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  1. linders

    Feral hogs?

    DH totaled his car hitting one a few years back. All over down South. Can be mean. Destroy vegetation.
  2. From the mom of 2 teenage boys whose female friends are here a lot...#2 look practically baggy to me. #1 is what they are wearing now.
  3. 50 years ago today I was 8 years old and at the Angels baseball game in Anaheim with the family. They stopped the game, and over the PA broadcast the audio of the last 2-3 minutes of the landing. A packed stadium but you could have heard a pin drop. The place erupted afterwards. And my young self begged and begged to leave early and get home so we could watch more on tv.
  4. DS16 would like to take the edhesive AP Stats class. (He attends a small b&m school, but they are supportive.) We don't know anyone IRL who has taken it - what did your student think of it?

    1. mirabillis


      he got a 5 on the AP exam, so yes very good. if your student likes video-based learning and is mathy, should be pretty easy.

    2. linders


      Thanks. His only video learning to date has been supplemental work on Khan, but he liked it.

  5. Congratulations, Grandma! And good job being positive and supportive. DD sounds very practical. But she should not go into this with the thought of "going it alone." At least financially. Baby-daddy, regardless of his opinions on this, is in fact a daddy, and responsible for child support whether or not he stays involved. I highly recommend she make this clear to him and start by listing his name on the birth certificate. Doing this now can save problems down the road. Babies and toddlers and teens cost money.
  6. FWIW, several of the essays for several of the colleges DS18 applied to last year changed radically from the previous year. Much to his dismay - he had looked at prior years and come up with some good topics.
  7. But a work schedule will be totally different than school - arrive at some specific time every morning, leave at a specific time in the afternoon, with the whole time in between occupied.
  8. AP Chem study session... DS16 and 3 friends are taking AP Chem this coming year and have a very long set of stoichiometry problems to do this summer in preparation. They should have learned enough in Honors Chem last year to tackle them, but the teacher was disorganized and difficult to follow. He failed completely to teach how to do these types of problems methodically. Should be fun. And this isn't a graded-for-correctness assignment, it is intended to be a summer refresher and will be graded for trying, so I feel okay about it. ETA: They are more confused than I realized. Three hours today, then regrouping for another 3 hours this weekend. It seemed helpful
  9. I vote dorms. I lived at home, a 46-60 min bus ride each way, when I was a freshman. Made only one more-than-casual friend. Felt disconnected. Had to make awful schedules. Couldn't even really study or read on the bus because of crowding, etc. Moved to dorms afterwards, it was like night and day as far as relationships and academics.
  10. I would do more than tear your hair out. What happens when DH goes to the store, buys a forbidden treat, then comes home and doles it out before you are aware and can intercede? I would sit down with DH and have a very serious conversation. Acknowledge that it is a hassle, glasses and reading the fine print and all. Then remind him of the severe consequences of not doing so. Require him to read articles and attend a doctor's appointment. I would make this non-negotiable - it is a hill to die on. Since DH has had his own health issues, I would hope he would appreciate that, hard or not, this has to be done.
  11. Seriously, she didn't learn from you?? My DS was in charge on his gang's senior trip to Disney. He helped me plan the fastpass schedule. He had everyone rousted early, at gates before opening, in lines to avoid crowds. It made this Disney mom proud😁 I'm with others, rest of family goes early, she can mosey on over whenever. No ride is worth a long wait.
  12. Ye-e-es. Well, best wishes on that. Our last family Disneyworld trip was Christmas 2017, the "last" family trip since DS was a high school junior. Then I got roped in to doing all the planning for a senior trip (8 kids) to Disneyworld. I lived the trip vicariously, since they delighted in updating me hourly🙄 And now DS18 has begged - begged! - for a trip when he is home for Christmas this coming year. DH rolled his eyes and said okay.
  13. Any hints from BTDT? Leaving in a few minutes for DS18's college orientation. Two full days. He is required to stay overnight in the dorms, I could have stayed but chose to drive the hour home and then back tomorrow morning. I'm baffled at what could possibly take that much time, especially since he is already registered for classes. One friend told me, "It's a great chance to meet other parents!" Uh, this is DS's college experience, not mine, I'm not really interested in making new friends at a college that I'm not attending. So what should I be paying attention to? Asking about? Right now my plan is to slip out for a couple of hours to the campus museum where there is a new history exhibit I've been wanting to see😉 Update: Day 1 was much better than I had anticipated. Yes, there was a bunch of "Rah, rah, welcome to our university family!" And some of the basics from the parent sessions repeated info from the website. But every single one of the speakers was very good to excellent, serious and humorous, and they drilled home ideas on effectively supporting your students through a variety of specific situations. DS loved his "small group" that assembled periodically throughout the day between larger sessions, finding many like minded students who were engaged in and excited about learning. The small "elective" sessions he chose for us on mental health resources and career services gave him early connections in those departments - I'm not sure he would have made the time to contact them in the early weeks of starting school.
  14. Check your state laws - just google state + golf carts + road. The laws were recently strengthened where we live (South Carolina). To drive on the road, golf carts must be permitted and the driver must be at least 16 with a valid driver's license.
  15. Thank you for the recommendations. Our small town in the sticks does not have moot court, and the debate group that got going for a few years folded. But the Great Courses course sounds very interesting, and I'll check out the EDX.
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