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  1. Happy Tuesday all! I've tried a few searches and scanning through the social boards list and haven't found anything so I thought I would ask here. I'm looking for fellow homeschooling parents that are also living with chronis illnesses to possibly chat, commiserate and uplift along our journeys. I myself am an Adult living with Congential Heart Defects as well as an Autoimmune Disease. I may be facing another Open Heart Surgery down the road not to mention the daily ups and downs of energy issues, significant body pains and brain fog. I have three boys ages 11 yrs (6th Grade), 8 yrs (3rd Grade
  2. He has always grasped Math well. He has also done some playing around with Beast Academy Online but we kept SM as our official curriculum. We haven't been doing the extra Word Problem book this last year. But I can add that back in.
  3. Hi all! My oldest is starting into 6th grade this year. I am trying to plan out not so much this year but how that will transfer down the road to where we want to end up in high school. Currently he is working in SM Standards Edition 5A. We may be a little behind due to our tranisition from a private school in 4th grade to a short 6 wks in the "public school online" world to me pulling him back into purely "homeschooled". 🙂 I have been working towards finishing 6A with him by the end of sixth grade. I know I would like to transition him to AOPS Pre-Algebra down the road. What I haven't figured
  4. So if I have curriculum questions to ask on the WTMF Board when do I submit those onto the "Middle School" board?
  5. I feel embarrassed to be asking this, however I don't know what 6th grade is "classified" as. Our local school has the 6th grade in with 7th & 8th "Junior High" building but several of the curriculums I use has 6th grade as Elementary. It doesn't really affect my choices for my son. I'm just a confused & curious second generation homeschooling Mom. 😁
  6. I'm planning to start with these at home tests from here and see what I can notice and go from there. https://www.retainedneonatalreflexes.com.au/test-at-hom/
  7. We have started using a finger guard at night. We did it for about a week and thought he was good. However, once I realized he was doing it again deep in the night a week or so back we have pulled it back out and will do it for a solid 2 months of nights again to see if that will help. Plus testing/treating for any retained reflexes.
  8. Actually no that is my oldest son doing ortho intervention right now. But the finger sucker is destined to be at the ortho's next year. He just wants us to wait until he's at least 8 yrs old before he will eval us.
  9. Some things I will add about this DS#2...he still sucks his pointer finger most nights. It's actually deep into the night not while he is falling asleep and goodness the suction is SO hard to break. He also started having "Night Terrors" very early in life. The first one was the day he turned 5 WEEKS old. It took me a minute or two to realize what was happening but I'd seen it before in my friend's daughter. She was older 2 yrs old but since I'd witnessed more than one of hers it helped clue me in on what is going on. Of course I talked right away with the Dr he was seeing and the subsit
  10. We settled a few things this weekend about our travels for this calendar year and how we will approach the VT & Ortho issues. I spoke with the Ortho this morning and he is not due back until a few weeks after we return in Aug and we will be staying close to home base until his palate expander is out in early Nov. There shouldn't be any problems while we are on the road but if one arises we will find a local Ortho or Dentist to assist. I'll steer clear of Brain Balance. It was just something that popped up in m Google search and my brain connected it with a client's daughter worked at t
  11. Oh I wish!! Our smaller town house only has a very shallow 1970's tub. I miss my big deep jetted tub.
  12. I think I got you confused on my boys. DS#1 has the SPD & ADHD diagnoses from a Developmental Pediatrician from two years ago and did some OT therapy for a season. We haven't done anything specific with him sense 2nd grade (he is finishing up 4th grade now). Interestingly he is my "mouther" that likes to chew or mouth on things and it still hasn't gone completely away. My DS#2 is the one I've been asking about recently who had the VT eval this past week. He has never had an OT eval or any diagnosis done. Only thing I've had checked prior to the VT eval was his hearing and of course
  13. My oldest son has SPD issues and ADHD. He "army crawled" but never did the normal crawl. With DS#2 I really don't remember. It's sad. I remember he climbed alot before walking. My own brain is feeling overwhelmed trying to read and understand all of this so I must have missed or forgot that link. I appreciate you giving it again because I'd much rather attack any problems in the most thorough AND economical way. We don't mind finding the funds if it is the best option but only then, KWIM?
  14. At the time we assumed allergy fluid build up and we did a round or two of Flonaise & Clariten. He is back to sniffling alot and some chest congestion at night so I've started him back on those today. He did have SEVERAL ear infections during his first 2 + yrs. Our Dr at the time was about to send him over to the ENT to see if needed tubes but then he didn't get another one for about a year. Around that time thought was when he went from being a wonderful, easy baby to a very hard to deal with emotional child. During this same time was when I had baby boy #3. Actually 6 days after Elijah
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