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  1. He does tell me he "can't read" and is currently telling me he never wants to learn to read and that he won't need to read even in the future "adult years". He is our "doom and gloom" boy though and is so contrary he'll tell you the sky is red if you mention how blue it is today. He can go from being over the moon happy to over the moon sad or mad.
  2. I have CHDs that were repaired as an adult back in 2011 via Open Heart Surgery and also have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. So I do supplement many things due to deficiencies. I just really struggled mentally after my hysterectomy from the anesthesia for a few months.
  3. What is an SLD writing diagnosis? It sounds like my first call is to find and get an appointment with a developmental optometrist. I'm assuming they are not like our Pediatric Ophthalmologist. Our insurance is through Medi-Care so we will be paying for it out of pocket. Unless there is some things I can run through our Tulsa OK PS?
  4. Yes, he is biologically mine and the strong willed-ness he gets from his Dad. 😂 (seriously and we all recognize it) As for my dyslexia, I was home schooled myself and my parents were anti-modern medicine so while we all recognized it I was never "properly tested". I even reverted to writing words backwards again for a few months after my hysterectomy last year. I mostly know just mix words up in sentences when talking but struggled with writing letters and whole words backwards as a child. Spelling has always been a struggle for me as well. Middle son does actually really well with spelling and his enunciation has been "off the charts" since he was very very young. He was speaking in clear 6+ worded sentences prior to age 2. When he was a little over 2 yrs old he stood on a stump of a tree on our property and declared "this is SPECTACULAR!" very clear and distinct for any adult to understand. He is currently spelling 4 letter words with blends and as long as a word doesn't "violate" any known to him phonics rule he can spell verbally just fine. So the more I ponder him over the more I come back to it being a written and a willingness issue.
  5. I'm not really sure I'd say he "did well". He did it because that is what the did there at some point he when forced to read he can up to a certain level. It more of the extreme unwillingness to even do any reading that we are struggling with the most.
  6. Hello! I'm looking for some help, suggestions and ideas in regards to my middle son. He had his Kindergarten year at a, then local, small Christian School. They used Abeka curriculum and he was "reading" at the end of the year. He is emotionally behind his age but was "academically" the smartest in the class but is VERY Strong Willed and never wants to do school. Fast forward to this 1st grade year. He did the first 6 wks at the same school til we moved and we transitioned into homeschooling. I already had AAR level 1 on hand but instead of implementing the whole program like I should have I just had him read 1 story out of the readers every day we did school. It is consistently pulling teeth to get him to read to me. I finally have "let it go" for a few weeks because once we got to the 3rd reader I realized he needs to revisit blending consonants. However, he still insists he has NO desire to read AT ALL. He does wear eyeglasses (nearsighted and an astigmatism) and has since he was 4 almost 5. He just turned 7 in April so he is younger for his grade but not terribly. He has a high vocabulary and is very good with his Spelling Workout level A book (half way through). He does write his numbers backwards often (not place value as much because we've worked on his grasp of place value) and commonly writes letters backwards as well as mixing up his upper and lower case usage. I'm being to wonder if he is struggling with some form of dyslexia. I know I have struggled with dyslexia since a child but no one ever really did anything about it for me. Any help is much appreciated! I'm feeling very lost with this particular child.
  7. Thanks everyone for all the imput and suggestions! We have decided to continue on with MCT but drop the Poetics part. I am getting the Writing & Rhetoric as an additional for our oldest. We are going with MOH as our core History for the coming year. My oldest has requested to study Geology so I'm now just looking for a Geology course/book/guide.
  8. We have the SOTW books that I used to supplement the year we did CC in 2nd grade. It's not what I'm looking for as a whole curriculum (kinda bores my boys) but since I own them I can add them when needing a supplement. However, trying to keep our on the road times lighter they will likely not make it into the RV.
  9. I will definitely look into that MOH. Thanks for the suggestion. I was wondering if I could put both MCT and W&R together. We already do something similar in Math with BA online and SM. I'm reading over the Town levels now and wondering if we could skip Grammar Town and move just into Paragraph Town. I like that they have the Practice books to diagram and he doesn't have much trouble with them however, we have had NO practice actually making his own expect for the few pages in Sentence Island where they have you make your own based off the supplied words. I'm thinking by adding W&R we could get more of actually writing his own into our curriculum.
  10. All great questions...I'm not sure if I can say if MCT is "working" for us or not. It was what finally made Grammar make sense to ME personally. My oldest though has grasped L.A. really well from the beginning (words from both his Kindergarten, 1st and 3rd grade teachers) so he seems to understand MCT faster than I have as we have worked through it. I feel like we could keep it on but as of right now I'd say it isn't "challenging" at all to him. I came across the Writing & Rhetoric yesterday while searching around Cathy Duffy's site and sent it over to my Husband. He really liked what he read about it. So I'm really considering it as a change option. We are Christians but also believe "Old Earth" and I don't feel like every single subject needs to have a Biblical influence, i.e Spelling. We will be traveling more in the next year plus and doing alot of our school work out of a Class C RV so I'm trying to streamline my resources to not carry extra weight whenever possible. He doesn't like to write physically much and loves learning resources that are Audio/Visual. We have watched a ton of Wild Kratts and they have watched ALL of the Liberty's Kids series during lunch time this Spring Semester. We use Spelling Work Out for our spelling and he likes it more than Abeka which they used at the Private School he attended. I'd love to find the Day-By-Day schedule for MCT you mentioned. I plan to use the Island levels with our 2nd grader next year.
  11. I struggled with dyslexia from a child and never really understood or had much instruction in grammar. Fast forward to adult me using MCT with my oldest and I finally understand Grammar. 🙂
  12. I am struggling with the thought that my oldest will be 10 in the summer and "5th" grade level in the coming "school year". This last year we have had several changes and I've been really lax since Nov/Dec. Our boys all started the school year and a small private school in our old home town. We moved about 30 mins away at the end of Sept and pulled them out. We tried one of the K12 styled online programs in our state but by Thanksgiving I was fed up with their approach. We dropped that and took a small break. ODS has been doing B.A. online 3A and has finished all Singapore Math 3A & 3B and we are reviewing throuth 4A currently. We had started MCT back in 2 grade when we brought him home for that year and so we picked back up in January where we had left off. He's finished Grammar Island and we are half way through Sentence Island and he's about half way through practice Island. I'm just not sure if we want to move on to the Town Levels in the fall. I kinda feel like I need something more structured and something that my husband can see that we are actively working through. I will have a "2nd" 7 yr old and a 5 yr old that's starting to do some work, mostly we will be doing AAR level 1 with him and Singapore Math. I am also at a complete loss on how to approach history and science. I tend to enjoy more of a relaxed approach (we mostly be watching Liberty's Kids and reading Rush Revere) but my husband is more of a "schedule and check list" personality. So any suggestions on L.A., History and Science to look at that would be good for a super distract-able 5th grade boy that will be traveling the country with his family this next year would be hightly appreciated!
  13. Has anyone on this board used the Singapore Science Curriculum? Thoughts on it? Could it be something that a 1st grader could follow along with a 4th grader or would I need to do each one in their separate "levels"? I've currently been eyeing either Apologia or Dr. Dave's so we could just go by interest but someone I know threw Singapore out as another option. We use Singapore for our Math and are very happy with it.
  14. Praying for you! I had one this past March. Make sure to take it slow like they say and don't allow yourself to over do it!
  15. Big (((Hugs)))! I had one 6 yrs ago and my "sweet" husband keptp throwing popcorn at me while I was drinking the prep drink. 🙄 The procedure itself was great because you get to sleep through it all. Martin Short says in his Autobiography that he, Steve Martin and a couple of other "colleges" now get together each year and have their colonoscopies on the same day so they can do the prep together and play poker. 😆
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