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  1. I'm planning to start with these at home tests from here and see what I can notice and go from there.
  2. We have started using a finger guard at night. We did it for about a week and thought he was good. However, once I realized he was doing it again deep in the night a week or so back we have pulled it back out and will do it for a solid 2 months of nights again to see if that will help. Plus testing/treating for any retained reflexes.
  3. Actually no that is my oldest son doing ortho intervention right now. But the finger sucker is destined to be at the ortho's next year. He just wants us to wait until he's at least 8 yrs old before he will eval us.
  4. Some things I will add about this DS#2...he still sucks his pointer finger most nights. It's actually deep into the night not while he is falling asleep and goodness the suction is SO hard to break. He also started having "Night Terrors" very early in life. The first one was the day he turned 5 WEEKS old. It took me a minute or two to realize what was happening but I'd seen it before in my friend's daughter. She was older 2 yrs old but since I'd witnessed more than one of hers it helped clue me in on what is going on. Of course I talked right away with the Dr he was seeing and the subsitquent 2 different Dr's my son has seen over the years for a Pedi/Primary care. So far no one has been too concerned by them. I learned early that nap interruptions in the day, transition periods (i.e from 3 naps a day to 2) and being hot at night seem to trigger them. He still has them now and they are more intense but less frequent that when he was younger.
  5. We settled a few things this weekend about our travels for this calendar year and how we will approach the VT & Ortho issues. I spoke with the Ortho this morning and he is not due back until a few weeks after we return in Aug and we will be staying close to home base until his palate expander is out in early Nov. There shouldn't be any problems while we are on the road but if one arises we will find a local Ortho or Dentist to assist. I'll steer clear of Brain Balance. It was just something that popped up in m Google search and my brain connected it with a client's daughter worked at the Tulsa one. I'll have to bring up the ENT stuff with our Pedi on Thursday and see if she would recommend seeing one. He is still struggling with the **wonderful** Oklahoma allergy symptoms. On 6/16/2019 at 11:42 AM, PeterPan said: I am pretty sure the Audiologist ran a test that used "background noise" during his testing last summer. She was extremely nice and explained each of the test and what she was looking for. I'll check the records to make sure. I can also ask the O.D. on Wednesday what caused her to recommend the APD eval. She knows he had a ear check with an Audiologist last summer so it could be just from that. As far as what I've decided to do for now is this. I talked with the VT office this morning. We are going to do 4 therapy sessions (2 this week and 2 next) before we head out on a nice long trip. Husband needs to be back in Aug for a work conference and we are going to stay around for a for months to finish up any VT needs, get the bottom 4 brackets on at the Ortho, my Echo and yearly Cardi check and decide if we want to keep or rent out our current "home base". This well give us time to see how we like work/schooling on the road. This also gives me 4 sessions to feel for how we like this VT offices and the homework to do on the road. I plan to test all 3 boys for Retained Reflexes of the next couple of days. The VT Office is just going to bill me for the first 4 sessions, the light therapy rental and the backpack of at home therapy items. This will allow me to submit the therapy bill to my Insurance to see if they'll cover it or not. Since we are not doing school this summer with middle son I think we can handle any retained reflex exercises and the VT homework. Of course, I may need to tweak that as we go. 🙂
  6. Oh I wish!! Our smaller town house only has a very shallow 1970's tub. I miss my big deep jetted tub.
  7. I think I got you confused on my boys. DS#1 has the SPD & ADHD diagnoses from a Developmental Pediatrician from two years ago and did some OT therapy for a season. We haven't done anything specific with him sense 2nd grade (he is finishing up 4th grade now). Interestingly he is my "mouther" that likes to chew or mouth on things and it still hasn't gone completely away. My DS#2 is the one I've been asking about recently who had the VT eval this past week. He has never had an OT eval or any diagnosis done. Only thing I've had checked prior to the VT eval was his hearing and of course his eyes by a Pediatric Ophthalmologist. DS#3 is an easy go lucky just turned 5 yr old that I haven't even begun to work "school work" with.
  8. My oldest son has SPD issues and ADHD. He "army crawled" but never did the normal crawl. With DS#2 I really don't remember. It's sad. I remember he climbed alot before walking. My own brain is feeling overwhelmed trying to read and understand all of this so I must have missed or forgot that link. I appreciate you giving it again because I'd much rather attack any problems in the most thorough AND economical way. We don't mind finding the funds if it is the best option but only then, KWIM?
  9. At the time we assumed allergy fluid build up and we did a round or two of Flonaise & Clariten. He is back to sniffling alot and some chest congestion at night so I've started him back on those today. He did have SEVERAL ear infections during his first 2 + yrs. Our Dr at the time was about to send him over to the ENT to see if needed tubes but then he didn't get another one for about a year. Around that time thought was when he went from being a wonderful, easy baby to a very hard to deal with emotional child. During this same time was when I had baby boy #3. Actually 6 days after Elijah turned 2 yrs Jeremiah was born. I had all 3 via Cesarean after being in active labor. He has been a struggle since. As I am trying to read about the Retained Reflexes I see that those Brain Balance places can test for those. We do have one here in Tulsa and I have an acquaintance that works there. Would that be a decent place to look? I am hoping our pediatrician can help me with that.
  10. Would the APD have been done when he had his testing last summer with the Audiologist? I can call the office Monday and ask but the only thing that presented during that testing was the pressure on his ear drum. Here is a link from COVD for the Dr. we saw last week. S. Sheridan Tulsa%2C OK 74133&ZipCodeOrAddress=4812 South 70th East Avenue%2C Tulsa%2C OK%2C USA&SearchRadius=15&x=84&y=22
  11. After reading this yesterday I realized the boys are due for well visits (both younger boys are April babies) and went ahead and scheduled to have Middle DS have his next week with our Pediatrician so I can go over all of this and see if she thinks/can refer for an OT eval. As for the O.D, FCOVD we saw this week she outlines in the paperwork she provided us Short Term & Long Term Objections, Specific Techinques & Activites and also "Education Recommendations". The sentence prior to her "short term objectives" for Elijah it states "These are the specific objectives that I will use to monitor progress at each progress evaluation". Short term objectives listed are: Improve accommodation in each eye Reduce lag of accommodation to +0.50 Diopters Eliminate esophoria/exophoria Expand convergence and divergence fusion ranges Improve saccadic skill Long term objectives (after completing the Vision Therapy program) listed are: Ability to maintain clear, comfortable vision during reading and schoolwork Ability to maintain visual focus for extended periods of time Improvement of visually guided fine motor activities, such as writing Specific Techniques & activities to achieve the above objectives will include: Monocular (one eye at a time) activities designed to equalize the focusing and movement of each eye Binocular (both eyes together) work to improve efficiency while focusing and moving, using the two eyes together as a team Activities that integrate specific visual skills, such as focusing and eye movements, with real-world activities such as reading, writing, and observing moving objects at different distances. A combination of free-space activities, pencil/paper activities, activities using lenses of different powers and computer-based activities. Under the Education Recommendations I see she put that "A Visual Information Processing Evaluation was performed to determine how Elijah makes sense of visual information" and that "An Auditory Processing Evaluation is recommended". There is a good chance our Insurance will cover if its coded as a medical need. Our annual household portion is almost met as of yesterday and will definitely be met as I'm due for an echo this year myself and my yearly cardiology appt will apply. However I won't know for sure that it's covered until AFTER I submit the bill. I also have my oldest son going through an Orthodontic "program" right now to help expand his over crowd mouth for this adult teeth. He has a Rapid Palate Expander in THIS Monday is getting braces on the top 4 teeth. At some point he will get braces placed on the bottom 4 teeth and I have no idea how often I'll need to have him back to Tulsa for these appointments. As much as we are all ready to hit the road I am wondering if we need to keep our traveling this year to a minimum and get these items dealt with. I could definitely weave in some shorter trips and make the therapy happen all at once so we are more free to travel. Of course hubby is asking if he'll "just grow out of this". And thinks it's sketchy that the person doing the evaul is "selling" us the therapy. (Okay I'll give him that it does feel a tad off).
  12. So here is the breakdown on their costs... 28 - 45 min sessions (recommended 2 x a week) - $160 each 3 Progress Exams PLUS 2 Post-Therapy Follow ups at $90 Each Vision Therapy Aids Fee - $200 Unlimisted (as prescribed by Dr.) rental time of Syntonizer (light therapy unit) - $100 Pay all up front for 15% off. Make 2 payments and get 10% off. Make Four Payments (no discount) or option to go through a finance company. I did get a little info from the other Board Certified place here in Tulsa. They charge $150 a session for 45 min therapy sessions. Do not know other costs. They do 32 Sessions always. No we have not had any OT Evals. My oldest son has and I can call the place we went through to see if they could get Middle son in soon. I like the "world is our Oyster"!! We are actually planning to hit Saint Louis for a week or so so I may have to look into that. 🙂
  13. Yes, we did start with his reading issues I posted on the other board and you've been such a great help. Thank you!! I actually was recommended to this forum and The Well Trained Mind by my Aunt In Law who's sons are all in their 20's and I was talking over these issues with her the other day and the advice I'm getting and she actually thinks you might be the person that helped her out on her several years back with one of her sons and his issues. He would have been older middle school into high school at that time. Anyways, thanks again. In one sense it is good to know that my mommy gut was right and that it isn't a completely "strong-willed" "knocking heads issue". However, then there is the "wow there is a legitimate problem to tackle". I know this feeling from when I was first diagnosed with my CHD's 9 yrs back at age 26. I can make the payments happen if necessary. I just wanted to make sure that it IS necessary, which it sounds like it. We just sold our "dream home" we built out in the country to have a smaller base home here in Tulsa, OK so we could start traveling semi-fulltime in our Class C. We have been planning to leave out on a longer leg at the end of June/first of July and not come back til October. I discussed this with the therapist and she recommended getting as many weeks in before we leave and continuing the in home work while gone and resume when we come back. Since we are in complete control over our schedules and plans I can change them to stay home and get in all the therapy first, however, the boys and especially this DC are very invested in us hitting the road and pushing it out much more will really sting. As for payment, they had multiple options on how to pay. You just get a 15% "discount" if you pay for all the recommended sessions up front. There is at least one other Board Certified therapist here in Tulsa I can check prices with but when I filled out their online form a few weeks back when I was looking for someone they never called or emailed me in response to my submission. Of course, they might not have received it. There is one other person I know of in our old home town who did/does VT but she is not doing it currently and only worked 1 day a week. Her husband is a Optometrist and apparently he is referring his patients down to the person we saw this week. On a side note, as I talked with the Therapist yesterday I found out my own vision needs for "Prism" in my glasses is something similar to what my son is experiencing and we discussed later when we are home for a longer stint I may do some therapy of my own. She currently is working with a similar needs patient who is 56. So apparently I'm not too old at 35 to get some help myself.
  14. Elijah had his Eval yesterday by the Developmental Optometrist (they had a cancellation and moved us up) and I just got home this evening from my appointment to go over the results. In a nut shell, he IS having other eye troubles that his prescription isn't covering. I'll list the specific diagnosis below. I was blown away by the cost of their facilities coverage over the recommended 28 sessions. $5000. Obviously this is important and needs to be addressed. I popped over to the aforementioned Learning Challenges board to ask this question but I'll post it here as well. Is this something I can deal with solely at home or possible go through our local school system? Or do I need to bite that expensive bullet? Convergence Excess Pursuit Eye Movement Dysfunction Saccadic Eye Movement Dysfunction Spasm of Accommodation bilateral Paresis of accommodation bilateral Myopia bilateral
  15. Hello. I had posted on the General Education Board many weeks back about some struggles with my middle son who is 7 and has been in "1st Grade" this last year. After getting some advice there I felt lead to start with an evaluation by Board Certified Developmental Optometrist. DC is already in eyeglasses and has been since he was 4 yrs old. We had his evaluation at the Developmental Optometrist yesterday and I just got home from meeting with her for the results today. They diagnosed him with the following conditions... Convergence Excess Pursuit Eye Movement Dysfunction Saccadic Eye Movement Dysfunction Spasm of Accommodation bilateral Paresis of accommodation bilateral Myopia bilateral My question is in regards to the Vision Therapy. They are recommending 28 sessions and their whole deal with end up costing close to $5,000. We have Medi-share and I will call tomorrow to see if that is something they will reimburse. Is this something that I can provide solely at home? Or possibly have provided through our local school system?
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