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  1. S21 had many good choices, including in-state that would have been nearly free, but today we put down the deposit on Georgetown (gulp!). Plans to study economics and government, potentially law school. After a really good visit there two weeks ago, his decision was set. He is already looking forward to interning "on the Hill" either with government or a non-profit. It will be a challenge, but he's ready for it. It seems like yesterday that I was sitting with him on the couch with "the Dewey book" (Phonics Pathways). And playing RightStart math games. And reading SOTW. He wouldn't be where
  2. I got a PM asking for S17's stats with respect to getting into Georgetown - I'll share here in case anyone else is interested. First - no real hooks. No URM, hasn't cured cancer, hasn't done anything at a national level. Numbers - ACT 35 (one and done), SAT 1550 (his third sitting). Couldn't take SATII, which GT usually wants to see, although they were more flexible this year. Seven APs with 5, a bunch of 4s, and a 3. ECs - student council exec past 3 years, exec and chair in Interact (our main service org), Boy Scout leader, many service hours with the last 2. Sports, but nothi
  3. It has been so long since I have been on here. My S20 and S17 left homeschooling for a small B&M school before they began high school, but I stayed on here because I felt more connection to you all who are deeply involved in education than the parents at the school, who generally "leave it to the school." I do think that homeschooling and my continued engagement when they attended the B&M school made a difference. I have two young men who follow the news closely and can talk at length on myriad subjects. So, college. Many congratulations to everyone on their acceptances! And hugs
  4. We just returned from 5 days at a beach rental a 2 hour drive from home. Rented from a group we knew well who had implemented "deep cleaning." I still disinfected every conceivable surface as soon as we arrived. Took our own pillows and fleece blankets, put their pillows and bedspreads/blankets away since those don't get washed for each new arrival. We aren't actually lay-on-a-hot-beach people, we rode walked on the beach in the early morning, then bikes and kayaked the rest of the day - easy to social distance. Ordered take out from our favorite restaurants. Never needed to go into stores - h
  5. S17 was able to log in. 3s on Chem and Calc AB (surprised and disappointed on Calc), 4s on Lit and Gov (disappointed in Lit, felt he had a great essay), and 5 on Stats (the class he took independent study this year and shirked most of the year. Go figure.) Best wishes to all. A weird year.
  6. At this point, I'm thinking several sets of pajamas for those online classes...
  7. Jeans and slacks. Loving athletic pants on a daily basis for every home activity.
  8. 1. Wine 2. Ping pong table 3. Plants for yard
  9. From watching DH, who is on Facebook with a large number of "friends" (acquaintances), I see a big negative. DH is open about his opinions on Facebook; he is also a bit of a sarcastic person and likes "poking." His real friends, people who know him, are able to read his posts with that understanding. Many of the rest can't, and the ensuing debates - all electronic - get heated. He complains about it, I tell him he shouldn't be having debates like this remotely with people he barely knows. It is aggravating to me because I have to work with some of these people - in person - in other settings,
  10. Yes, after almost 3 hours. Signed up for Sept SAT, because he is hoping to do subject test in August (not offered in Sept). But you could only do one sign up as a priority person, have to wait until June 3 to try for August.
  11. Spent two hours refreshing to get the September SAT. Hoping to get subject tests in August.
  12. Which to take first, Gov or US History, is a bit of a "which came first, the chicken or the egg" question. However, I will offer this - it's a high-stakes presidential election year. S17 just finished AP Gov, and the teacher was able to incorporate a lot about our election process into the class. She was inspiring! So much so that half the class, including my son, ended up working for campaigns during the primary. They all became poll workers. They had permission from the administration to skip school every time a campaign came to the area. It was pretty cool. If you started with Gov in t
  13. Anecdotally, I'm not sure there has ever been a level playing field, at least where the public schools are not good. A neighbor teaches AP Lang at one of our public high schools. He spends much of his time on classroom management - our district promotes "AP for all" with no "gatekeeping" to ensure kids who take AP are prepared. Thus, some of the kids can't read the material assigned for class and aren't prepared to discuss. He can't do much in the way of discussion anyway because of some of the truly awful things students will say. He has kids who toss things around the room, and he has l
  14. S17 was able to upload his Gov, Calc, and Lit work no problem. He says his Chem finally uploaded with 11 seconds left, and 2 (out of 6) kids in his class couldn't upload and have to retake.
  15. Well, I shopped for my own breakfast this morning. II'm usually up hours before the rest of the gang and like to eat about 8-ish. Much to my surprise, DH was up at 7:30 announcing he would make me breakfast. Then I found out his menu plan; homemade sausage gravy (gross!) to serve over hash browns, with fried eggs and bacon (I never eat fried eggs). I gave him a funny look, at which point he said, "Why, what would you like?" Nice buttery croissants and fresh fruit, to include strawberries and kiwi (no one else in our house likes kiwi). "But we don't have any of that!" Yes, which is why I'm alr
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