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  1. Not crazy - sounds like a convergence of things makes the move logical and feasible (except those FastPasses! Love FastPass planning!) We are in similar boat - last "family trip" before DS18 heads to college. For various reasons, the best departure date was the day after graduation. After everything was booked, "the" grad party was scheduled...for the night after we leave. And DH, a serious amateur photographer, discovered that "the" photography convention would happen while we are gone. Fortunately, 2 other families of high school friends purposely planned grad parties during the week before we leave, just so DS could attend 🙂 DH is just out of luck.
  2. Wishing the best for you. Not knowing what makes your layout "quirky," you must make it work for you. Is there something that you can do to show multiple ways the layout can work for others?
  3. no. Never had reason to change it when we moved 10 years ago.
  4. Interested in the replies. DS18 will likely be in this boat come next year. He has always been an A student, considers a low A horrible, I fully expect some Bs and Cs in college - he is bright but has poor time management skills - and I'm sure the sky will fall.
  5. I recently arranged for a maid through a small company and the owner was happy to make a list of do this-don't bother with that. And the first few times our lovely lady has come, she has been happy to modify the list as we fine-tuned what mattered to me.
  6. DS18 just accepted at UofSC yesterday and did housing and other paperwork today. Just now sent the "thanks but no thanks" emails to other colleges. As that was happening, DS16 asked if I could order an SAT prep book - he wants to start studying for a fall date. After attending an all-day event at Duke a couple of weeks ago, he was inspired to start his college research and now has a substantial list. Is a short break from this too much to ask?
  7. Nothing like the last day. DS18 will be attending the Honors College at the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business with an intended major of finance. In 2 separate visits, Clemson's business school was uninspiring. Wake Forest has a good business school, but not enough better to justify the cost. Other schools were already off the table, not having the major or not the right student body for him.
  8. Well, DS18 may have an unusual summer gig. He could not get a regular job due to other miscellaneous commitments, but his best friend severely tore both his ACL and MCL at our last soccer game last week😟 Surgery will be 2 days after graduation, and friend cannot drive most of the summer. Friend's mom asked if she could hire DS to drive friend to and from daily rehab appointments and spend time with him keeping his spirits up. Of course DS declined money for this, but I see it as a good use of his time. Right now I hear they will have daily visits to the local pool to hang out on lounge chairs:)
  9. So very sorry for your whole family.
  10. It's the right thing to do. And in a few weeks or months or a year, all those good memories will overwhelm this traumatic time, and you will start looking around for a new dog. Not a replacement, no dog could replace Legend. But a companion who is there adding all those quirky moments like square doorknobs to your lives. I know, I've gone through this twice.
  11. Entertain and feed guests - maybe a morning hike, then an afternoon of watching the Masters on tv (we all went to a practice round earlier this week) File taxes - attempt to get DH to look at them first Laundry
  12. For those that don't like them...we live in an area of the county where, without one, someone can by a lot next door and set up a pig farm. Or an auto repair shop. And it happens. Zoning restrictions are minimal, so we are happy to have an HOA (which sets lot use requirements). To the OP - have you asked to see their books? Our HOA provides us an annual expense report.
  13. Same story here. DS earned - EARNED - a top merit scholarship in our state. He got into the Honors college. And he works his tail off in school, at piano, in sports, in everything he does. Sometimes self-motivated, sometimes with nudging, although the nudging became less and less. A friend commented how "lucky" DS was. Her son - who by Her Own Admission - is a really nice but unmotivated kid who doesn't do his schoolwork (they homeschool and she is sort of hands off in high school) - will be going to the tech college, although at one time he thought engineering would be great. No, not lucky.
  14. The final one - a waitlist at Georgetown, second only to Penn in "the dream." Writing a "keep me on the waitlist, I would love to accept" letter now. Meanwhile, put down a deposit at U of South Carolina so he can secure an early registration slot tomorrow. I think it will be a good fit for him.
  15. Nos from UPenn and Duke, waitlisted at Cornell. Crushed by the UPenn decision - the Wharton Business School has been his dream since 9th grade, and he kept hoping despite the #1 ranking and selectivity.
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