unassuming person. She is appalled by the letters and has tried to revise them with no luck. And the twins are actually pretty nice, down-to-earth kids.
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